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770 ; persons of color who are ber of woollen factories, 189. Numtaxed, 931 ; persons of color who ber of cotton and woollen factories, are taxed, and qualified to vote at 28. Number of iron works, 170. elections for state and county offi- Number of trip hammers, 164. cers, 298 ; married females under Number of distilleries, 1,129. Num45 years of age, 200,481 ; unmar- ber of asheries, 2,105. ried females between the ages of Number of deaf and dumb per16 and 45 years, 135,391 ; unmar- sons : males under 10 years, 68; ried females under the age of 16 between 10 and 20 years, 221 ; feyears, 361,624.

males under 10 years, 67 ; between Number of marriages the year 10 and 25 years, 213—total 645. preceding, 11,553; number of Number of idiots : males under 21 births the year preceding, males years, 336; above 21 years, 397; 31,514, females 29,869 ; number of females under 21 years, 321; above deaths the year preceding, males 21 years, 322—total 1421. Num12,525, females, 10,019.

ber of lunatics : males under 21 LANDS AND STOCK.-- Whole years, 33; above 21 years, 373 ; number of acres of improved land, females under 21 years, 27; above 7,160,967. Number of neat cat- 21 years, 356—total 819. tle, 1,513,421. Number of horses, The legislature, which met in 349,628. Number of sheep, 3,496,- November, 1824, as a sort of peace 539. Number of hogs, 1,467,573. offering to their constituents, who

MANUFACTURES.--Number of had been much excited by the retenyards of fulled cloth, manufactured tion, in the hands of the same legislain the domestic way, the preceding ture, of the choice of presidential year;2,918,233. Number of yards of electors, passed a law, submitting flannel and other woollen cloth, not to the people, to decide between fulled, manufactured in the domes- the general ticket, or district systic way, the year preceding, 3,468,- tem. As the succeeding legisla001. Number of yards of linen, ture had passed a law, giving the cotton, or other thin cloths, manu- choice to the people in districts, factured in the domestic way, the but little interest was felt in the year preceding, 8,079,992. fate of this question. At the fall

Number of grist mills, 2,264. elections, however, the vote stood Number of saw mills, 5,195. Num- 66,324 in favor of the district sysber of oil mills, 121. Number of tem, and 56,801 in favor of a genefulling mills, 1,222. Number of ral ticket. carding machines, 1,584. Num. A change was proposed to the her of cotton factories, 76. Num- constitution, in the legislature, for 1825, giving the choice of justices Stage drivers are to be licensed of the peace to the people ; and an- by justices of the peace, and are other, extending the right of suf- made liable to heavy penalties for frage to every white citizen, who upsetting their carriages, or wilfulhad resided in the state twelve ly running their horses. months, and in the county six March.--The chiefs of the Semonths.

neca tribe of Indians, wrote a meThese amendments were ratified morial to governor Clinton, comby two thirds of the legislature for plaining of the missionaries who 1826 ; and a law was passed, sub- had settled among them. mitting the decision of these ques. The following resolutions were tions to the people, at the next fall unanimously passed in the assemelections. A law was also passed, bly of this state : raising the sum to be annually dis. “Whereas James Monroe, the tributed to the common schools, present chief magistrate of the nafrom the state treasury, to $100,- tion, will soon retire from the high 000; and a law laying a tax on office which he now fills, and to dogs, with the view of encouraging

the view of encouraging which he has been twice called by the breeding of sheep.

the free voice of his country; and A law was also passed, making whereas, in the opinion of this some very judicious provisions for house, an expression of its gratithe security of steamboat and stage tude is due to the said James Monpassengers. Steamboats are re- roe, as a public benefactor: Therequired, when they meet each other, fore, to keep to the right; and, when Resolved, That this house engoing the same way, not to ap- tertains a grateful sense of the proach nearer than twenty yards. many highly important services When passengers are landed at in- which have been rendered to the termediate places, the engines are republic by this distinguished into be stopped, and the boats low- dividual. ered fairly upon the water before “ Resolved, That his administrathe passengers get in. The boats tion of the general government for are required to carry two or more eight years past, has been eminentlights at night-and all captains ly calculated to promote the promust be licensed by the wardens sperity and honor of his country. of the port of New York. A vio- “ Resolved, That this house oflation of any of these rules will in- fers to the said James Monroe, aseur a penalty of $250.

surance of its high consideration

and respect, and of its ardent the colleges and academies, throughwishes that he may long live to out the state, and a number of lots enjoy, with his fellow citizens, the of land to others. blessings of that liberty and inde- June.—On Thursday, the 4th of pendence, for the attainment of this month, the gates at the foot of which he shed his blood, and for Black Rock harbor were opened, the perpetuation of which he has and lake Erie, for the first time, so long and faithfully labored. commenced feeding the western ex

66 Resolved, That the honorable tremity of the Erie canal. speaker of this house be, and he is July.-Seven young men were hereby, requested to transmit to the convicted of manslaughter, for said James Monroe, a copy of the killing Mr. David R. Lambert, a foregoing resolutions.”

respectable merchant of the city Schools. During the year 1824, of New York. Mr. Lambert, with the number of children taught in some friends, was returning from a the common schools of New York, wedding party about 12 o'clock at was 402,940, for the average period night, and was met by the young of nine months.

men, insulted, and finally struck ; There are in the state, 7,642 and by one blow, deprived instantly school districts; and, of course, of life. The offenders were senthe same number of common tenced to the state prison for seven schools. Three hundred and ele- years. ven new school districts were form- BALLOON.—Mr. Eugene Roberted during the year 1824.

son ascended in a balloon from The sum paid to the teachers of Castle garden, in the presence of the common schools during that general La Fayette. year, out of public funds, was The American bible society cele$182,741.

brated its ninth anniversary, at The general school fund, con- New York, on the 12th instant. sisting of loans due the state, bonds, According to the annual report &c. bank stock, lands, &c. amounts then made, it appeared that the reto about $1,730,000 ; and the lo- ceipts of the last year, (exclusive cal school fund, to about 37,000. of voluntary contributions towards The general school fund is produc- the building of the society's house, tive in part only, as the lands re- amounted to $46,501 81; and the main principally unsold.

expenditures for the same period, In addition to the above $715,- to 47,599 13. There have been 543 in money, was appropriated to printed, during the year, 48.550 copies of bibles and testaments, November. The celebration of making an aggregate of 451,902 , the opening of the grand Erie cabibles and testaments, since the so- nal, and the arrival of the first boat ciety was founded. Since the last at New York, took place on the report, there have been issued from 4th of this month. A procession the depository, 30,094 bibles, 33, of twenty-one steam boats was 106 testaments, and 651 copies of formed with several vessels in tow, the epistle of St. John, in the Mo- and the whole proceeded to Sandy hawk and in the Delaware language, Hook, where the ceremony of making a grand total, since the in- uniting the waters of lake Erie stitution of the society, of 372,913. and the Atlantic, was performOf those issued during the last year, ed, by pouring a keg of that 19,623 copies were issued gratui- of lake Erie into the ocean. The tously. Forty-four new auxiliary nautical expedition then returned, societies have been added, during and the day was concluded by civil the year; making in all, 451 re- and military processions. In the cognized auxiliaries to the parent evening, several buildings were ilinstitution.

luminated, and a grand ball was The ceremony of laying the given. 6 cap stone” of the flight of locks January, 1826. The legislature at Lockport on the Erie canal, took met at Albany on the 3d of this place on the 24th of this month. month. Samuel Young, Esq. was

On the 19th of this month, an elected speaker, at the first ballot. extensive fire happened at Hudson. Nathan Sanford, Esq. chancellor Twenty-four, or twenty-five build- of the state, was elected a senator ings were destroyed, and property with but one dissenting voice. Sato the amount of about $50,000. muel Jones, Esq. was appointed by

August.--At the village of Fre- governor Clinton, with the consent donja, in the county of Chatauque, of the senate, chancellor, in the there are several buildings lighted place of Mr. Sanford. by natural gas. The hydrogen gas, A survey and estimates were or inflammable air, which produces made for supplying the city with these lights, is procured by drilling water from the river Bronx, by a a hole several feet into the rock, tunnel of thirteen and a half miles which composes the bed of the long, to Harlem, and thence by iron creek that passes through the vil- pipes, nine miles to the city. Whole lage, and is conducted by logs to distance twenty-two and a half the buildings lighted.

miles, and the cost of the tunnel, pipes, reservoirs and distribution of ceding.] All these together, show the water, is estimated to costa general decrease of 56 ; last year $1,325,000. The river Bronx, at 3,484, present year 3,428. the dryest season of last year, was The whole receipts in the treaguaged, and found to yield 4,307, sury of the city of New York, for 720 gallons in twenty-four hours; the last year, amounted to the great but, by the addition of certain sum of $780,387-of which 324,ponds, the supply may be increa- 675 were on account of taxes ; sed to nine million of gallons. 150,927 for assessments, for streets

The following is an abstract of opened, &c. and 138,400 borrowthe annual census of the “ humane ed. A balance of 29,794 was left and criminal institutions in the city in the treasury. Some of the chief of New York,” taken on the 1st of items of expenditure were, for January.

opening streets, &c. 181,312 ; Orphan asylum-boys 103, girls bonds paid, 50,700 ; docks and 56—159; increase 9. City hos- slips, &c. 35,112; interest account pital-patients 162, lunatics 88, 83,967 ; alms house, bridewell, 250; decrease 6. City alms house penitentiary, &c. 81,546 ; lamps --white men 521, women 533, and lighting the city, 27,520; watch, boys 368, girls 234, persons of co- 60,650; salaries, 22,181; comlor 86--1,742; increase 58. Belle- mon schools and charities, 16,587, vue hospital-maniac men 40, do. &c. women 44–84. House of refuge A new state prison is building

-boys 49, girls 14–63. Debtor's on the margin of the Hudson, in prison, including the liberties, 178 Westchester county, about thirty--decrease 122. Bridewell-white three miles above the city of New men 78, women 17, black men 48, York. The site contains 130 women 19–171; increase 46. acres, of which 100 is marble rock, Penitentiary- criminals 84, of which supplies materials for the whom 30 are black, vagrants 210, edifices, and will hercafter furnish of whom 93 are white women, and employment for the convicts in 42 black women—total 162 ; de- quarrying and fashioning the stone crease 44. State prison—white as may be required for other buildmen 352, women 13, black men ings. About 100 convicts are at 104, women 27--496 ; decrease present at work on the spot. 146. [One hundred and nineteen Monied INSTITUTIONS.—The folpersons were removed to the state lowing is the amount of capital auprison at Auburn, &c. during the thorised, and the amount paid in year; but 33 less were admitted by the different companies throughduring the last year than in the pre- out the state.

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