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has at present ; his cavalry and ar- conception, and such atrocious tytillery having always been Turks, ranny in the execution, that it is and organized after the Turkish impossible either to esteem Mofashion.

hammed Ali, or to expect-that his Remarkable as the condition of arrangements will outlast his life. Mohammed Ali's army is, when The Egyptians are depressed to the compared with all other troops in lowest degree of wretchedness, by Turkey, it is far less astonishing the weight of taxes and conscript. than other improvements which he ion; and their condition cannot be has introduced in Egypt. This materially raised, so long as the extraordinary man has appropri- pacha's monopoly of the comated to himself, as his own proper- merce and manufactures, and his ty, most of the soil of the country. ambition of foreign conquest, keep Moreover, he assumes an absolute the people in absolute and hopemonopoly of all the productions of less indigence. In all his designs, Egypt, which are exported and their lives and well being are acsold in his name. Not only is he counted as nothing. Thus he empacha of Egypt, but he is the great- ployed 313,000 men in construct. est and only landlord, merchant, ing the canal of Alexandria, im. and manufacturer. Previous to mense numbers of whom perished his obtaining the government, there from ill treatment, want of provi. was not a manufactory, nor even sions, and excessive fatigue. They any of the commonest Euro. were set to work without suitable pean machinery, in Egypt. Mo- implements for excavating the hammed Ali has erected a large earth, which they were obliged to number of cotton manufactories, dig incessantly, and with their besides having all the ordinary im- hands, by the merciless soldiers plements and machinery, which are employed as guards. No magafound in Europe. Add to these zines of provisions had been formfacts, that he has constructed many ed for their subsistence. So fatal public works of magnitude, anong were these hardships, that, for the which is a canal from the Nile to space of two months, two hundred Alexandria, and we shall have of these wretched men perished some idea of the plans and pro- daily. ceedings of Mohammed Ali for the Nothing, it is manifest, but the improvement of Egypt.

talents, energy, and personal influBut all things have been accom- ence of Mohammed Ali himself, plished, with such total disregard of can reconcile the improvements of the welfare of his people in the refined life with such cruel oppressions. Nor is the duration of over the classic lands of Greece ? his power much to be desired. Most fervently do we pray that, inMiserable and distracted as Egypt stead of such a consummation, the was under the mamelukes, we be- fertile regions which now groan lieve that the semi-civilized despot- under the Turkish yoke, if they ism of Mohammed Ali is a greater cannot become independent, may curse to the country. And who, pass under the dominion of some that contemplates the ferocious ty- Christian power, capable of re. ranny of his government, can fail deeming them from desolation. to deprecate the extension of it





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