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lowest $639,542, the highest $716, 1826.] --January 7.--$21,000, 110.

of the state (paper) currency was An act was passed by the legis- burnt during this month at Grandalature incorporating a company lia, in the presence of the governor, with a capital of $1,000,000.

&c. The receipts at the treasury during the year, amounted to $38,304 Balance at the commencement of the year,

38,556 73

Aggregate amount in the treasury,

76,860 73 The demands on the treasury were,

107,782 12 Deficit,

30,921 39 The present population of this that body ; but it failed to receive state, ascertained by census just ta- a like majority in the house of reken, is 67,656--by the United States' presentatives, and it, therefore, did census in 1820, it was 53, 788 ; in- not become a law. crease in 5 years 13,868, or at the October.--45 lead mines are rate of twenty-five per cent. worked in this state. They have 1825.] MISSOURI.

heretofore yielded on an average February.--A bill to prevent du- four million pounds of lead per elling, and annexing to that offence, annum. During the present year, the punishment of whipping, was they yielded about ten millions. passed by both houses of the legisla- General Atkinson, major O’Falture. This bill the governor return- lon, and others attached to the exed, with objections, at the same pedition, arrived at St. Louis from time expressing, in the following Two Thousand Mile Creek, which terms, his opinion regarding the empties into the Missouri. The practice itself:

objects of this expedition, for con“I am happy on this occasion to ciliating the Indians and the prorecord my utter detestation and ab- tection of the fur trade, were achorrence of duelling. My duty to complished. Treaties, mainly for the my neighbors, and to myself, would preservation of peace, were made compel me, in my private as in my with seventeen tribes. Rich cargoes public capacity, to discountenance of furs were descending the river. and put down if possible, so barba- The commissioners appointed to rous and so impious a practice.” mark a road from Missouri to the

The bill, thus returned by the confines of New Mexico, and for governor, was re-considered and treating with the Indian tribes on again passed in the senate by the its route, have completed the surrequisite majority of two thirds of vey to the boundary line of the ter

ritory of the United States. From the road commissioners, returning what is said in the papers, it would from Santa Fe with $18,750 in silseem that a road may be more easi- ver and gold, beaver skins worth ly made than was expected, and $10,000 and 416 mules, 25 jacks that there is only about thirty miles and jennets, and 189 horses, valuof it that must forever be scarce of ed at 15,700, in all $44,679—we wood and water. Buffalo odure, observe the following paragraph : however, is used instead of the “ The party lost about 100 head of former, and there are pools of stock on the Arkansas, having tastanding water that may be used in ken fright at the buffalo. It is a the absence of springs or running curious fact, that when horses take streams. The commissioners wait- fright at the herds of buffalo that ed for some time that liberty might run by them, they universally run be obtained to continue the line of with them, and not from them.” the road within the Mexican terri- • *1826]-January-General Miltory--but it not being probable ler was elected governor. There that authority for it could be had were three candidates : the result before next spring, they were on was as follows : their return home.

For Miller, 2,380 ; Carr, 1,470 ; In an account of a party met by Todd, 1,113.



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"John Quincy Adams, President of the U.S.

John C. Calhoun, Vice President,
Henry Clay, Secretary of State,
Richard Rush, Secretary of Treasury,
James Barbour, Secretary of War,
Samuel L. Southard, Secretary of Navy,
William Wirt, Attorney General,
John McLean, Post Master General,
John Marshall, Chief Justice,
Bushrod Washington, Assistant Justice,
William Johnson, do
Thomas Todd, (dec’d) do
Gabriel Duvall, do do
Joseph Story,

S do do
Smith Thompson, do do

Mass. $25,000
S. C. 5,000

Va. 6,000
Penn. 6,000

6,000 N. J. 6,000 Md. 3,500 N. J. 4,000


4,500 S. C.

4,500 Va.


4,500 Mass.

4,500 N. Y. 4,200

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To the Congress at PANAMA.
Jolin Sergeant, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister

Penn. 9,000 Richard C. Anderson, (dec'd) Envoy &c. : Va. 9,000 Joel R. Poinsett, Envoy &c.

S. C. 9,000 William B. Rochester, Secretary of Legation, Md. 2,000

To the united kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND. Rufus King, (resigned) Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary,

. .

Mass. 9,000 John A. King, (resigned) Secretary of Legation, N. Y. 2,000


NATIVITY. SALARY. Albert Gallatin, Envoy &c.

Geneva. 9,000 William B. Lawrence, Secretary of Legation, N. Y. 2,000

To the kingdom of FRANCE.
James Brown, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister

9,000 Daniel Sheldon, Secretary of Legation,


2,000 To the empire of Russia. Henry Middleton, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary,

S. C. 9,000 Charles Pinkney, Secretary of Legation,

Md. 2,000 To the kingdom of Spain. Alexander H. Everett, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary,

Mass. 9,000 John Adams Smith, Secretary of Legation, N. Y. 2,000

Joel R. Poinsett, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister

.S. C. 9,000 John Mason, jr. Secretary of Legation,

Md. 2,000 To the republic of COLOMBIA. RichardC. Anderson, (dec’d)Minister Plenipotentiary, Va. 9,000 Beaufort T. Watts, Secretary of Legation, S. C. 2,000

To the government of CHILI. IIeman Allen, Minister Plenipotentiary,

Vt. 9,000 Samuel Larned, Secretary of Legation,

R. I. 2,000 To the united kingdom of the NETHERLANDS. Christopher Hughes, Chargé d'Affaires,

4,500 To the kingdom of Sweden. William C. Somerville, (dec’d) Chargé d'Affaires, Md.

4,500 John J. Appleton, Chargé d'Affaires,

Mass. 4,500 To the kingdom of PORTUGAL. Thomas L. L. Brent, Chargé d'Affaires,

Va. 4,500 To the empire of Brazil. . Condy Raguet, Chargé d'Affaires,


4,500 To the republic of Buenos Ayres. John M. Forbes, Chargé d'Affaires,


4,500 To the CENTRAL REPUBLIC OF AMERICA. William Miller, Chargé d'Affaires,

N. C.


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Washington, March 8, 1825. 1st lieutenant Jac SCHMUCK, to GEORGE BOWFORD, lieutenant be captain 11th April, 1825, vice colonel of the 1st regiment of ar- Bell, deceased.' tillery, 9th February, 1815, to be First Regiment of Infantry. colonel by brevet, to rank 9th Feb. Brevet major David E. TWIGGS ruary, 1825, for 10 years faithful captain, to be major 14th May, service, in same grade.

1825, vice Whartenby, deceased. A. R. WOOLLEY, major 6th regi- 1st lieutenant W. S. HARNEY. ment of infantry, 9th February, to be captain 14th May, 1825, vice 1815, to be lieutenant colonel by Twiggs, promoted. brevet, to rank 9th February, 1825, Fourth Regiment of Infantry. for 10 years faithful service, in 1st lieutenant JEREMIAH YANsame grade.

cev, to be captain 31st of May, William Wade, captain 4th re- 1825, vice Dulany, resigned. giment artillery, 9th February, Sixth Regiment of Infantry. 1815, to be major. by brevet, to 1st lieutenant Jacob Brown, to rank 9th February, 1825, for 10 be captain. 7th of April, 1625, vice years faithful service, in same grade. Larrabee, resigned. R. E. DE Russey, captain corps

APPOINTMENTS. of engineers, 9th February, 1815, Robert ARCHER, assistant surto be major by brevet, to rank 9th geon, to be surgeon 9th of May, February, 1825, for 10 years faith- 1825. ful service, in same grade.


assistant surgeon 9th of May, 1825. Brigadier lieutenant colonel Ro- ROBERT C. Wood, R. I. to be GER JONES, captain of the 3d ar. assistant surgeon 28th of May, 1825. tillery, to be adjutant general 7th LAWRENCE SPRAGUE, Me. to be March, 1825.

assistant surgeon 22d June, 1825. Washington, July 11, 1825. J. B. F. RUSSELL, lieutenant 5th Third Regiment of Artillery. infantry, to be assistant commissary

1st lieutenant JOSEPH P. Tav- of subsistence 27th May, 1825. LOR, to be captain 6th July, 1825, ANTHONY DRANE; lieutenant 5th vice Stockton, resigned.

infantry, to be assistant commissaFourth Regiment of Artillery. ry of subsistence 8th June, 1825.

1st lieutenant John MUNROE, to Hugh P. WELCHI, lieutenant 1st be captain 20 March, 1825, vice artillery, to be assistant commissaMorris, deceased.

ry of subsistence 13th June, 1825.

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