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Canadian Savage Folk. John Maclean, M.A., Ph.D. Illustrated $2 50
History of British Columbia. Alex. Begg, C.C. Illustrated.. 3 00
In the Days of the Canada Company. Robina and K. M.

2 00
Humours of '37. Rebellion Times in the Canadas. Robina and
K. M. Lizars.

1 25 Ten Years of Upper Canada in Peace and War1805-15. Mrs. Edgar..

1 50 The Story of the Union Jack. Barlow Cumberland. Illus. 1 50 The Selkirk Settlers in Real Life. R. G. McBeth, M.A.... 075 The Making of the Canadian West. R. G. McBeth, M.A. Illustrated

1 00 Across the Sub-Arctics of Canada. J. W. Tyrrell, C.E. Illus. 1 50 Birds of Ontario. Thos. McIlwraith. Illustrated .

2 00 Canadian Wild Flowers. By Mrs. Traill. Illustrated by Mrs. Chamberlin

6 00 Pearls and Pebbles, or Notes of an Old Naturalist. Mrs. Traill...

1 50 Life of Sir Isaac Brock. D. B. Read, Q.C....

1 50 Canadian Men and Women of the Time. Henry J. Morgan. Cloth, 1118 pages...

3 00

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Account Books



The Canadian Diaries


do We make a Specialty of ade Stationery, Office and Typewriter Supplies

Every requisite for BANK, OFFICE and COUNTING HOUSE. Account Books-For Banks, Merchants, Loan Companies, Etc.

We give

special attention to this department. Make and keep in stock DEPOSIT, GENERAL, LIABILITY and SAVINGS BANK LEDGERS, DISCOUNT and COLLECTION REGISTERS, DIARIES, and other Books specially adapted to Bankers'use, and Account Books of all descriptions.

We own and control the celebrated Kinnard Patent for
Flat Opening Account Books ......

The Strongest and Most Durable made. Open flat, do not gap open be-
tween sections.

In every style of the Art. Unsurpassed for Style, Durability

Bookbinding and Moderate Charges


Agents Caligraph Typewriter-Edison Mimeograph.

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A Collection of the Statutes of Ontario which Concern

the Mercantile Community

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Law Clerk to the Ontario Legislature, and Secretary to the Commission on the

Revision of the Statutes, 1897



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Accountancy in all its branches.
Financial Difficulties Arranged.
Partnerships Arranged and Interests Adjusted.
Joint Stock Companies organized.
Estates Managed.


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Bee Deer 2, 1905.

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24 Toronto Street,


es, for

BANKING-We take money on deposit at the rate of 4 per

cent. per annum. EXCHANGE–We will buy or sell New York or Sterling

Exchange. INVESTMENT AGENTS—We will make secure invest

ments for you in Debentures, Stocks and Mortgages. BROKERAGE_We are members of the Toronto Stock

Exchange, and buy and sell all stocks listed on Toronto,
Montreal, New York or London Stock Excha

cash or on margin. OUR SPECIALTY—The purchase and sale of Government,

Railway or Municipal Bonds. Intending purchasers, please send for our list. Intending sellers-get an offer

from us before selling elsewhere. MINING STOCKS–If you desire to buy or sell Mining

Stocks, consult us, as we are prepared to buy or sell

these stocks at the closest prices. UNLISTED STOCKS–Stocks of Banks, Insurance and

Trust Companies bought and sold. COMMISSION—Allowed parties introducing business other

than stocks bought and sold on Toronto Exchange. CORRESPONDENCE-Persons, whether clients or not, will

please feel at liberty to write for any information, and we will do our best to furnish it.

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