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Insurance companies,
Lombard companies,

Capital authorised.


Paid in. 18,972,619 16,033,731 1,100,000



36,106,351 There are forty-eight banks in Rock harbor, gave way on the 27th the state, fifty-nine insurance com- of this month, and the head water panies, and five lombard compa- of the harbor fell immediately twennies. Of the bank stock, the state ty-two inches. owns shares to the amount of A great fire occurred in New 406,740 dollars.

York city. It originated in what March.-Jasper Ward, a mem- were termed the Exchange buildber of the senate of the state, was ings, and in a few hours the whole obliged to resign his seat, to pre- structure was in ruins. The loss vent expulsion, on account of ha- sustained, was estimated at $200,ving been concerned in the impro- 000. per passage of some laws for the 1825.] NEW JERSEY. incorporation of new companies. November.-Isaac H. William

COMMON SCHOOLS.—The annual son was re-elected governor. report on the common school The Morris and Delaware cafund, gave

the following re- nals were in active operation. sults for the past year :-7773 At Paterson, in this statė, there school districts, being an increase are twelve cotton mills in operaof 131 districts since the last re- tion, and three undergoing repairs ; port. (vide page 327.) $182,790 whole number of spindles in them, paid to the several school districts. 21,992 ; annual consumption of Number of children educated in the cotton, 1,480,000lbs. There are common schools, making returns in the factories, 249 power looms, 425,530. From 656 schools, there and seventy-nine hand looms; and were no returns. Capital of the 380 hand looms in the town, exgeneral school fund $1,319,886. clusive of those in the factories. Revenue received from this fund in Total amount of cotton cloth ma1825, 81,815. The lands appro- nufactured weekly, 58,981 yards. priated to the same purpose, are There are two factories employed computed at 858,090 acres, and in making linen duck, having 1,valued at $406,418.

524 spindles, which will consume May.--About 100 feet of the yearly 406,000lbs. of flax, and dam, or pier, comprising Black manufacture 406,560 yards duck.

Seven-eights of the flax spun in MANUFACTORIES. -In Jersey these mills is imported! There is city, opposite New York, a comalso, a rolling mill and nail factory, pany, with $200,000 capital, have making 364 tons annually. The established extensive glass works. weekly wages paid to the different About one hundred persons are work people, amount to $4,650, or fully employed in them. Adjoin241,800 per annum, Paterson ing those works is a porcelain fachas six places for public worship, tory, with a capital of 100,000, ten schools with 413 scholars, two employing about the same number banks, and 584 dwelling houses. of work-people. A short distance

The school fund of the state is therefrom is a carpet manufactory, $200,000; chiefly produced by with a capital of 400,000, embank bonuses.

ploying one hundred hands. These December.-There were fifty-six three establishments probably give convicts in the state prison--thirty- subsistence to about one thousand six whites and twenty blacks; for- persons. They are all in a flouty-nine of whom are Americans, rishing condition; and the wares five Irishmen, one Englishman, and and carpets made by them are of one Dutchman ; "nineteen under excellent qualities,

The carpet twenty-five years of age; thirteen 'factory turns out about 2,500 yards in solitary confinement. Actual per week, which finds a preference loss on the institution, after paying over the foreign ingrain carpeting, all expenses, for the year ending and a ready market. The yarn is October last, $2,590 90.

spun at the Little falls, at which BANKS.--The amount of the factory, also, the concern employs stock of the several banking, insu- about one hundred hands. rance, and canalling companies, of June.--An extensive fire took the state, is $8,875,000 ; of which, place in the woods ; covering in there has been actually paid in, extent more than 45,000 acres. 3,175,666; the annual tax 1825.] PENNSYLVANIA. ceived thereon by the state, is In this state, a board has been 31,877 62; the whole amount of lately created for promoting interpremiums on charters, or bonuses, nal improvement; of which, John authorized to be paid, is 235,233 Sergeant, Esq. of Philadelphia, 50; and the amount actually paid was appointed president. A spirit to the state treasury, 91,033 50. of enterprise and improvement be.

1826. January. A silver gan to develope itself; and various mine was discovered in Sussex undertakings were commenced for countv.

the purpose of facilitating the


transportation of produce to mar- ment. The details will be found ket. Among them were the Schuyl- hereafter. kill canal works, for the purpose of April.—A bill authorizing the improving the navigation of that people of the state, to vote for or river; the Union canal to open a against a convention to amend the communication between the Dela- constitution, was passed and beware and the Schuylkill, and from came a law; and the votes of the the latter river to the Susquehan- electors were taken in September, nah; the Lackawaxen canal in when it appeared, that 44,488 were continuation of the Delaware and in favor of, and 59,892 against, Hudson canal; the Lehigh canal holding such convention. for the purpose of improving the May.-The state of Pennsylvanavigation of that stream. The nia owns $1,789,067 207 of turnDelaware was also to be united to pike stock; which, during the year the Susquehannah and the Ohio, 1824, yielded a revenue of eleven by what was denominated the hundred and eighty-seven dollars Pennsylvania canal, extending from fifty cents! Philadelphia to Pittsburg. The The state also holds bridge stock commissioners reported two routes to the amount of $554,750. This to be practicable; one called the is a little more profitable. It last Juniata route, and one more north- year yielded a revenue of ten thouern. As there was not a sufficient sand six hundred and forty dollars. quantity of water to be relied on, The state has besides $30,000 for the pass across the mountain in Union canal stock, and 50,000 on the first route, a rail road was in stock of the Schuylkill navigarecommended.

tion company. At the expiration The estimates for the canal and of fifteen years, $100,000 of Delaroad from the Susquehannah to ware and Chesapeake canal stock, Pittsburg, amounted to $3,045, is to be transferred to it by the 900.

Philadelphia bank. Two sections of this canal were From this, it appears that the authorised ; being together about whole amount of capital stock, infifty-five miles in length, and ap- vested in public improvement, is propriations made for the same. $2,523,817 203, and that it last

Various rail roads were also year yielded a revenue of 12,827 50. proposed, and every effort was The following appropriations, made by Pennsylvania, to overtake remaining unpaid on the 1st of her sister state New York, in the December, 1824, are not included great work of internal improve in the foregoing estimate. For turnpikes $156,600 404; for ca- and 1,500 persons, including the nals 20,000; for the improvement families of the workmen. The of rivers and creeks 51,213 50; fuel used is stone coal, the stock of for bridges 28,750.

which is inexhaustible, and the July.--The corner of the new supply convenient. The Kiskimihall of the Franklin institute, was netas is navigable for keel-boats, laid at Philadelphia, in due form eight or ten months in the year. by the grand lodge of Pennsylvania. There are a number of mills upon

September.--Part of the tunnel it, and a furnace is erecting. of the Union canal caved in, and COAL.—The following is an escovered eight of the laborers; four timate of the extent and quantity of whom were killed.

of the coal formation in Luzerne SALT WORKS. There are five county. wells in operation on the Cone- The length of Wyoming valley maugh river ; from the water of is eighteen miles—width of coal, which, 120 bushels of salt are daily on average, three and a half miles made, in sixteen pans.

—which gives an area of sixtyThere are nineteen wells in ope- three square miles of coal, or ration on the Kiskiminetas river, 195,148,800 square yards; each with forty-nine pans, making 1,350 cubit yard in the strata, or mines, bushels of salt per day, and twen- yields, exclusive of wastage, one ty-nine wells now sinking. One ton. The above area, multiplied of the new wells is 700 feet deep, by fifteen yards, the thickness of and yet yields no water. Several several strata, gives 2,927,232,000 others are 300 feet, and

tons in the valley of Wyoming. ter”—but, in two of them, “ wa- The Lackawana section, joining ter” has been found at 350 and the upper end of the valley, may 460 feet, respectively. The idea be stated at twenty-six miles, aveappears to be, that salt-water may raging only one-third of a mile be found in all the wells—but at wide. The section below the uncertain depths. The establish- valley is five miles long, by one ments are in the neighborhood of mile wide. each other.

The coal formation of Luzerne, The present daily product of the may then be divided into three works, at both places, is 1,470 sections, each containing as folbushels of salt, which is sold on lows: The N. E. or that of the the spot for the reasonable price Lackawana valley, 906,048,000 of thirty cents per bushel. The tons ; Middle, or that of the Wyomanufacture subsists between 12 ming valley, 2,927,232,000 tons ;

no wa


S. W. or lower section, 200,000,- burg to Harrisburg, (including the 000 tons; amounting, in Luzerne, portage of nineteen and three to 4,033,280,000 tons. In this quarter miles) 269 miles, three estimate, great allowances have quarters, and fifty-six rods. been made for pillars, &c. &c. 7. Total lockage, from Harris

The following is a statement of burg to Pittsburg, 1782 feet, and, the actual length and level of the allowing seven feet lift to each proposed canal, from Pittsburg to lock, requiring 220 locks. Harrisburg

December.-From a report by 1. From the harbor on Ben's the president and managers of the creek, the highest point of naviga- Union canal, it appears, that the tion on the Conemaugh river, to works of the company, already acPittsburg; distance 120 miles and complished, have cost about $400,56 rods by actual measurement. 000, and the means applicable

2. Total fall between these thereto, are estimated at 290,703 points, 1154 and seven-tenths feet

The whole line of the caof lockage, on the west side of the nal will be 74 miles, and unite the proposed canal.

Susquehannah with the Schuylkill; 3. Length of the portage be- and it is estimated that a navigatween the first point; (the harbor tion of 240 days in a year, with on Ben's creek,) and the highest only five boats per day, laden with point of navigation on the Juniata 100 tons, will give an annual proeastward, nineteen and three quar- duct of 25,520—ten boats, and ter miles; over which a road may 200 tons 71,040, and so on-fifty be cheaply made, graded at one boats, daily, 1,000 tons, equal to degree above the horizon.

355,200, for tolls. The entire ca4. On the east side of the Alle- nal, it is estimated, will be complegheny mountain, down the Juniata ted in 1827. to Harrisburg, the distance has The tolls on the Schuylkill canal, been ascertained to be, within a amount to, from $800 to 1,000 per fraction, 130 miles.

week. 5. The total fall in this distance, The legislature met at Harrisis estimated 827 feet. The levels burg, on the 5th of this month. and surveys were made on the Joseph Ritner was elected speaker Juniata by the last year's commis- of the house, on the second ballot, sioners.

and Alexander Mahon was elected 6. Total distance of the line of speaker of the senate, on the fourth the proposed canal, from Pitts- ballot.

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