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The permanent fund of Virginia, more desirous of the change, by a for internal improvement, amounts consideration of the difference in to $1,418,961--the stocks acqui- the character of the population of red to the fund, in several improve these respective portions of the ments, 533,888; which, with two state. In the eastern part, the irr smaller items added, makes the habitants are divided into two whole fund $2,003,231 73. The classes, planters and slaves. There product of it, in dividends on bank are no middle men, no yeomanry. stocks, roads and interest on loans The west was settled by farmers, was 115,518 94, and the disburse- who tilled the soil with their own ments on account of it 109,186 90, hands. The consequence is, that of which 45,548 20 was for the pay- by the limitation of the right of sufment of interest on money borrow- frage to freeholders, the political ed for the fund, generally.

power of the state is vested in the Great dissatisfaction has been hands of a few planters, who conlong felt in this state, at the consti- trolled the eastern counties. tutional apportionment of repre- These demands on the part of sentation and at the limitation of the western counties, have been the right of suffrage. By the con- long resisted, though manifestly stitution of Virginia, each county is proper in themselves, and so conentitled to two representatives. At sistent with the principles of a free the time when this instrument was government. In the present legisadopted, viz : in 1776, there was lature, which met in the winter of some equality in the population of 1825—6, a bill was introduced the several counties, so that there authorising the people to call a was no manifest inequality in the convention to amend the constitu. representation. In the lapse of tion; but the party in power, after time, however, the large western a severe contest, negatived the bill counties have been filled up with by a vote of 101 to 94. settlements, while the eastern coun- The same legislature passed, by ties, with exhausted soil, have be- a vote of 128 to 24, resolutions decome less populous. This change nying to the federal government, las rendered the principle upon the power to appropriate money to which representatives are appor- the purposes of internal improvetioned, unjust in practice ; and ment; and to impose duties for the caused the western people, who purpose of encouraging domestic are in a measure unrepresented, to manufactures. demand a change in the constitu- GOLD.-Several pieces of gold, tion. They were rendered still one of which was worth near $100, barrus county.

were found on the head bran- operation above Danville. They ches of the Potomac, in Stafford will complete the navigation into Alcounty.

bemarle sound. This canal is partly February.-A bill authorising in Virginia and ends in N. CaroThomas Jefferson to dispose of his lina. estate by lottery, was passed in the 1825.) NORTH CAROLINA. house by a vote of 125 to 62, and February.-A mine of gold was in the senate 13 to 4 ; but before found by a Mr. Barringer, in Cathe object of this law could be accomplished, this patriot was relea- April.-A case of considerable sed from the cares of this life. interest was tried at the superior

June.---The works executed at court, in Raleigh, during this Danville, by the Roanoke navigation month. It was the trial of a young company are of great importance. man, called in the indictment, a The canal from the guard lock,atthe man of color, (though he had the upper extremity, to the lock at the appearance of a white man, and basin, is 1200 yards in length, ave- had a white woman for his wife,) rages 22 feet in width, and 4 feet in charged with committing a violent depth ; the canal empties into a assault upon a young white female. basin which is sufficiently large to The trial occupied the whole day, contain from 40 to 50 boats of the and if the offence had been satisordinary size ; from the basin to the factorily proved, the prisoner's life river, 530 feet, the boats are con- must have paid the forfeit. But ducted through three locks and two the judge, in charging the jury, obreservoirs—the locks are 80 feet in served, that no proof had been adlength, 10 feet wide, with an ave- duced to show that the prisoner rage lift of 7 feet; the reservoirs a man of color within the are about 20 feet wide, one of them fourth degree, in descent from Afis 130 feet long, and the other 160. rican or Indian olood ; and withFrom the guard lock at the upper out such proof, he could not be extremity of the canal, there is a subjected to the penalties of the dam extending 450 yards nearly law in question. The judge left it in a line with the canal, and, with with the jury to decide, whether the exception of 30 feet, extends the evidence had been sufficient to from bank to bank, and a few hours convince them that the assault had work would fill it

necessary. been committed as charged in the These works are completed, and indictment. The jury withdrew for the hands employed on them were a few minutes, and returned a verabout to commence the sluicing dict of Not guilty.

up, if


December.—The legislature com- Anson, Cabarrus and Mecklenburg, menced its annual session. for the purpose of working these

Another gold mine was discover- mines systematically." ed three miles above the narrows Hutchins G. Burton was elected of the Yadkin river.

governor, without opposition. A company was formed in the

The following was the state of counties of Rowan, Montgomery, the treasury. Balance in the treasury, November 1, 1824,

$137,041 06 Receipts during the year,

112,229 56

249,270 62 135,386 35

Disbursements, including treasury notes burnt,

Balance, November 1, 1825,

$113,884 27 There is one university, and sixty 1825.] SOUTH CAROLINA. academies in this state.

August.--A negro, named WilCanals.— The Dismal Swampliam, was burnt alive near Greencanal is situated between Virginia ville, for the murder of a white and North Carolina, and connects man, by the name of Peter Garrithe Chesapeake and Albemarle son. sound, by a cut from Elizabeth ri- September.— The canal between ver to Pasquotank. It is twenty- the North and Santee rivers, at two and a half miles long, thirty- Charleston, was nearly completed eight feet wide at the surface, six this year. It is sixteen feet wide, feet deep, and is calculated for and five feet deep. sloop navigation, admitting vessels Twelve thousand dollars per anto pass through the locks, with six

num are paid by the state to the ty or seventy hogsheads of tobac- city of Charleston, for the support co, or about three hundred bar- of the transient poor. rels of flour, with masts stand- 1826. January.--The legising.

lature granted $10,000 for the beRich deposites of limestone and nefit of the medical college. marble were discovered in the The following is a copy of the eastern part of the state ; also, a resolutions of judge Smith, (of fine white sand, suitable for making the senate of the United States) flint glass ; and copperas in abund- which have passed the legisla

ture : 1826.]-June.-- Another gold 66 1. Resolved, That congress mine was discovered in Montgo- does not possess


power, under mery county.

the constitution, to adopt a general


system of internal improvement, as June. The contracts for opena national measure.

ing the navigation of Black river 66 2. Resolved, That a right to and Lynche's creek, were comimpose and collect taxes does not pleted. The contracts on the first authorise congress to lay a tax for of these streams, provide for its any other

purpose than such as are improvement from tide water to necessarily embraced in the spe- Brewinton lake, on the Pocotaligo cific grants of power, and those branch, and to Nelson's lake, on the necessarily implied therein.

main branch. These points are “ 3. Resolved, That congress six or eight miles above the Sumought not to exercise a power ter district line. When improved, granted for particular objects, to the river will admit of the passage effect other objects, the right to of boats carrying 100 bales of effect which has never been con- cotton, during the winter and ceded.

spring months. The contracts on :6 4. Resolved, That it is an un- Lynche's creek embrace all that constitutional exercise of power on stream from Big Pee Dee to Mcthe part of congress, to tax the ci- Cullum's ferry, near the Kershaw tizens of one state to make roads line. These improvements will and canals for the citizens of an- admit of the same navigation as other state.

on Black river. Boats can now 66 5. Resolved, That it is an un- pass out of the mouth of the creek, constitutional exercise of power on

and when all the works are comthe part of congress to lay duties pleted, boats will be able to pass to protect domestic manufac- out of the creek, at all times tures."

when the state of the water will The resolutions passed the house admit of their passage through the by seventy-three to thirty-eight, and other parts of it. The Wateree in the senate, by twenty-two votes to river was also cleared of obstructwenty. Mr. Simkins recorded tions. on the journals a protest against 1825.] GEORGIA. them.

The government of this state Between twenty and thirty build- was involved, at the commenceings were destroyed by fire in ment of the year, in a controversy Charleston. Loss estimated at 70 with the federal government, in reor 80,000 dollars.

lation to the Indian lands in GeorFebruary.—Three attempts were gia. The origin of this contromade to fire Charleston in one versy has been previously related. night.

(Vide page 42.)

The extent of those lands are some white men. Menawway dicontained in the following report rected an interpreter to request the from the topographical bureau of whites, and the women and childthe United States, by J. Rober- ren, to come out, as the warriors deau, of the engineer department, did not wish to harm them; that on the 10th January last, which general M’Intosh had broken the makes the quantity of “ land in law that he himself had long since Georgia, not ceded to the United made, and they had come to exeStates by Indians, as nearly as cute him accordingly. They came could be computed, from a review out of the house, leaving M'Intosh of former calculations, and the pos- and Etome Tustenugge, one of session of more correct documents his adherents therein. The Inthan had previously been referred dians then set fire to the house ; to, 9,537,920 square acres, of and, as M’Intosh and his comrade which, 5,292,160 were in possess- attempted to come out at the door, ion of the Cherokee, and 4,245,- they shot them both down. The 760 of the Creeks. The Chero- same day, about 12 o'clock, they kee country, yet to be ceded to hung Sam Hawkins, a half breed, Georgia, is consequently more ex- in the Huckhosseliga square. tensive than the important territory On Monday, the 2d May, a parJately acquired from the Creeks, ty of Hillabee Indians fired on and but it is, perhaps, less valuable, as wounded Ben Hawkins, another much of the former is mountainous, half breed, very badly. and not adapted to the production The chiefs stated at the time, of cotton.

that no danger whatever was to be After the Indian spring treaty apprehended by persons travelling was concluded, the Creeks re- through the nation; that they were solved to execute M’Intosh, by friends to the whites, and wished whom the treaty was made. This them not to be alarmed by this execuexecution was performed in the tion, which was only a compliance following manner :

with the laws that the great chiefs About two hours before day, of the nation made at Pole-Cat

Sunday morning, the 1st spring. May, the house of general M'- Chilly M’Intosh escaped from Intosh was surrounded by Me- the house with the whites, and was nawway and about 100 Oakfuskee not fired at or wounded. warriors.

The legislature which was shortM’Intosh was within, as likewisely after called together, met at were his women and children, and Milledgeville, on the 23d May.


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