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It is to be completed ; and that tractors, now defeated, admire, if now in existence is well armed, in for once they can be called just, proportion to the arms contracted the empire of the amiable disposifor, in order to raise the army ac- tion of the Mexican nation, and its cording to the dictates of our si- more philanthropic system of letuation and of law. The secre- gislation and government. tary of war and marine will eluci- Citizens of both houses of the date my exertions in this branch. general congress of the heroic The system happily adopted, con- Mexican nation! Let not the trifides the internal administration to umphs of the revolution be lost to the people, and to its local autho- us! Let the satellites of the derities. The government, within its spotic power give, as a tribute to orbit, has undertaken to cut off the ideas of the age and to the state abuses ; and in this, the pa- progress of civilization in Ameritriotic laws begin to unfold their be- ca, the testimonials of its forced neficent activity. This will be ex- and tardy repentance! Let your plained by the secretary of the in- ardent zeal for the constitution, terior.

your constant love of country and In all the free countries of the liberty, your wisdom and energy, universe, wishes are formed for the facilitate the inestimable felicity of consolidation of the Mexican in- elevating the MEXICAN UNITED dependence; and as soon as they STATES to that high pitch of greatare enabled to calculate the im- ness decreed by the supreme arbimense force which union has given trator of destinies! I have done. to our individual and collective prosperity, I am persuaded, gen- REPLY of the President of the tlemen, that they will admit us to Congress to the President of the the rank of independent and sove- Republic. reign nations.

The Mexican republic, that beAnd is this the people who, for loved country, which, although it three centuries, was under a ridicu- broke off its foreign yoke, has not lous administration, a wretched go- yet been enabled to gather the vernment ? The Mexicans, de- fruit of so many sacrifices, heroicprived of an equitable system, and ally made, to obtain felicity, has, after having suffered above the li- within that space, received the samits of human forbearance, broke cred charter which sanctions its off their connection with the me. rights, restores her to the great tropolis. Our villages burnt, our sphere of independent nations, and properties invaded, prisons conti- opens to her the high way to that nually full ; grief, despair, and opulence and prosperity which nadeath perpetually hanging over ture has designed. The nation our heads; such were the titles, has, in fact, sworn to the expected such the characters that stamped constitution ; but, what an imwith fire and blood the freedom we mense latitude between the oath now enjoy. In recovering our and its observance. Inclinations, rights, and when the strong arm habits, opinions, the fatal result of was uplifted for the glory of the so many ages of darkness and sercountry, we gave remarkable ex- vitude, are obstacles which can be amples of moderation. Our de conquered by the docility and se. markable genius of Mexicans; the even surpass the expectation of vast materials for the exertions of those whose confidence they posexperience, for the display of sess: they may render their fame knowledge, and for the sacrifice adored, placing it on a line with even of life, should honor require that of Solo, Lock, Penn, Washit, for such sacrifices can be de- ington and the other benefactors of manded of those who have the ho- mankind. In virtue alone is to be nor to govern the nation, the gene- found that supporter in that repubral congress and president of the lican virtue, that knows how to Mexican United States.

lose sight of its personal interest, No constitution, however wisely whose ambition looks up to the combined, can stifle the existence public good, and which can distinof parties in a popular government; guish, through the clouds of pasthey are the offsprings of liberty ; sion, at a clear and perspicacious and, determined to support our in- glance, the path that leads to pubdependence, in this point alone we lic felicity. The heart of every are unanimous : for our honor pre- Mexican expands at the idea that cludes the belief, that any can dis- such will be the guide, the luminasent to this, or that there exists ry, the soul of its congress and one single individual who does not president. This virtue shall idenfeel indignant at the idea of foreign tify itself with their opinions, will servitude or dependence; unani- gather their votes, dictate their mous only, I repeat, in this point, statues, render them indefatigable, we shall have to struggle with opi- and will concentrate their strength nions from the moment that they to secure to the country its liberty will arise from incidents, which we and the accumulation of the ad. must tolerate to a certain degree; vantages it deserves. and inasmuch as the law, without You are going to exhibit to destroying the passions, leads them Mexico and to the world, a subtowards right; thus the government, lime spectacle, in your rectitude, without being enabled to shun alto- purity, efficacy and unanimity; and gether actions and reactions, or soon you will deserve, from your master the ebb and tide of opinion, country and posterity, the applause has, for its difficult and sublime and tribute due to the sons of reduty, to balance, moderate and re- publican virtue. You will be the gulate those movements in such source from which shall flow, on manner, as that their jarring even- all classes of the Anahuac society, tuate in the peace, the justice, and that equitable spirit of benevolence the reciprocal benefit of both. that characterizes and supports good

The federal republic, composed governments. of so many and various elements, A vast and luminous career is is a complicated machinery, whose open before you, and at its end is action requires so much precision, perspectively seen the majestic and so much delicacy in its direction, safe march of the federal republic that it is reserved to superior un- of Mexico, the friendly nations, derstandings. But the congress (and all ought to be so,) allied to and president have an infallible her, Asia and Europe at her side, support. In order to fulfil their connected by important and pacific great trust, they can meet, and relations, and felicity dispensing,

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by the hand of Mexico, its trea- filling of the pledges given by our sures and lights to the inhabitants constitution, and to prove to other of the universe.

nations that the Mexicans are not By a happy coincidence, you only able to reconquer their liberty, are going to direct its councils, at þut, moreover, to allot to themprobably the most important time, selves the most permanent and wise when each instant is critical, each institutions ; that it has within itconjuncture decisive : when the self the means to cause itself to new institutions are on the point of be respected and looked upon with breaking off their course, emerging admiration by others; and that, from the obstructions and ruins lastly, it is capable of completing heaped by despotism and its minis- the remarkable work of its felicity, ters, by ignorance and fear; and as inspired by Providence. Such when their irresistible current is to must be the result of the virtue be directed by you, between two that animates the congress


preprecipices, created by slavery and sident of the Mexican republic. anarchy. To you belongs the ful



his fellow-citizens. Fellow-citizens—The standard Vera Cruz, the illustrious Vera of the republic waves on the castle Cruz, invoking the national cause, of Ulua. I announce to you, with has carried this mighty work to indescribable pleasure, that now, its final accomplishment. There a after the lapse of three hundred handful of brave men, facing the and four years, the flag of Castile dangers of the climate, and death has disappeared from our coast. in all its shapes, have triumphed

It was my first care on ascend- among the ruins of the heroic city. ing to the seat of power at your A page of mourning and horror will, to attempt, with confidence will forever preserve the memory in your assistance, to reduce the of the invincible people, who alone, dominion of the obstinate Spaniard and deprived of the resources of to its ancient limits. A day of so war, opposed to the last, every much happiness and glory to the attempt to encourage the hopes of country has arrived.

tyranny. Vera Cruz has acquired Mexicans! By a path of blood, immortal fame, which shall carry drawn from the town of Dolores,* her name to the extremities of the you have marched with resolution earth. She merits the national to obtain the decisive triumph. It gratitude. I was a witness of her has cost you the life of your heroes, unlimited exertions. The authorithe sacrifice of innumerable vic- ties of the nation are apprized of tims, the ruin and the desolation them. Vera Cruz has every thing of your firesides. Despotism has to hope from their being fully apbeen drowned in the sea of blood preciated. and tears.

Fellow-citizens, Providence has

brought about a state of things en* The place where the revolution began. tirely new. Every wound is to be

closed ; -doubt and suspicion are My friends, in communicating gone. All opinion, and all parties to you this inestimable news, I now assemble under the national make known to the public my banner. Causeless fears and hope- feelings and my exertions. Now less seditions, will return no more

that the conclusion corresponds to disturb the peace of your great with my wishes, I rejoice, and my family. Passion is dead ; and union happiness is not without cause, is secure in the common interest, since the year 1825 approaches a good intelligence, generous princi- termination no less prosperous than ples, and the nobleness of your its beginning was propitious. The breasts. Woe to him who shall nation may yet reap laurels in a disseminate discord, or break your spacious field. If the cabinets of fraternal bonds. The country shall Europe reconcile themselves with be revenged on him.

the favorite lights of the age, and My friends! The past belongs accommodate their policy to the to history: to secure a happy fu- plain and solemn interest of their turity belongs to you. Time is continent, we shall cultivate free short, and Mexico will proceed relations of peace and friendship under your direction, to the height with the whole world.

The great of her glory

Who does not see republic will be no less esteemed beginnings of your power and cre- and applauded for the riches of its dit which shall increase without soil, than for the equity and beend ? Mexico, presenting one coast nevolence of her citizens. Mexito Europe, and the other to Asia, cans! An epoch approaches of opens her mines to facilitate com- immeasurable promise. mercial and political operations. Glory, my countrymen, to the Mexico, shaking off the chains of gallant general who has completed slavery, with the majesty of the an- the labors of four years by the recient and modern free states, ex- duction of the enemy's fortress hibits a sublime and august charac- Glory and honor to the brave men ter, which policy had made subser- who have made this day a jubilee, vient to its designs, and cabinets at the expense of their fatigues, had humbled to their service. The blood and sufferings. The councolossus of Spain has fallen and try, grateful for such distinguished been trampled under her feet. services, will know how to recomGreat nations have been born pense them. among its ruins. Mexico raises Fellow-citizens, long live the her head. The perception of her Mexican republic. dignity fills the universe. This, fellow-citizens, is the work of your


Mexico, Nov. 23, 1825.


ADDRESS of the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES OF Mexico, to the two

Houses of Congress, at the opening of their extraordinary session, on the 4th day of August, 1825.

Gentlemen-You are convened when necessary, to call extraordiby that article of the constitution nary sessions of the congress. I which authorises the president, congratulate myself, the nation,

and you, that no difficulties have for your co-operation, I should be occurred for the serious considera unable to discharge the duties of tion of this body, or of the govern- my office satisfactorily, and to overment council; and that you are come the embarrassment which the not required to provide against want of certain laws, and my proalarming dangers from the coast found respect for the salutary dior the interior, to fortify any weak- vision and independence of the poness of our institutions, to stay litical powers, have opposed to the some desolating evil, or to calm exercise of the authority confided the tempest of tumultuous passions. in me by the nation.

You, gentlemen, will commence The depositories of a power your labors at a time when the re- which watches over the acts and public, prosperous and at peace, conduct of the highest functionaadvances, unobstructed, in her po- ries of the republic, and which, as litical career.

I have desired to a vigilant sentinel, over the use of gratify my own, and the earnest our respective trusts, should ever wishes of the nation, that the bene- be prepared to punish the guilty fits of social order, which begin to and absolve the innocent, will not be developed, should be full in their be responsible whilst there is no effect, and lasting in their duration. law regulating the duties of their The authors of the constitution ful- ottice; nor will the design of the filled their important trust admira- constitution be accomplished. The bly, and, without transcending their confederation, without tribunals, powers, they have left an edifice will be disorder and confusion. In whose stability and beauty must be relation to this subject, gentlemen, the result of your continued labor nothing has been done. In and anxious care.

territories of the union, the admiFellow-citizens, the nation which nistration of justice is not yet oris always just, expresses its grati-ganized; and the precious guarantude for your useful and advanta- ties of social man demand that it geous employment of the first con- be secured to him. stitutional period ; and expects that

More salutary provisions may the work of wisdom will be per- still be made, regulating the inestifected by the counsels of your pru- mable liberty of the press. dence.

The national treasury, which The questions to be submitted gives sustenance to the state, defor your deliberation, will be ap- mands reforms and additional reguproved by you, as of immediate

lations. Attention to the public and great importance. In the com- credit will place us on an equality plicated movements of the political with those nations, whose scrupumachine, the absence of one wheel lous observance of their engagewill suspend its motion, or, per- ments has forever secured their haps, cause it to retrograde; and, existence. when resistance is great, a perfect

The moral of the army demands and harmonious system alone, will legislative consideration, that the preserve vigor and equilibrium character and habits acquired in among the various orders of so- war may be rectified. Maxims, ciety.

no less fatal to commerce than to I acknowledge, that were it not the recognition of our rights, have,

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