Peace and the Outlook: An American View

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1899 - 20 страница

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Страница 11 - To put an end to these incessant armaments and to seek the means of warding off the calamities which are threatening the whole world, — such is the supreme duty which is today imposed on all States.
Страница 11 - The intellectual and physical strength of the nations, labor and capital, are for the major part diverted from their natural application, and unproductively consumed. Hundreds of millions are devoted to acquiring terrible engines of destruction, which, though to-day regarded as the last word of science, are destined to-morrow to lose all value in consequence of some fresh discovery in the same field.
Страница 11 - It appears evident that if this state of things were to be prolonged it would inevitably lead to the very cataclysm it is desired to avert, and the horrors whereof make every thinking being shudder in advance. To put an end to these incessant armaments and to seek the means of warding off the calamities which are threatening the whole world — such is the supreme duty to-day imposed upon all States. Filled with this idea, his Majesty has...
Страница 11 - ... and the preservation of peace has been put forward as an object of international policy. It is in its name that great States have concluded between themselves powerful alliances. It is the better to guarantee peace that they have developed, in proportion hitherto unprecedented, their military forces, and still continue to increase them, without shrinking from any sacrifice.
Страница 11 - The economic crisis, due in great part to the system of armaments d outrance, and the continual danger which lies in this massing of war material are transforming the armed peace of our days into a crushing burden which the peoples have more and more difficulty in bearing.
Страница 13 - ... asking for the reduction of the heavy armaments maintained by Christian nations, "ready upon provocation to go to war and settle their disputations by bloodshed," and they requested the influence of the United States to favor international arbitration as a substitute for war.
Страница 13 - The second petition asked also for a permanent and peaceful method of settling all controversies arising between the people of the British Empire and the Republic of the United States of America.
Страница 1 - August 11, 1898, between the United States and Spain, after the signing of the Protocol at the Executive Mansion at 4 o'clock, on Friday, August 12, 1898, by M.

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