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By DANBY PICKERING, of Gray's-Inn, Esq.

Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.

Printed by JOHN ARCHDEACON, Printer to the UNIVERSITY;

(By Assignment from the Executor of Mr. Charles Bathurst,)
For J. JOHNSON, in St. Paul's Church-yard, G.G.J.&J.Robinson, in Pater-
noster Row, and D.OGILVY & Co. in Middle Row, Holborn, London. 1787.


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HIS Edition of the Statutes at Large in gros by

Danby Pickering, Esq; was originally thought to be the more convenient, as not being so bulky as any other Edition hitherto published, and an Index thereto contained in one Volume came out about the Year 1769; which Index was brought down to the 4th of his present Majesty's Reign inclusive, and afterwards a farther Index was added to the 33d Volume, continuing the former to the end of the 21st Year of the present Reign. But as the Acts of Parliament are every Year encreasing, and the Volumes so very numerous, in order that the same may be rendered the more useful to any Person, having occasion to consult : any particular act, we have fubjoined to the present Publication, an alphabetical Index containing an account of the subject of each Act of this Session, referring to the : Chapter, Section, and Page, where the same is to be found; by which the Reader may be enabled immediately to point out such Act as he may have occasion to consult; which Index is proposed to be continued annually with the Acts.


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