The Mechanic's Companion: Or, the Elements and Practice of Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, Masonry, Slating, Plastering, Painting, Smithing, and Turning, Comprehending the Latest Improvements and Containing a Full Description of the Tools Belonging to Each Branch of Business; with Copious Directions for Their Use. And an Explanation of the Terms Used in Each Art; Also an Introduction to Practical Geometry

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James Locker, 1832 - 333 страница

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Страница 14 - The Measure of an angle, is an arc of any circle contained between the two lines which form that angle, the angular point being the centre ; and it is estimated by the number of degrees contained in that arc.
Страница 77 - ... the owner shall be liable to the amount that would have been due at the time of his receiving the account of such work, in the same manner as if no such payment had been made.
Страница 74 - Nothing contained in this act, shall be construed to apply to any ship or vessel of war in the service of the United States, or of any foreign government, while lying distant three hundred yards or upwards from the wharves, piers or slips of the said city.
Страница 295 - Chisels are of various sizes, from a quarter of an inch to two inches and a half: these are convenient in running mouldings and cleaning the bottoms of grooves.
Страница 285 - WELDING is the intimate union produced between the surfaces of two malleable metals, when heated almost to fusion and hammered. This union is so strong that when two bars of metal are properly welded, the place of junction is as strong, relatively to its thickness, as any other part of the bar. Only two of the old metals are capable of firm union by welding, namely, platina and iron. The same property belongs to the newly-discovered metals potassium and sodium.
Страница 170 - ... lenses Middle-ground is a term used, not to express the middle of a picture, but generally perspectively so ; — sometimes it is the highest part of a picture, and sometimes the second degree of shade. Pictures are divided into three parts : fore-ground, middle-ground, and back-ground. Middle-rail, the rail of a door which is upon a level with the hand when hanging freely : the lock of the door is generally fixed in this rail Midship signifies the middle of a ship Midship-bend, the broadest...
Страница 75 - ... may be sued for and recovered, with costs of suit, in any court of record within this state, by the fire department of the city of New York, in their own name and for their own use.
Страница 14 - A sector is any part of a circle bounded by an arc and two radii, drawn to its extremities, as F. 50. A quadrant, or quarter of a circle, is a sector, having a quarter of the circumference for its arc, and the two radii are perpendicular to each other, as G.
Страница 73 - Justices, shall afford a reasonable cause of suspicion, that any gunpowder has been brought, or is kept, within the said City, or in...
Страница 14 - The radius of a circle is a right line drawn from the centre to the circumference, ab, at A.

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