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CONGRESS. JULY 4, 1776. Che imanintöne Declaration of the Arten unter States of America,

.hert M 19 Arow of harmia cwork it dem necefoong fan one papel to difutwe ke pettical bands which have connected them with another, and lo
oforme coming the phew of the south, the fepared and pune pishem te u heed the Lives of Sales and of Mames God metaste then, a deant respect to the spinerns of mankind uquins that they
Incaliel declau the career which impul for dette
I held there that toh Jolf ardent, that al mawa au cucited squal, that they su endowed

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mutta mituin unelunate Rights that song the wy to pilvity and the persis of Itapponeje. het pause these lights, forwm merito su smatiiled a

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Porores from the amanet of the ground, I groei vany obronie dromen mand beanie detective of them ndo, it is the Right of the People to attai a to abolish it, and

to intilat meer
Germanwel, laging it foundation
en weleka punophe anda gungong ito powus

in such form - thom shall com mod likely to uport there dubty and Happinefs. Prudane ended,
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, te udus thém umden alakultet Perspehóm co there mogh, itis thai deity, de theow of mush. Gommmentioned to parede nur Guardo far their fritius faunity - Such har
icon the palm fuggmana of these bolenio; und

dfuck w now the mickúty which arwtions them to ata thail forma dustimo of Govunomt.' The history the pupat King of Great
Brologiya is a heiseng og'u penkindengawin and oppositions

, alt hang in based afget the epokiahment of an absolus Thyanng con the State. To pune third tant de forma terme

He has refined his funt to Low, the most wheesome and nesfary for the puške gord. Hi has fobidden his Gereenow topafe Lero.fem medial
and puping importana, wolf fuspended in the opustim till his Alfare should be ustuneli and whom ar fisponded, he has siltaty regtiated to stead he them The ha ufuardar
nebo the Loom fa theraamaodation of linge distrito of faoke, unky thou frooph erald sampush the righe fókupamentation on thé depistasia, anght eneh do them and formidable
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Me has calied together legulatiae hodie net place unusual, uncompatible and dutané pom the depositing their flubbi kéred, fathe scd pronskom festiguing them were
compliance with his meefere Tile has de feried Repuziative Homes gheattle, pre oppovung erish, mamly fimaefo há invafons co the rights of the people He has upued


time, afar auch als politine, to caur others like abitad whnaby the degislative powe, incapaki of Unmitilation, how cataired to the Prophet langt fra their rengia; the dead wan
mg indhe mean time repond to all the danger ofimassion fom withod, wnd convulsion within He has ondaarmuud topimnt the population of the dates for that prespave listene
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abaihistation of frictieby neparing this agent to Laws fa establishing paduany flowers H acis wide fudgu dependent on hi ha alors, for the time of theu apenas, in the amount

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Thue banking, Lokom the cautione other find and a kófall thomalow by thui Hond. - He hasiented death infuuchine amungu you, and has indbewud to bring me
inhabitants of our positions, the mornlef Indian darage, whoo known ink of warfare, wan undistinguished deshachen- of all ingro, jian and conditione. On my page of the Capeforme de
tere National fan Audy in the most hembeturime. Busytarted ratum hav han snowned my lypeatal inzing. athing, har charack is the marked by winy pod which may fie e Fernandes

tode the rule of a pepeople. Not how les hom wanting in atmetimo trome Porták áthem. We howe ward them, pion tina-totina ofattaht by then bgility to work on ww was.com
He poindition we w I have minded them ofthe ciamistamme of our emigration and futterant how. Hi hawe of pealed bathin, nátie pisation pond pregnowanite, and we have womanud tomar
by the tis fous emmekinded to diwaww these ufurpation, whish, muld innställy inimsuht on ennustion and cowpondenes y tor hové bom difto the main of justice and off,

We must, therefore, sequises in the menfuit, which demanaw mo deparation and hold them ar an holl'ho we ofmankind, Brumis in ftan, in Prize Fiando
We, therefore, the Repuesindatures of the united States of America, in General bongup, ajunbed, appealing to the dipimo Fudge of the world-fath withik four
Antro, de, in the Names and by Authority of the good People of the boomis plomudy publish and declae. That the United blown aw, and fight night tek Shree and Indipendent
Stafco, that they are alkohed form ahí digians totká Bitch frown, and that all political communition keturun them and the best of Great Tailwin, and ought to be totally, Lijardid: onde
that en Tu and Independent desete, they have fall Conte boy tan, amebede , contadt Alliano, estábbah (gmmura, ondt de ett othu listi mnd thing which Independent


d for the of the Declaration, with a prin takana on the prestiton of dimone Pirdace, se misturally pledge tocand othne ou dim, onu eirs hori
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