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will be insisted that the same standards of conduct and of responsibility for wrong done shall be observed among nations and their government that are observed among the individual citizens of civilized states."

"Only free peoples can hold their purpose and their honour steady to a common end and prefer the interests of mankind to any narrow interest of their own."

(We quote the above sentence because of the striking implication that the great nation, the nation of the future, will prefer the interests of mankind to any interest of its own. This is straight gospel greatness.)

"When I have made a promise as a man I try to keep it, and I know no other rule permissible to a nation. The most distinguished nation in the world is the nation that can and will keep its promises, even to its own hurt."

"The only excuse that America can ever have for the assertion of her physical force is that she asserts it in behalf of the interests of humanity."

"It means that you have not only got to be just to your fellowmen, but that as a nation you have got to be just to other nations. It comes high. It is not an easy thing to do. It is easy to think first of the material interest of America, but it is not easy to think first of what America, if she loves justice, ought to do in the field of international affairs. I believe that at whatever cost America

should be just to other peoples and treat other peoples as she demands that they should treat her. She has a right to demand that they treat her with justice and respect, and she has a right to insist that they treat her in that fashion, but she can not with dignity or self-respect insist upon that unless she is willing to act in the same fashion toward them. That I am ready to fight for at any cost to myself."

"Here is the nation God has builded by our hands. What shall we do with it? Who is there who does not stand ready at all times to act in her behalf in a spirit of devoted and disinterested patriotism? We are yet only in the youth and first consciousness of our power. The day of our country's life is still but in its fresh morning. Let us lift our eyes to the great tracts of life yet to be conquered in the interests of righteous peace. Come, let us renew our allegiance to America, conserve her strength in its purity, make her chief among those who serve mankind, self-reverenced, self-commanded, mistress of all forces of quiet counsel, strong above all others in good will and the might of invincible justice and right."

"The mission of America in the world is essentially a mission of peace and good will among men. She has become the home and asylum of men of all creeds and races. Within her hospitable borders they have found homes and congenial associations and freedom and a wide and cordial welcome, and they have become part of the bone and sinew and

spirit of America itself. America has been made up out of the nations of the world and is the friend of the nations of the world."

"We shall, I confidently believe, never again take another foot of territory by conquest. We shall never in any circumstances seek to make an independent people subject to our dominion; because we believe, we passionately believe, in the right of every people to choose their own allegiance and be free of masters altogether. For ourselves we wish nothing but the full liberty of self-government; and with ourselves in this great matter we associate all the peoples of our own hemisphere. We wish not only for the United States, but for them the fullest freedom of independent growth and of action, for we know that throughout this hemisphere the same aspirations are everywhere being worked out, under diverse conditions but with the same impulse and ultimate object."

"We are participants, whether we would or not, in the life of the world. The interests of all nations are our own also. We are partners with the rest. What affects mankind is inevitably our affair as well as the affair of the nations of Europe and Asia."

Speaking of the Western Hemisphere, the President said:

"I think that thoughtful men in all the democracies of the hemisphere are beginning to see the real purpose and character of the United States. She

is offering in every proposal that she makes to give the most sacred pledges on her own part that she will in no case be the aggressor against either the political independence or the territorial integrity of any other state or nation, at the same time that she is proposing and insisting upon similar pledges from all the nations of the world who have its peace at heart and are willing to associate themselves for the maintenance of that peace.'

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In every one of the quotations given above the President of the United States makes the standard of greatness for the nations the same standard the gospels give for men.




HERE must be a new world after this war.

Indeed, the old order has already largely

gone. A Sunday school teacher had her class about her one hot August Sunday when a terrific tempest came. The thunder boomed, the lightning flashed and crashed. She asked the boys if any of them knew why the lightning never struck twice in the same place. One of the boys answered: "When the lightning strikes a place, the same place ain't there any more." The lightning has struck the world, and the same world is not here any more. People will never be satisfied to go back to the old order. It has failed and they know it.

What the new world order will be no one can foresee in detail; but the world will demand that it be something radical, wonderful, based on new principles of conduct, on some new relationship of nations. It must be something commensurate with the awful price we are paying for it. Nothing less than an absolutely new international order and one that can insure the world against such calamity ever

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