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Страница 56 - If the entire business of the corporation be transacted within the state, the tax imposed by this article shall be based upon the entire net income of such corporation for such fiscal or calendar year as returned to the United States treasury department, subject to any correction thereof for fraud, evasion or errors, ascertained by the state tax commission.
Страница 58 - Chapter sixty-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled "An act in relation to taxation, constituting chapter sixty of the consolidated laws," is hereby amended by adding a new article to be article sixteen, to read as follows-: ARTICLE 16.
Страница 56 - ... for the privilege of doing business in this state, every foreign manufacturing and every foreign mercantile corporation, except corporations specified in the next section, shall annually pay in advance for the year beginning November first next preceding an annual franchise tax, to be computed by the tax commission upon the basis of its net income for its fiscal or the calendar year next preceding, as hereinafter provided, upon which income such corporation is required to pay a tax to the United...
Страница 53 - Section three hundred and thirty-one of chapter sixty-two of the laws of nineteen hundred and nine, entitled "An act in relation to taxation, constituting chapter sixty of the consolidated laws...
Страница 54 - ... in whose favor it is allowed to a corporation liable to pay taxes under this article, and the assignee of the whole or any part of such credit on filing with the comptroller such assignment shall thereupon be entitled to credit upon the books of the comptroller for the amount thereof on the account for taxes of such assignee in the same way and with the same effect as though the credit had originally been allowed in favor of such assignee.
Страница 12 - Every person shall be taxed in the tax district where he resides when the assessment for taxation is made, for all personal property owned by him, or under his control as agent, trustee, guardian, executor or administrator. Where taxable personal property is in the possession or under the control of two or more agents, trustees, guardians, executors or administrators residing in different tax districts, each shall be taxed for an equal portion of the value of such property so held by them.
Страница 56 - Franchise tax on corporations based on net income. For the privilege of exercising its franchise in this state in a corporate or organized capacity...
Страница 11 - ... of its capital, after deducting the assessed value of its real estate, and all shares of stock in other corporations actually owned by such company which are taxable upon their capital stock under the laws of this state, shall be assessed at its actual value and taxed in the same manner as the other real and personal estate of the county.
Страница 57 - States treasury department is changed or corrected* by the commissioner of internal revenue or other officer of the United States or other competent authority, such...

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