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moreover, prevailed, from the claw in the states and territories of the mors of the people against the ab- confederation, there are positive solute thrones of Europe. Disci- laws of police, securing our safety, pline, and the perfect organization with the good conduct of those of our land and naval forces, will who visit our country. To exprotect us against the machinations clusive privileges, you will give the and aggressions of the whole world, consideration they merit. if conspired for our destruction. These subjects of acknowledged The government is engaged in a importance, and others of not less system of defence. The republic consequence in the public adminiis invincible ; its sons, with the stration, are submitted for the deuniversal approbation of freeman, liberation of congress ; which, in will bravely defend the rights of perfect consonance with the views their country.

of the government, will opportune. The rich market, which the ly relieve the public necessities. jealous and base government of Whilst you, gentlemen, are about Spain had reserved for its own to commence new labors, in the oppressive speculations, having service of a country of which you been opened to mercantile na are the support, at once, and the tions, we are now prepared to ornament, it maintains in its proconclude treaties for the protection gressive career, a dignified place of our commercial interests. Nu among the nations of the globe. merous events, in which our coun. It is a pleasing reflection, fellowtry is deeply interested, have oc- citizens, that you are at the head curred in rapid succession ; and in of a nation which, in its infancy, relation to matters of such import has already conciliated the respect ance, your powers are not limited. and the admiration of the world. Curiosity, enterprise, the mildness Mexico, with sentiments of goodof our laws, and gentleness of our will and friendship, desires peace manners, the fame of Mexican opu- and free communication with all lence, all have combined to attract nations ; powerful and opulent, to our shores an innumerable con- she reposes her existence and se. course of strangers. For their ad- curity on her own resources. mission, free passage and residence

REPORT by the Secretary of State, to the Congress of Mexico, at the

session of 1825. FOREIGN RELATIONS.

sary aid would be thus obtained, to The invasion of Spain by France, recruit the exhausted resources of and its result, drew the attention of the Peninsula. That the fear of reall Europe to America. The new viving the long established monoSpanish cabinet, eager to re-esta- poly of Spain might not deter comblish the empire of Spain over this mercial nations from acceding to section of the globe, solicited the this invitation, the king of Spain monarchs of Europe to assemble granted, to all flags, the privilege in congress, to consider our state, of trading with the Americas, reand decide upon our destiny. It serving to the Spanish certain adwas also expected, that the neces vantages. These pretensions of the

cabinet of Madrid are truly asto- ally, and to the full advantage of nishing. Presuming to the exer- the late glorious events, which have cise of authority over a people forever prevented the restoration who, long since, denied the right, of Spanish dominion in Peru. This Spain desires to assume the charge flattering perspective however, will of government, while she secures not diminish the vigilance of the to other nations its benefits. Were government, but, connecting deshe to abandon the chimeric notion fensive preparations with pacific of subjecting us, the friendly rela- negotiations, we will ever be ready tions which she might cultivate to conclude honorable peace, or with us, would secure to her im- repel hostile invasion. portant advantages.

This is, concisely, the state of The Spanish government, by this foreign policy in relation to this system, has given a new direction republic; and the measures of the to European policy. England, in government have been adapted to reply to the invitation of the minis circumstances. A minister pleniter of king Ferdinand, declined potentiary was appointed to the attending the proposed congress; government of his Britannic maand, in the papers presented by the jesty, as soon as its friendly dispo. English ministry to the parliament, sitions were known, who was also which were published, she frankly empowered to institute negotiadisclosed the liberal principles tions with all the European powers, which were to guide her conduct. not excepting Spain; and, although Without refusing to recognize our the questions agitated have not independence, England desired that been definitely settled, they are in Spain should first take this impor- favorable progress. As our comtant step, indicating, at the same mercial relations with Great Britime, that she would not long wait tain are constantly enlarging, and the shifting policy of the cabinet of as the loans intimately affect our Madrid, and she openly declared financial operations, it was deemed that she could not suffer any power, proper to appoint a consul-general or league of powers, to interfere to that kingdom, who was authorwith an armed force as the auxilia- ised to designate vice-consuls for ry of Spain, in the questions pend- the ports where commerce should ing betwixt her and her colonies. require them. He was particularly The resolution of the president of instructed in relation to the exerthe United States of America, an- cise of his delicate commission. nounced in his message to the The consul-general appointed by congress of 1823, was of a similar his Britannic majesty, and other character; and as France, about consuls for the principal ports of the same time, declared her friendly the republic, have assumed the exdispositions, there are well founded ercise of their functions; and their reasons for believing that our inde commissions have been acknowpendence will soon be recognized ledged by official exequators. The by the nations of Europe. This diplomatic agents from that gowill greatly contribute to the regu- vernment have been received and lar organization of the different regarded with the consideration governments of our continent, due to a nation which was the first heretofore administered provision among those of Europe to open relations of friendship and good that government with equal powers, correspondence with the republic. and, according to official commuThese will become more intimate nications, he has been received with the frequent and regular com- and recognized by the president at munications that have been esta Washington. blished by means of packet-ships, The nature of the cause and the which sail from Liverpool every identity of interests, which belong month, for the conveyance of to all the countries of America, despatches and correspondences. that have broken the yoke of Spain, They will also be strengthened by connect them so closely, that, althe impulse which this arrange though separated, and acknowledg. ment will give to trade, and by the ing different centres of government, multiplication of commercial inte- they may still be said to compose rests between the two nations. a whole, of homogeneous parts. Our commercial intercourse with These circumstances bind them toother nations has considerably in- gether, and cause the reverses and creased ; and they now perceive the prosperity of each to be felt by how important to all are the ad- all. They are disposed mutually vantages of our independence. to assist in the attainment of that

Hostile measures have been pro- which is their common object. secuted against Spain and her com- To regulate our movements, and merce; and, to obstruct supplies to organize these combined forces, for her castle of San Juan de Ulua, the Colombian government cona blockade of this fortress has been ceived the grand design of forming proclaimed, which has been re- a general league of all the Amespected by the English vessels of rican states heretofore under the war, anchored at the isle of Sacri- dominion of Spain. Invitations for ficios.

this purpose were made to the goThe president of the republic vernments, and treaties of alliance has been desirous, ever since his and confederation consequently election, of despatching an agent formed. A treaty with this go. to Rome, to adjust religious con- vernment was concluded on the cerns with his holiness. But the 3d of October, 1823, approved by causes that have hitherto prevent- the congress on the 2d December, ed him, will be made known in the instant, and ratified by the execu. memorial to be submitted by the tive the same day. This was also secretary for justice and ecclesias- approved by the congress of Co. tic affairs.

lombia, and ratified by the governThe friendship that has subsisted ment; but its publication has been with the United States of America, deferred, because of its not having since the declaration of indepen- received a formal ratification. dence, has not been interrupted. At the moment of our indepen. That government appointed a mi- dence, the president of that repubnister plenipotentiary to reside nearlic appointed a minister plenipothis court; and the failure of his tentiary near the provisional goarrival has had no connection with vernment which we had at that the friendly relations that unite the time, who continues the exercise two nations. Sir Don Pablo Obre- of his functions. The minister apgon was sent by this republic to pointed, on the part of this government,' to reside at Bogota, has ter of the freedom and formality been prevented from reaching his proper for acts of this nature, used destination by various causes; but the frankest measures, rejecting that the important communications the most distant advantage of inarising out of our intimate relations terest or influence, and invited might not be obstructed, the secre- Guatemala to do the same. This tary of the legation has been or- gave rise to a correspondence dered to that court, to exercise the which was conducted with that office of charge d'affaires till the candor and good faith that should arrival of the minister. . ever subsist between two friendly

The independence of the an- and neighboring nations; and cient kingdom of Guatemala, ha- which, if necessary, will be subving been formally recognized, un- mitted to the congress. Chiapas, der the title of the United Pro. in the meanwhile, freely exercising vinces of Central America, by a its right, solemnly resolved to unite decree of the congress on the 25th itself to this republic, with the exof August of last year, the minis- ception of some districts, and was ter plenipotentiary, deputed by that admitted into the confederation, government, has been received as which has the pleasure of witnessaccredited to this court. It was ing an addition to the number of determined to appoint immediately its states by one of those triumphs a minister of like character, to re- of opinion, when uninfluenced by side at the capital of the new re- force. public. This has not yet been Some movements of the Indians done, but may be expected in a of New Mexico, who lead an ershort time.

ratic life in separate tribes, and alAmong the provinces whose in- so of those who have made addependence was recognized under vances in civilization, and are set. the preceding title, was not com- tled in different communities, have prehended that of Chiapas, which menaced that part of the republic. continued independent on both na. The imprisonment of the chiefs tions. They have acknowledged who excited the Opatas to insurthe right of this province to deter- rection, has quieted these disturbmine to which of the two repub- ances. It is due to the United lics, between which it lies, it would States authorities, to acknowledge attach itself. To have remained a their kind offices of mediation in long time in hesitancy would have the range of their territory borderbeen equally prejudicial to both; ing on that of New Mexico, in the government, therefore, to has. averting the evils and calamities of ten a decision, agreeably to the in- a desolating warfare. struction of the congress, and to

LUCAS ALAMAX. give to the declaration the charac


MEXICAN STATES, to the Chambers of the General Congress, pronounced at the solemn opening of its annual session on the 1st of

January, 1826. Gentlemen-Qur country having tion, while the secretaries of the increased in prosperity, even be government fulfil the obligation yond the expectation formed from imposed upon them by the constithe flattering prospects of the pre- tution, of rendering an account to ceding year, having acquired in congress at the commencement of her course a degree of external re- every year of the affairs of their spect, which has gratified our most several departments. sanguine wishes, and furnished the The month of January, of the hope of a happiness without li- year which has just closed, has deinits, in the development ever pro- served great celebrity from their gressive of the numerous sources having been then manifested to the and elements of power and gran- diplomatic agents assembled in deur which abound in this fortu- London, the disposition of the go. nate land, and having at length vernment of his Britannic majesty reaped the fruit of fifteen years of to enter into amicable relations heroic toil, Mexico is placed on a with, and to recognize the indelevel with the great nations of the pendence of the new American universe, and gives promise of gi- states. This decisive act of the gantic advances in the career of profound policy of the British miimprovement: this wonderful com- nistry has disconcerted the plans bination of events unrols the mag- and machinations of our external nificent plan traced by Providence, enemies, by surprising the cabinets when regulating, with a wise hand, of the allied powers. Thus has the order, the means, and the ful- been revealed the secret of their filment of the destinies of the re- ulterior intentions, and they have public.

been forced to confess that they The august ceremony which has renounced for the future all armed surrounded me, to my inexpressi- intervention in subjects relating to ble gratification, with the repre- the insurgent Americas. It was sentatives of the illustrious Mexi- in agitation to extend and establish can people, to-day, that they re- beyond the ocean the absurd printurn to the exercise of their im- ciples of legitimacy and to abolish portant legislative functions, gives liberal ideas in the new world. me an opportunity to present to Protests, repeated acts, a mystethe chambers and to the nation a rious correspondence with the sketch of the year 1825, which court of Madrid; all this conwill be remarkable in our annals, spired to found a suspicion that as more abundant than those Spain, in order to preserve the which have hitherto preceded it, remnants of her detestable sway, in the favors dispensed to us by was endeavoring to procure the as. the God of nature and of society. sistance of the armies and navies I comply, at the same time, with of other nations. The invasion of the grateful task of making public the Peninsula in 1823, included the the acts of my whole administra. fatal design of placing Ferdinand

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