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proper, than that convenient accommodation should be provided, on a well digested plan, for the heads of the several Departments, and for the Attorney-General; and it is believed that the public ground in the City, applied to these objects, will be found amply sufficient. submit this subject to the consideration of Congress, that such further provision may be made in it, as to them may seem proper.

In contemplating the happy situation of The United States, our attention is drawn, with peculiar interest, to the surviving Officers and Soldiers of our Revolutionary Army, who so eminently contributed, by their services, to lay its foundation. Most of those very meritorious Citizens have paid the debt of nature and gone to repose. It is believed, that among the Survivors there are some not provided for by existing Laws, who are reduced to indigence, and even to real distress. These men have a claim on the gratitude of their Country, and it will do honor to their Country to provide for them. The lapse of a few years more, and the opportunity will be for ever lost; indeed, so long already has been the interval, that the number to be benefited by any provision which may be made, will not be great.

It appearing in a satisfactory manner that the Revenue arising from Imposts and Tonnage, and from the sale of the Public Lands, will be fully adequate to the support of the Civil Government, of the present Military and Naval Establishments, including the annual augmentation of the latter to the extent provided for, to the payment of the interest on the Public Debt, and to the extinguishment of it at the times authorized, without the aid of Internal Taxes, I consider it my duty to recommend to Congress their repeal. To impose Taxes, when the public exigencies require them, is an obligation of the most sacred character, especially with a free People. The faithful fulf)ment of it is among the highest proofs of their virtue, and capacity for self-government. To dispense with Taxes, when it may be done with perfect safety, is equally the duty of their Representatives In this instance we have the satisfaction to know that they were imposed when the demand was imperious, and have been sustained with exemplary fidelity. I have to add, that however gratifying it may be to me, regarding the prosperous and happy condition of our Country, to recommend the repeal of these Taxes at this time, I shall nevertheless be attentive to events, and, should any future emergency occur, be not less prompt to suggest such measures and burtliens, as may then be requisite and proper.

JAMES MONROE. Washington, December 2, 1817.

CONVENTION between Great Britain, Austria, Prussia,

and Russia, and France, for the final Liquidation of Private Claims upon the French Government.--Signed at Paris, 25th April, 1818.

(Translation.) Convention entre Sa Majesté Bri Convention between His Britannic

tannique et Sa Majesté Très Majesty and His Most ChrisChrétienne, à laquelle Conven tian Majesty ; to which Con. tion Les Empereurs d'Autriche vention the Emperors of Austria et de Russie et Le Roi de and of Russia, and the King of Prusse, sont également Parties Prussia, are also Contracting Contractantes.-Signée à Paris Parties.-Signed at Paris, the le 25 Avril, 1818.

25th April, 1818. Les Cours de la Grande Bre The Court of Great Britain, tagne, d'Autriche, de Prusse et of Austria, of Prussia, and of de Russie, Signataires du Traité Russia, Contracting Parties to the du 20 Novembre, 1815, ayant Treaty of the 20th of November, reconnu que la liquidation des 1815, considering that the liquiRéclamations particulières à la dation of Private Claims upon the charge de la France, fondées sur la French Government, founded upon Convention [No. 13.] conclue en the Convention [No.13.] concludconformité de l'Article IX du dit ed conformably to the IXth Article Traitė, pour régler l'exécution of the said Treaty, for regulating des Articles XIX et suivans du the execution of the XIXth and Traité du 30 Mai, 1814,* était following Articles of the Treaty devenue par l'incertitude de sa of the 30th of May, 1814,* had durée et de son résultat, une become, by the uncertainty of its cause d'inquiétude toujours crois. duration and result, a source of sante pour la Nation Française, continually increasing anxiety to partageant en conséquence avec the French Nation, and conseSa Majesté Très Chrétienne le quently participating in the desire désir de mettre un terme à cette of His Most Christian Majesty to incertitude, par une transaction put an end to that uncertainty by destinée à éteindre toutes ces Ré

an arrangement which should disclamations, moyennant une somme charge all those Claims by a fixed déterminée; les dites Puissances sum; the said Powers, and His et Sa Majesté Très Chrétienne Most Christian Majesty have ont nommé pour leurs Plénipo- named for their Plenipotentiaries, tentiaires, savoir ;

viz; Sa Majesté Le Roi du Roy His Majesty the King of the aume Uni de la Grande Bretagne United Kingdom of Great Britain et d'Irlande :

and Ireland : Le Sieur Charles Stuart, Grand' Sir Charles Stuart, Grand

* See Commercial Treaties, Vol. 1.

Croix du Très Honorable Ordre Cross of the Most Honourable du Bain, et de l'Ancien Ordre de Order of the Baih, and of the la Tour et l’Epée, son Conseiller Ancient Order of the Tower and intiine actuel et son Ambassa- Sword, one of his Most Honourdeur Extraordinaire et Plénipo- able Privy Council, and his Amtentiaire près Sa Majesté Très bassador Estraordinary and PleChrétienne.

nipotentiary to His Most Chris

tian Majesty. Sa Majesté l'Empereur d'Au- His Majesty the Emperor of triche, Roi de Hongrie et de Bo- Austria, King of Hungary and hême :

Bohemia : Le Sieur Nicholas Charles Ba. The Sieur Nicholas Charles ron de Vincent, Commandeur de Baron de Vincent, Commander of l'Ordre Militaire de Marie-Thé. the Military Order of Maria Therèse, Grand' Croix de l'Ordre resa, Grand Cross of the Imperial Impérial de Léopold et de l'Ordre Order of Leopold, and of the de l'Epée de Suède, Chevalier Swedish Order of the Sword, Graud' Croix de l'Ordre Militaire Knight Grand Cross of the Milidu Royaume des Pays Bas, Com. tary Order of the Kingdom of the mandeur de l'Ordre Royal et Mi. Netherlands, Commander of The litaire de Saint Louis, Grand Royal and Military Order of Saint Croix de l'Ordre Constantinien de Louis, Grand Cross of the Con. Saint George de Parme, son stantinian Order of Saint George Chambellan, Conseiller intime ac- of Parma, his Chamberlain, and tuel, Lieutenant Général de ses Privy Councillor, Lieutenant. Armées, Colonel-Propriétaire d'un General in his Armies, Colonel of Régiment de Chevaux-Leyers à a Regiment of Light Horse in his son Service, son Envoyé Extra- Service, his Envoy Extraordinary ordinaire et Ministre plénipoten- and Minister Plenipotentiary to tiaire près Sa Majesté Très Chré. His Most Christian Majesty. tienne.

Sa Majesté Le Roi de France His Majesty the King of France et de Navarre :

and Navarre : Le Sieur Armand Emmanuel The Sieur Armand Emanuel Duplessis Richelieu, Duc de Ri. Duplessis Richelieu, Duke of Ri. chelieu, Chevalier de l'Ordre chelieu, Knight of the Royal Royal et Militaire de Saint Louis and Military Order of Saint Louis, et de l'Ordre Royal de la Légion and of the Royal Order of the d'Honneur et des Ordres de Saint Legion of Honour, and of the Alexandre Newsky, Saint Wladi- Orders of Saint Alexander Newsky, mir et Saint George, de Russie, Saint Wladimir, and Saint George, Pair de France, son Premier of Russia, Peer of France, First Gentilhomme de la Chambre, son Gentleman of his Bedchamber, his Ministre et Secrétaire d'Etat des Minister and Secretary of State Affaires Etrangères, et Président for Foreign Affairs, and President du Conseil de ses Ministres.

of the Council of his Ministers.

Sa Majesté Le Roi de Prusse : His Majesty the King of

Prussia : Le Sieur Charles Frédéric The Sieur Charles Frederic Henri Comte de Goltz, Grand' Henry Count de Goltz, Grand Croix de l'Ordre de l'Aigle Cross of the Order of the Red Rouge, Chevalier de la Croix de Fer Eagle, Knight of the Iron Cross de la Première Classe et de l'Ordre of the First Class, and of the pour le Mérite Militaire de Prusse, Prussian Order of Merit, Grand Grand Croix de l'Ordre de Cross of the Order of Saint Ann, Sainte Anne, Chevalier de l'Ordre Knight of the Order of Saivt de Saint George de la Quatrième George of the Fourth Class, and Classe, et de l'Ordre de Saint of the Third Class of the Russian Wladimir de la Troisième Classe Order of Saint Wladimir, Comde la Russie; Commandeur de mander of the French Military T'Ordre du Mérite Militaire de Order of Merit, Knight of the France; Chevalier de l'Ordre Mi- Military Order of Maria Theresa litaire de Marie Thérèse d'Au- of Austria, of the Swedish Order triche, de celui de l’Epée de of the Sword, and of the Bavarian Suède, et de celui du Mérite Mi- Military Order of Merit, Lieutelitaire de Bavière, Lieutenant, nant-General in his Armies, and Général de ses Armées, it son his Envoy Extraordinary and Envoyé Extraordinaire et Ministre Minister Plenipotentiary to His Plénipotentiaire près Sa Majesté Most Christian Majesty. Très Chrétienne.

Sa Majesté l'Empereur de toutes His Majesty the Emperor of les Russies, Roi de Pologne : All the Russias, King of Po.

land : Le Sieur Charles André Pozzo The Sieur Charles André Pozzo di Borgo, Lieutenant-Général de di Borgo, Lieutenant-General in ses Armées, son Aide-de-Camp his Armies, his Aide-de-CampGénéral, son Ministre Plénipo- General, his Minister Plenipotententiaire près Sa Majesté Très tiary to His Most Christian Ma. Chrétienne, Chevalier Grand' jesty, Knight Grand Cross of the Croix de l'Ordre de Saint Wladi. Order of Saint Wladimir of the inir de la Seconde Classe, de Second Class, of Saint Ann of Sainte Anne de la Première, de the First, of Saint George of the Saint George de la Quatrième, Fourth, Grand Cross of the Order Grand' Croix de l'Ordre de of Charles III of Spain, of those Charles III d'Espagne, de celui of Saint Maurice and Lazare of de Saint Maurice et Lazare de Sardinia, of Saint Ferdinand of Sardaigne, de Saint Ferdinand de Naples, and of the Order of the Naples, et de l'Ordre des Guelphes Guelphs of Hanover, Commander d'Hanovre, Commandeur des Or- of the Royal and Military Orders dres Royal et Militaire de Saint of St. Louis. Louis.

Et attendu qu'elles ont consi- And the undersigued Plenipodéré que le concours de son Ex- tentiaries, being of opinion that cellence Monsieur Le Maréchal the concurrence of His Excellency Duc de Wellington contribuerait Field Marshal the Duke of Welefficacement au succès de cette lington, would effectually conNégociation ; les Plénipotentiaires tribute to the success of this Soussignés, après avoir arrêté de Negotiation; after having settled concert avec lui et d'accord avec in concert with him, and by the les Parties intéressées, les bases consent of the Parties concerned, de l'arrangement à conclure, sont the bases of the arrangement to convenus, en vertu de leurs Pleins be concluded, have agreed, in Pouvoirs, des Articles suivans:- virtue of their Full Powers, to the

following Articles :ART. I. A l'effet d'opérer l'ex- Art. 1. For the


of tinction totale des Dettes contrac- effecting the total discharge of tées par la France, dans les Pays Debts contracted by France, in hors de son Territoire actuel, Countries which do not form a envers des Individus, des Como part of her present Territory, munes ou des Etablissements par- with any Individuals, Corporaticuliers quelconques, dont le tions, or Establishments whatsopayement est réclamé en vertu

ever, payment of which Debts is des Traités du 30 Mai, 1814, et claimed in virtue of the Treaties du 20 Novembre, 1815, le Gou- of the 30th of May, 1814, and of vernement Français s'engage à the 20th of November, 1815, the faire inscrire sur le Grand Livre French Government engages to de sa Dette Publique, avec jouis- cause to be inscribed upon the sance du 22 Mars, 1818, une Great Book of its Public Debt, Rente de 12,040,000 francs, repré- with Interest from the 22nd sentant un Capital de 240,800,000 of March, 1818, a Rente of francs.

12,040,000 francs, representing a

capital of 240,800,000 francs. II. Les sommes remboursables II. The sums to be reimbursed au Gouvernement Français, en to the French Government, in vertu de l’Article XXI du Traité virtue of the XXIst Article of the du 30 Mai, 1814, et des Articles Treaty of the 30th May, 1814, VI, VII, et XXII de la sus- and of the VIth, VIIth, and dite Convention du 20 Novem- XXIInd Articles of the aforesaid bre, 1815, serviront à complé- Convention of the 20th November, ter les moyens d'extinction des 1815, will serve to complete the susdites Dettes de la France en- means of discharging the said vers les Sujets des Puissances qui Debts owing by France to the étoient chargées du rembourse- Subjects of those Powers who ment de ces sommes.

were charged with the reimburse

ment of these sums. En conséquence, le Gouverne. And, consequently, the French

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