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1. Indebtedness of the State.

2. No debt in excess of the taxes for the current year.

3. County indebtedness.

4. No debt in excess of the taxes for the current year in any county or subdivision thereof. 5. Limit of indebtedness in towns, cities, villages, etc.

6. The State and its subdivisions not to loan its credit. The State shall not engage in work of internal improvement.

7. State money shall not be paid out of the State treasury, except upon appropriation by law.

8. State bonds to be valid must be indorsed.

State Militia.

1. To consist of whom.

2. Equipment and discipline of militia.

3. All militia officers to be commissioned by the Governor.

4. The flag or banner which the militia may carry.

5. The Governor to be commander-in-chief.


Public Lands and Donations.

1. In regard to lands granted to

the State.

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5. All bond obligations or other undertakings, undertaken before the organization of this Constitution, shall remain


6. All Territorial officers shall continue to hold office.

7. The Constitution to be adopted or rejected.

8. When the Constitution is to take effect.

9. What is to be done upon the admission of the Territory as a State.

10. Notice of election to be given. 11. Board of canvassers, to consist of whom.

12. Oath of office to be taken within thirty days after election.

13. The Governor to issue a proclamation convening the Legislature.

14. The Legislature shall pass all necessary laws to carry into



effect the provisions of this Constitution.

15. In regard to judges of the Supreme and District Courts. 16. The seals of the Territory are to be the seals of the State.

17. Records and papers of the Probate Court.

18. In regard to Senators and members of the House.

1. County and precinct officers. 20. Members of the Legislature, State officers, District and Supreme Courts to continue. 21. In regard to the first session of the Legislature under this


22. In regard to the time county and precinct officers shall hold their offices.

23. This Constitution has been presented to the people to be accepted or rejected.



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10. Power to maintain lamps out of city limits.-All rights under pending suits saved.

12. Shall submit estimates to Secretary of the Treasury.

13. Shall submit estimates bridges, charities, etc.


14. The United States retains its present control of public works.

15. Secretary of the Treasury to revise estimates. Commission

ers to report estimates to Congress.

16. Congress


to appropriate one

17. One-half paid by taxation. 18. How taxes are assessed and collected. 19. Rate of cities.

20. Rate

tax on property in

of tax on agricultural property in country.

21. Collector to publish notice of payment of taxes.

22. Deduction of tax, when made. 23. Penalties under act of March 3, 1877, suspended.


1. May prescribe duties of assessors and times of payment of taxes.

2. Taxes where paid, and how disbursed.

3. All accounts settled by Treasury department.

4. Secretary of the Treasury is to pay interest on the 365 bonds and credit amount to United States.

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by penal bonds approved by the commissioners.

9. Contractors to keep work in repair five years.

10. Ten per cent of the cost of all new works shall be retained as an additional security. 11. Portion of public works chargeable to street railroad companies.


How tracks shall be paved.

13. United States pay half of all costs under article 5, except that done by railroad companies.

14. Paid on warrants of commissioners by the Secretary of the Treasury.

15. When the District to pave tracks of railroad companies. 16. Commissioners may issue certificates of indebtedness against their property, etc. 17. If certificates are not paid property, to be sold.

18. Duties of railroad companies where tracks intersect.

19. Water and gas mains and pipes to be laid before streets are improved.

20. Washington Gas-light Company to care for its mains, etc. 21. Two subordinate engineers detailed from army by the President.

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