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The following bills were reported line from the Susquehannah to the in the house.

Belmont coal mines. 1. To incorporate the Chesa- 1826.]-January. The receipts peake and Ohio canal company. into the treasury during the past This bill gives the assent of Penn- year, amounted to $543,790 29, sylvania to the act of Virginia, of which, including a balance in the 27th January, 1824, incorporating treasury, on the 1st of December, the Chesapeake and Ohio canal 1824, made a total of 570,373 company, with one exception to its 19. details, and with certain reserva- The expenditures for the year, tions in favor of Pennsylvania, such were $502,880 05. Balance in the as the extension of the line of ca- treasury, 67,493 14. The state nal to Pittsburg, and with regard debt amounted to 1,993,935 28. to lateral canals, &c. By the act According to the annual report of Virginia, the capital of this com- of the Schuylkill navigation compapany is $6,000,000; its corporate ny, the works are in extent about powers are perpetual, and the ca- 108 miles, commencing at the nal and all its works are forever ex- Schuylkill bridge, Philadelphia, and empted from taxation.

ending at Mount Carbon ; of which 2. To incorporate the Tioga sixty-two miles are by canals, and Navigation company; capital stock forty-six by pools in the river. The $125,000. The object, a canal and number of houses for lock keepers, slack water navigation on the Tio- is sixty-five ; the number of locks, ga, and to the coal mines at Peters' below Reading, thirty-six ; and camp.

above Reading, eighty-four ; be3. To incorporate the Delaware ing, in the whole, 120 ; seventeen and Susquehannah canal and rail feet wide, by eighty long ; of which road company. Capital stock 1,400,- twenty-eight are guard locks, over000. The works to commence at coming a fall of 588 feet. Lackawannock, and proceed to the Twenty-eight dams, making a Delaware water gap and Easton. slack water navigation of forty-six

4. Wilkesbarre and Delaware miles. At most of those dams, central railway company. Capital there is a large surplus of water stock, 1,000,000. To connect by power that may be sold for manua line from Wilkesbarre to the facturing purposes. Delaware water gap.

Twenty-three canals, three to 5. Lackawanna and Susquehan- four feet deep, by thirty-two to nah rail road company. Capital forty feet wide on the top water stock 150,000. To connect by a line, in length sixty-three miles.

Seventeen arched stone aque- manifesting its sympathy with, and ducts.

deep interest in the establishment of One tunnel, cut through and un- other republics, based like its own, der a solid rock, 450 feet long upon the just acknowledgment of the

The rate of toll on coal, from rights of man. Therefore, resolved, Mount Carbon to Philadelphia, is by the senate and house of reprefixed at six cents per bushel, or sentatives of the commonwealth of one dollar sixty-eight cents a ton. Pennsylvania, in general assembly

The whole expenditures of the met, that the policy of a mission to Schuylkill navigation company, up Panama, comports, in an eminent to the 31st December, 1825, were degree, with the liberal principles of as follows : paid for improvements the day, and is calculated not only $1,704,948 80; for land 63,405 64; to foster and protect those who for damages 39,701 73; for interest merit our support as friends of freeon loans 80,911 41; in securities dom, but also, to familiarize our 60,548 89—total, 1,949,816 47.- government with the views and reThe tolls, rents, &c. produced sources of a people rising in the 20,123 91 during the last year, majesty of their strength, in the but the works were only in partial scale of national importance.” operation.

Schools.—In the first school disFebruary.—PANAMA Mission. trict, which consists of the city and The following preamble and reso- liberties of Philadelphia, there are lutions, introduced into the senate, 3,507 children in regular attendof Pennsylvania, by Messrs. Suth- ance at the common schools; and erland and M'Ilvaine, were adopt- those at the Lancasterian swell the ed by that body, by a very large amount to 4,144—the whole cost majority.

of which is $22,442 71. "Whereas, the president of the 1826.] DELAWARE. United States, in his last message, June.-The law, which secured has informed the country, that the to the creditors of deceased perrepublics of the south have invited sons, residing in the state of Delaour government to send represen- ware, a preference against creditatives to meet them in a congress tors residing out of the state, was to be held in Panama ; and as, on repealed. a recent occasion, the legislature During this year, great progress of the state adopted a resolution has been made in the Chesapeake approbatory of president Monroe, and Delaware canal. About 1,800 in defence of the cause of liberty men have been employed in this in the western hemisphere, thus work, of whom about 700 were placed between the river Delaware so as to extend political privileges and St. George's. Some difficulties to the Jews, passed the legislature have occurred, in consequence of a in the lower house, by a vote of twendispute between the contractor and ty-six to twenty-five; only fifty-one the company; and, at one time, the out of eighty members being prework was temporarily suspended. sent. It must, however, be passed It, however, was commenced again, by the succeeding legislature, beand notwithstanding the ground fore it can become a law. A law is unfavorable, a speedy comple- abolishing the imprisonment of fetion is promised to the work. males for debt, was passed; as was

The canal, when completed, will also a supplement to the usury law, be fourteen miles long, and eight in favor of bona fide holders of nefeet deep; and is intended to serve gotiable securities. as a connecting link for sloop navi- By the repeal of the proviso of gation between the two bays. a law of this state, every negro is

A public college is about to be prohibited from carrying a gun, or erected at Newark, in this state, keeping a dog. and from the salubrity of the situa- June.-Great ravages were made tion, and the cheapness of board, by the Hessian fly. In the light it is expected that it will meet with lands the destruction was comgreat encouragement.

plete. In this state, the old party dis- December.— The legislature met. tinctions of federalist and demo- 1826.]-January.—Dr. Joseph crat, continue to prevail. At the Kent was elected governor of the election which took place in Octo- state. The votes stood for Dr. ber, 1825, the democratic party Kent, 59; for Dr. Tyler, 30. prevailed in the counties of New- The “ Jew bill” was passed by castle and Kent. In the other a vote of 45 to 32, and became a county, the federal party prevail- law. ed; but, in consequence of the Receipts into the treasury for change in the majority of one of 1825, $441,083 97 ; expenditures the former counties, the political during the year, 334,524 90 ; bacharacter of the legislature was lance in the treasury, on the 1st changed for the year 1825 to de- January, 1826, 106,459 07. mocratic

The legislature passed a canal 1825.] MARYLAND.

bill, appropriating $500,000 to the February.—The legislature ad- Chesåpeake and Ohio canal ; a journed on Saturday. The “ Jew like sum to extend it to Baltimore; bill," modifying the constitution, a like sum to the Baltimore and

Susquehannah canal ; and 200,000 hind the stage, took up the dropto improving the navigation of the ped letters and put them into a rivers on the eastern shore. bag provided for the purpose.

Colonel E. F. Chambers was When approaching a house where elected a United States' senator, the stage stopped, the portmanteau to supply the vacancy occasioned was locked, and all things appearby the resignation of Mr. Floyd. ed secure. The whole transaction The vote was for colonel Cham- took place between Philadelphia bers, 49; for general Reed, 34. and Newport.

The lotteries actually drawn in March.--PENITENTIARY.-There Maryland, during the last year, had are 340 persons confined in this an aggregate capital of $1,242, institution, of whom 120 were ad330.

mitted the last year, and 93 disA mysterious and extensive rob- charged, pardoned or have died. bery of the mail, was committed Of the number admitted, 37 are on the 28th of this month, on its white males, 3 white females-57 its passage from Philadelphia to black males, 23 females—just two Baltimore. The whole mail from blacks to a white! the east, with the exception of the The present nett capital of the. package for Baltimore, was taken institution is $203,840 18. The out, and the robbery was conse- profit, for the last year, is 12,347 21. quently not discovered until the ar- From this latter sum, however, is to rival of the mail at Washington. be deducted 8,000 paid annually by One of the drivers was arrested, the state, towards the salaries of the and confessed the crime, and the keepers, &c. which leaves a clear whole arrangements by which the gain of nearly $4,500 for the year. robbery was committed. It ap- A bill passed the house of delepears, that four persons were con- gates by a majority of one vote, cerned, two drivers and two others. and the senate by a majority of two On the day of the robbery, the votes, to alter the constitution so drivers and one of the accomplices as to do away the executive counsat on the front of the stage, the cil, elect the governor by the peomail bag being under their feet. ple, who shall serve three years, They unlocked the portmanteau, and have the appointment of a secut open the letter bag, and as the cretary of state, &c. This prostage proceeded, they dropped on posed amendment must be ratified the road such letters as they sup- by the next legislature, before it posed were of value. The fourth can take effect. accomplice being on horseback be. A bill also passed, providing that

the people, at the next general elec: house of delegates by a large mation, shall express their assent or jority, declaring, that congress is dissent to a system proposed for the invested by the constitution of the education of youth, in public United States, with the power to schools.

adopt a general system of internal A resolution also passed the improvement.


of agricultural implements. Sixty March.—The legislature passed more were liberated by Mr. Charles an act, during its session, which Crenshaw. They were all he ownrequires the storekeeper of the pe- ed. The Rev. Andrew Fletcher nitentiary, to deliver, for the use of also liberated twenty, valued at the colonists, at Liberia, on the $10,000. They constituted nearly western coast of Africa, to an all his property. agent, who may be authorised by August.-Several mines of copthe board of managers of the Rich- per, tin and zinc of considerable mond and Manchester colonization extent, were discovered in Wythe society, such implements of hus- and Grayson counties, in this state. bandry, clothing and other necessa- December.--John Tyler was ry articles, manufactured at the elected governor, in the place of penitentiary, as shall be specified Mr. Pleasants, constitutionally inby the said board, not exceeding in eligible. The vote was, for Mr. value the sum of five hundred dol- Tyler, 132 ; for Mr. Floyd, 80. lars, to be estimated at the lowest SCHOOLS.—By the returns from cash price at which such articles ninety-eight counties and towns, it are sold in the penitentiary store. appeared that10,226 indigent childThis mode of affording aid was ren were sent to school in those suggested by the managers, in their towns and counties, within the year. memorial to the general assembly. 1826.]--January.--A bill pro

The navigation of the Shenan- viding for the establishment of a doah, was so far accomplished, as public library was passed in the to be in constant use.

house of delegates, by a vote of 99 July.Eight-seven slaves were to 78. emancipated by Mr. David Minge, A bill was introduced into the of Charles city county, and em- legislature, but rejected, repealing barked for Hayti, amply supplied the statutory prohibition on a man's with necessaries; and $1,200 worth marrying two sisters.

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