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lien of, by one, for himself and wife and trustees, and by several

others as to a moiety, another for himself, and

another as to a moiety, 691.
intended husband and wife severally, as to their own

one, as to hereditaments conveyed by him, by several

others as to their shares of different premises,

and by husband and wife for her share, 691.
several separately, and one for his wife as to share

of purchase money, and for the acts and title of
testator rateably according to his other propor-

tion, 692.
each of several as to the interests of wives in the

real and personal assets of testator, 692.
several entitled to the purchase money, 693.
one, to be answerable only in proportion to one-sixth

part, being the share of himself or wife in the

purchase money, 693.
several interested in the estate or in the money

charged upon it, or otherwise in the purchase

money, 693.
two, as to their separate third parts, 693.
two severally, as to their respective fourth parts, and

by another as to a moiety, 694.
three severally, one as to estate for life and annuity

of his wife, another as to share late of his wife,

and a third in like manner as the second, 694.
three or more severally, as to their own share or shares

of wives, 695.
three severally, as to their own respective shares in

three undivided fourth parts, 695.
three severally as to their share, by two jointly and

severally as to their proportion, and by one as
to the acts of himself and wife according to his

or her proportion, 695.
each of four with the remaining three jointly and

severally, 696.
each of two with the other, and also separately by

such other with two others (copartners), and
by such copartners jointly and severally, with
the two jointly and with each severally, 696.

to uses

lien of, by several persons entitled to lands in equal shares, 697.

one as to his estate for life and remainder or rever-

sion in fee, 697.
tenant for life and remainder-man in fee, 697, 698,

tenant for life and tenant in tail, where the estate is

vested in trustees for sale by act of parliament,

one, as to fee-simple in certain lands, and estate for

life in others, and by another as to reversion in

the same, 699.
owners of leasehold and copyhold assigned and co-

venanted to be surrendered in the same deed, 700.
several persons, each as to different estates, 700.

for seisin, 701.
two severally, for the production of deeds in different

schedules, 815.
for title to freeholds in release to purchaser in fee, 701.

710, 712,

to mortgagee in fee,

in appointment and release to purchaser in
fee, 714.

to uses, 716.
in marriage settlements, 748.
copyholds in purchase deeds, 718.
freeholds and copyholds in purchase deeds, 723.

in mortgages upon trusts

for sale, 744.
freeholds and copyholds in marriage settlements, 751.
freeholds and leaseholds in purchase deeds, 726.
freeholds, copyholds, and leaseholds, 729.
reversionary interest in money, 733.
annuity or rent-charge, 734.

choses en action, 737.
in grant of annuity, 738.

in demise for securing annuity, 752.
for further assurance in settlements, 752.
against incumbrances, 752.

exceptions in, vide ExcePTIONS.
acts preventing assignments, 753.

to surrender copyholds, with variations, 753.

in purchase deeds, 753.
in mortgages, 755.
in annuity deeds, 756.

in settlements, 757.
by husband, for the release of his wife's dower if she survive,

and in the meantime to indemnify purchaser,757.
to procure waiver of wife's equity, by examination

in Chancery, to dividends bequeathed to her

for life, 758.
that infant heir when of age shall confirm, and discharge pre-

mises from his share of purchase money, 788.
for enjoyment and further assurance to be permitted and made

by sons and issue male, and trustees for them, 769.
that first tenant in tail on attaining twenty-one shall bar estate

tail &c., and convey to the purchaser in fee; and that
younger children or issue, or other persons entitled to
portions, on attaining twenty-one, shall release from por-

tions, 760.
that issue in tail shall, when of age, convey their shares dis-

charged of estates tail and remainders, and that issue in

tail shall permit covenantee to enjoy in the meantime, 760.
that children when of age, or their heirs or devisees, shall

convey their interest in one undivided eighth part to the

purchaser of the other parts, 761.
that in case vendor of certain undivided parts of an estate should

become seised of any of the remaining parts, the purchaser
shall have the option of buying the same at a stipulated

price, 766.
that persons interested under the limitations in a will shall,

when of age, convey, discharged of estates tail and re-
mainders over; to permit names to be used in any action
of ejectment; and to indemnify against claims under will;
and for repayment of purchase money on non-performance

of covenants, upon having a reconveyance, 762.
to enlarge estate tail in copyholds into a fee, 765.
to refund consideration, with interest, in case of eviction within

one year, 765.
to indemnify purchaser from legacy, and procure release from

legatee; such release to be enrolled in Chancery, 767.


to obtain a surrender of term of years and conveyance of fee,

as far as concerns estate in question; and to produce dis-

charges for portions, and to indemnify purchaser, 768.
to pay portion and maintenance, and indemnify purchaser

therefrom; and, after payment, to assign term in trust for
purchaser, and in the meantime (subject to portion and

maintenance) to be in trust for him, 769.
to pay rent and observe covenants, and indemnify lessee there-

from, 770.
to pay rent and observe covenants in the original lease, and to

indemnify lessee therefrom, 771.
to observe covenants contained in a former lease between the

same parties, as if they had been repeated in the present,

by assignee, to perform covenants in original lease (except cove-

nant for payment of rent), and to indemnify assignor, 773.
by assignor, to pay entire rent and perform covenants as to part

of premises in original lease not assigned, and to indem-

nify assignee, 774.
to indemnify assignee from evictions, &c. on account of breach

of covenants in lease, 774.
to indemnify against fee-farm rent, with grant of a power of

distress, 775.
to indemnify against the repairing of a chancel, and payment

of a sum of money, 776.
to indemnify against two annuities, with appropriation of a fund

to answer them, 776.
to pay an heir-at-law a sum of money on his attaining twenty-

one, and executing a conveyance, with interest for the same

in the meantime, 777.
not to exercise a power to raise portions for children of a se-

cond marriage, or create a term for that purpose, with a

release of such power, 778.
not to erect a mill, &c. to deteriorate one conveyed, and to

pay liquidated damages for any injury; such covenant not
to be a waiver of right to abate nuisance, or of procuring

injunction, 778.
not to erect buildings against part of premises, 778.
by a judgment creditor, to stand possessed of judgment in trust,

and acknowledge satisfaction, 779.


by tenant in tail in remainder, not to bring actions against tenant

for life in possession for cutting timber, and that money
produced by sale of timber during life of tenant in posses-
sion, if laid out in real estates, or appropriated as money,

shall belong solely to such tenant, 780.
to pay mortgage money, 780, 781.

on demand, 782.
to transfer stock advanced on mortgage, 782.
to pay balance of account, 783.
that till payment of certain sums on mortgage, and interest,

sugar, rum, (except &c.), shall be shipped and consigned
to certain consignees, to sell and apply produce, and in
trust to answer interest and pay certain monies and interest,
and instalments; and surplus to mortgagor; with power
to consignees to retain interest of debt due to them, not
exceeding a certain amount, out of produce, in preference

to interest and instalments, &c., 784.
by mortgagor, to convey and assign apprenticed labourers, &c.

to be purchased from time to time, and being on plantation,
subject to proviso of redemption, and re-assignment on

reduction of debt, 785.
by mortgagor, that if principal and interest be not paid within

the year, he will not discharge or redeem the mortgage
until a certain time, unless called upon by the mortgagees,

by mortgagee, that mortgagor shall have the privilege of re-

deeming a prior mortgage, 787.
by mortgagee, that leases granted by mortgagor shall be binding,

and for confirmation of them, 788.
to insure against fire, 789.
by mortgagee, to pay premiums on policy of insurance already

effected; and in case of its becoming void, to effect a fresh
one; with a declaration, that, in the event of the premises
being burut down or damaged, money to be received under
the policy shall be laid out in rebuilding or repairing the

premises, 790.
to assure life for the benefit of a mortgagee, 791.
to assure life in a certain sum, in case there shall be three

children of a marriage; in a further sum, if four children;
and in a further sum, if five; and to assign policies to
trustees; but the covenantor not to be obliged to keep the

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