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an impression upon the people of however, in the policy of the sysNew England never to be effaced. tem, was greatly qualified, by an

The oration and other customary act of the ensuing legislature. exercises of the day being conclu- An additional law was passed ded, invited guests and others, who for the promotion of education ; provided themselves with tickets, requiring, among other things, andined under an awning, at tables nual returns to be made to the leset on one side of the battle hill, gislature, of the number and ages for between four and five thousand of the pupils in the schools, public persons, and completely full. or private ; and the annual ex

La Fayette was received at Con- pense of the primary instruction of cord, June 21st, by the state au- youth. thorities of New Hampshire ; by An act providing for a more those of Maine, at Portland, on summary mode of compelling rethe 24th ; from whence he pro- fractory tenants to quit ; and proceeded to Montpelier, the capital viding also, for giving notice by of Vermont.

either landlord or tenant, who The receipts in the treasury of should desire the dissolution of their Massachusetts, for the year ending contract; has greatly improved December 31st, 1825, exclusive of the condition of the law on this loans, amounted to $275,527 ; and subject. the payments during the same year, In respect to internal improveto $238,621.

ments, a valuable act of this legisOf the laws enacted by the le- lature, was for the establishment of gislature of Massachusetts, for this the New England society, for the year, the most important was de- promotion of manufactures and the signed to relax the rigor of the mechanic arts. The object of the existing laws, against usury Pre- institution, is to encourage domesviously, the taking or reserving tic 'manufactures, and mechanical more than six per cent. interest, skill, in every department of induswas liable to punishment by indict- try, by public sales and exhibitions ment, or by qui tam action; and of the products of the arts ; by to a forfeiture of the whole value awarding premiums for new invenof the loan. By the new act, the tions, and for the best specimens of forfeiture was confined to the inte- skill ; by introducing new improverest only ; the lender not being ments made in other countries; and made subject to any penalty be- by collecting models of inventions. yond, nor to any suit or prosecu- April.—Levi Lincoln was elected tion, on account of the usurious governor, and Marcus Morton lieucontract. This essential change, tenant governor without opposition. The following was the state of bank capital in this state, as exhibited by the official returns of the banks, to June, 1825.

June, 1825. Jan. 1825. The whole amount of bank capital in this state,

$14,535,000 13,300,000 Bills in circulation of the several banks, 4,091,381 5,756,564 The total amount of specie in the several banks,

1,098,966 1,360,856 Capital stock of the Boston banks, 10,300,000 10,050,000 Bills in circulation of the Boston banks, 1,918,399 3,333,787 Specie on hand,

527,782, 855,174 Capital stock of the Salem banks,

1,450,000 1,450,000 Bills in circulation,

300,298 376,706 Specie on hand,

72,964 70,750 The capital stock of the banks out of Boston, in June, 1825, amounted to

4,235,000 They had bills in circulation, amounting to

2,172,982 They had specie in their vaults,

511,184 The state prison yielded a clear since the present board have been profit this year, of $10,055. entrusted with this department of

By the system for the support of the economy of the town.” the poor, as pursued in Salem, the May. The legislature met on whole expense of that branch of the 25th, Mr. Timothy Fuller was the municipal arrangement, was elected speaker of the house. reduced to $64 85. Under the Mr. N. Silsbee was rechosen prewise management of the overseers, sident of the senate. The people the earnings of the paupers have of the towns of this state, have to defrayed all the rest of their sub- pay their own representatives in the sistence. In their report, the legislature, out of their town treaoverseers observe :

suries; and hence, oftentimes, do “ The farm, under the superin- not send any. At the present tendence of Mr. Upton, has been meeting, it was calculated, that 168 improved, during the past year, towns were not represented. much more than in any preceding During the session, acts were year, since the commencement of passed for the incorporation of the establishment; and, generally, nine banks, two insurance compathe concerns of the alms-house are nies and eight manufacturing comin a more promising condition than panies. they have been at any former time November.-An extensive fire took place at Boston, on the morn- the town of Leverett, four miles ing of the 10th. Ten large and east of Connecticut river. several small buildings were destroy December. A serious riot took ed. It began on the south side place in Boston, at the theatre, in of Court-street, and spread with reference to Kean, the actor. A wonderful rapidity, the wind being mob of several thousand persons brisk from the north. Several collected on the night of his apranges of buildings, on both sides pearance, around the theatre, which of Court-street were destroyed, and was also filled to overflowing. The others adjacent much injured actor was driven from the stage,

The corporation of Boston com- and the doors being forced by the menced their preparations to sup- crowd from without, a scene of ply that city with pure water. destruction commenced within. Charles river, above the water. The audience part of the theatre town falls and Spot pond, were se. was completely destroyed. The lected as the best sources of sup- benches were torn up and thrown ply. They are distant between into the street, and the windows and eight and nine miles from the city. frames shivered to atorns. Several The pond is about 140 feet above persons were injured, but no lives tide water, and is already high lost. enough; but the river requires an There are a number of large additional height, of about sixty glass manufactories in this state. feet, which is to be given by artifi- The following statement will show cial means.

their extent, and the amount of A lead mine was discovered in their manufactures per year.

Per week. Per year. New England Glass Co. Flint glass, $2,500 $130,000 >

{ 208,000 > Crown do. 1,500 78,000 S

Flint glass, 1,200 South Boston Glass Co.

62.000 3 > Crown do. 2,000 Essex-street, Boston, Co. . Crown glass, 1,500 78,000



8,700 452,400 The flint glass company at Sand- turns showing the state of the wich, makes annually about $64,000 banks of the commonwealth of worth ; the Phenix flint glass com- Massachusetts, on the 7th January, pany, $18,200; the Chelmsford it appears that the whole amount crown glass, $31,200.

of the capital paid in, was $16,1826.)--BANKS.From the re- 378,869, and that the amount of bills then in circulation, was of bills in circulation is nearly 29 $4,722,866. The whole amount per cent. on the amount of capital.

Capital. Bills in Proportion

circulation of bills. 15 banks in Boston,

11,050,000 2,164,375 194 pr. cent. 38 banks out of do.

5,328,869 2,558,491 48 pr. cent. 8 allied banks,

5,800,000 1,284,563 221 pr. cent. 7 other Boston banks, 5,250,000 879,812 161 pr. cent. 5 Salem banks,

1,450,000 299,238 201 pr. cent. 8 other Essex banks, 1,120,000 594,737 53 pr. cent. 13 Essex banks,

2,570,000 894,975 34. pr. cent. 13 Western banks, *

1,316,459865,961 66 pr. cent. 12 Southern banks,

1,442,410 798,555 55 pr. cent. The whole amount of specie in the canal, was $120,000—the gun the several banks, was $1,348,200 powder used, costing them $6,000! -of which the Boston banks held 'The water which it furnishes, is es$754,000. The city banks had timated as being capable of driving 6 Yo per cent. of their capital in fifty mills, with 3,600 spindles each! specie, and the country banks up-. The company was incorporated in wards of 10 per cent.

1825, with a capital of $600,000. BLACKSTONE CANAL.- The line This company is now acting on a of this canal was marked out capital of $1,200,000! They have through Worcester, in the latter five great factories nearly complepart of April. From the Black- ted, and others will be put up. stone factory in Mendon, to Provi- They are using about 450,000 dence, it was all under contract, pounds of cotton annually, and and rapidly proceeding to its com- making about two million yards pletion.

of cloth, three-fourths of which MERRIMAC MANUFACTURING COM- is dyed or printed on the prePANY.-In 1813, a small factory mises. which cost about $3,000, was erect- Near to those factories, another ed in the town of Lovell. In 1820, or concern, called the Hamilton ma21, a company in Boston purchased nufacturing company, is located, some land in the vicinity, and com- with a capital of $600,000. They menced improving the canal around commenced their buildings in 1825, the Pawtucket falls. The expense and have already erected one facof blasting the rocks, and digging tory 155 feet long, and with sere.

* This class includes one bank in Middlesex, five in Worcester, three in Hampshire, two in Franklin, one in Hampden, and one in Berkshire.

ral ranges of dwellings, &c. They $55,417, exclusive of large sums
were in operation last month, and annually expended in the erection
intend to make twilled cotton and repair of school houses.
goods, chiefly. There are seats By a report of the secretary on
for eight mills like that which they schools, it appears, " That in 128
have built.

towns reported in the state, the moThe Merrimac company em- ney appropriated to schools, by the ploys 967 persons—299 males and towns, is $163,929 76. Number of 668 females—107 of whom are districts, 972. Number of children, less than twelve years old. In the 71,259. Number of academies and houses appertaining to the “ma- private schools, 18,143. Amount chine shop,” there are 263 persons, expended in private tuition, 158,of whom 162 are males, and 101 809. Number who can neither females. Half a ton of cast iron read nor write, 347. Of this last is the average amount daily used in item, 75 are in Marblehead ; 50 in this shop, and, also, large quanti- Adams; 39 in Mendon; 20 in ties of wrought iron. Besides, Milford ; 18 in Plymouth : 16 in there are saw mills, grist mills, Harwick ; and 7 in Hancock; and &c. The whole population of the one or two others in various town is about 2,500. They have towns.” a handsome church, school houses, "Mr. Lincoln, re-elected governand other edifices. A village, with or, had 27,884 votes out of 39,3 or 400 inhabitants, has, also, 992, all that were given. sprung up on the opposite side of A large bed of pure white clay, the river.

was discovered on the farm of Another new village, called captain Luse, at Martha's Vineyard. 66 Ware," has also sprung up in Mr. Nathaniel Silsbee was electMassachusetts, within the last four. ed a senator of the United States. years. Three great factories are 1825.] RHODE ISLAND. already in operation ; one of them Great efforts have been made by contains 4,500 spindles, and 156 the most intelligent citizens, to relooms.

form the judiciary of this state. June.—PUBLIC SCHOOLS.--The In consequence of the present orcity of Boston contains 10,236 pu- ganization of it, most of the impils, of which 7,044 are in public, portant law business is carried into and 3,392 in private schools. Num- the circuit court of the United ber of schools, 215-annual ex- States ; because the judges of the pense, $152,722--of which indi- state court having very small comviduals pay $97,305 ; and the city pensation, and not heing of the le

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