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Portugal, which my father had tablishments, and first of all, the created. I have given an amnes- formation of judicious laws, as ty.

I have given a constitution. well as the repeal of others diI have abdicated and ceded all the rectly opposed to the constitution, indisputable and irrefragible rights that by this we may be guided and which belonged to the monarchi- exactly regulated. The most part cal crown of Portugal, and the of the senators and deputies, who sovereignty of those kingdoms, to compose this assembly, must well the person of my much beloved recollect the evils which some naand dear daughter, the princess tions have suffered from a want of Donna Maria da Gloria, now that respect due to the constituted Donna Maria the second, queen authorities, when these have been of Portugal. This

was proper attacked and menaced, instead of for my honor and the good of being proceeded against according Brazil. Thus some Brazilians, to law and universal justice. though incredulous, will know, I well know that these, my re(what they ought to have known,) flections, are not necessary before that the interests of Brazil, and this assembly, composed as it is the love of her independence, are of such dignified senators and destrong in me; that I have abdi- puties ; but they will serve as an cated the crown of the Portuguese assurance of the zeal, love, and inmonarchy, which by indisputable terest which I really take in the right belonged to me, only because Brazilian empire, and in the obserat a future day it might not com- vance of its constitution. Much promit the interests of Brazil, of more could I recommend to you, which I am the perpetual defender. but I deem it unnecessary on my

It will merit your most sedulous part. care to provide for the education CONSTITUTIONAL EMPEROR, of the youth of both sexes, for the And perpetual defender of Brazil, public revenue, all other public es


The policy of the emperor is so Park Crescent, 30th October, 1825.

generous and benevolent, that he Sir-I fulfil to day; a very agree will always be ready to contribute able duty, in announcing to you, to the repose, the happiness and the that the emperor, my master, to glory of America. And as soon as whom I made known the note which the negotiation relative to the reyou addressed to me on the 7th June recognition of the empire shall be last, has been pleased to accept the honorably terminated at Rio de Jaformal invitation which the govern- neiro, he will send a plenipotentiary ment of Colombia gave to him; that to the congress, to take part in the Brazil should join the other states of deliberations of general interest America about to assemble at Pa- which shall be compatible with the nama, to arrange in common their strict neutrality which he observes mutual relations, and fix their re- between the belligerent state of spective political and commercial America and Spain. system.

Such, sir, is the answer which I am to make you, adding that the with which Iohave the honor to be, emperor appreciates the friendship your most humble and obedient of the Colombian government, and servant, it will give him pleasure to cultivate The CAEVALIER DE GAMEIRO. it. Happy to be the organ of the His Excellency, MR. HURTADO, sentiments of my august master, I

Minister Plenipotentiary of the pray you to accept the renewed as- Republic of Colombia, London. surances of the high consideration J.M. GOMERIA, Secretary of Legation.


Erposition made by a majority of the Chilian Congress, of the causes

that induced its dissolution. The respect due to the opinions perience or history, as the flash of men, and the responsibility of preceding the bolt, or rather as an. the high trust of representing the archy fully exhibited. There were rights of the people, oblige the only wanting tribunes of the peoundersigned to publish their rea- ple demanding their victims, and sons for the communication made that the national legislature should to the executive on the 15th in- find them guilty of crime. stant.

The sanctuary of law being proWe make this representation, faned, and the majesty of the peofor the benefit of those citizens of ple being violated in the persons of the republic, who did not witness their representatives, many of the the disgraceful scenes on the nights subscribing deputies requested of of the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. the president a full and extraordi

This capital, which has been the nary meeting of the house, to contheatre of these occurrences, would sider upon the suspension of its cxcuse us the labor. It was as sen- sessions. sible as ourselves, of the necessi- The incidents of previous nights ty of arresting a disorder which made precautions absolutely necesthreatened the utmost excesses. sary. The house, from this consiOur interference, operating with deration, resolved to meet in seits wishes, restored tranquillity to cret session : but their deliberations the place, and dispelled from the were interrupted by a body of peoimagination of the citizens, the ple, who thronged to the doors of frightful image of a revolution the congress, with threats and vowhich had already broke forth. ciferations. Armed citizens, at the bar of con- The house adjourned till 10 gress, shouting tumultuously, others o'clock of the next morning, and outside, invoking the omnipotence directed the principal doors to be of the people, and clamors within kept closed, that the hall might not the hall, for the expulsion of a be occupied by anticipation. The member who had addressed the disorder without, was less alarming citizens in a manner unpleasant to during the session, but the like spithem, were circumstances, consi- rit seemed to have penetrated the dered by men enlightened by ex- hall itself. We may be permitted, in honor to the country, to pass si- We believe that honorable men lently the occurrences which took will appreciate our motives, and place within the house on that day. approve a beneficial resolution. They were such, that the under- Our regret is sincere, that the signed, abandoning all hope of a legislature has left the republic uncentral assembly, declared their provided with important laws. We absolute separation, and retired to are, however, consoled with the recommunicate it to their constitu- flection, that the government will ents, and resolved, unanimously, speedily restore the representation, to notify the executive, recom- and that the people will be conmending to him the public peace, vinced, notwithstanding the unso greatly disturbed.

fortunate results of former conOur object in this short exposi- gresses, that they are the only tion, is to prevent the astonishment source of felicity to the republic. of those who, without a knowledge Signed by nineteen deputies. of the facts, have been apprised of Santiago, May 16, 1825. the dissolution of the congress.


ABOLISHMENT OF SLAVERY. The general assembly of the fic in slaves within, or out of these United Provinces of Central Ame- states. In the first case, the slaves rica, conceiving that the system of shall become tree; and in both, the government adopted by this repub- trader shall loose the rights of citilic, would differ in nothing from zenship. that heretofore imposed by Spain, 3. No forcigner engaged in this were not the principles of liberty, traffic, shall be admitted within equality, and justice, to be extended these states. to every citizen of these states; and 4. The regulations and orders of believing that it would be unjust in the Spanish government, giving a free government to suffer a portion freedom to those slaves who shall of our fellow men to remain in sla- escape to these states from others, very, and not to restore them to to regain their liberty, shall be pretheir natural condition, the posses- served in force; observing, howersion of liberty, and wishing at the er, the stipulations on this subject, same time to indemnify the owners by public treaties. of slaves for their emancipation, has 5. Each province of the confed. passed the following decree:- deration, respectfully, shall indem

1. From the publication of this nify the owners of the slaves, after law, all slaves, of every age and sex, the following manner : in every part of the confederated " 1. The owners of slaves under states of Central America, shall be twelve years, who may claim infree ; and, hereafter, shall no per- demnity for the parents of these sons be born slaves.

slaves, shall have no claim on ac2. No person born or naturalized count of their emancipation. If inin these states, shall hold another in demnity be made for the father or slavery under any pretext, nor traf- mother alone, of the said elaves, they shall be paid for, at hall their nifying the owners of slaves. The just valuation. Persons, who may collection and management of these have liberated the parents of such funds shall belong to the junta of slaves under twelve years, shall be indemnification which shall be esindemnified for them, at their full tablished in each province, under value. Those who shall have ac- the regulations to be enacted. quired such slaves by purchase, 7. Every owner of slaves, who, shall receive indemnity for them, at after the publication of this law, at their proper value, as for slaves the place or town where they reside, above twelve years of


shall compel them to any service, “ 2. For slaves above the age of or shall prevent them from applying twelve years, indemnity shall be to the nearest municipality of their inade as provided by regulations to document of liberation, shall be be formed for this object.

tried and punished, as provided for “ 3. No indemnity shall be al- in the case of those who conspire lowed for slaves above fifty years against personal liberty; and they of age.”

shall, moreover, be subjected to the 6. In every province, a fund shall loss of the indemnity for the value be created from duties to be impo- of the slave, who shall be so treated. sed for the special purpose of indem


A long oppression had borne the political existence which you down Hayti : Your courage, and have already acquired, will give your heroic efforts raised her, you that rank in the world, in twenty years since, from degrada- which you have been placed, and tion to the rank of independent to which Divine Providence calls nations. But your glory demand- you. ed one other triumph. The French Citizens! Commerce and agriflag, coming this day to salute the culture will now be greatly extend. land of liberty, consecrates the le. ed. The arts and sciences, which gitimacy of your emancipation. It rejoice in peace,' will be highly im. was reserved to the monarch of proved, to embellish your new situFrance, not less religious than ation with all the benefits of civili. great, to signalize his advance. Zation. Continue, by your attachment to the crown by an act of ment to national institutions, and justice, which at once adds bril- above all, to your union, to be the liancy to the throne from whence terror of those who would desire it emanates, and to the nation to disturb you in the just and which is its object.

peaceable enjoyment of your rights. Haytiens! A special ordinance Soldiers! You have merited well of his majesty, Charles X., dated of your country. Under all cir17th April last, recognizes the full cumstances, you have been ready and entire independence of your to combat for her defence. The government. This authentic act, fidelity of which you have given so by adding the formality of law to many proofs to the commander of the nation, is the most glorious re- internal harmony, and external compense for his constant solici- peace, a flourishing and respected tude for the prosperity and glory country. of the republic.

Live forever, liberty, liberty ! Haytiens! Show yourselves wor- Live forever independence ! thy of the honorable place which Given at the national palace, Portyou occupy amongst the nations of au-Prince, 11th July, 1825, and the earth. More happy than your twenty-second year of indepenfathers, who left you only the legacy dence. of an awful fate, you shall bequeath

BOYER, President. to your posterity the most glorious B. Inginac, Secretary General. heritage which they can desire

of their pas

Notice from the Office of the SECRETARY GENERAL of HAYTI. The government of the repub- by the state? Were it necessary lic, in offering an asylum to the to offer new proofs of the concert African descendants who exist in of a large number of emigrants the United States deprived of all with captains of vessels, we would civil rights, did it not so much for state, that several families, which its own, as for that of this oppress- arrived in the Olive Branch, on the ed people. Its munificence, in- 4th inst. demanded their permisdeed, has extended not only to the sion to return three days after they encouragement of emigration to had landed. These emigrants are Hayti, but the entire expense of it so completely destitute, as to rehas also been defrayed.

quire that the republic should pay, It was not, therefore, to have not only the expense been expected, that a base specu- sage, but also that of their removal lation would have been made of from the interior to the ports of the transportation of emigrants to the United States where they emHayti from the United States, and bark. How then could this spethat among captains of vessels, as culation take place, were not well as among the emigrants them- these emigrants interested in the selves, there would have been found scheme? persons so demoralized as to vio- Wishing, therefore, to suppress late their good faith. Yet it can- this fraudulent practice, which not be denied, that captains, not draws considerably from the pubsatisfied with having persuaded lic treasury without accomplishing cmigrants who had settled in the the object proposed, all captains of republic, to return to the United United States vessels, and others, States, have even shared with them who shall convey emigrants to the profits of the speculation. Hayti, are hereby notified, that the

How many persons have been government of the republic will known to have demanded the not defray any expense for the pasmeans of returning before they sages of said emigrants after the had scarcely debarked, and before 15th June, 1825. the expiration of the four months The emigration societies that for which rations had been granted have been formed in the United

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