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The librarian attributes much of the increase in the more "solid" departments of reading to the circulation of music, from the fine arts section, and says: "It is my belief that a wellequipped music section will do much to reduce the demand for fiction in public lending libra- | ries and add greatly to their practical value."

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He comments also on the " open access system: "It has been the means of placing in active circulation good books which formerly used never to quit the shelves. I have observed many cases of works in the classes of history, sciences, and arts which have been issued oftener from May to December, 1894, than during the five years from April, 1889, to April, 1894. Personally, I have derived immense advantage by being brought into direct contact with borrowers and their wants, and the staff has also profited greatly for the same reason. The sys-pointed librarian of the Institute in 1889, and tem on which the library is classified and its contents arranged and distinguished, has overcome the dangers of wholesale misplacements, and no disposition to misuse or take away books has been manifested. The total loss for the eight months, including one doubtful case, consists of three small volumes, of the net value of 3s. 8d."

Sheffield (Eng.) F. Ls. On Feb. 13 the Sheffield city council gave formal sanction to a plan for establishing a delivery station of the library in the outlying district of Brightside. The system, proposed by Mr. Samuel Smith, librarian of the Sheffield Free Libraries, is substantially the same as that in use in the Jersey City and Chicago public libraries, of which Mr. Smith has made a careful study. The Sheffield and Rotherham Independent of Feb. 13 gives a detailed account of this attempt to "Americanize our institutions," and says, "we shall watch the working of this delivery station at Brightside village with no small interest, believing it may mark an epoch in the method of library work in Sheffield."



ANDERSON, Edwin Hatfield, librarian of the Carnegie Library of Braddock, Pa., was March 15 elected librarian of the new Carnegie Library of Pittsburg, Pa. Mr. Anderson is 33 years old, and graduated from Wabash College, Indiana, in 1883. He studied law for a year in Chicago and for a time was engaged in newspaper work. Later he entered the New York State Library School (class of '92), and in May, 1891, became a cataloger at the Newberry Library, where he remained until 1892, when he was elected librarian of the Carnegie Free Library of Braddock. Mr. Anderson was not an applicant for the headship of the Pittsburg Library, but was the choice of the committee, after correspondence and consultation with leading librarians of the East. His salary is $4000 a year. There were about 30 applicants for the position.

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Crerar Library, Chicago. The appointment was unsolicited by Mr. Andrews, and the fact that his name was being considered by the committee was not known to him until he was so informed by representatives of the board. Communications highly recommending him to the post were received by the committee from the foremost librarians of the country. Mr. Andrews was born in Salem in 1858. He graduated from Harvard in 1879 with the degree of M. A., and was for the next two years an assistant in organic chemistry in that university. For the two succeeding years he was engaged in laboratory work in a manufacturing establishment, which brought him into contact and sympathy with the working classes, whose interest in and use of scientific works he had an opportunity to observe. He came to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1883 as instructor. He was placed in charge of its chemical library in 1885, was aphas from that time been at the head of its 13 department libraries. In 1891 and 1892 he had the full supervision of its laboratory work in organic chemistry, but since that time the demands of his library duties have so increased that his teaching has been confined to a short course as instructor in optical analysis of sugar. In that department he is considered a leading authority, as is evidenced by his appointment by the United States Treasury Department as adviser to the commission on the commercial valuation of sugar at a number of the principal ports in the country. He is the secretary of the Society of Arts of the Institute of Technology, and since 1892 has been the editor of the Technology Quarterly and Proceedings of the Society of Arts. He has also published various papers on scientific subjects. He is a member of the American Library Association, having attended its conferences since 1889, and is also a member of the Massachusetts Library Club.

CRANDALL, Francis A., has been appointed Superintendent of Public Documents, superseding Mr. J: G. Ames. The appointment is made under the provision of the new public documents bill, which transfers the bureau from the Department of the Interior to the control of the Government Printing Office, putting appointments in the hands of the Public Printer. Mr. Crandall is from Buffalo, and was at one time a candidate for the office of Public Printer. He has already taken the oath of office and entered upon his duties.

FOOTE, Miss Elizabeth M., of the New York State Library School (class of '92) began on March 6 the work of classifying and cataloging a Baptist historical collection which has been presented by Mr. Samuel Colgate to Colgate University.

PERKINS, Norman B., assistant librarian of the Detroit Public Library, died at Grace Hospital, Detroit, on March 20. Mr. Perkins was born in Vermont over 60 years ago and graduated at Yale College in the class of 1857, being a contemporary of Prof. Moses Coit Taylor, ChaunANDREWS, Clement W., librarian of the Massa-cey Depew, and Justice H. B. Brown. He resided chusetts Institute of Technology, was on March in Chicago for 20 years, where he gained and 23 unanimously appointed librarian of the John❘ subsequently lost a considerable fortune. He

became connected with the Chicago Inter-Ocean, but soon after removed to Detroit in 1879, and was a member of the Post and Tribune staffs for several years. In 1885 he was appointed assistant librarian, which position he held to the end of his life. His friendly and obliging disposition, painstaking labor, broad culture, knowledge of literature and books made him a very helpful and useful member of the staff. He was a lover and student of art, possessing both taste and knowledge, especially in bric-a-brac and china. His small but choice collection was sold a few days before his death. His wife died nearly ten years since. He leaves two children, residents of Detroit - a son and a daughter.

POOLE, Reuben Brooks, librarian of the Young Men's Christian Association of New York City, died suddenly at his home in that city on April 6, of heart disease, following an attack of the grip, by which he had been confined to his house only a few days. He was born in Rockport, Mass., in 1834, and was a son of Nathaniel Poole, a farmer. He was educated in Phillips Academy at Andover, and at Brown University, from which he was graduated in 1857. He afterwards taught for a year in Rockport, and during the Rebellion taught in the Philadelphia House of Refuge. In January, 1864, he became librarian of the New York Y. M. C. A., in which position he rendered over 30 years of continuous and efficient service. Mr. Poole was a life member of the A. L. A., having joined the association in 1876; he was an active worker in all library matters, and a familiar figure at library gatherings. He was twice president of the New York Library Club, and in September, 1894, was elected president of the New York (State) Library Association for 1894-95. He was of quiet tastes, unassuming manners, deeply interested in the development of the organization he had served so long, and his sudden death will come as a shock to his many friends and to the members of the A. L. A. and the various library associations with which he was so long identified. Mr. Poole had made a special study of old biblical manuscripts and was well-informed on library topics. He was a frequent contributor to the JOURNAL, and had also written for religious periodicals. He married nearly 25 years ago Miss Frances Emerson Haskins, daughter of William Haskins, of Providence, R. I., who died in December, 1894, after a prolonged illness. He is survived by an unmarried daughter.

SPERRY, Miss Helen, has been appointed librarian of the Carnegie Free Library, Braddock, Pa., succeeding Mr. E. H. Anderson. Miss Sperry is a graduate of the New York Library School (class of '94), and since August, 1894, has been first assistant in the Braddock library, of which she is now made librarian. From 1883 to 1892 she was assistant at the Bronson Library, Waterbury, Ct.

STEINER, Bernard C., librarian of the Enoch Pratt Free Library of Baltimore, has written a "History of education in Maryland," which is published by the U. S. Bureau of Education, in the series of "Contributions to American educational history," edited by Herbert B. Adams.

Cataloging and Classification.

Subject cata

ABERDEEN (Scotl.) UNIVERSITY. loging in the library. Aberdeen, University Press, 1895. 16 p. O.

A scheme of the subject classification proposed for the university library, prepared for the inspection of specialists and others interested, who are asked to give suggestions and advice as to the classification of books in their special fields. It is desired, in this way, "to carry the classification in the subject catalog to the degree of minuteness recognized by specialists in each department as most helpful in the study of that department." The decimal classification, with some modifications, is the one adopted.

CALIFORNIA STATE L. Catalogue of state publications, 1850 to July, 1894 (p. 32–72 rpt. of librarian, 44th and 45th fiscal years, 1892 – 1894).

This list is a useful addition to the scanty existing bibliography of state publications. It covers only the collection contained in the library, and comprises 728 separate issues. The catalog proper is arranged alphabetically, grouping publications under subject or author, "according to a purely arbitrary system adopted as a matter of convenience." Each entry has a consecutive marginal number. Following this is a careful index, referring to the marginal numbers of the main list, giving author, subject, and title entries, and facilitating the easy and ready consultation of the catalog.

CINCINNATI (0.) P. L. Bulletin of books added during the year 1894. Cincinnati, 1895. 110 p. F.

The four quarterly bulletins of the year bound in one volume, with index of authors appended.

DENVER (Col.) P. L. has issued a brief list (31 titles) relating to "Cliff dwellers: books and articles about them," compiled by Hyla Long.

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devotes its usual special reading lists to "Ancient Rome" and 'Ancient Greece." The former is classed under bibliography, history, biography, geography, religion, etc., with appropriate subdivisions; and the latter contains general works and poetry, fiction and drama relating to the subject.

SCRANTON (Pa.) P. L. Bulletin no. 1: additions from Sept., 1894, to Feb., 1895. 12 p. O. Printed by the linotype. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, Washington, D. C. List of publications of the Smithsonian Institution for sale and exchange. Washington, D. C., 1894.

A classed subject list of those issues in the Contributions to Knowledge and Miscellaneous Collections that are available for sale or exchange. Author entries are given, and in most cases the price of the publication is noted.

The SPRINGFIELD (Mass.) L. BULLETIN for February has a short biographical sketch of A. Conan Doyle, and a list of Dr. Doyle's books contained in the library. WATERTOWN (Mass.) F. P. L.

13th supplement to catalogue of 1881. 1895. 26 p. O.

An author and title finding list of the additions made to the library during 1894.


The following are supplied by Harvard College Library. Barrett, Joseph Osgood (The forest tree planter's manual);

Fonda, Arthur I: (Honest money);

tingen, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1894. I50 p. 8°, 1.40 m.

BRADFORD, T: Lindsley. The life and letters of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Phila., Boericke & Tafel, 1895. c. '94. 7+513 p. por. O. cl., net, $2.50; hf. mor., net, $3.50.

Contains an 8-p. bibliography of Hahnemann's writings.

CALL, R: Ellsworth. The life and writings of Rafinesque. Louisville, J: P. Morton & Co., 1895. 228 p. F. (Filson Club publications, no. 10.) $2.50.

A full chronological bibliography of Rafinesque's works covers p. 135-208; p. 209-214 contain "Bibliotheca Rafinesquiana," giving titles of books about Rafinesque

COWAN, H: Landmarks of church history to the Reformation. N. Y., A. D. F. Randolph & Co., [1895.] 8+152 p. T. (Guild text-books.) pap., 30 c.

There is a 2-page bibliography. DULLES, Jos. H., (comp.) McCosh bibliography: a list of the published writings of Rev. James McCosh, ex-president of Princeton College. Reprinted from the Princeton College Bulletin, v. 7, no. 1, March, 1895. 10 p. O.

The compiler is librarian of Princeton Theological Seminary. The list is arranged chronologically, including books, papers read before learned societies, articles contributed to periodicals, pamphlets, and the most important of Dr.

Jaynes, Mrs. H.. Neil (Lessons on the life of McCosh's contributions to the religious press; Jesus; by Mrs. Julian Clifford Jaynes); Loree, Leonor Fresnel (Track);

Owen, Orville Ward (Sir Francis Bacon's cipher story discovered and deciphered);

Purdy, Corydon Tyler (The steel construction of buildings);

Saffell, W: T: Roberts (Records of the revolutionary war);

Schroeder, Seaton, and Southerland, W: H: Hudson


Azimuth tables.

titles of books are in small capitals and when possible full imprint data is given. About 170 titles are recorded.

FOSTER, L. S. A consideration of some ornithological literature, with extracts from current criticism. I., 1876 to 1883. (Extracted from Abstract of the proceedings of the Linnæan Society of New York, no. 6. 1894, p. 47-99.) N. Y., 1894. 53 p. O.

A list of the principal books on birds published from 1876 to 1883, arranged under years alphabetically by authors, with notes condensed from reviews in the bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club and its successor, The Auk. The publication is a model bibliography of the sub8:ject, compiled upon the lines suggested by Mr. The initials of the authors of the reviews & Iles. are appended to the notes. A second part covering the period 1884 to 1893 is promised. G. M. J.

BIBLIOGRAPHIE, Orientalische, begründet von
Aug. Müller, bearbeitet von L. Scherman,
herausgegeben von E. Kuhn. Jahrgang
1894. 1. Halbjahrsheft. Berlin, Reuther
Reichard. 135 S. 8°. Subs., 10 m.
BIBLIOTHECA THEOLOGICA oder vierteljährliche
systematische Bibliographie aller auf dem
Gebiete der (wissenschaftlichen) evangelischen
Theologie in Deutschland und dem Auslande
neu erschienenen Schriften und wichtigeren
Zeitschriften-Aufsätze. Herausgegeben von
G. Ruprecht. Jahrgang 47 (Neue Folge
Jahrg. 9), Heft 1: Januar-März 1894. Göt- | journals.

GRISWOLD, W: M. A descriptive list of novels and tales dealing with ancient history: pt. 1: Ancient life. Cambridge, Mass., W: M. Griswold, 1895. 51 p. O. pap., 50 c.

Comprises some 125 titles, accompanied by full descriptive notes, taken from leading critical

GOULD, G: M. Illustrated dictionary of medicine, biology, and allied sciences, incl. pronunciation, accentuation, derivation, and definition of terms used in medicine, anatomy, surgery, obstetrics... psychology, climatology, etc., and the various sciences closely allied to medicine as bacteriology, parasitology. . . dentistry, pharmacy, chemistry, etc., based upon recent scientific literature. Phil., P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1894. C. 16+1633 p. il. Q. shp. and hf. mor., $10; hf. rus. with thumb index, $12.

HARVARD UNIV. L. Bibliographical contributions, no. 48. Bibliography of the historical literature of North Carolina, by Stephen Weeks. Cambridge, 1895. 78 p. O.

Though Mr. Weeks modestly characterizes his work as "nothing more than a preliminary catalog," it is a comprehensive as well as an interesting bibliography. Almost every entry is annotated, imprint data is fully given, and the subject is broadly interpreted, so as to include books, pamphlets, and broadsides of even slight historical significance.

Bibliographical contributions, no. 50. An analysis of the early records of Harvard College, 1636-1750, by Andrew McFarland Davis. Cambridge, 1895. 22 p. O.

A summary of the various records contained in the old "college-books" of Harvard from its organization to 1750.

LANSDELL, H: Chinese Central Asia: a ride to little Tibet. N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1894 [1895.] 2 v. 40+456 p.; 16+512 p. map, il. O. cl., $5.

Appendix B contains a chronologically arranged bibliography of Chinese Central Asia (33 p.).

LEGRAND, E. Bibliographie hellénique, ou de

scription raisonnée des ouvrages publiés par les Grecs au XVIIe siècle. v. 3. Paris, A. Picard & fils, 1894. 16+564 p. 8°; subs. for the 4 v., 75 fr. OTTINO, G., and FUMAGALLI, G. Bibliotheca bibliographica Italica: catologo degli scutti di bibliologia, bibliografia e biblioteconomia pubblicati in Italia e di quella risguardanti l'Italia pubblicati all'estero. V. 2 (supplement.) Turin, C. Clausen, 1895. 242 p. O. 15 lire.

teconomia, literature relating to Italian libraries, public and private. A full index is appended. PAULSEN, F: The German universities: their character and historical development; authorized tr. by E: Delevan Perry; introd. by N. M. Butler. N. Y., Macmillan, 1895. c.'94. 31+ 254 p. D. cl., $2.

There is a 6-p. bibliography of "works dealing with German universities.'

REEVES, Jesse Siddall. The international beginnings of the Congo Free State. Balt., Johns Hopkins Press, [1895.] 3-106 p. O. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies, nos. II and 12.) pap., 50 c.

There is a 5-p. bibliography of the subject.

Anonyms and Pseudonyms.

"Prairiedom rambles and scrambles in Texas, etc. By a Suthron," N. Y., 1845, was written by Frederic Benjamin Page, (b. 1798, d. 1857; A.B. Bowdoin 1818, M.D. Harvard 1821). G: T. LITTle.

Thymol Monk, said to be ps. of Miss Mary Belcher, in the novel, "An altar of earth," pub. in 1894. —Pub. Weekly, Feb. 9.

Veglie del prior LUCA, Firenze, 1860-68. This most remarkable series of political pamphlets of the century was written by Stanislao Bianciardi. I entered the series under the pseudonym in the Marsh Catalogue.-H. L. KOOP

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Club, Miss Louise Stockton, asks us to state THE director of the Round Robin Reading

that a series of long-continued robberies of the The first volume was published in 1889; the mail recently discovered has very seriously present one continues the previous scheme of affected her correspondence. Letters of inquiry, classification and arrangement, covering three money orders, and replies to correspondents, divisions: 1, Bibliologia, publications relating and possibly letters of complaint, have been to Italian printing and related arts; 2, Biblio- lost. Miss Stockton would be greatly obliged if grafia, books by Italian writers and classed any of our readers whose letters remain unbibliographies of Italian books in the various answered would write again, addressing her branches of art, science, and literature; 3, Biblio- | 4213 Chester avenue, Philadelphia.

HE system which we are now introducing, is somewhat different from our Adjustable BookShelving, already so well known, the principal features being, that each shelf is Absolutely Adjustable and the space occupied between divisions is brought to a minimum, so that the shelving may be said to be continuous from one end of stack to the other. The shelves can be adjusted and additional shelves added at any point of the Standard, without the removal or disturbing of books already in position. Although this system throughout is constructed of Iron and Steel, wood shelves are frequently preferred; they occupy no more space and are less expensive than steel. Either Wood or Steel shelving may be used, as desired. In comparing the cost of our systems, with wooden cases, it will be found favorable when durability, light, space, and increase of shelving capacity is considered. Special designs with estimates involving the use of our Stikeman Patents, will be furnished. on application.

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