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remainder, fulfilling, abundantly the are not in vain, even though the wishes of the nation. It is suppli- physical and moral weakness of the ed with artillery for the fortified enemy be evident. The injuries points of the coasts, and for the and disorganization of San Juan de service of the field. Orders have Ulua are now repairing, so that been given to form, in Perote, the first port in the republic may be an abundant deposit of munitions, maintained in perfect security. that they may be protected from the Our fleet having discharged its inclemency of the northern coast, duty, in effecting the surrender of and with other views of obvious Ulua, has been despatched to proexpediency. To the presidiary tect our coasts from the incursion companies a provisional form has of pirates and smugglers. The ships been given, until the chambers re- of the line which are expected, solve upon the proposition of the will shortly increase its force, and 23d of March last, taking care to will protect our commerce in the provide them with clothing, arma. Mexican gulf-two brigs of war ment, and munitions, to keep in and a schooner, are on similar sercheck the uncivilized tribes. The vice in the South sea. The interYaquis Indians, in Upper Sonora, course with the Californias, which revolted, committing some assas- was paralized for want of vessels, sinations ; but the activity of the has been facilitated by the construcmilitary chief, and of the political tion, at San Blas, of two packet authorities, disposed them to ask schooners. The ship of the line, peace, and to avoid the repetition Mexican Congress, now equipping, of similar outrages. The congress, will sail within a month, from adopting measures analogous to Acapulco for our northern coast, to their philanthropic feelings and to be there employed in the service of the compassion which those unfor- the nation. tunate individuals of the human The supreme executive power, race inspire, will promote their so- charged with the prompt and comcial enjoyments, ever avoiding the plete administration of justice in barbarous policy of the Spanish the confederation, has exerted itgovernment, which, by regulations self, that the existing laws in favor printed and circulated among the of the property, honor, and life of military chiefs of those frontiers, the citizen, may not prove brilliant ordered the provocation of war, in chimeras, nor their decisions act as order to consummate their destruc- snares for the innocent, or promote tion. The government has attempt the impunity of the guilty. The ed to conciliate the chiefs, by every chambers know how far the pow. measure of peace and lenity; and ers of government extend, and the the sword will not be drawn, except earnestness with which it regards to punish revolts. The points of this complicated part of the social approximation to the enemy have organization. Congress must take been guårded, by an apportune de- measures in order that the high ju. tachment of troops. The state of dicial power may commence its ladefence in Yucatan is very respec- bors; the act for the administration table, and the government, from its of justice in the district and terrivicinity to Cuba, has regarded it tories of the confederation, will with attention. These precautions complete to the worthy citizens who compose them, the security of of creating in the capital an instithe inestimable privileges of social tute for the perfection of the sciman. The constitutions of the se ences, literature, and the arts. veral states, when examined, exhi- The executive has sanctioned the bit the judgment and circumspec- statutes enacted for its regulation, tion with which the legislatures and has applied to the chambers for have established the bases of this the assignment of funds. The branch, according to the forms of academy of San Carlos holds its the general constitution, and in doors open to the acquisition of conformity with the luminous prin- good taste in the arts which conciples of legislative science. The duce to the comforts of life The astonishing advancement in the formation of a national museum moral character of the republic has been commenced, which will proves no less the amiability and be the depository of the rare and mild disposition of the Mexicans, precious productions of our soil, than the regular operation of the for the instruction of the youthful institutions which we have adopt- student, and the admiration of the ed, and their analogy to the nation traveller. Colleges are forming in al habits. Robbers and highway- the different states, for the study of men, driven from the states, took moral and physical sciences, comrefuge in the capital, and sheltered prehending political economy, leby its numerous population, com- gislation, and other attainments, mitted their infamous outrages in which the pusillanimity of the Spathe darkness of night, and even in nish administration had rendered the light of mid-day. These ex- strangers to our land. Schools for cited the energy of government, the rudiments of education are inwhich, aided by the salutary law of creasing in number, and the systhe 3d of October, has effected the tem of Lancaster is becoming gedisappearance, punishment, and neral through the efforts of the prevention of crime. The trial by company of Mexico, assisted by jury of these atrocious offences, the government. Various sociemay effect, when the experiment ties and academies aid the rapid is tried in the federal district, the march of improvement. The greatdelightful discovery that the repub- er portion of the states have aclic has attained that state of per- quired printing offices, and the free fection which this species of trial thoughts of the Mexicans furnish infers.

the presses with active employ. Information is extending itself ment, even to the confines of the throughout all classes of society. republic. The government is enThe government is gratified by the gaged in the preparation of an examelioration of the existing esta tensive system of education, which blishments of education, by the for- will deserve from the chambers mation of others, and by the stre- the attention due to the highest of nuous efforts used to render the their exclusive faculties. light of knowledge among the peo- The working of the mines has ple inextinguishable. A select as- given employment to a large amount semblage of citizens, anxious for of foreign capital, has revived the the glory of their country, have population of the interior, and aniconceived and realized the design mated the exertions of agriculture

and commerce. Idleness has dis- brance of the victims of a desolaappeared, useful occupation has ting pestilence, which swept away succeeded, and the hopes of fami- great numbers of infants and chil. lies are renewed, who had passed dren of tender age. The governfrom opulence to the most abject ment visited the mansions of grief, poverty. A spirit of generous emu- and its succors were proportioned lation reigns in the mints, and the to the evils and their lamentable circulation of the signs of value effects—these fortunately have ceawill be increased to a level with 'sed. the public riches. The introduc- Yet an infinite consolation fixes tion of machines for the separation our attention again in the developof metals from the ore, and the ment of the germ of our liberties, presence of skilful artists, will dif- which is forming constantly a fruitfuse here the lights which we for- ful and luxuriant tree, and extendmerly envied in Europe. My ima- ing the elements of life throughout gination can scarcely embrace the the federative body. A year ago excess of happiness which is in those persons lamented our fate, reserve for our country.

who entertained the insulting beManufactures, which secondly lief that we were incapable of being constitute the fund of our resources, governed by the most sublime of have visibly augmented. Manufac- known systems. It was thought tories of paper, of iron, of glass, of that the code of the nation was a cotton thread-all this proves the theory vain in itself, and that we activity and enterprise of the Mexi- should be at length undeceived in

the result. It was thought that Although until now, the commu- our legislators, destitute of forenication of the two seas by a canal sight, or overwhelmed, if you across the isthmus of Tehuantepec please, by a torrent of dangerous appears problematical, every doubt ideas, would involve the people in has disappeared as to the facility the disasters of anarchy, when of opening short and excellent car. they wished to call them to social riage roads to the commerce of the perfection. The Mexicans, intiworld. The expedition which the mate by nature with all that is government ordered to that quar- good and great, and perfect, laughter, has returned with a confirma ed at these vain predictions of ig. tion of these notices, and has ful- norance, and perhaps, of bad faith. filled, in a great measure, their ob. Universal content, adhesion to the jects. The secretary of state will laws, respect for the conservative communicate in detail to the maxims of our political existence, chambers, the untired efforts of all contribute to support the wis. the government, to leave nothing dom and profound calculation of undone in the important objects of Mexican legislators. creating, encouraging, and advan- Our country, crowned with glory, cing the organization of the inte displays, in the presence of the unirior.

verse, peace, philanthropy, and vir. Let me be here permitted to tue, sheltered in her bosom. Eren direct the attention of the cham- from this moment we see her transbers from this uninterrupted course mitting her name to distant centu. of prosperity, to the sad remem- ries with the majesty of her prin


ciples, and the immensity of her care to consummate the grandeur resources. The chambers of the and happiness of the republic. I general Mexican congress, in the have spoken. plenitude of their power, will take

Extracts from the MESSAGE of the PRESIDENT of Mexico to the

Congress. 6. The treaty of amity, navigation which are to be respected to a cerand commerce, with Great Britain, tain point ; connections which do although it has hitherto offered not exist for the new states which some difficulties which have retard- are under the necessity of assisting ed the wished for end of the nego- one another in every sense. An tiation, it is to be hoped will be official document which has just soon concluded in a manner con- appeared in the face of the nations, venient and advantageous to the has illustrated the policy of the parties : and that it will place the cabinet at Washington in regard to seal on the relations which happily the grand continent of America. exist already, and which are culti- The memorable promise of presivated by the one nation and the dent Monroe, contained in his mes. other, in the bosom of the most sage of the 2d of December, of sincere friendship. When good faith 1823, is not sustained by the acand frankness preside over the ne- tual government of the United gotiations, it is easy to approximate States of the north, which has pubeven the interests which appear licly declared that it has con. most distant.

tracted no obligation, nor made " It is, moreover, to be believed, any promise to the governments of that we shall, from the same princi- Mexico and of South America, ples, labor to place in close union that the United States will not sufand to regulate the interests of the for the interference of any foreign United States of the north with power, in the independence and those of this country. That go- form of government of these navernment, following up its system tions. It is certain that Mr. Clay, of neutral commerce, on the basis secretary of state and author of the of perfect equality, has, in the note, appeals to the sympathy of course of the negotiations, resisted the people of the United States and the exception which Mexico de- their community of interests with sires to establish and to see gene- the new republics; but it is no less ralized in those parts of America, certain, that the guarantee of a comwhich have been dependent on the pact disappears, from the disinclisame mother country, and which, nation of that government to unite from their identity of principle, of itself with ours in the struggle origin and of necessities, make which some power, auxiliary of common cause for their mutual as- Spain, may provoke. The Mexisistance against their common ene- can republic, in declaring her inde. my. Those states, though Ameri- pendence of all the nations of the can in their opinions and interests, globe, rested herself on the purity have connections with Eurone of the principles she invoked, in

the inexhaustible resources of her ton will do honor to it always, soil, and in the adventurous valor because they have been worthy of its of her sons. She proclaimed fore-sight, of its calculation, and of maxims of universal justice, and its philosophy. The foundations her desires to unite herself to all of American independence are the nations by the ties of a friend analyzed with singular dexterity, ship the most intimate, and the re- light is diffused over facts, and the ciprocity of rights and obligations. final developement, which, after so No flag has been excluded from various events, has at length occurher ports, and her rich commerce red, is foretold. The necessity of remains constantly open to the conforming to circumstances and speculations of the subjects of all to the irresistible power of a triumcountries. This philanthropic con- phant revolution, is enforced with duct has gained the Mexican Uni- great boldness. The resources of ted States the esteem and the ap- the new states are shown, and the probation of nations, while at the fear lest the continuation of the same time the tranquility of the in- war, of a war fatal to Spain itself, terior, and the free circulation of may give a pernicious turn to cerriches have strengthened her ele- tain interests, to the united forces ments of defence. The govern- of twenty million men confederated ment of the republic regards it as and conquering. Nothing is omitbeyond the circle of probabilities, ted which may conduce to set forth that any power distinct from Spain, events of which the evidence is so should venture on the enterprize palpable. It must, in justice, be of disturbing the pacific possession confessed, that the emperor of Rusof an existence which valor acquir. sia did not turn a deaf ear to an ed and moderation protects. But invitation which concerned his if contrary to all expectation, the generous character as regulator of classic soil of liberty should be pro- the destinies of Europe. Count faned, Mexico by herself alone, Nesselrode, in a note of the 20th will be enough to defend and pre- August, of last year, confines himserve her rights and her dignities. self to declaring, that the opinions

6 The emperor Alexander, in the of his majesty do not permit kim, last days of his life, when he de- in so important a case, to anticipate scended to the tomb bowed down the determinations of the mother by the weight of the dominion of country; and that Russia cannot Europe, proclaimed solemnly his give a definitive reply to the propoprinciples, his wishes, and his in- sitions of the United States, till tentions in respect to the American she shall have received positive inrevolution. Mr. Clay announced telligence of the further designs of to the cabinet of St. Petersburg Spain and the intention of the althe profound considerations which lies. The favorite maxims of a bound it to interfere in so impor- cabinet which marches at the head tant a business. The secretary of of the allied powers are not unthe United States insists on the idea known, neither will it be hidden that the peace of the world will from him who reflects on the not be irrevocably assured, while phrases of this celebrated docuthe convulsions and the uncertain ment that they involve hostile prostruggle in America remain. The. jects of Russia against the modern designs of the cabinet at Washing. republics.

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