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States, are also notified, that after cultivation, the property of which the above date, no allowance will they may acquire, after having paid be made to them by the govern- its value. ment for any aid rendered to emi. By authority. B. INGINAC, grants ; and that, hereafter, they

Secretary General. will only be entitled to four months' Port-au-Prince, April 12, 1825. provisions, and a lot of ground for



SPEECH of the King to the PARLIAMENT. My lords and gentlemen-We ed proceedings irreconcileable with are commanded by his majesty to the spirit of the constitution, and express to you the gratification calculated, by exciting alarm and which his majesty derives from by exasperating animosities, to enthe continuance and progressive danger the peace of society, and increase of that public prosperity retard the course of national imupon which his majesty congratu- provement. lated you at the opening of the last His majesty relies upon your session of parliament.

wisdom to consider, without delay, There never was a period in the the means of applying a remedy to history of this country, when all the this evil. great interests of the nation were, His majesty further recommends at the same time, in so thriving a to you, the renewal of the inquiries, condition, or when a feeling of instituted last session, into the state content and satisfaction was more of Ireland. widely diffused throughout all class. His majestừ has seen, with re. es of the British people.

gret, the interruption of tranquillity It is no small addition to the in India, by the unprovoked ag. gratification of his majesty, that gression and extravagant pretenIreland is participating in the ge- sions of the Burmese government, neral prosperity.

which rendered hostile operations, The outrages, for the suppress- against that state, unavoidable. ion of which extraordinary powers It is, however, satisfactory to were confided to his majesty, have find, that none of the other native so far ceased, as to warrant the powers have manifested any unsuspension of the exercise of those friendly disposition, and that the powers in most of the districts bravery and conduct displayed by heretofore disturbed.

the forces already employed against Industry and commercial enter the enemy, afford the most favoraprise are extending themselves in ble prospect of a successful termithat part of the united kingdom. nation of the contest.

It is, therefore, more to be re- Gentlemen of the house of comgreted, that associations should mons-His majesty has directed us exist in Ireland, which have adopt to inform you, that the estimates of the year will be, forth with, laid be the slave trade, has been conclufore you.

ded between his majesty and the The state of his majesty's Indian king of Sweden ; a copy of which possessions, and circumstances con- treaty, as soon as the ratification nected with other parts of his mà- shall have been exchanged, his jesty's foreign dominions, will ren- majesty will direct to be laid beder some augmentation, in his mili- fore you. tary establishment, indispensable. Some difficulties have arisen His majesty, however, has the sin- with respect to the ratification of cere gratification of believing, that, the treaty for the same object, notwithstanding the increase of ex- which was negotiated last year bepense, arising out of this augmenta tween his majesty and the United tion, such is the flourishing condi- States of America. These difficultion, and progressive improvement ties, however, his majesty trusts, of the revenue, that it will still be will not finally impede the concluin your power, without affecting sion of so beneficial an arrangepublic credit, to give additional fa- ment. cilities to the national industry, and In conformity to the declarations to make a further reduction in the which have been repeatedly made burthens of his people.

in his majesty's name, his majesty My lords and gentlemen-His has taken measures for confirming, majesty commands us to inform by treaties, the commercial relayou, that his majesty continues to tions already subsisting between receive from his allies, and gener- this kingdom and those countries ally, from all princes and states of America which appear to have assurances of their unabated desire established their separation from to maintain and cultivate the rela- Spain. So soon as those treaties tions of peace with his majesty, shall be completed, his majesty will and with each other, and that it is direct copies of them to be laid behis majesty's constant endeavor to fore you. preserve the general tranquillity. His majesty commands us not

The negotiations which have to conclude without congratulating been so long carried on, through you upon the continued improvehis majesty's ambassador at Con- ment in the state of the agricultural stantinople, between the emperor interest, the solid foundation of our of Russia and the Ottoman Porte, national prosperity: nor without have been brought to an amicable informing you that evident advanissue.

tage has been derived from the reHis majesty has directed to be lief which you have recently given laid before you, copies of arrange- to commerce by the removal of inments which have been entered convenient restrictions. into with the kingdoms of Den- His majesty recommends to you mark and Hanover, for improving to persevere, (as circumstances the commercial intercourse be- mav allow,) in the removal of simitween those states and the united iar restrictions and his majesty kingdom.

directs us to assure you that you A treaty, having for its object may rely upon his majesty's cordial the more effectual suppression of co-operation in fostering and extending that commerce, which, try, contributes, in no less degree, whilst it is, under the blessing to the happiness and civilization of of Providence, a main source of mankind. strength and power to this coun- .

GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. The parliament was prorogued, Gentlemen of the house of com. by commission, on the 6th July- mons-We have it in command when the lord chancellor read the from his majesty to thank you for following speech :

the supplies which you have grantMy lords and gentlemen-The ed to him for the service of the business of the session is now present year; and, at the same brought to a conclusion, we are time, to express the satisfaction commanded by his majesty to ex- which he derives from the reducpress the great satisfaction which tion you have found it practicable he feels in releasing you from your to make in the burdens of his peolaborious attendance in parliament. ple.

His majesty returns you his My lords and gentlemen-His warmest acknowledgments for the majesty has commanded us to as. zeal and assiduity with which you sure you, that he is highly sensible have prosecuted the inquiries into of the advantages which must rethe state of Ireland, which he re- sult from the measures you have commended to you at the opening adopted, in the course of this sesof the session.

sion, for extending the commerce It is a particular gratification to of his subjects, by the removal of his majesty, that the tranquillity unnecessary and inconvenient reand improved condition of that strictions, and from the beneficial part of the united kingdom, have relaxations which you have deemrendered the extraordinary powers ed it expedient to introduce into with which you had invested his the colonial system of this coun. majesty, no longer necessary for try. the public safety.

These measures, his majesty is His majesty is happy to be able persuaded, will evince to his subto announce to you, that he re- jects in those distant possessions ceives from all foreign powers the the solicitude with which parliastrongest assurance of their friendment watches over their welfare. ly disposition towards this country; They tend to cement and consoliand of their desire to maintain a date the interests of the colonies general peace.

with those of the mother country ; While his majesty regrets the and his majesty confidently trusts, continuance of the war in the that they will contribute to promote East Indies with the Burmese go that general and increasing prospevernment, he trusts that the gal- rity, on which his majesty had the lant exertions of the British and happiness of congratulating you native forces, employed in opera- on the opening of the present ses. tions in the enemy's territory, may sion, and which, hy the blessing of lead to a speedy and satisfactory Providence, continues to pervade termination of the contest.

every part of this kingdom.

TREATY of Amity, Commerce and Navigation, between H. B. Majesty

and the UNITED PROVINCES of Rio de la Plata. Art. 1st. There shall be perpetual ties shall be imposed on the impor. amity between the dominions and tation, into the territories of his subjects of his majesty, the king of Britannic majesty, of any article of the United Kingdom of Great Bri- the growth, produce or manufactain and Ireland, and the United ture of the United Provinces of Rio Provinces of Rio de la Plata, and de la Plata, and no higher or other their inhabitants.

duties shall be imposed on the imArt. 2d. There shall be, between portation into the said United Proall the territories of his Britannic vinces, of any articles of the growth, majesty in Europe, and the territo produce or manufacture of his Briries of the United Provinces of Rio tannic majesty's dominions, than de la Plata, a reciprocal freedom of are or shall be payable on the like commerce: the inhabitants of the articles, being the growth, produce two countries, respectively, shall or manufacture of any other foreign have liberty, freely and securely, to country; nor shall any other or come, with their ships and cargoes, higher duties or charges be impoto all such places, ports and rivers, sed, in the territories or dominions in the territories, aforesaid, to of either of the contracting parties, which other foreigners are or may on the exportation of any articles be permitted to come, to enter into to the territories or dominions of the same, and to remain and reside the other, than such as are or may in any part of the said territories re- be payable on the exportation of the spectively; also, to hire and occupy like articles to any other foreign houses and warehouses, for the pur- country; nor shall any prohibition poses of their commerce; and, ge- be imposed upon the exportation nerally, the merchants and traders or importation of any articles, the of each nation respectively, shall growth, produce or manufacture of enjoy the most complete protection his Britannic majesty's dominions, and security for their commerce; or of the said United Provinces, subject always to the laws and sta- which shall not equally extend to tutes of the two countries respec- all other nations. tively.

Art. 5th. No higher or other dues Art. 3d. His majesty, the king or charges on account of tonnage, of the United Kingdom of Great Bri- light or harbor dues, pilotage, saltain and Ireland, engages further, vage, in case of damage or shipthat, in all his dominions situated wreck, or any other local charges, out of Europe, the inhabitants of shall be imposed, in any of the ports the United Provinces of Rio de la of the said United Provinces, on Plata, shall have the like liberty of British vessels, of the burthen of commerce and navigation stipulated 120 tons, than those payable in for in the preceding article, to the the same ports, by vessels of the full extent, in which the same is said United Provinces, of the same permitted at present, or shall be burthen; nor in the ports of any permitted hereafter, to any other of his Britannic majesty's territonation.

ries, of the vessels of the United Art. 4th. No higher or other du- Provinces, of above 120 tons, than

shall be payable in the same ports, that all vessels, built in the territa on British vessels of the same bur- ries of the said United Provinces, then.

properly registered and owned by - Art. 6th. The same duties shall the citizens thereof, or any of them, be paid on the importation into the and whereof the master and threesaid United Provinces of any arti- fourths of the mariners, at least, are cles, the growth, produce or manu- citizens of the said United Provinfacture of his Britannic majesty's ces, shall be considered as vessels dominions, whether such importa- of the said United Provinces. tion shall be in vessels of the said Art. 8th. All merchants, comUnited Provinces or in British ves- manders of ships and others, the sels; and the same duties shall be subjects of his Britannic majesty, paid on the importation into the shall have the same liberty, in all dominions of his Britannic majesty the territories of the said United of any article, of the growth, pro- Provinces, as the natives thereof, duce or manufacture of the said to manage their own affairs themUnited Provinces, whether such selves, or to commit them to the importation shall be in British ves- management of whomsoever they sels or in vessels of the said United please, as broker, factor, agent or Provinces :— The same duties shall interpreter ; nor shall they be oblibe paid, and the same drawbacks ged to employ any other persons and bounties allowed, on the expor- for those purposes, nor to pay them tation of any articles of the growth, any salary or remuneration, unless produce or manufacture of his Bri- they shall choose to employ them ; tannic majesty's dominions, to the and absolute freedom shall be alsaid United Provinces, whether such lowed, in all cases, to the buyer exportation shall be in vessels of the and seller, to bargain and fix the said United Provinces, or in British price of any goods, wares or mervessels; and the same duties shall chandise, imported into, or exportbe paid, and the same bounties and ed from, the said United Provinces, drawbacks allowed, on the exporta- as they shall see good. tion of any articles, the growth, Art. 9th. In whatever relates to produce or manufacture of the said the lading and unlading of ships, United Provinces, to his Britannic the safety of merchandise, goods majesty's dominions, whether such and effects, the disposal of property exportation shall be in British ves- of every sort and denomination, by sels, or in vessels of the said United sale, donation, or exchange, or in Provinces.

any other manner whatsoever, as Art. 7th. In order to avoid any also the administration of justice, misunderstanding, with respect to the subjects and citizens of the two the regulations which may respec- contracting parties shall, enjoy, tively constitute a British vessel, or in their respective dominions, the à vessel of the said United Provin- same privileges, liberties and rights, ces, it is hereby agreed, that all as the most favored nation, and vessels built in the dominions of his shall not be charged, in any of Britannic majesty, and owned, navi- these respects, with any higher dugated and registered according to ties or imposts than those which the laws of Great Britain, shall be are paid, or may be paid, by the considered as British vessels; and native subjects or citizens of the

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