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Stoics discarded all passions, 332.
Sun rising and setting, the most glorious show in nature, 301.
Symmetry of objects, how it strikes, 356.

Tale-bearers censured, 410.
Taste of writing, what it is, and how it may be acquired, 350, &c.

The perfection of a man's, as a sense, ibid. That of the Eng-

lish, 353.
Terror and pity, why those passions please, 384.
Themistocles, his answer to a question relating to the marrying

his daughter, 264.
Theognis, a beautiful saying of his, 458.
Thinking aloud, what, 5.
Thoughts, of the highest importance to sift them, 339.
Tillotson, Archbishop, improved the notion of heaven and hell,

Torture, why the description of it pleases, and not the prospect,

Tradition of the Jews concerning Moses, 32.
Transmigration of souls asserted by Will Honeycomb, 285.
Trees more beautiful in all their luxuriancy than when cut and

trimmed, 369.
Timming, the Spectator unjustly accused of it, 420.
Trieby, widow, her water recommended by Sir Roger, as good

aginst the stone or gravel, 277.
Trunr-maker, a great man in the upper gallery in the play-house,

Truth, he excellence of it, 527.


Venus the charming figure she makes in the first Æneid, 381.
Virgil, wherein he is short of Homer, 97. Compared with

Homer, 381, &c. When he is best pleased, ibid.
Virtue, of a beautiful nature, 41. The great ornaments of it, 43.

To be esteemed in a foe, ibid.
Virtues, supposed ones not to be relied on, 338.
Understanding, wherein more perfect than the imagination, 393.

Reasons for it, ibid.
Universe, how pleasing the contemplation of it, 391, &c.


Wall, the prodigious one of China, 371.
Wars, the late made us so greedy for news, 435, 436.

Whisperers, political, 443, &c.
Whispering-place, Dionysius the tyrant's, 409.
Widows, the great game of fortune-hunters, 266.
Wig, long one, the eloquence of the bar, 349.
Winter gardens, recommended, and described, 485.
Wise men and fools, the difference between them, 5.
Wise, Mr. the gardener, an heroic poet, 448:
Wit, false, why it sometimes pleases, 376.
Witchcraft generally believed by our forefathers, 389.
Woman, described by one of the fathers, 87.
Women, great orators, 48, &c. Have always designs upon men,

398. Bought and sold in Persia, 531.
Words, the pleasures proceeding to the imagination from the

ideas raised by them, 377.
World, considered both as useful and entertaining, 320.
Writer, how to perfect his imagination, 381 Who


ancient poets had this faculty, 382.

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