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a lesson of wisdom on the bitterness spoken about the time that Jefferof party spirit, by which the wise and son expired. the good will not fail to profit.” In like manner, Mr. Jefferson,

If any thing were wanting to in the short intervals of delirium convince this generation of the un. which occurred in his last hours, utterable importance of the Ame- seemed to dwell exclusively on the rican revolution, it would be the events of the revolution. He talkclosing scene of the lives of Mr. ed in broken sentences of the comJefferson and Mr. Adams. Pass- mittee of safety. One of his exing over the long succession of clamations was, “Warn the comgreat and memorable scenes, with mittee to be on their guard;" and which their after lives were filled, he instantly rose in his bed, with their minds, in the very moments the help of his attendants, and of dissolution, went back, and went through the act of writing a dwelt on the first struggles of Ame- hurried note. But for the greater rican liberty.

part of the time, during the last On the morning of the 4th of days of his life, he was blessed July, Mr. Adams, then evidently with the enjoyment of his reason. near his death, awoke at the ring. The only anxious wish he uttered ing of bells, and the firing of can- for himself was, that he might live non. The servant who watched to breathe the air of the fiftieth anwith him, asked him, if he knew niversary of independence. When what day it was?“) yes,” he that day arrived, he was repeatedly replied, “it is the glorious 4th of July heard to murmur, nunc dimittis -God bless it, God bless you all.” Domine, Lord, now lettest thou thy

In the forenoon, the orator of servant depart in peace! the day, the Rev. Mr. Whitney, When,since the death of Socrates, the parish minister of Mr. Adams, can any thing be found, that will called to see him, and found him bear a comparison with the deathseated in an arm chair. In the bed scene of these two great men ? course of the interview, Mr. Whit. One circumstance only remains ney asked him for a sentiment, to to be noticed in the biography of be given at the public table. He Mr. Jefferson. In a private mereplied, “ I will give you, indepen- morandum, found among some dence for ever!" After a few mo- other obituary papers and relics of ments had elapsed, a lady asked Mr. Jefferson, is a suggestion, in him, if he wished to add any thing case a monument to his memory to the toast ? and he said " not a should ever be proposed, that it syllable:” This passed an hour or should be a granite obelisk, of too, only, before he breathed his small dimensions, with the followlast. In the course of the day, he ing inscription : said, “it is a great and a good day.” “Here lies buried Thomas JefferThat his thoughts were dwelling on son, author of the Declaration of Inthe scene of 1776, is evident from dependence ; of the Statutes of Virthe last words which he uttered, ginia, for Religious Freedom; and • Jefferson survives,''* which were Father of theUniversity of Virginia."

* Judge Cranch's Memoir on the life, character, and writings of John Adams, p. 57, 58.



Retrospective view-Independence of the United States--Abolition of Co-

lonial System-Views of Great Britain-Independence of Spanish
America-Policy of the United States Dissolution of Parties-- Visit

of La Fayette-National Jubilee-Death of Adams and Jefferson,
Inauguration of President. Meeting of Senate-Lanman's Case_Treaty

with Colombia--Opposition-Creek Controversy Indian Affairs-

Captains Porter and Stewart-Internal Improvement-Commerce,
Opening of the 19th Congress. Amendments to the Constitution, proposed

by Mr. M'Duffie-By Mr. Benton-Discussion of same-Decision.

Proposal to reduce Executive Patronage.
Proceedings of Senate on the Panama Mission. Mr. Branch's resolution--

Mr. Randolph's conduct-Duel with Mr. Clay-Proceedings in the

House of Representatives on the Panama Mission-Panama Congress,

Bill to extend the Judiciary System-Proceedings in House-Defeated by

the amendment of Senate. Annual Report of Secretary of Treasury.

Report of Committee of Ways and Means. Appropriations for Forti-

fications-Support of Government-Army--Navy. Public buildings.

Bill for relief of Revolutionary Officers. Francis Larche. Conclu-

sion of Session.

WEST INDIES. European Colonies. British West Indies. Order in

Council. Proceedings in Jamaica --Cuba--Political Condition-Go-
vernment. Hayti-its Government-French Ordinance-Nature of

it-Accepted by Boyer---Loan-Disturbances--State of Hayti,

MEXICO. Victoria President-Congress--Surrender of ship Asia--St.

Juan de Ullua-Government, and Political Condition in 1826--Cuba

-Sonora--Texas. CENTRAL AMERICA. Constitution Arce

- President--Political Condition. RIO DE LA PLATA. Constitution

--Rivadeira-Political Condition_War with Brazil. CHILI. Com-

motion-Surrender of Chiloe--Congress-Freire. PARAGUAY.

Congress of Panama,

COLOMBIA in 1825. Bolivar President-Recognized by the United

States and England --Rumored Invasion of Cuba-Santander--Con-

gress. PERU. Battle of Ayacucho-Olaneta-Castles of Callao-

Congress-Bolivar-Upper Peru. Constitntion of BOLIVIA. State

of Peru in 1826--Insurrection of Paez-Views of the Government-

Proceedings in Venezula-- In Quito-Views of Bolivar-Warlike ope-

rations in Venezuela, Bolivar arrives at Bogota--Reforms--Bolivar

in Venezuela--Tranquillity restored,

BRAZIL. Independence Acknowledged-Character of Pedro--Invasion

of Chiquitos--Banda Oriental--Insurrection-Lavalleja-Battle of

Sarandi- The Banda united to Buenos Ayres--Pedro declares War--

Progress of it-Future prospects,

GREAT BRITAIN. Ministers-Parliament 1825--Address-Catholic

• Association-Catholic Relief. Finance and Trade-Other Laws-

Greeks-Treaties--Pecuniary Distress-Parliament 1826–Curren-

cy-Finance-Slavery-Miscellaneous Pecuniary Difficulties-Suf-

ferings of Manufacturers—Dissolution of Parliament.--Elections,

FRANCE. Death of Louis XVIII.-Accession of Charles X.---Ministers

--Chambers of 1825-Indemnity to Emigrants Finances-Sacrilege

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Laws---South America-Hayti-Coronation La Fayette-Prosecue

tion of Journals-Death of Foy-Chambers of 1826—Law of Succes-

sion-Finance-Religious Disputes-Views of the Government,

SPAIN in 1825. Zea Bermudez-Political condition-Disturbances-Bes-

sieres rebels-Party of Don Carlos-Death of el Empecinado and
Iglesias—Colombians-Infantado appointed minister-Algerine war-
Spain in 1826--Disturbances-J. G. Salmon succeeds Infantado-
Proceedings on the Portuguese frontier. PORTUGAL. Brazil in-
dependent-John dies—Constitution and Regency-Incursion from

Spain-Chaves-Aid from England,

Political condition of ITALYRome-Naples. AUSTRIA. Hungary.


RIA. SWEDEN. RUSSIA. Death of Alexander Constantine

proclaimed-Abdicates in favor of Nicholas-Relations with Turkey

- Persian War,

GREECE. Dissensions-Government-Insurrection in the Morea-Pa-

tras-Preparations of the Egyptians and Turks-Messolunghi invested

--Siege of Navarino Engagements Splactina taken and Navarino

Ibrahim advances to Tripolizza-Ulysses Events at Messolunghi-

French faction at Napoli-Egyptian fleet burnt at Mondon-The

Greek fleet-Hydra threatened - Attempt at Suda-Massacre at Hy-

dra-Attempt at Alexandria.

ASIA. Burman Empire-Origin of war with Britain-Shapurce-Dood-

patlee-Ramoo-Expedition to Rangoon-Operations there-Marta-

ban taken-Bundoola beaten-State of things in 1825–Donabew,

Prome, and Arracan taken-Assau Cochar-Mortality in the English

Army-Armstice of Meeaday–Hostilities renewed-Melloon—Pagan

--Mew taken-Treaty of Peace- Bhurtpore-Netherlands-India,

AFRICA. Arabs in Africa-Slave Trade - Ashantee Wars-Morocco

Barbary Powers-Egypt-Rise of Mohammed Ali-Conquers Arabia

-Sennaar, &c. Policy and Government of Mohammed Ali,

Local History and Domestic Occurrences,

Executive Officers of the United States,

Diplomatic Corps,

Army Promotions,

Navy Promotions,

List of the Members of the 19th Congress,

Governors of the States and Territories,

Report on the Sinking Fund,

District Tonnage of the United States,

Summary Statement of the Exports, of the Growth, Produce and Manufac-

ture of the United States, during the year ending September 30th, 1825,

Statistical view of the Commerce of the United States,

Statement of the Commerce of each State and Territory,

Thermometrical Table, from April, 1825, to July, 1926,


Treaty between the United States and Colombia,
Message of the President of the United States to the 19th Congress,
Instructions to the American Minister to Great Britain, on the subject of the

boundary of the United States on the Pacific,
Letter from Mr. Rush on the same subject,
Treaty between the United States and Central America,
Message of the President concerning the Panama Mission,
Report of Mr. Clay on the same subject,
Instructions from Mr. Adams to Mr. Anderson,
Instructions from Mr. Clay to Mr. Middleton,
Letter from Mr. Middleton to Mr. Clay,
Letter from Count Nesselrode to Mr. Middleton,
Letter from Mr. Clay to Mr. Middleton,
Letter from Mr. Salazar to Mr. Clav,

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Letter from Mr. Obregon to Mr. Clay, .
Letter from Mr. Canaz to Mr. Clay,

Circular of Bolivar, relative to Panama Congress,

Answer of Santander,

Answer of President of Mexico,

Letter from Secretary of State of Peru,

Resolutions of Congress of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata,

Address of President of Mexico to the 1st Constitutional Congress,

Reply of President of Congress,

Proclamation of President of Mexico, on the capture of Ullua,

Address of President to Congress, at the extraordinary session,

Report of Secretary of State, to the Congress of Mexico,

Address of President of Mexico to Congress, at the session of 1826,

Extracts from the Message of the President of Mexico to Congress,

Message of Vice-President of Colombia to Congress,

Reply of Secretary of State of Colombia, to the Commission from Hayti,

Message from Bolivar to Congress of Peru,

Declaration of Independence of Upper Peru,

Capitulation of Ayacucho,

Message of Governor of Buenos Ayres to 5th Congress,

Act of toleration by the Congress of Buenos Ayres,

Address of the government of Banda Oriental to the Congress of Buenos


Letter from M. Garcia to the Secretary of State of Brazil,

Declaration of war by the Emperor of Brazil, against the United Provinces

of Rio de la Plata,

Proclamation of Emperor of Brazil to his troops,

'I'reaty between Portugal and Brazil,

Speech of the Emperor of Brazil to the Senate,

Acceptance by government of Brazil, of invitation to Congress at Panama,

Exposition by majority of Chilian Congress, of causes of its dissolution,

Decree of Assembly of Central America, abolishing slavery,

Proclamation of Boyer of Treaty with France,

Notice from government of Hayti to Emigrants from United States,

Speech of King of Great Britain to Parliament,

Speech on Prorogation of Parliament,

Treaty between Great Britain and Buenos Ayres,

Treaty between Great Britian and Colombia,

Letter from Mr. Canning to Spanish Ambassador, relative to Spanish Re-


Speech of King of France to Chambers,

Documents relating to succession of Alexander,

Speech of Alexander to Polish Diet,

Speech of King of Sweden before Agricultural Academy,


Corfield vs. Carral,

United States vs. De Ortega,

- Martin vs. the Bank of the United States,

Lippincott & Co. vs. the United States,

Dickson, case of Divorce,


Charles C. Pinckney,

Alexander of Russia,

General Foy,
M. David,

General Suchet,

Count Rostopchin,

John 4th of Portugal,

John Adams,

Thomas Jefferson,

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ERRATA. Page 6, line 25, for “ toleration,' read · thraldom.' 6 49, “ 24, for • were,' read was.' 46 87, 27, before compelled,' insert "hiinself.' 66 109, " 15, before used,' insert not.'

153,6 11, before the word world,' insert "new.'
66 168, 6 5, for St.' read · S.'
66 187, running title, for · Bolivia,' read • Peru.'

188, do do for · Bolivia,' read. Colombia,'to end of chapter.
195, line 7, for decisions, read • divisions."
195, " 14, for one,' read .we.'
210, 66 10, dele • that.'

215, “ 8, from bottom, for effecting, read affecting.'
6 254, last line, before to,' insert each.'
66 263, for chapter · XI,' read · XIV.?
66 357, line 19, for · Morris,' read · Morrow.'

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