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a faction in favor of his plan ; but have intermeddled with the affairs met with strong opposition from of the revolutionary government, in the Hydriots, from Mavrocordato, a manner equally obtrusive in itself, and from Tricoupi; who declared and deleterious in its effects. their preference for England, in In our account of the campaign case the Greeks should be com- by land, we have occasionally inpelled to put themselves under the troduced notices of the Greek naprotection of any foreign power. vy; but its achievements have been This partiality for the English, be too glorious to be passed by, withcoming, in the sequel, still more out a more particular explanation decided, and the government ex- of the operations by sea. In the pressing a disposition to solicit the spring of the year, the fleet was diinterference of Great Britain ; ge- vided into two squadrons. One of neral Roche drew up a protest them, consisting of twenty-two gun against the measure, alleging it to brigs, partly Ipsariots, and partly be derogatory to the honor of his Hydriots, cruised among the isnation. In this idle and unauthor- lands, and off Mytilene, to watch ised act, he was joined by Mr. the departure of the Turkish fleet Washington, a young American, from the Dardanelles. The other, who assumed to represent the feel- containing twenty-six sail, beside ings of the people of the United fire-ships, was stationed off Cerigo, Sates on the subject. Their gas- under the command of the celeconading protest justly exposed brated Miaulis, to observe the both these gentlemen to much ridi- movements of the Egyptians. cule, not only in Greece, but, also, Miaulis fell in with the Egyptian in the rest of Europe, and in Ame- flect, April 28th, and made an atrica. Mr. Washington would have tack with his brulots; but, owing done greater credit to his country, to the want of sufficient wind, he by emulating Mr. Jarvis, Dr. was unable to accomplish anv Howe, and Mr. Miller, who more thing: and the Egyptians passed faithfully represented the good will him, and debarked at Modon. of America towards Greece, in ac- Miaulis followed them with his tive personal service in her cause, whole force, and four fire-ships, . at the post of danger. Indeed, it and entered the harbor of Modon, has been among not the least of May 12th, contemporaneously with the misfortunes of unhappy Greece, the inauspicious events at Navarino. that individuals, puffed up with He found two frigates, and four imaginary consequence, from their corvettes, with numerous transconnection with Greek committees, ports, in the harbor ; and a favora

ble breeze springing up at the same forty, the Spezziots sixteen, and the time, carried the brulots in, and rest were the remnant of the squadprevented the egress of the Egypt- ron of Ipsara. Among the brulotians. The latter, finding their es- tier captains, Constantine Canaris, cape impracticable, fell into confu- had obtained the highest distinctsion, and were driven together be- ion ; and among the others, next neath the walls of the fortress, to the admiral Miaulis, might be where they all, to the number of mentioned Psamado, Sokini, Kreitwenty-five sail, became a prey to si, Panagiota, the vice admiral Sakthe flames. Nor was this all. touri, and the Ipsariot admiral Burning timbers, and other mis- Apostoli. siles, thrown up by the explosion After the affair of Modon, the of the ships, fell within the walls, Greek fleet retired to the bay of and set fire to a magazine, con- Kolokythia, to careen and take in taining a large quantity of ammu- fresh stores, and obtain fresh brulots nition, which exploded with a tre- for another expedition ; for the mendous shock, perceptible seve- purpose of endeavoring to destroy ral miles at sea. Unopposed by the rest of the Egyptian fleet. Mithe terrified Egyptians, Miaulis aulis set sail May 25th ; and off brought off his brulottiers without cape Matapan, received the disthe loss of a single man, and im- heartening intelligence of the sur. mediately sailed for Calamata. render of Navarino. The next day,

The incident, which we have just he met the Egyptians steering aprelated, affords a just idea of the parently for Candia ; and detervictories of the Greek navy. No mined to follow them. A sort of small part of the honor due to their running fight was maintained beactions belongs to the brulottiers, tween the two fleets for seven days; and a few of the ships of war, while but the Greeks had no good opporthe bulk of the fleet has rendered tunity to effect any thing with their comparatively small service, to fire ships, and did not possess adetheir country. The largest vessels quate forces to venture upon atbeing mostly merchant ships or tacking the Egyptians in any other brigs, the private property of indi- manner. At length, want of providuals ; their owners have been visions compelled Miaulis to retire over cautious, in many instances, to the bay of Vathico; and the to prevent their sustaining damage. Egyptians immediately steered for In the summer of 1825, the entire the harbor of Suda. fleet did not exceed 65 sail ; Early in June, Miaulis had informof which the Hydriots owned ation of the necessity of his relieving Messolunghi ; and he re- were safely conveyed to Spezzia. solved to strike a decisive blow, The remainder of the fleet escaped, by destroying the whole Egypt- after being dispersed in all directian fleet in Suda, which would ions, except a corvette, which was effectually arrest the movements abandoned by her crew, and blown of Ibrahim pacha. But, in the up, to prevent her falling into the mean time, the appalling news hands of the Greeks. reached him that the Turkish fleet.. Miaulis therefore steered south had passed the Dardanelles, and again, for his original destination, was rapidly approaching IIydra. being joined by Saktouri's squadFilled with apprehensions for the ron. After a short delay at Milo, safety of their families and homes, they proceeded for Suda, June 10th, the Hydriots hastily weighed with a fleet of seventy vessels, and anchor, and crowded every sail to arrived there in two days. To his fly to the succor of their beloved great chagrin, Miaulis discovered island; which contained all most that a French vessel of war, the dear to them in life. On arriving Daphne, had sailed from Milo, in off Hydra, all their fears were anticipation of him; and apprised happily dispelled, by the intelli- the Egyptians of his design. In gence of the total defeat and dis- consequence of this, he found them persion of the hostile fleet, by the drawn up inside the harbor with brave Saktouri.

. more than ordinary skill, in four Saktouri's division had been divisions ; so that if one should be cruising for two months, in the fired, the other three would still reArchipelago, for the purpose of in- main uninjured. Nevertheless, Mitercepting the Ottoman fleet. His aulis prepared to attack the divivigilance was a little lulled, per- sion in the outermost part of the haps, by continued disappoint- harbor, consisting of about forty ment; and the Turks arrived off vessels. But all his exertions 'endNegropont May 31st, ere Saktouri, ed in the destruction of one corwho was lying near Samos, was vette, which he did not accomplish aware of their movements. He without the loss of three brulots, lost no time in pursuing them, and and considerable damage to his engaged them off Capo d'Ovo, in ships of war. A few days afterNegropont. His fire ships succeed- wards, a severe gale of wind dispered in destroying a rasè of sixty-six sed the Greek fleet, and Miaulis guns, a corvette, and a frigate ; and concluded to return to Vathico. captured five transports laden with Whilst the fleet lay there, the stores, arms, and ammunition, which ship of Athanasius Kreisi was

blown up, and himself, his brother, a fruitless attack upon the enemy, and sixty seamen destroyed. It Miaulis was compelled to retire, appeared from the evidence of a and the Egyptians reached Navasailor who escaped, that a Turkish rino in safety. slave, in revenge of a blow he re- No other enterprise of any conceived, had set fire to the powder sequence, was undertaken by the magazine. When intelligence of fleet, until August, when a division this affair reached Hydra, it led to of it relieved Messolunghi, as we an explosion of popular vengeance, have already seen, and arrested the of the most deplorable kind. Al- progress of the enemy in that dimost every individual in Kreisi's rection. Another squadron sailed vessel, left relations or connections for Alexandria, with the hope of at Hydra ; and the infuriated mob destroying the Egyptian navy in immediately rushed to the prison, that port. But here they were unwhere a large number of Turkish successful. The activity of the captives were confined, and massa- Egyptians baffled all their exertions; cred every one of these unresisting and they lost their brulots, without wretches. The work of slaughter doing any execution among the continued during the afternoon and enemy. The failure of this bold evening, until the populace, after attempt, greatly disappointed the clearing the prison, dragged every Greeks, who, in thus attacking the slave from the houses and from on Egyptians in their own waters, board the ships in the harbor, and counted upon effectually crippling stabbed them on the shore. They their formidable foe. killed, in this manner, upwards of Thus have we brought down the two hundred captives and slaves. history of the affair of Greece, to No attempt was made by the pri- near the close of the year 1825. mates, to put a stop to these dis- Since that time, the affairs of that graceful deeds, aware, perhaps, of beautiful, but oppressed country, their inability to interfere to much have reached such a crisis, that nopurpose.

thing, it would seem, but the inMeanwhile, the Egyptian feet, terposition of the other Christian gathering courage, after the de- powers, can save it from the catasparture of Miaulis, left Suda, with trophe of utter desolation. Ima reinforcement of 5,000 troops portant as have been the events of for Navarino. The Greeks sailed the last year, including the fall of from Vathico, June 26th ; and the Messolunghi, after a heroic denext day fell in with the Egyptians ; fence, and the continued success of but, after losing three brulots, in the Egyptian arms, we choose

rather to defer giving a narration in Egypt. But ere we resume the of them until another volume, than history of Greece at the expiration to rely upon the unsatisfactory ace of the year, we trust that the great counts of public newspapers for a nations of christendom will have knowledge of the facts.

exerted the power which they posThe same period also embraces sess, to staunch the effusion of the radical reformation, introduced blood in a desperate contest, which into the Turkish army by sultan is absolutely destroying Greece, Mahmoud, in imitation of what instead of restoring it to the OttoMohammed Ali had already done man empire.

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