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Statutes at Large,

Anno vicefimo feptimo GEORGII III. Regis:

Being the FOURTH Session of the

Sixteenth Parliament of GREAT BRITAIN.




[blocks in formation]

Being the Fourth Session of the Sixteenth Parliament of

Great Britain,



Cap. 1.

O render more effe&ual the laws now in being for

suppreffing unlawful lotteries. Cap. 2. To enable his Majesty to establith a court of crimi nal judicature on the eastern coast of New South Wales, and the parts adjacent.

Cap. 3. For the regulation of his Majesty's marine forces while on thore.

Cap. 4. For continuing and granting to his Majesty certain duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven.

Cap. 5. For granting an aid to his Majesty by a land tax, to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year one thoufand seven hundred and eighty-seven.

Cap. 6. For punifhing mutiny and defertion ; and for the better payment of the army and their quarters.

Cap. 7. To continue the laws now in force for regulating the trade between the fubje&s of his Majesty's dominions, and the inhabitants of the territories belonging to the united states of America, and to render the provisions thereof more effectual.


Cap. 8.

Cap. 8. For defraying the charge of the pay and clothing of the militia, in that part of Great Britain called England for one year, beginning the twenty-fifth day of March one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven; for indemnifying deputy lieutenants, and officers of the militia, who have neglected to transmit descriptions of their qualifications to the clerks of the peace within the time limited by law, and for giving further time for that purpose.

Cap. 9. For granting rates of postage for the conveyance of letters and packets, between Great Britain and the port of Waterford, in the kingdom of Ireland, by way of Milford Haven.

Cap. 10. To extend the provifions of an act made in the twenty-sixth year of his present Majesty's reign, intituled, An azt for the more effectual encouragement of the British fisheries.

Cap. 11. To explain and amend so much of an act, made in the fixth year of the reign of King George the First, intituled, An alt for making perpetual so much of an , made in the tenth year of the reign of Queen Anne, for the reviving and continuing several cals therein mentioned, as relates to the building and repairing county geols; and also an ost of the eleventh and twelfth years of the reign of King William the Tbird, for the more effettual suppression of pic racy; and for making more effeElual the act of the thirteentb year of the reign of King Charles the Second, intituled, An alt for efteblishing articles and orders for the regulating and better government

of bis Majesty's ships of war and forces by fea," as gives discretionary power to magistrates to commit vagrants, and other criminals, offenders, and persons charged with small offences, either to the common gaol or house of correction.

Cap. 12. To enable his Majesty to grant a certain annuity to the right honourable fir John Skynner knight, late lord chief baron of his Majesty's court of exchequer, in confideration of his diligent and meritorious services, and of his faithful and upright conduct in the execution of that office.

Cap. 13. For repealing the several duties of customs and excise, and granting other duties in lieu thereof, and for applying the said duties, together with the other duties composing the publick revenue; for permitting the importation of certain goods, wares, and merchandize, the produce or manufacture of the European dominions of the French king, into this kingdom; and for applying certain unclaimed monies, remaining in the exchequer for the payment of annuities on lives, to the reduce tion of the national debt.

Cap. 14. For paving, cleansing, lighting, and watching, the Atreets, lanes, and other publick passages and places, within the walls of the city of Canterbury, and the liberties thereof; and also several streets and other places near or adjoining to the said city; and for removing and preventing incroachments, obstructions, nuisances, and annoyances therein.

Cap. 15. For building a bridge at or near the ferry, over the river Trent, from Gainsborough, in the county of Lincoln, to the opposite shore, in the parish of Saundby, in the county of Nottingham.

Cap. 16.

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