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to sell and invest, and pay dividends to wife for her sepa-
rate use, during joint lives of husband and wife; and after
decease of either, for survivor for life, with remainder to

children; in default, for wife's next of kin, 355.
of Exchequer Annuities for daughter, during so many years as

she shall live of the term for which annuities shall be pay-
able; in case of daughter's death during such term, for

children; in default, upon trusts by reference, 366.
of legacy, to invest and vary securities; pay interest as daughter

shall appoint; in default, for her separate use; in case of
daughter's death in husband's life, for him for life; after
decease of survivor, for children, as husband and wife or
survivor shall appoint; in default, equally, with hotchpot
clause; in default, for wife, if surviving husband; but if
not, as wife shall appoint; in default, for her next of kin,

of canal share, by reference to trusts of settlement, 274.
of proceeds of sale in equal fourth parts; and as to the last,

provided the person designated shall not be living at the
time of sale, in trust for such of certain children as shall

attain twenty-one, 279.
of money secured on bond, 273.



declaration of, where appointment and release are to the same

effect, 141.
where there are several releases to the same

effect, 141.
where particular shares are separately given,

limitation of, as purchaser shall appoint; and in default, to him

in fee, 142–144.
as two shall jointly appoint; and in default, to

trustee in fee, 145.
to one in fee, discharged from dower, 152.

one for life, 167.
four successively for life, 178.
trustee, during father's life, or till his eldest

son or daughter shall be of age, 174.

limitation of, to persons answering description of heirs-at-law,

intended wife, in fee, and until marriage; and

after, to husband for life; remainder to

wife for life, 170.
several persons, as tenants in common for their

lives, with remainders to each tenant's

issue in strict settlement, 174.
sons successively in tail male, with remainder

to them in tail general, 168.
sons successively in tail male, 172, 179.
sons successively by way of executory devise,

sons successively for life; remainder to trustees

to preserve; remainder to grandsons in
tail general; remainder to testator's right

heirs, 178.
after-born sons successively, and their first and

other sons in tail male, 180.
daughters as tenants in common in tail gene-

ral, with cross remainders between them

in tail general, 168, 169, 172.
daughters of sons in tail, with cross remainders,

daughters of successive after-born sons in tail,

with cross remainders, 180.
children as tenants in common in fee, with cross

limitations, 169, 177.
children as tenants in common in tail general,

with cross remainders, 169.
children of deceased person, nominatim, living

at testator's death, and issue then living
of such as should die in testator's life-
time, as tenants in common in fee, with

cross limitations, 173.
children and their issue as parents shall ap-

point; remainder to children as tenants in
common in fee; remainder to right heirs

of surviving parent, 170.
mortgagee for term of years, and subject there-

to, to such uses as mortgagor shall ap-
point, 151.

limitation of, to mortgagee for years, where wife joins and the

fee is limited to husband, 151.
mortgagee in fee, tenendum of lord, and condi-

tioned to be void on payment of principal

and interest, 165.
revive term, 162.
create rent-charge, with powers of distress and

entry, 145.
rent for owelty, 148.
such an annuity for wife as husband

shall appoint, 166.
create powers of distress and entry on particu-

cular lands for rent-charge, in exoneration

of other lands, 148, 150.
prevent destruction of intervening contingent

remainder, on conveyance by different te-
nants for life and the reversioners, with
interposed contingent estates to children

of tenants for life, 165.
extinguish powers of charging with portions

and maintenance, 166.
confirm leases, 164.

power of leasing and leases to be there-

under made, or previously made

and enumerated in schedule, 164.
mortgage term, 158, 163.
term in part of lands, and create similar

one in other lands, 163.
estate for life of jointress, and the

powers annexed thereto, 163.
estate and powers of tenant for life,

and make him dispunishable for
waste of timber, and to corrobo-
rate all his estates prior to those

of reversion in fee, 162.
title to lands part whereof had been

sold, under defective appointment,
to different purchasers; and as to
residue of lands, to such uses as
owner shall appoint; with remain-

der to him in fee, subject to ex-



changes and agreements for ex-

changes, 159.
limitation of, to confirm title of will, 153, 160.

conveyance by attorney, 157.
conveyances of allotments, 154.

exchange, 157.
by way of reference to deed recited, 153.

a certain instrument, with

like power of joint-
uring and raising por-

tions, 167.
will, 153, 157.
marriage articles, 156.
confirm exchange, 157.
effectuate conveyance by

attorney, 157.
in conveyance to new and

old trustees, 161.
con veyance to trustees of

will, 153.
as estates would have stood

if testator had been
seised at the date of his

will, 153, 154.
as estates would have stood

legally limited, in case
allotments had been le-
gally vested at the ex-
ecution of certain in-

dentures, 154.
as estates would now stand

limited under recited in-
denture, if that inden-

ture had been valid, 155.
as if lands had been, at the

date of prior convey-
ance, held and convey-
ed for an estate in fee-
simple, in possession,

as estates would have stood

limited if certain per-

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sons, instead of having
the legal estate by vir-
tue of recited will, had
been merely devisees to
uses of will, and such
uses executed by the

statute, 160.
declaration that, subject to contracts, in case of releasor's death

before sale, premises then unsold shall be upon the same
uses as before the execution of deed, 671.


proviso for, in favour of brother and sister, 644.

covenant to procure, of wife's equity, 758.

trusts to convey to the uses of, 261.



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