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power in whose dominions they effects or property belonging to the may be resident. They shall be native inhabitants of the state in exempted from all compulsory mili- which such subjects or citizens tary service whatsoever, whether may reside. by sea or land, and from all forced Art. 12th. The subjects of his loans, or military exactions or re- Britannic majesty, residing in the quisitions ; neither shall they be United Provinces of Rio de la compelled to pay any ordinary Plata, shall not be disturbed, pertaxes, under any pretext whatso- secuted or annoyed, on account of ever, greater than those that are their religion, but they shall have paid by native subjects or citizens. perfect liberty of conscience there

Art. 10th. It shall be free for in, and to celebrate divine service, each of the two contracting par- either within their own private ties to appoint consuls for the pro- houses, or in their own particular tection of trade, to reside in the churches or chapels, which they dominions and territories of the shall be at liberty to build and other party; but before any consul maintain in convenient places, apshall act as such, he shall, in the proved of by the government of the usual form, be approved and ad- said United Provinces. Liberty mitted by the government to which shall also be granted to bury the he is sent; and either of the con- subjects of his Britannic majesty tracting parties may except from who may die in the said United the residence of consuls, such par- Provinces, in their own burial ticular places as either of them places, which, in the same manmay judge fit to be so excepted. ner, they may freely establish and

Art. 11th. For the better secu- maintain in the like manner, the rity of commerce between the sub- citizens of the said United Projects of his Britannic majesty and vinces shall enjoy, within all the the inhabitants of the United Pro- dominions of his Britannic majesty, vinces of Rio de la Plata, it is a perfect and unrestrained liberty agreed, that if, at any time, any of conscience, and of exercising interruption of friendly commercial their religion, publicly or privately, intercourse, or any rupture should within their own dwelling houses, unfortunately take place between or in the chapels and places of the two contracting parties, the worship appointed for that pursubjects or citizens of either of the pose, agreeably to the system of two contracting parties, residing in toleration established in the domithe dominions of the other, shall nions of his said majesty. have the privilege of remaining Art. 13th. It shall be free for the and continuing their trade therein, subjects of his Britannic majesty, without any manner of interruption, residing in the United Provinces so long as they behave peaceably, of Rio de la Plata, to dispose of and commit no offence against the their property, of every description, laws; and their effects and proper- by will or testament, as they may ty, whether entrusted to indivi- judge fit; and, in the event of any duals or to the state, shall not be British subject dying without such liable to seizure or sequestration, will or testament, in the territories or to any other demands than those of the said United Provinces, the which may be made upon the like British consul-general, or in his absence, his representative, shall the most effectual manner, and by have the right to nominate cura. the most solemn laws, from taking tors, to take charge of the property any share in such trade. of the deceased, for the benefit of Art. 15th. The present treaty his lawful heirs and creditors, with shall be ratified, and the ratifica. out interference, giving convenient tions shall be exchanged in London notice thereof to the authorities of within four months, or sooner, if the country, and reciprocally. possible.

Art. 14th. His Britannic majesty In witness whereof, the respecbeing extremely desirous of totally tive plenipotentiaries have abolishing the slave trade, the Uni signed the same, and have af. ted Provinces of Rio de la Plata fixed their seals thereunto. engage to co-operate with his Bri- Done at Buenos Ayres, the 2d day tannic majesty, for the completion of February, A. D. 1825. of so beneficent a work, and to (l. s.] WOODBINE PARISH, H. M. prohibit all persons inhabiting

Consul General. within the said United Provinces, (L. S. MANL. J. GARCIA. or subject to their jurisdiction, in

TREATY BETWEEN COLOMBIA AND GREAT BRITAIN. Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation, between the Republie

of Colombia, and his Majesty the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.*

In the name of the most Holy Trinity. Whereas extensive commercial They have for this purpose murelations have been established, for tually named their respective plea series of years, between certain nipotentiaries, viz: on the part of provinces or countries of America, the vice-president, invested with which, united together, now form the executive power of the repubthe republic of Colombia, and the lic of Colombia, Pedro Gual, secredominions of his majesty the king tary of state for the foreign affairs of the United Kingdom of Great of the same, and general Pedro Britain and Ireland, it has been Briceno Mendez; and on the part deemed advisable, as well for the of his majesty the king of Great security and encouragement of that Britain and Ireland, John Potter commercial intercourse, as for the Hamilton, Esquire, and Patrick maintenance of that good under- Campbell, Esquire, who, after hastanding between his said majesty ving formally exchanged their reand the said republic, which now spective full powers, have agreed subsists between them, that those to, and concluded the following relations should be known and con- articles : firmed by means of a treaty of Art. 1. There shall be a lasting, friendship, commerce, and naviga- firm, and sincere friendship betion.

tween the republic and people of

* This treaty has been translated from the Spanish, the original English copy got baving been received.--Editor.

Colombia, and the dominions and or higher duties be imposed on subjects of his majesty the king of the importation into the territothe United Kingdom of Great Bri- ries of his Britannic majesty, of tain and Ireland, his heirs and suc- any articles, the natural produce, cessors.

productions, or manufactures of Art. 2. There shall be a reci- Colombia, than what are paid, or procal liberty of commerce be may be paid, for similar articles, tween all the territories of Colom- the natural produce, productions, bia, and the territories of his Bri. or manufactures of any other fotannic majesty in Europe. The reign country ; nor shall other or citizens and subjects of the two higher duties or imposts be levied countries, respectively, shall have in the territories or dominions of liberty to go, freely and securely, any of the contracting parties, on with their ships and cargoes, to all the exportation of any articles for those parts, ports, and rivers, in the territories or dominions of the the before-mentioned territories, other than those which are paid, or where it is permitted, or may be may be paid for the exportation of permitted, for other foreigners to the like articles for any other foenter the same, and to remain and reign country : nor shall any proreside in any part of the said terri. hibition be imposed on the importories respectively, also to hire and tation or exportation of any artioccupy houses and warehouses for cles, the natural produce, producthe purposes of their cominerce: tions, or manufactures of the doand generally, the merchants and minions and territories of Colombia, traders of each nation respectively, or of his Britannic majesty, either shall enjoy the most complete pro- for or from the said territories of tection and security in their com- Colombia, or for, or from the said merce, always being subject to the territories of his Britannic majesty, laws and statutes of the two coun- that are not equally extended to all tries respectively.

other nations. Art. 3. His majesty the king of Art. 5. No other or higher du. the United Kingdom of Great Bri- ties or imposts shall be levied on tain and Ireland, engages further account of tonnage, light-house more, that the citizens of Colom- dues, or port-fees, (pratique,) salbia shall have the same liberty of vage in case of damage or shipcommerce and navigation which wreck, or any other local expenses has been stipulated in the forego. in any of the ports in the territoing article, in all his dominions si- ries of his Britannic majesty, on tuated out of Europe, as exten- Colombian vessels, than the paysively as it is now permitted, or mayments in the same ports by British hereafter be permitted, to any other vessels : nor in the ports of Conation.

lombia, on British vessels, than the Art. 4. No other or higher du- payments in the same by Colomties shall be imposed on the impor- bian vessels. tation into the territories of Co. Art. 6. The same duties shall lombia of any articles, the natural be paid on the importation into the produce, productions, or manufac. dominions of his Britannic majesty tures, of the dominions of his Bri- of any articles, the natural protannic majesty, nor shall other duce, productions, or manufac

tures of Colombia, whether that cases as are otherwise especially importation be made in British or provided for by law, shall be consiColombian vessels ; and the same dered as British vessels. duties shall be paid on the impor- Art. 8. All merchants, comtation into the territories of Co. manders of vessels, and other citilombia of any articles, the natural zens and subjects of the republic produce, productions, or manufac- of Colonbia and of his Britannic tures of the dominions of his Bri- majesty, shall have perfect liberty, tannic majesty, whether that im- in all the territories of both powers portation be made in Colombian respectively, to act for themselves or British vessels. The same du- in the management of their own ties shall be paid, and the same affairs, or confide them to the madiscount and bounties granted on nagement of whomsoever they may the exportation of any articles, the please, as broker, factor, agent, or natural produce, productions, or interpreter : nor shall they be oblimanufactures of Colombia for the ged to employ any other persons dominions of his Britannic majesty, whatever for those purposes, nor whether that importation be made to pay them any salary or remunein British or Colombian vessels. ration unless they wish so to em. And the same duties shall be paid, ploy them; and absolute liberty and the same discount and boun- shall be given in all cases to the ties granted, on the exportation for purchaser and vender, to contract Colombia of any articles, the na- and fix the price of any effects, tural produce, productions, or ma- merchandise, or manufactures imnufactures of the dominions of his ported or exported from the terriBritannic majesty, whether that ex- tories of any of the two contractportation be made in Colombian or ing parties, according as they shall British vessels.

themselves think proper. Art. 7. To avoid any misunder- Art. 9. In all that relates to the standing with respect to the regu- lading or unlading of vessels, the lations which may respectively con- security of merchandise, manufacstitute a Colombian or British ves- tures, and effects, the inheritance sel, it is hereby agreed, that all ves- of moveable goods, and the disposels built within the territories of sition of moveable property, of all Colombia, and belonging to a Co. kinds and denominations, by sale, lombian citizen or citizens, and gift, or exchange, or testament, or in whose captain and three fourth any other manner whatever, as also parts of the mariners, at the least, with respect to the administration are citizens of Colombia, except of justice, the citizens and subjects in such extreme cases as are other of the two contracting parties shall wise especially provided for by law, enjoy, in their respective territoshall be considered as Colombian ries and dominions, the same privessels : and all vessels built within vileges, liberties, and rights, as the the dominions of his Britannic ma- most favored nation; and there jesty, and belonging to a British shall not be levied upon them on subject or subjects, and whose cap- this account, any higher imposts or tain and three-fourth parts of the duties than those that are paid, or mariners, at the least, are British may be paid, by the citizens or subsubjects, except in such extreme jects of the powers in whose terri. torics or dominions they may re- seizure or sequestration, or any side. They shall be exempt from other demands, other than what are all compulsory military service, by made upon similar effects or prosea or by land, and from all forced perty belonging to the citizens or loans or exactions, or military re- subjects of the state in which they quisitions, nor shall they be com- may reside. pelled to pay any ordinary contri- Art. 12. The citizens of Colombution, greater than what may be bia shall enjoy throughout all the paid by the citizens or subjects of dominions of his Britannic majesty, either power, under any pretext a perfect and unlimited liberty of whatever.

conscience, and the exercise of Art. 10. Each of the two con- their religion, publicly or privately, tracting parties shall be at liberty in their own houses, or in the chato appoint consuls for the protec- pels or places of worship destined tion of their commerce, to reside for that purpose, conformably to in the territories and dominions of the system of toleration established the other party ; but previous to throughout the dominions of his any consul acting as such, he shall Britannic majesty. In like manbe approved and admitted, in the ner the subjects of his Britannic usual form, by the government to majesty resident in the territories whom he may be sent; and any of of Colombia, shall enjoy the most the contracting parties can except perfect and entire liberty of confrom the residence of consuls such science, without being in any manparticular parts as either of them ner exposed to be molested, dismay think proper to except. quieted, or disturbed on account

Art. 11. For the better security of their religious belief, nor in the of commerce between the citizens free exercise of their religion, proof Colombia and the subjects of vided it be performed in their prihis Britannic majesty, it has been vate houses, and with the reveagreed, that if at any time any in- rence due to the divine worship, terruption of their amicable com- respecting the laws, usages, and mercial intercourse should unfor- customs established. The subtunately take place, or in any case jects of his Britannic majesty shall of any rupture happening between also have the liberty of interment the two contracting parties, the for such of them as die in the said citizens or subjects of either of the territories of Colombia, in such two contracting parties, resident in places as they may deem fit and the territories or dominions of the proper to establish for such purother, shall have the privilege of pose, with the consent of the local remaining or continuing their traf- authorities; and the funeral or bufic there, without any kind of in- rial places of the dead shall not be terruption, so long as they shall violated in any manner, nor on any conduct themselves peaceably, and pretext. shall not commit any offence against Art. 13. The government of Cothe laws; and such of their effects lombia engages to co-operate with and property as may be already his Britannic majesty to obtain the confided to private individuals, or total abolition of the slave trade, to the state, shall not be subject to and to prohibit, in the most effectu

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