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In the New England states, the where previously none existed. great subject of public interest, has Numerous surveys, undertaken eibeen the promotion of internal im- ther by state authority, or by assoprovement, by facilitating the means ciations of private individuals, while of intercommunication. Already, they have established the fact that no part of America, perhaps, for many, very many improvements of the same extent, possesses roads of this kind may be effected, of more so much excellence, and so numer- or less public utility, yet serve also ous as these states. But their en- to produce a conviction, that New terprising and industrious popula- England contains no region which, tion, devoted to agriculture, com- being of equal extent with the inmerce, and latterly, manufactures; terior of New York,—is equally holding a large disposable capital; well fitted for the construction of and stimulated by the animating a line of canals. Most of the deexample of the neighboring state signs are still unaccomplished. Inof New York, have been anxiously dced, the multitude of undertakings engaged in projecting canals and has contributed to prevent their exrail roads, to unite the principal ecution, as they have divided and seaports and wealthy capitals with distracted the resources and intethe interior of the country. Some rest of the several states. of these projects had for their ob- Among them, are plans for imject, to avoid the obstructions oc- proving the navigation of the Concasioned by falls or rapids in the necticut river, requiring the co-oplarge navigable rivers ; others, to eration of Vermont, New Hampcreate a water communication, shire, Massachusetts, and Connec

ticut ; others, for uniting the wa- 1825.] MAINE. ters of the Connecticut and Mer. An extensive tract of land, in rimac, or opening a market for the the neighborhood of the St. John's interior of Vermont and New and Madawaska rivers, has been Hampshire, by means of lake Mem- claimed by the British government phremagog; another, for conduct- of New Brunswick, which authoring the trade from the heart of ised depredations to be committed Massachusetts into Rhode Island; upon it, as an assertion of jurisothers again, confined rather more diction. The question arises from to individual states, such as Otter an ambiguity of language in the creek canal in Vermont; Winne- treaty of limits, in describing the piseogee canal in New Hampshire; highlands, through which the Kennebec and Androscoggin canal, boundary line of the United States, and Oxford and Cumberland canal and the British Provinces should in Maine ; Hampshire and Hamp- run. A claim at this late day, so den canal, and Merrimac canal in unjust and unwarrantable, to a Massachusetts ; and Farmington tract of land, which, ever since the canal in Connecticut. In short, treaty of 1783, has been treated on every considerable river or other by the states of Massachusetts and body of water in New England, Maine, as within the territory of public attention is fixed, to devise the latter, and has been in the the most practicable means of pro- course of settlement under their moting internal communication. authority, naturally excited much

By reason of their extreme ea- indignation. gerness for turning their respective Extensive conflagrations occurlocal advantages to the best ac- red in the forests of Maine, in Aucount, these states neglected to gust and September, 1825; which begin by arranging a systematic not only destroyed great quantities course of operations, which, con- of timber, but even reached many centrating their resources upon a of the settlements, and thus occasingle point, would have better en- sioned much immediate distress to sured success. Latterly, some of individuals. The smoke, from them, as Vermont and Massachu- these vast fires, spread far out to setts, have created a board for in- sea, in a dense cloud, which, by ternal improvements, and therefore, obscuring the atmosphere, renderwe may now reasonably anticipate ed the navigation of vessels, near a more judicious direction of their the coast, inconvenient. The efforts.

amount of damage sustained, in

consequence of the conflagration, took place at Brunswick, in this was immense and unprecedented. state. Two cotton factories, a It raged still more violently in the clothier's factory, a fulling-mill, a British Provinces, where many lives saw-mill, a lath and clap-board were lost, and whole towns redu- factory, a bucket manufactory, a ced to a total waste. The de- grist-mill and a carding and mastruction of property and of life, chine shop, with a number of other called loudly for the charity of the buildings, were destroyed by fire, wealthy to be extended to the survi- on the 17th ; loss estimated at bevers; and the numerous sufferers tween two and three hundred thouby the fire obtained liberal assist- sand dollars. · ance, from contributions of money, RIOT.-A riot took place at Portclothes and provisions, in the New land, in the month of December. England states. Its ravages ex- Many houses occupied by persons tended over more than 2,000 square of ill fame, were torn down, and one miles of country, destroying, in its was set on fire. In the affair, progress, many towns and villages. there was a regular battle with fire Several thousands of persons were arms, the possessor of a house and supposed to have perished in the some of the mob being armed. flames; in the vicinity of Mirami- An Englishman in the streets was chi alone, near two hundred fell killed, and six or eight other pervictims to the destroying element sons wounded ; and the house ex

In the month of December, a hibited evidence, that several musfire, worthy of notice from the kets had been discharged against amount of property destroyed, its tenants. MAINE BANKS.

1824. Jan. 1825. June, 1825. Amount of capital stock, actually • paid in by sixteen banks, 1,600,000 1,703,000 1,801,940 Bills in circulation,

1,050,608 1,172,497 1,204,113 Amount of all other debts due from the banks,

15,459 3,873

2,004 Total amount of debts due to the banks exclusive of deposites in other banks,

2,372,684 2,575,576 2,663,882 Specie on hand,

214,344 304,560 247,783 Deposites in other banks, 282,560 351,226 Amount of debts due to the banks secured by a pledge of stock therein,

634,926 · 611,945 509,759

1824. Jan. 1825. June, 1825. The banks in Maine had deposited

thanks in the Boston banks,

268,570 333,564 377,839 There are 14 banks-no one of land, on the 11th of July, 1826 ; which made a dividend of less than thought to be the most destructive, 3 per cent. for the last six months that had happened in that place, -several 34, one 4, one 41, and since 1775, when it was burned by one 5..

Mowatt. From twenty to thirty The amount of bills in circula- buildings were destroyed, besides tion, returned by all the banks in other property. Maine, was in June, 1825, $1,029. 1825.) VERMONT. . 272; in January, 1826, $657,581; Much attention has been paid in and, omitting those of the Kenne- this state, to the raising of sheep, bec bank, in June, 1826, $552,- since the duty levied on foreign 252.

wool, has assured the farmers, of From a report made in the month stability in the home market; of March, 1826, it would appear, and the quality, as well as quanthat there are in this state, 2,449 tity, of the article, is rapidly adschool districts, 97,237 attending vancing. scholars, and 135,344 persons be- Indeed, this mountain-state,though tween 4 and 21 years old. The its area is not large, or its soil or amount raised and expended for climate kind, is about to assume an schools, in the year 1825, is $135,- advanced rank in the union. The 100. Averaging the amount paid, canal, which unites lake Champlain with those who attend the schools, to the Hudson, is completed, and the cost of each scholar is less has increased the business of that than one dollar and ten cents a part of the state, which lies west year! There are twenty incorpo. of the Green mountains, many rated academies for males, and six fold already ; and the contemplafor females, in this state, some of ted improvement, in the navigation which are well endowed.

of the Connecticut river, which • In April, 1826, the Passama- washes the whole of the eastern

quoddy bank at Eastport, and soon border, will, when accomplished, afterwards the Kennebec bank at give to the people of that division Hallowell, stopped payment; which of the state, almost equal facilities incidents deranged, for a short for access to the ports of the seatime, the circulation in the vicinity board. The thousand streams of of each place.

water, running in every direction, A great fire took place at Portare applied to the great business of manufacturing iron, wool, &c.; pital of $450,000. Burlington and the invaluable mines, with bank, at Burlington, which was inwhich the state abounds, are no corporated in October, 1818, with longer to be useless, because a capital of $150,000 ; Windsor their products cannot be trans- bank, at Windsor, was chartered ported to market. The Vermont at the same time, with a capital of iron, on account of its peculiar $100,000; Brattleborough' bank, qualities, is of real national im- at Brattleborough, possessing a caportance, and the quantity is in- pital of $100,000, was granted in exhaustible. The manufacture 1824 ; and Rutland bank, at Ruthas not hitherto been large, but it land, possessing a capital of $100,is about to become a great busi- 000, was granted in 1825. During ness. There is, also, a copperas the session of the legislature, three factory in the state, at which three new banks were added to this list; hundred tons were made in the pre- one at Montpelier, one at Danville, sent year—and the mineral supply and one at St. Albans, with capiis such that any amount to be re- tals of $100,000 each. quired can be made.

The population of this state, in To show to what an extent the December, 1825, was 260,000; raising of wool has been carried, in 1800, 154,000. There are it is estimated, that during the year in the state, one hundred differ1825, in the village of Middlebury ent manufacturing companies, fifty alone, seventy tons of wool, were turnpike companies, two colleges purchased by the merchants, and with three hundred and -fifty stusent to New York, Boston, &c. dents, and common schools in Otter creek flows through the town, abundance. A canal was contemand the following works are alrea- plated to unite the waters of lake dy in operation—three flour mills, Champlain and Connecticut river, three saw mills, one furnace, one by the valley of Onion river ; and marble sawing mill, one paper public notice of an intended applimill, one oil mill, two cotton fac- cation to the legislature, for a char. tories, and a third building-one of ter for that purpose, was published, them is capable of holding 10,500 but nothing farther was done with spindles 4,800 spindles with 68 regard to that subject, during the power looms.

year. At the commencement of this A very valuable iron mine was year, there were but four banks, in opened during this year, about ten this state ; possessing in all, a ca- miles from Vergennes. It is found


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