The History of the Administration of the Right Honorable Frederick Temple, Earl of Dufferin ... Late Governor General of Canada

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Lovell Print. & Publishing Company, 1878 - 901 страница
FR-RARE-BK (copy 4): From the John Holmes Library collection.

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Страница 435 - Rise the blue Franconian mountains, Nuremberg, the ancient, stands. Quaint old town of toil and traffic, quaint old town of art and song, Memories haunt thy pointed gables, like the rooks that round them throng : Memories of the Middle Ages, when the emperors, rough and bold, Had their dwelling in thy castle, time-defying, centuries old ; And thy brave and thrifty burghers boasted, in their uncouth rhyme, That their great imperial city stretched its hand through every clime.
Страница 803 - I thank you for the patience with which you have listened to me, and on which I have unwillingly trespassed so long.
Страница 114 - And the Government of British Columbia agree to convey to the Dominion Government, in trust, to be appropriated in such manner as the Dominion Government may deem advisable in furtherance of the construction of the said Railway...
Страница 396 - To consolidate and amend the statute law of England and Ireland relating to malicious injuries to property...
Страница 377 - The decision of the Supreme Court shall in all cases be final and conclusive, and shall not be reviewed or capable of being reviewed by any other Court, Tribunal or Authority whatsoever.
Страница 398 - A fugitive criminal shall not be surrendered if the offence in respect of which his surrender is demanded is one of a political character, or if he prove to the satisfaction of the police magistrate or the court before whom he is brought on habeas corpus, or to the Secretary of State, that the requisition for his surrender has in fact been made with a view to try or punish him for an offence of a political character...
Страница 337 - Union, of the construction of a railway from the Pacific towards the Rocky Mountains, and from such point as may be selected, east of the Rocky Mountains, towards the Pacific, to connect the seaboard of British Columbia with the railway system of Canada ; and further, to secure the completion of such railway within ten years from the date of the Union.
Страница 670 - We now have a whole system of political morality, " a whole code of precepts for the guidance of public " men, which will not be found in any page of either " the statute or the common law, but which are in " practice held hardly less sacred than any principle " embodied in the Great Charter or in the Petition of " Right. In short by the side of our written Law "there has grown up an unwritten or conventional
Страница 396 - Fraud by a bailee, banker, agent, factor, trustee, or director, or member, or public officer of any company made criminal by any Act for the time being in force.
Страница 396 - Sinking or destroying a vessel at sea, or attempting or conspiring to do so. Assaults on board a ship on the high seas with intent to destroy life or to do grievous bodily harm. Revolt or conspiracy to revolt by two or more persons on board a ship on the high seas against the authority of the master.

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