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ty. And, probably, the session of tober of the present year. For the present legislature will not ter- the purpose, then, of facilitating minate without having concluded a this object, I venture to make to similar treaty with the provinces of you the following proposition : Guatemala, a ministerfrom whence First. That the governments of is now in this capital, and whose Colombia and Peru should authorrecognition has been delayed from ise their plenipotentiaries, after considerations towards our faithful having commenced their preparaally the republic of Mexico.

tory conferences in the isthmus of I, therefore, entertain hopes that Panama, to enter into correspondthe assembly of America will be in- ence directly with the ministers of stalled with the presence of the ple- state and foreign affairs of Mexico, nipotentiaries of Colombia, Mexi- Guatemala, Chili, and Buenos co, Guatemala, Peru, and even Chili Ayres, stating to them the importand Buenos Ayres, as it is proba- ance of sending, without loss of ble the policy of this last country time, the plenipotentiaries of those will come nearer to our wishes, republics to the general assembly. after the installation of the con- Secondly. That the plenipotengress of the United Provinces of tiaries of Colombia and Peru Rio de la Plata.

should have full liberty to choose, With respect to the United in the isthmus of Panama, the States, I have thought it highly place they may think, from its proper to invite them to the august healthiness, most adapted to hold assembly at Panama, in the firm their preparatory conferences. conviction that our intimate allies Thirdly. That as soon as the will not fail to see, with pleasure, plenipotentiaries of Colombia, Pefriends so enlightened and sincere, ru, Mexico, and Guatemala, at the take a part in their deliberations of least of three of the said republics, a common interest to all. The in- should be in the isthmus of Pana. structions which, with this view, ma, they may fix, by common conhave been sent to our envoy extra- sent, the day on which the general ordinary and minister plenipoten- assembly is to be installed. tiary at Washington, of which I Fourthly. That the general asaccompany a copy, will inform you sembly of the confederates should at length of the motives which likewise, in the same way, have full have urged me to come to this re- liberty to choose, in the isthmus of solution.

Panama, the place which, from its In the mean time, the govern- healthiness, they may judge proper ment of Colombia will, with plea to hold their meeting. sure, send, within four months from Fifthly. That the plenipotentiathe present time, its two plenipo- ries of Colombia and Peru should, tentiaries to the isthmus of Pana- by no means, absent themselves ma, in order that, together with from the isthmus of Panama, from those of Peru, they may immedi- the time of their holding their preately enter into discussions prepa- paratory conferences, until they see ratory to the installation of the assembled the general meeting of general assembly, which, perhaps, the conferences, and its sessions be may be able to commence their im- terminated. portant labors the first day of Or. I hope that these propositions

will evince the lively interest which invitation to the other governments, the republic of Colombia feels to for, placed as you are in the centre see realized the great designs of of the republics of the south, you Divine Providence, in this beautiful can easily arrange and accelerate hemisphere, of whom I fervently the coming of their plenipotentiapray to keep you in his holy guard. ries to the place of meeting, for

Given, signed, and sealed by the which, I am certainly of opinion, secretary of state for foreign af Panama unites the greatest advanfairs, in the city of Bogota, on the tages : and, as far as regards the 6th of February, 1825—15th of in- period of the installation of the dependence of the republic of Co- congress, although I had thought lombia. F. DE P. SANTANDER. of proposing the first of Novem

ber, of this year, in consequence

of the distances and ditficulty of Answer of the PRESIDENT of

arranging the departure of the pleMexico to Bolivar.

nipotentiaries, nevertheless, if, as My great and good friend-The your excellency points out, it can communication of your excellency, be carried into effect earlier, I have dated 9th of last December, rela- no difficulty in acceding to it, and, tive to the great project of con- on the contrary, anxiously wish it versation, an assembly of plenipo- may be so: for which purpose I tentiaries from the republics of shall cause the Mexican plenipoAmerica, for the regulation of tentiaries to set off for the time these interests and relations which you may appoint, immediately I mutually unite them, has been so should receive notice of it from much the more satisfactory to me, your excellency. as, led by the same motives and Persuaded that the cause of liactuated with the same wishes, I berty and independence is not only had determined upon taking the that of those republics which were lead, and sending an officer with formerly colonies of Spain, but also despatches to your excellency, to that of the United States of North propose the same measures, under America, I have directed the Mexithe idea, that although the ratifica- can minister there to ascertain, of tion of the treaty, of the 3d of Octo- the president, if he should wish to ber, 1823, by the government of Co- be present, by means of his plenilombia, has not yet been received, potentiaries, at that assemby. and Mexico had not concluded. This is what I have the honor to similar conventions with the other reply to your excellency on the nations of this continent, which important subject of your commuwere formerly colonies of Spain, nication, availing myself of this this was not an obstacle to her in opportunity to congratulate your viting all their governments to be excellency directly on the success present at the wished for congress, in Peru, which has given the last as their respective plenipotentia. blow to Spanish dominion in Ameries could come specially author- rica. ised to conclude the said treaties, God preserve your excellency and these be the first objects of the many years. deliberations of the assembly.

Your great and good friend, Your excellency is more favora

GUADALOUPE VICTORIA, bly circumstanced for making this Mexico, February 23, 1825.

COMMUNICATION of the Secretary services he has performed to the

of State of Peru, to the Minis- cause of the new world, whose liters for Foreign Affairs of Co- berty and independence he has just LOMBIA, GUATEMALA, Buenos irrevocably established, expressing AYRES, and Chili.

to him, at the same time, the very

sincere feelings of gratitude and His excellency the president of acknowledgment with which the the United States of Mexico, in United Provinces are animated, for reply to the circular addressed to the heroic and generous exertions him by this government, to con- of the liberating army which, after voke the American assembly, has having given freedom to those of expressed his good disposition to- Upper Peru, has taken upon itself wards it, and ardent wishes to con- the noble task of subjecting them cur in so important a design. His to order, freeing them from the excellency the council of govern- horrors of anarchy, and facilitating ment, has viewed this step with to them the means of organizing the greatest pleasure, flattering it themselves. self, in consequence, that there can 2. The embassy will settle with be no obstacle, on the part of the the liberator as charged with the other governments, which can de supreme command of the republic lay its installation, and, in order of Peru, all difficulties which may not to retard a similar proceeding arise between the latter and this on the part of your excellency, it state, in consequence of the free. has resolved to send you a copy of dom in which the four provinces of the said communication, and that Upper Peru, which have always beof the minister of foreign affairs of longed to those of the union, at Mexico, which I now do ; pre present are. senting, at the same time, the sen. 3. It will also negotiate with the timents of consideration and re- assembly of deputies from the said spect with which I have the honor provinces, which has been conto again subscribe myself your very voked by the grand marshal of obedient servant,

Ayacucho, Jose de Sucre, general Tuomas De HERES. in chief of the liberating army, in

viting them to attend, by means of The general congress of the Uni- their representatives, at the general

ted Provinces of Rio de la Plata constituent congress, which is now have agreed to and decreed as legally and solemnly installed. follows:

. 4. The invitations spoken of, in 1. The executive will dispose, the preceding article, and the inthat as soon as possible an embas- structions which the embassy may sy, suitable to the object of the receive from the supreme execumission, be sent in the name of the tive power, will have for their nation to congratulate Simon Boli- basis, that although the four provar, the distinguished liberator of vinces have always belonged to Peru, and president of the republic the state, it is the wish of the geof Colombia, and also charged neral constituent congress, that with the supreme command of that they should be left perfectly free of Peru, on the high and exalted to decide as they may think most advantageous for their interests and welfare.

5. This resolution will regulate the conduct of general Don Jose Antonio Alvarez de Arenales, and in conformity with it, will the ex

ecutive power issue the necessary


ADDRESS of the PRESIDENT of Mexico to the first Constitutional

Congress. Gentlemen-It will henceforth ready taken the veil which covered be impossible to doubt, as it has the origin, and the end and object been pretended, at some period, of power. whether social institutions, esta- The profound legislator of Cablished for the freedom of man- rolina, and William Penn, the kind, are the indispensable result friend of man, planted in the virof the progress of just and benevo- gin soil of America the precious lent ideas, or exist only for a time, seeds of civil liberty, which, cultiby the shameful subversion of prin- vated afterwards by Washington ciples, and for the tumultuous ad- and Franklin, find themselves now vancement of passion. The para- deposited, with the fruit they prosites of state tyranny, those who duced, in that capitol, which has make compacts and duties emerge erected wisdom on the banks of the from the clouds, deny the legitima. Potomac. From thence are issued cy and vigor of governments which desolating rays on despotism, and have sprung from the sovereign from there appears the regenerapeople. For, according to these tion of sovereign nations. What individuals, free beings have no li- glory for the new world! How mit or guaranties ; according to immense the grandeur of its desthem, they assault and devour each tiny! other, and in this strife, cruelty It is admirable, gentlemen, that and merciless anger annihilate the the light should have penetrated to hope of any orderly system of le- the colonies, founded by the advengislation.

turer Medellin. It is certain that It is not supposed, gentlemen, genius overcame resistance, that that, in order to confound the ene- morals weakened the heat of parmies of the people, I need lead ties, and that the thoughts of phithem to the ruins of Carthage, to lanthropy came to take the place rouse the remembrance of free of customs and errors which time Rome, or to unfold the pages of had consecrated. that Greece, where letters, fine But I have come here, gentlearts, and sublime philosophy gave men, to congratulate with you, bebirth to institutions which have cause the triumph of opinion, of been admired in all ages. No! the social doctrines, have assemAmerica, our adored country, bled us on the foundation of a comraising its head over antique times, pact created by ourselves, and for has resolved the most interesting our own felicity. Who can take problem to humanity, and has als from the representatives, who will leave these seats consecrated to great exertions, in clothing, armmerit and virtue, the great satis ing, and increasing the army and faction of being replaced by ci- navy, to send succors to New tizens equally respectable, and Mexico, to the Californias, and to equally anxious for the public wel all the frontiers ; to appease the fare with themselves ? Union, the clamors of the officers of the resafety and the welfare of the states, public, whose pay was in arrears, have been confided to prudent and to defray, in all its parts, the hands, who, by the advice of wis- administration, with the wise and dom, will attract upon themselves legal use of the foreign loans. the admiration of a people who The organization of the treasury know how to appreciate justice and has, by the last law, considerably talent. Happy are we in having improved in its economical branch, directed the elections to the advan- and advances, without doubt, totage of the public ; we shall see wards perfection. May the prothe schemes of the legislator, and jects which will be submitted to the unanimous votes of the Mexi- the house deserve its approbation ! can, fulfilled in the first constitu- The safety of the republic requires tional congress.

sacrifices, but these are always My heart rejoices at the happi- compatible with the state, the exness we enjoy, and at that which it ertion and patriotism of its heroic hopes to enjoy still. The magni- citizens. ficent edifice of liberty, which for- The federal judiciary not existmerly was a beautiful ideal pros- ing, and the government being pect, has been seated on an inde- precluded from the intervention structible basis, and it now shines which it formerly had in that of by the institution which a great na- the ancient provinces, its action, in tion deserved.

this respect, has been almost null, The high attributes with which and will be so until the supreme the law and the will of my fellow- court be instituted by a law desigcitizens have deemed proper to in- nating the number and local relavest me as the depository of the tions of the district and circuit executive power, have enabled me judges, and prescribing rules for to employ all my exertions for its territorial tribunals, and the fedeusefulness. A glance, although a ral district. Notwithstanding this, rapid one, over the progressive ex- the end of justice has been effectistence of our affairs, will convince ed as far as possible, and the citiyou, gentlemen, that I have caused zens can complain only of the to be done the greatest good pos- vices of legislation, and of those sible, according to the sphere of introduced by the degrading indomy ability, in the short time of my lence of the Spanish governors. presidency-happy if I have suc- The prisons and houses of correcceeded in filling up the vast circle tion have had the fate of the times; of my duties to the country! but I do not despair of rendering

The secretary of the treasury them useful, without increasing the will show to congress, that if its affliction of the delinquents. situation is not advantageous, nei. The Mexican army, which gather on account of its income or thered so many laurels, has consiits duties, we have succeeded, byderably improved in its discipline.

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