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Canaan in quarterly instalments, 291.
Canary Islands, 214.
Candidate, presidential, letter from, 207

-- smells a rat, ib. - against a bank,
208 – takes a revolving position, ib.
- opinion of pledges, ib. — is a peri-
wig, ib. fronts south by north, ib.

- qualifications of, lessening, 210-
wooden leg (and head) useful to,

Cape Cod clergymen, what, 189— Sab-

bath-breakers, perhaps, reproved by,

Captains, choice of, important, 320.
Carolina, foolish act of, 320.
Caroline, case of, 264.
Carpini, Father John de Plano, among

the Tartars, 221.
Cartier, Jacques, commendable zeal of,
Cass, General, 202 — clearness of his

merit, ib. -- limited popularity at

“ Bellers's,” 218.
Castles, Spanish, comfortable accom-

modations in, 215.
Cato, letters of, so called, suspended

naso adunco, 207.
C. D., friends of, can hear of him, 207.
Century, nineteenth, 280.
Chalk egg, we are proud of incubation
Chamberlayne, Doctor, consolatory

citation from, 276.
Chance, an apothegm concerning, 256

- is impatient, 302.
Chaplain, a one-horse, stern-wheeled

variety of, 258.
Chappelow on Job, a copy of, lost,

Charles I., accident to his neck, 302.
Charles II., his restoration, how brought

about, 302.
Cherubusco, news of, its effects on Eng-

lish royalty, 199.
Chesterfield no letter-writer, 207.
Chief Magistrate, dancing esteemed

sinful by, 189.
Children naturally speak Hebrew, 186.
China-tree, 214:
Chinese, whether they invented gun-

powder before the Christian era not
considered, 190.
Choate hired, 218.
Christ shuffled into Apocrypha, 190

conjectured to disapprove of slaugh-

ter and pillage, 191-condemns a

certain piece of barbarism, 203.
Christianity, profession of, plebeian,

whether, 185.
Christian soldiers, perhaps inconsist-

ent, whether, 194.
Cicero, 319, — an opinion of, disputed,

Cilley, Ensign, author of nefarious sen-

timent, 190.
Cimex lectularius, 188.
Cincinnati, old, law and order party of,

Cincinnatus, a stock character in mod-

ern comedy, 216.
Civilization, progress of, an alias, 204

-rides upon a powder-cart, 208.
Clergymen, their ill husbandry, 203 —

their place in processions, 216--some,
cruelly banished for the soundness of
their lungs, 221.
Clotho, a Grecian lady, 304
Cocked-hat, advantages

of being
knocked into, 207.
College of Cardinals, a strange one,

Colman, Dr. Benjamin, anecdote of,

Colored folks, curious national diver-

sion of kicking, 188.
Colquitt, a remark of, 202 – acquainted

with some principles of aerostation,

Columbia, District of, its peculiar cli-

matic effects, 196 — not certain that

Martin is for abolishing it, 219.
Columbiads, the true fifteen-inch ones,
Columbus, a Paul Pry of genius, 206
- will perhaps be remembered, 289

- thought by some to have discope
ered America, 322.
Columby, 217.
Complete Letter-Writer, fatal gift of,

Compostella, Saint James of, seen, 189.
Compromise system, the, illustrated,

Conciliation, its meaning, 305.
Congress, singular consequence of get-

ting into, 196 — a stumbling-block,

Congressional debates found instruc

tive, 200.
Constituents, useful for what, 196.

of, 207.




Constitution trampled on, 201 to

stand upon, what, 208.
Convention, what, 196.
Convention, Springfield, 196.
Coon, old, pleasure in skinning, 202.
Co-operation defined, 280.
Coppers, caste in picking up of, 212.
Copres, a monk, his excellent method

of arguing, 200.
Corduroy-road, a novel one, 256.
Corner-stone, patent safety, 281.
Cornwallis, a, 186 - acknowledged en-

tertaining, ib. note.
Cotton loan, its imaginary nature, 258.
Cotton Mather, summoned as witness,

Country, our, its boundaries more ex-

actly defined, 192 —- right or wrong,
nonsense about exposed, ib. — law-
yers, sent providentially, ib. - Earth's

biggest, gets a soul, 307.
Courier, The Boston, an unsafe print,

Court, General, farmers sometimes at-

tain seats in, 216.
Court, Supreme, 282.
Courts of law, English, their ortho-

doxy, 291.
Cousins, British, our ci-devant, 265.
Cowper, w., his letters commended,

Credit defined, 287.
Creditors all on Lincoln's side, 281.
Creed, a safe kind of, 213.
Crockett, a good rule of, 259.
Cruden, Alexander, his Concordance,

Crusade, first American, 189.
Cuneiform script recommended, 210.
Curiosity distinguishes

brutes, 206.
Currency, Ethiopian, inconveniences
Cynthia, her hide as a means of con-

version, 261.

Davis, Jefferson, (a new species of

martyr,) has the latest ideas on all
subjects, 259 – superior in financier-
ing to patriarch Jacob, ib. — is some,
281 - carries Constitution in his hat,
ib. - knows how to deal with his
Congress, ib. - astonished at his own
piety, 286 — packed up for Nashville,

- tempted to believe his own
lies, 287 — his snake egg, 293 — the

blood on his hands, 316.
Davis, Mr., of Mississippi, a remark of

his, 202.
Day and Martin, proverbially

hand,” 183
Death, rings down curtain, 206.
De Bow, (a famous political econo-

mist,) 279.
Delphi, oracle of, surpassed, 199, note

- alluded to, 209.
Democracy, false notion of, 282 — its

privileges, 306.
Demosthenes, 319.
Destiny, her account, 198.
Devil, the, unskilled in certain Indian

tongues, 189 — letters to and from,

Dey of Tripoli, 200.
Didymus, a somewhat voluminous

grammarian, 209.
Dighton rock character might be use-

fully employed in some emergencies,

Dimitry Bruisgins, fresh supply of, 206.
Diogenes, his zeal for propagating cer-

tain variety of olive, 214.
Dioscuri, imps of the pit, 189.
District Attorney, contemptible con-

duct of one, 200.
Ditchwater on brain, a too common

ailing, 200.
Dixie, the land of, 281.
Doctor, the, a proverbial saying of,

Doe, Hon. Preserved, speech of, 291 –

Doughface, yeast-proof, 205.
Downing Street, 264.
Drayton, a martyr, 200 — north star,

culpable for aiding, whether, 203.
Dreams, something about, 300.
Dwight, President, a hymn unjustly at-

tributed to, 303.
D. Y., letter of, 207.


of, 259.


Dædalus first taught men to sit on

fences, 277
Daniel in the lion's den, 257.
Parkies dread freedom, 281.
Davis, Captain Isaac, finds out some-

thing to his advantage, 267.


Essence-pedlers, 283.
Ethiopian, the, his first need, 284.
Evangelists, iron ones, 190.
Eyelids, a divine shield against au-

thors, 200.
Ezekiel, text taken from, 203.
Ezekiel would make a poor figure at a

caucus, 296.


Eagle, national, the late, his estate ad-

ministered upon, 260.
Earth, Dame, a peep at her housekeep-

ing, 201.
Eating words, habit of, convenient in

time of farine, 198.
Eavesdroppers, 206.
Echetlæus, 189.
Editor, his position, 203 – command-

ing pulpit of, 204 — - large congrega-
tion of, ib. — name derived from
what, ib. -- fondness for mutton, ib.
- a pious one, his creed, ib. - a
showman, 205 - in danger of sudden
arrest, without bail, 206.
Editors, certain ones who crow like

cockerels, 184.
Edwards, Jonathan, 313.
Eggs, bad, the worst sort of, 295, 296.
Egyptian darkness, phial of, use for,

Eldorado, Mr. Sawin sets sail for, 214.
Elizabeth, Queen, mistake of her am-

bassador, 195.
Emerson, 262.
Emilius, Paulus, 266.
Empedocles, 206.
Employment, regular, a good thing,


Enfield's Speaker, abuse of, 295.
England, late Mother-Country, her want

of tact, 263 — merits as a lecturer, ib.
- her real greatness not to be for-
gotten, 265 — not contented (unwise-
ly) with her own stock of fools, 268
- natural maker of international
law, ib. — her theory thereof, ib.
makes a particularly disagreeable
kind of sarse, 269.- somewhat given
to bullying, ib. — has respectable re-
lations, ib. ought to be Columbia's
friend, 270 — anxious to buy an ele-
phant, 281.
Epaulets, perhaps no badge of saint-

ship, 191.
Epimenides, the Cretan Rip Van Win-
Episcopius, his marvellous oratory, 221.
Eric, king of Sweden, his cap, 215.
Ericsson, his caloric engine, 261.
Eriksson, Thorwald, slain by natives,

Faber, Johannes, 314.
Factory-girls, expected rebellion of, 202.
Facts, their unamiability; 288 — coru-

pared to an old-fashioned stage-

coach, 292.
Falstaffii, legio, 390.
Family-trees, fruit of jejune, 214-a

primitive forest of, 293.
Faneuil Hall, a place where persons

tap themselves for a species of hydro-
cephalus, 200 – a bill of fare menda-

ciously advertised in, 214.
Father of country, his shoes, 216.
Female Papists, cut off in midst of idol

atry, 215.
Fenianorum, rixa, 308.
Fergusson, his “Mutual Complainr,"

&c., 262.
F. F., singular power of their looks,

Fire, we all like to play with it, 201.
Fish, emblematic, but disregarded,

where, 200
Fitz, Miss Parthenia Almira, a shere-

siarch, 312:
Flam, President, untrustworthy, 196.
Flirt, Mrs., 276.
Flirtilla, elegy on death of, 313.
Floyd, a taking character, 286.
Floydus, furcifer, 309.
Fly-leaves, providential increase of,
Fool, a cursed, his inalienable rights,

Foote, Mr., his taste for field-sports,

Fourier, a squinting toward, 199.
Fourth of July ought to know its place.

Fourth of Julys, boiling, 195.
France, a strange dance begun in, 202

about to put her foot in it, 281.
Friar, John, 265.



kle, 275.

Fuller, Dr. Thomas, a wise saying of,

Funnel, Old, hurraing in, 187.


Gabriel, his last trump, its pressing na-

ture, 292.
Gardiner, Lieutenant Lion, 266.
Gawain, Sir, his amusements, 201.
Gay, $. H., Esquire, editor of National

Antislavery Standard, letter to, 206.
Geese, how infallibly to make swans

of, 268.
Gentleman, high-toned Southern, scien-

tifically classed, 277.
Getting up early, 184, 188.
Ghosts, some, presumed fidgety, (but

see Stilling's Pneumatology,) 207.
Giants formerly stupid, 201.
Gideon, his sword needed, 272.
Gift of tongues, distressing case of, 200.
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, 290.
Globe Theatre, cheap season-ticket to,

Glory, a perquisite of officers, 212 —

her account with B. Sawin, Esq., 214.
Goatsnose, the celebrated, interview

with, 209.
God, the only honest dealer, 274.
Goings, Mehetable, unfounded claim

of, disproved, 263.
Gomara has a vision, 189 — his rela-

tionship to the Scarlet Woman, ib.
Governor, our excellent, 254.
Grandfather, Mr. Biglow's, safe advice

of, 267.
Grandfathers, the, knew something,

Grand jurors, Southern, their way of

finding a true bill, 258.
Grantus, Dux, 309.
Gravestones, the evidence of Dissent-

ing, ones held doubtful, 291.
Gray's letters are letters, 207. .
Great horn spoon, sworn by, 201.
Greeks, ancient, whether they ques-

tioned candidates, 209.
Green Man, sign of, 193.

Hail Columbia, raised, 257:
Ham, sandwich, an orthodox (but pe-

culiar) one, 203 — his seed, 278 -
their privilege in the Bible, ib. -im-
moral justification of, ib.
Hamlets, machine for making, 210.
Hammon, 199, note, 209.
Hampton Roads, disaster in, 284.
Hannegan, Mr., something said by,
Harrison, General, how preserved, 208.
Hat, a leaky one, 258.
Hat-trees, in full bearing, 214.
Hawkins, his whetstone, 261.
Hawkins, Sir John, stout, something

he saw, 214.
Hawthorne, 262.
Hay-rick, electrical experiments with,

Headlong, General, 266.
Hell, the opinion of some concerning,

300 -- breaks loose, 305.
Henry the Fourth of England, a Par-

liament of, how named, 194, 195.
Hens, self-respect attributed to, 256.
Herb, the Circean, 291.
Herbert, George, next to David, 275.
Hercules, his second labor probably

what, 221.
Hermon, fourth-proof dew of, 278.
Herodotus, story from, 186
Hesperides, an inference from, 214.
Hessians, native American soldiers,

Hickory, Old, his method, 305.
Higgses, their natural aristocracy of

feeling, 279;
Hitchcock, the Rev. Jeduthun, col-

league of Mr. Wilbur, 254 — letter
from, containing notices of Mr. Wil-
bur, 302 — ditto, enclosing macaronic
verses, 307 — teacher of high-school,
Hitchcock, Doctor, 290.
Hogs, their dreams, 256.
Holden, Mr. Shearjashub, Preceptor

of Jaalam Academy, 209– his knowl-
edge of Greek limited, ib. a heresy
of his, ib. - leaves a fund to propa-

gate it, 209.
Holiday, blind man's, 326.
Hollis, Ezra, goes to a Cornwallis, 186.
Hollow, why men providentially so con-

structed, 195.

Habeas corpus, new mode of suspend-

ing it, 286.

for, 197:

Holmes, Dr., author of "Annals of

America,” 254
Homer, a phrase of, cited, 204.
Homer, eldest son of Mr. Wilbur, 313.
Horners, democratic ones, plums left
Hotels, big ones, humbugs, 272.
House, a strange one described, 256.
Howell, James, Esq., story told by, 195

- letters of, commended, 207.
Huldah, her bonnet, 301,
Human rights out of order on the floor

of Congress, 201.
Humbug, ascription of praise to, 205

- generally believed in, ib.
Husbandry, instance of bad, 191.

James the Fourth, of Scots, expert-

ment by, 186.
Jarnagin, Mr., his opinion of the com-

pleteness of Northern education,

Jefferson, Thomas, well-meaning, but

injudicious, 294
Jerusha, ex-Mrs. Sawin, 260.
Jeremiah, hardly the best guide in mod-

ern politics, 296.
Jerome, Saint, his list of sacred writ-

ers, 207.
Job, Book of, 185– Chappelow on,

Johnson, Andrew, as he used to be,

294 - as he is : see Arnold, Bene-

Johnson, Mr., communicates some in-

telligence, 202.
Jonah, the inevitable destiny of, 203

- probably studied internal econ-
omy of the cetacea, 207 - his gourd,
278 — his unanimity in the whale,

Jonathan to John, 273.
Jortin, Dr., cited, 194, 199, note.
Journals, British, their brutal tone, 263.
Juanito, 289.
Judea, everything not known there,
191 - not identical with A. D.,

Judge, the, his garden, 263 — his hat

covers many things, ib.
Juvenal, a saying of, 198, note.


Icarius, Penelope's father, 192.
Icelander, a certain uncertain, 290.
Idea, the Southern, its natural foes, 287

- the true American, 321.
Ideas, friction ones unsafe, 295.
Idyl, defined, 262.
Indecision, mole-blind, 320.
Infants, prattlings of, curious observa-

tion concerning, 186.
Information wanted (universally, but

especially at page) 207.
Ishmael, young, 272.



Jaalam, unjustly neglected by great

events, 291.
Jaalam Centre, Anglo-Saxons unjustly

suspected by the young ladies there,
188 — “Independent Blunderbuss,
strange conduct of editor of, 203 —
public meeting at, 207 --- meeting-
house ornamented with imaginary

clock, 215.
Jaalam, East Parish of, 254.
Jaalam Point, light-house on, charge

of, prospectively offered to Mr. H.
Biglow, 208.
Jacobus, rex, 309.
Jakes, Captain, 220 – reproved for

avarice, ib.
Jamaica, 320.

Kay, Sir, the, of modern chivalry, who,
Key, brazen one, 200.
Keziah, Aunt, profound observation of,

Kinderhook, 216.
Kingdom Come, march to, easy, 211.
Königsmark, Count, 185.

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