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23. Give the first person singular, aorist, future, imperative, simple

and compound present, imperfect, simple and compound perfect,

,to give ، دینا ,to go جانا ,to do کرنا : pluperfect, of the verbs

'.to speak، بولنا ne, used ? With what verbs ? and with، في How is the particle .24




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what tenses? 25. Translate in both the forms they admit: “The man beat the boy ;'

• The boy beat the girl.' 26. How is the passive formed ? Give an example. 27. What are the actives and causals of : “to burn,' 'to set on fire,''to

rise,'' to raise,' to learn,'' to teach ?' 28. What compound verbs occur in Hindustani ? and how formed ? 29. Give the Hindustani for : ‘now,' when,' then,' where,''there,'

here. 30. Give the Hindustani for : before,' ، behind,' ، near, far, with,

like,' • for the sake of,' except,' 31. Write the first ten numerals, words and figures.

Translate into Hindustani.
• His daughter ;' «His son ;' To her son's house ;' • Let him come;'

• Light the lamp ;' •Do not wait for me ;' 'I left my hat in the
palanquin ;' I repent having done this ;'* What is your name?'
• What is your native country ? •What is your business ?'
• What wages monthly do you expect ?' • Delhi is the oldest and
handsoinest city in the world ;' Many ships come to Calcutta ;
it is the chief seat of the English government and trade.'

Translate into English.






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ایک شخص درویش کی پگري لي بهاگا

لوگون ني اس
قبرستان میں جاکر بیت رها

کھا وہ شخص جو تیری پگری لیکر بھاگا باغ کی طرف گیا تو یہان کیون بيتها هي جواب دیا آخر وہ بھی یہان اویگا اس دئے بیتها هون اسی بچپن سی پہچانتا هون و بهت بر تن

وه میری پروس مین رها اس کا ساتھی کون تھا اور جب تم نی ان کو بات چیت کرتی سنا تم ان سی کتنی دور کبری نهی میں کس کی پاس جاکر عرض کرون اس شخص نی کیا گناہ کیا کی


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No. 2. 1. Write the alphabet in both the Niskh (Arabic or Hindustani) and

the Nagari or Hindi character ? 2. How are the vowels expressed in the former, and what are they

called ? 3. What is the power of the letter E? 4. What are the cerebral consonants of the Sanscrit or Hindi

alphabet ? 5. How are they written in the Hindustani character ? 6. What are the marks called jazm, tashdíd, madda, hamza, and their

effects ? 7. How is the gender of substantives in Hindustani distinguished ? 8. Under how many classes or declensions may they be arranged ? 9. How are the cases of nouns formed ? 10. Which of the postpositions takes an inflexion ?

a man, ölö a judge, bars clothes. 12. Are adjectives declinable ? 13. How are the degrees of comparison expressed ? 14. Decline the two personal pronouns 15. What are the genitive case singular, and nominative and genitive

روٹی ,a word بات Decline .11

قاضی ,a man مرد ,a lonf

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? کوی جو کون . یہی plural, of the pronouns ہے

16. What is the invariable form of the infinitive ? 17. What leading parts of the verb are formed from it ? 18. What are the tenses derived from ligd used as an auxiliary verb ? 19. Conjugate lilo to beat, and ligos to be. 20. What are the past participles of lil to go, lijs to do, lijo to die,

ws to give ? 21. How is the passive formed ? 22. Decline the verb, to be beaten. 23. How is a neuter verb made active or an active verb causal ? 24. With what verbs is the particle Ne sjemployed, and with what

effect ?
25. Translate the following sentences into Hindustani :-

Who are you?
What is your name?
Where do you come from?
Tell the groom to bring the horse!
What is that girl's name?
Whose daughter is she?
Have you paid the palkee-bearers ?
I have no money!
The elephant killed the tiger.
He is a good man's son.
The man's daughter is very handsome.

Translate into English.




اگر درندوں کی احوال کو خوب تامل اور فکر سی دریافت بی تم سی کہیں بہتر دین * انسانون کی

و کرو تو معلوم هو

اسپر کوئی دلیل بھی کی * سنی کہا ۔ جو وکیل نی کہا

نکل کر پہار مجاری قوم مین زاهد و عابد هوتی مهاری من جنگل مین جهان درندوں کی مکان همین جاي همين اسی رات دن دوستی رکهتی هین درند بھی انکو نہیں ستاتی پس اگر درند تم سی بہتر نہوتی تمهاری زاهد و عابد کاهیکو انکی پاس جاتی

درند ,a wild beast تامل ,consideration

دليل ,proof زاهد و عابد ,religious men and hermits

اور انهیں

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y Translate into Hindustani. A person said to a merchant, you have for many years voyaged by sea.

What wonderful things have you beheld at sea ? The merchant answered, the most wonderful of all is that I came safely to shore.

عجایب ,wonders عجوبه ,wonderful


No. 3. 1. Write out the alphabet in both the Niskh and Nagari characters. 2. Write in Persian, and explain, the words jazm, tanwin, tashdid,

zer, zabar, pesh, izáfah. 3. Give rules for the genders in Hindustani, and for the formation of

feminine nouns from masculine. 4. Give rules for the declension of nouns in Hindustani ; and decline

-mahak (f.), "a touch معك ? ; mahil (m.), a cheat معیل

stone ; " Jai fasl (f.), “a chapter ; " Jai fazl (m.), “ex. cellence;” ljw saza (f.),“ punishment;”

";tadbir, counsel تدبیر

".mabni, ‘‘ foundation ۰يني

5. Decline the personal, demonstrative, and indefinite pronouns.

کالا آدمي Decline .6

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,andheri rdt اندھیری رات ; a black man

dark night."

7. Write out the numbers and figures from 1 to 10.

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بھاگنا ,Give rules for the formation of the tenses, and conjugate .8 ; to die ‘‘ - رنا ; to cause to run away بنگا نا

".to be spread“ بہایا جانا

، to run away;

9. Explain the formation of active and causal verbs. 10. Explain the use of si 11. Translate : His daughter ; His son ; To his son's garden ; To his

daughter's house. He slew ; He was slain ; He slew himself. Allow him to come. Light every other lamp. Do not wait for

I left my hat in the palanquin. I repent having done this. A certain physician, whenever he went to the cemetery, used to put a sheet over his head and face. When people asked him the reason of this he said, “I am ashamed of the dead in this cemetery, because they died of my medicines.”


[blocks in formation]


میرا قرض ادا کرنے کے واسطے جواهر لیکر نقد کرو مين تمهارے نوکر کے بھائی کے ساتھی رستے پر چلا جانا تھا تو

که پہریدار اپنی بندوق دیوار سے کیا دیکهتا هون

لگا کر سو


ما هي



اگر میرے عوض میرے بنیاجے کو تم کہتے تو اچي بات هوني وه تمهارے واسطے أگی پانی میں جانے کو تیار هي

فلانے کا دربار بهت جمع هوتا هي يا أس ان دنون مین آدمي حاضر نہین

گنی تبي تب معلوم پڑا که

كي جب فوج کي بہت سے سپاهي دشمن





کي طرف بھاگے

Translate into English.

ایک شخص کو بڑا درجه ملا ایت دوست یہ خوش خبري سنکر مبارک باد دینے اس کے گھر گیا اس نے پوچھا تو کون هي اور کیون یہان آیا ؟ دوست نے اس بات سے نہایت

تمهارا متعجب ہوکر کہا تم مجھے نہیں پہچانتے هو؟

گئے تستي

نے سنا تها که

قدیم دوست هون وین

؟ "

اندهے هو

دینے آیا تھا و

Translate into English.

यिह वात सुन ब्राह्मन राजा के पास गया और श्राशीम् दी फल का प्रहाल वयान कर्के कहा कि महाराज यिह फल श्राप लीजिये श्री मुज्को कुछ धन दीजिये आप के चिरं जीव रहने से मुभरे मुख है। फिर राजा ने ब्राह्मन को लाखरूपै दे विदा कर महल में आ वैठा। जिस रानी को बहुत मा चाहता था उसे दुह फल देकर कहा ऐ रानी तू इसे खा कि अमर होवेगी औ हमेशः जवान रहेगी।



1. Write out the Bengali alphabet. 2. Write in the Bengali character the syllables ká, kí, ku, kú, ke,

kai, ko, kau. 3. Write kta, kna, kshma, kya, tra, nda, tya. 4. What is the ordinary sound of the short vowel a ? 5. What words retain in pronunciation the unwritten short vowel

after their final consonant, and what makes the consonant

final ? 6. How are the definite and indefinite articles expressed in Bengali ? 7. How are feminine nouns formed from masculine ? 8. Decline 9, 3, 4, f, atfaa, Raf, t, xmx. 9. What are the feminine forms of Fat, fax, erfe, , afaq 10. How are the comparative and superlative degrees formed? 11. Decline the first and second personal pronouns. 12. Decline the same when intimating inferiority.

. ,کی ,4 ,Decline fofa .13

14. Write the numerals from 1 to 10 in words and figures.
15. What part of the verb may be taken as the root ?
16. Have the tenses of the Bengali verb two numbers ?
17. What verbs are used as auxiliaries ?

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