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Il nostro Ministro Cancelliere Our Minister Chancellor of the del Regno delle 2 Sicilie è parti. Kingdom of the 2 Sicilies, is specolarmente incaricato di vegliare cially charged to watch over its alla sua pubblicazione.

publication. Napoli, il dì 30 di Marzo, 1818. Naples, 30th March, 1818. FERDINANDO.

FERDINAND, 1 Segretario di Stato, Ministro di The Secretary of State, Minister Grazia e Giustizia,

of Grace und Justice, MARCHESE TOMMASI.

MARQUESS TOMMASI, Il Segretario di Stato, Ministro The Secrelary of State, Minister Cancelliere,



DECREE of the King of the Two Sicilies, relative to a reduc

tion of the Duties upon Goods imported from Great Britain, France, and Spain.-30th March, 1818.

(Translation.) FERDINAND I, by the Grace of God, King of the Kingdom of the 2 Sicilies, of Jerusalem, &c. Infant of Spain, Duke of Parma, Placentia, Castro, &c. &c. Grand Hereditary Prince of Tuscany, &c. &c. &c.

Referring to the Treaties concluded with the Courts of England, France, and Spain, published in the Laws of this date, by which are abolished the privileges which the Flags of the said Nations have hither. to enjoyed ;

Considering that by the VIlth Article of the before mentioned Treaties, a diminution is granted of 10 per cent. upon the amount of the duties payable according to the Tariff in force on the 1st of January, 1816, upon the whole of the merchandize and produce of the said 3 Kingdoms, and of their respective Possessions, which are admitted into our Dominions;

Considering that for the Custom-house system at present in force in our Dominions, on the other side of the Faro, should be substituted that which the good order of Government, and the welfare of Commerce, has caused us to sanction in these our Dominions;

And, desiring that the progress of Commerce should not be in the least altered until this uniformity be established ;

On the proposition of our Councillors, and Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs and the Finances, we have resolved to decree aud do decree as follows:

Art. I. The diminution of 10 per cent. upon the amount of the duties on the merchandize and produce of the Kingdoms of England, France, and Spain, and of th 'ir respective Possessions, which shall be

admitted into our Dominions on the other side of the Faro, shall be provisionally carried into effect according to the Tariff now in force in that part of our Dominions, in such manner that upon the sum total to be paid upon the quantity of the merchandize described, there shall be allowed to the Importer the diminution of 10 per cent.

II. After the publication, however, of the new Regulations, and the new Tarifts to be established in Sicily, in uniformity with those in force in this part of our Dominions, the above mentioned diminution of 10 per cent. in both parts of our Dominions, shall be made on the amount of the duties payable according to the Tariff which was in force in this part of our Dominions on the 1st January 1816; but for the present it will be necessary to comply with what has been fixed by the preceding Article.

III. Our Councillor, Secretary of State, Minister for the Finances, and the Ministry assisting near the person of our Lieutenant-General in our Dominions on the other side of the Faro, are charged with the execution of the present Decree. Naples, the 30th March, 1818.


SPEECH of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Regent, on the Closing of the British Parliament.10th June, 1818.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

It is with deep regret that I am again under the necessity of announcing to you, that no alteration has occurred in the state of His Majesty's lamented indisposition.

I continue to receive from Foreign Powers the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this Country, and of their desire to maintain the general tranquillity.

I am fully sensible of the attention which you have paid to the many important objects which have been brought before you.

I derive peculiar satisfaction from the measure which you have adopted, in pursuance of my recommendation, for augmenting the number of places of Public Worship belonging to the Established Church; and I confidently trust that this measure will be productive of the most beneficial effects on the religion and moral habits of the People.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

I thank you for the Supplies which you have granted to me for (1817-18.)

2 R

the service of the present year; and I highly approve of the steps you have taken with a view to the reduction of the Unfunded Debt.

I am happy to be able to inform you, that the Revenue is in a course of continued improvement. My Lords and Gentlemen,

On closing this Session I think it proper to inform you, that it is my intention forth with to dissolve the present, and to give directions for calling a new Parliament. In making this communication, I cappot refrain from adverting to the important change which bas occurred in the situation of this Country and of Europe, since I first met you in this place.

At that period, the dominion of the common Enemy had been so widely extended over the Continent, that resistance to his power was by many deemed to be hopeless; and in the extremities of Europe alone was such resistance effectually maintained.

By the unexampled exertions which enabled me to make, in aid of Countries, nobly contending for Independence, and by the spirit which was kirdled in so many Nations, the Continent was at length delivered from the most galling and oppressive tyranny under which it had ever laboured; and I had the happiness, by the blessing of Divine Providence, to terminate, in conjunction with His Majesty's Allies, the most eventsul and sanguinary Contest in which Europe had for Centuries been engaged, with unparalleled success and glory.

The prosecution of such a Contest for so inany years, and more particularly the efforts which marked the close of il, have been followed within our own Country, as well as throughout the rest of Europe, by considerable internal difficulties and distress. But deeply as I felt for the immediate pressure upon His Majesty's People, I nevertheless looked forward without dismay, having always the fullest confi. dence in the solidity of the resources of the British Empire, and in the relief which might be expected from a continuance of Peace, and from the patience, public spirit, and energy of the Nation.

These expectations have not been disappointed.

The improvement in the internal circumstances of the Country is happily manifest, and promises to be steadily progressive; and I feel a perfect assurance that the continued loyalty and exertions of all classes of His Majesty's Subjects will confirm these growing indications of National prosperity, by promoting obedience to the Laws, and attachment to the Constitution, from which all our blessings have been derived.


DECLARATION of the Bey of Tripoli, engaging that

Tripolitan Ships shall not cruize in the British Channel. –Tripoli, 8th March, 1818.

We, Yousef Caramanli, Basha Bey, Governor and Captain General of the City and Regency of Tripoli in the West; promise, and sincerely declare, by these presents, that we will, in future, give the strictest orders to the Captains of all our Ships, under the penalty of their severe punishment, that they are not to cruize near any Port of the Dominions of His Britannic Majesty, particularly in the British Channel, and Narrow Seas, and not to approach those Places.

Tripoli, the 8th March, 1818, corresponding to the 1st of the Second Giamat, in the


(L. S.) Written by Order of His Highness, Side Yousef Basha Caramanli, who caused his Royal Seal to be placed above.

Accepted on the part of His Majesty's Government, under Instructions from His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Maitland, Governor of Malta.


British Consul General.

ACT of the Congress of The United States, concerning

Navigation;" as regards Trade with the British American Colonies.-18th April, 1818.*

Sect. I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that from and after the 30th of September next, the Ports of The United States shall be and remain closed against every Vessel owned wholly or in part by a Subject or Subjects of His Britannic Majesty, coming or arriving from any Port or Place in a Colony or Territory of His Britannic Majesty, that is or shall be, by the ordinary Laws of navigation and trade, closed against Vessels owned by Citizens of The United States; and such Vessel, that, in the course of the voyage, shall have touched at or cleared out from any Port or Place in a Colony or Territory of Great Britain, which shall or may be, by the ordinary Laws of navigation and trade aforesaid, open to Vessels owned by Citizens of The United States, shall, nevertheless, be deemed to have come from the Port or Place in the Colony or Terri. tory of Great Britain, closed as aforesaid, against Vessels owned by Citizens of The United States, from which such Vessel cleared out and sailed before touching at, and clearing out from, an intermediate and

* Suspended by Act of Congress of 1st March, 1823, and revived by Proclamation of 17th March, 1827.

open Port or Place as aforesaid ; and every such Vessel, so excluded from the Ports of The United States, that shall enter, or attempt to enter, the same, in violation of this Act, shall, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with the Caryo on board such Vessel, be for. feited to The United States.

II. And be it further enacted, that, from and after the aforesaid 30th of September next, the owner, Consignee, or Agent, of every Vessel, owned wholly or in part by a Subject or Subjects of His Britannic Majesty, which shall have been duly entered in any Port of The United States, and on board of which shall have been there laden for exportation any article or articles, the growth, produce, or manufacture of The United States, other than provisions and sea stores necessary for the voyage, shall, before such Vessel shall have been cleared outward at the Custom-house, give Bond, in a sum double the value of such articles, with one or more Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Collector, that the article or articles so laden on board such Vessel for exportation, shall be landed in some Port or Place other than a Port or Place in a Colony or Territory of His Britannic Majesty, which, by the ordinary Laws of Navigation and Trade, is closed against Vessels owned by Citizens of The United States; and any such Vessel that shall sail, or attempt to sail, from any Port of The United States, without having complied with the provision aforesaid, by giving Bond as aforesaid, shall, with her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with the article or articles aforesaid, laden on board the same as aforesaid, be forfeited to the United States : provided always, that nothing in this Act contained shall be so deemed or construed, as to violate any Provision of the Convention to regulate Commerce between the Territories of The United States and of His Britannic Majesty, signed the 3d of July, 1815.

III. And be it further enacted, that the form of the Bond aforesaid shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury; and the same shall and may be discharged, and not otherwise, by producing, within one year after the date thereof, a like Certificate to that required by and under the regulations contained in the 8lst Section of the Act “ to regulate the collection of Duties on Imports," passed the 2nd day of March, 1799, that the articles of the growth, produce, and manufacture of The United States, laden as aforesaid, were unladen and landed conformably to the provisions of this Act, or in cases of loss by sea, by capture, or other unavoidable accident, by the production of such other proofs as the nature of the case will admit, according to the provisions of the said 81st Section of the Act aforesaid.

IV. And be it further enacted, that all penalties and forfeitures incurred by force of this Act, shall be sued for, recovered, distributed,

* See Commercial Treaties. Vol. II. · Page 386.

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