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Incorporated, 1914

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The New York State Forestry Association was organized in January,
1913, for the purpose of amalgamating the allied forest interests of
the State into one compact body.
The Association now has a membership of over 600; it publishes a
quarterly magazine devoted to the dissemination of information upon
the Forestry situation within the State and plans to vastly increase its
membership and influence during the coming year,
Too often an organization of this kind dissipates its energies in generali-

Appreciating this fact, the New York State Forestry Association has definitely set for its goal the following:

1. The promotion of the Forestry movement in New York State

by uniting in a single organization all who are interested.
2. The dissemination of information concerning the purpose,

value and effects of forests and to provide an organ in which
interests of the lumberman, sportsman and owner, manufac-
turer and all others may be brought together, and to solicit

free discussion on all public questions.
The Association also sets itself on record concretely in endeavoring to
achieve the following:

To extend the protection from forest fires to all forest lands and
to reduce the annual destruction caused by forest fires.
To educate public opinion in order that a rational policy be
pursued in managing the forest lands owned by the State.
To extend the reforestation of idle land.
To insure a future supply of timber for the wood industries.
To protect our watersheds and conserve our stream flow.
To maintain our forests so that they will protect game and fish
life and best serve as a health resort and playground.
To secure more equitable taxation of forest land.
To take an active part in securing proper legislation necessary for
forest conservation.

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This work is more than an uplift movement, though we appreciate its sentimental appeal and are thankful for it. The problem is a practical one, and is right here on solid earth before us, a veritable "challenge of the future.'

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In Time of War,
Prepare for

for the better forests Campaign. A vital feature of any program of


Annual Membership $2.00 Contributing Membership $5.00 Life Membership $50.00

Please make remittances payable to New York State Forestry Association. Membership fee includes subscription to "NEW YORK FORESTRY"



Chamber of Commerce, Syracuse
I apply
I nominate
for membership in the Association


“ THE WRITER,the pioneer magazine for literary workers, established in 1887, and more helpful now than ever to all who write. The Writer prints practical articles on the methods of authorship and kindred subjects, news of the literary and publishing worlds, personal gossip about authors, helpful hints and suggestions for writers, and a full reference list of literary articles in current periodicals.

VALUABLE NEW FEATURES are "The Writer's Directory of Periodicals," which gives the addresses of publications that buy manuscripts, with information about their requirements, furnished by the editors, and the department, “The Manuscript Market," which gives information as to the present special needs of periodicals, coming directly from the editors, together with announcements of manuscript prize offers. Monthly changes and additions keep the information up to date. Another new feature is a department devoted to Advertisement Writing.

The Writer is an inspiration to its readers, gives them practical advice, helps them to do better work, and shows them where they can sell their manuscripts. Send fifteen cents for a sample copy, or $1.50 for a year's subscription.

THE WRITER PUBLISHING CO. Mention New York Forestry

P. O. Box 1905, Boston, Mass.


$1.00 Per Year

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Garwood, N. J., April 23, 1917. Dear Mr. Bardeen:

For quite a few years, I have been intending to write you to tell you how much the Bulletin means to me. It is one of the active links I have with my old School life, in which I was and am still very much interested. If the time ever comes when the Bulletin can not come to me with you and your vivid style back of it, I am going to be very lonesome.

Very truly yours,


123 Harrison Ave., CHW/FC

Westfield, N. J.





Published Quarterly at Syracuse by the New York State Forestry Association

Entered as second-class matter February 29, 1916, at the post office at Syracuse,

New York, under the act of March 3, 1879.

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HIS issue of New York Forestry contains a

few of the briefer papers which were read

during “Forest Week” at the Lake Placid Club, observed during the week of September third, but does not propose to give the detailed proceedings of the gatherings. Other papers equally valuable and interesting will be printed in later numbers of the magazine.

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Contributed articles of any length up to 2000 words, and communications to "Viewpoints" are always welcomed. The editors and the Association, however, are not responsible for any of the views

expressed by contributors.

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