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same on foot in certain events; with proviso for enabling
trustees to effect such assurances on failure of covenantor,

and pay expenses out of trust estate, 792.
by receiver to collect and apply rents, 794.
between mortgagor and mortgagee not to revoke the powers of

receiver; and in case of death or disability, to appoint an-
other; with a proviso for exempting mortgagee from liabi-
lity for receiver's defaults, and subjecting mortgagor to

losses, 795.
to pay rents and perform covenants, and when any of the lives

drop, to renew in the names of the trustees, paying fine

and expenses, 796.
by mortgagor to renew, and assign renewed leases to mort-

gagees, with provision, in case of mortgagor's neglect, for
mortgagees to surrender leases and take others in their

own names, 797, 798, 800.
to obtain renewed lease, with a license to demise; and there-

upon to demise the same to mortgagee upon the trusts of

original lease, and to pay fines, 801.
by grantee of annuity that grantor shall be at liberty to repur-

chase after a certain time, upon giving six months' notice;
and he will in that event release and assign the premises,

by father and son to pay annuity (after the death of the son)

during the joint lives of certain persons, 803.
by intended husband, that during joint lives of intended wife

and her mother he will not educe wife's unsettled pro-

perty into possession, 803.
for payment of annuity; such covenant to be an auxiliary secu-

rity only, 803.
that grantor shall have the option of repurchasing rent-charge,

either in one sum or in several; and that, on such repur-
chase, the whole or part of the land shall be discharged
therefrom; if part only purchased, then to have the option
of exonerating lands released from a just proportion of the

residue of rent, 804.
that residue of hereditaments not conveyed shall be charged with

rent in exoneration of land conveyed, 805.
by jointress not to distrain on certain part of the estate charged

with jointure, sold free from incumbrances, 805.

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not to claim jointure out of part of lands; and if claimed, such

shall be released therefrom, with a proviso that residue of

lands shall remain subject to the jointure, 805.
direction and appointment by request to a trustee, and covenant

by the trustee to stand possessed of premises for residue
of a term to the extent of the right of another, upon trust,
to indemnify others, and their heirs, and the premises from
payment of an annuity, with a reservation of trustee's prior

privilege of indemnity, 806.
by wife's father to leave her a sum, which, with other monies

she is entitled to, shall amount to a specified sum, 807.
that all the property to which intended wise may become enti-

tled during coverture shall be for her separate use, 808.
that wife, if survivor, may purchase husband's residence at a

sum named, 809.
by intended husband that his executors shall pay a sum to the

trustees, to be held by them upon certain trusts within a

given period after his decease, 810.
to pay legacies and mortgage money, and procure assignment of

term, 811.
to discharge money-lands from the trusts declared thereof, or

to cause the money to be invested in the purchase of lands,

and to convert the same by means of sale into money, 812.
to pay trustees such a sum as, with what will arise from sale of

hereditaments, will make up the amount directed to be

raised, 813,
for production of title-deeds, 814, 816.
proviso to exonerate covenantor on procuring purchaser to enter

into like covenant for production of deeds, 815.
by mortgagee for re-delivery of title-deeds to mortgagor, on re-

payment of mortgage money, and for producing them in

the meantime, 816.

power of attorney in assignment of, 390.

trusts in, 252, 254, 255, 256, 258.

power of attorney in, 386.

between issue of marriage, 350, 351.

proviso that agreement, if wife die before settlement, shall not

exclude husband from, 678.



power to pay and compound, 615.

general words for, in purchase-deeds and mortgages, 116.
power to acknowledge and register, 382-384.
proviso to avoid, unless executed by all parties within two

years, 621.

covenant for the production of, 814, 816.

re-delivery of, 816.

trusts of, 233, 239.
powers of, 145, 149.

if distrained upon, 578.
DOWER, vide Tierce.

limitation of uses to prevent, 142.
declaration to prevent, 680.
covenant to release, 757.



provision imposing the necessity of, 663.

powers of, 517, 540.
provision for reduction of rent-charge in case of, 543.

of sums raiseable under settlement in

case of, 673.
for indemnity in case of, 660.

in parcels, 112.
in covenants against incumbrances, of mortgage, 705.

of annuity, 705.
of judgments and terms of

years, 705.

in covenants against incumbrances, of proportion of composition

tithe-rent, and of a fee-farm

rent, 706.
of duty of repairing chancel, and of an

annual payment, 706.
of suits, services, and rents, 706.
of copyhold tenure in enfranchise-

ments, 706.
of charges apparent, leases, and out-

standing terms, 706.
of dues to Lincoln's Inn, 707.
of rents, covenants, and conditions in

lease, 707.
of leases, 707.
of leases, and agreements for leases,

of estate for life, and lease, 708.
of estate for life of devisee, 708.
of outstanding terms, 708.
of land-tax and outstanding terms,


of attendant terms and land-tax, 708.
powers of, of freeholds, 508—524.

freeholds and copyholds, 524.
freeholds, copyholds, and leaseholds, 526.
lands, for others in the same parish, 530.

furniture, 532.

of lien for money secured by bond, 61.


trusts of, for married woman for life, 349.

to sell, and replace same with other articles, 349.

to assign, 350.
power to sell and buy, 453.

to exchange, 532.


for manors, houses, &c., 113.

advowsons, 85.
houses, 115.

houses and lands, 114.
power to pay trust-money to, 460.

legacy and portions, 461.

in assignment of leaseholds, 126.

with right of renewal, 125.
during permission of Society of Lincoln's Inn,

lease and stock in trade with consent of lessor,

additional rent being reserved, 127.
lease by tenant of several houses at an entire

rent, of one house freed from rent, 128.
underlease, 128.
sums and securities in trust for tenant in tail,

as part of his personalty, 122.
share of partnership trade, 124.
mortgage-money, 131.
newspaper, 132.
terms to trustee, 131.
terms, discharged from proviso for cesser, 132.

from former mortgage, but

subject to agreement for a

new one, 132.
in assignment of policies of insurance, 119.

bargain and sale to an incorporated company, 118.
confirmation of annuity, 123.
demise, 118.
of a remainder for life, expectant upon estate for life,

of waste from lord of manor, subject to restrictions, 127.
for securing annuity, 129.

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