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Cataloging and Classification.

AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, Publishing Section. List of books for girls and women and their clubs; ed. by Augusta H. Leypoldt and George Iles. Part 2: Biography, by

assistant librarians of the New York Free Circulating Library; History, by Reuben G. Thwaites; Travel, by Miss A. R. Hasse; Literature-poetry, essays, and criticism, by G. Mercer Adam; Folk-lore, by Stewart Culin. Bost., Library Bureau, 1895. 154 p. Tt.


Part 3: Fine art, by Russell Sturgis; Music, by H: E. Krehbiel. Bost., Library Bureau, 1895. 54 p. Tt. IO C. Cleveland (0.) P. L.

The open shelf: being a list of books added to the library, AprilJune, 1895. 64 p. O.

The full classed list contains the usual brief

annotations; there are also a list of "books on chemistry" (29 titles), an account of the Carnegie Library of Allegheny, and a short article on "The use of books," by Linda A. Eastman.

COTGREAVE, A., librarian of the West Ham (Eng.) Public Libraries, announces the preparation of a "Subject index of general literature contained in the Canning Town Public Library," of which he has issued sample pages. The index, which is somewhat on the order of the A. L. A. index, is to be a key, not to the books in the department of general literature, but to the contents of the books, indexing, besides separate articles or essays in composite books, special descriptions of individual subjects in single narratives or comprehensive works; the entries will include numerous biographical and historical notes. The index will appear in some 20 parts, and will, it is thought, contain about 20,000 references; it will be sold by subscription in two editions at five or seven shillings respectively.

FOSTER'S MONTHLY REFERENCE LISTS (in Providence P. L. Bulletin) for August cover "Thomas Henry Huxley" and "Marine life," with the fulness and careful accuracy which are their usual characteristics. The value of these lists is too well known to require comment; they are the best examples of what can be done in this line of bibliographical work. HOBOKEN (N. J.) P. L. Alphabetical catalog: authors, titles, and subjects. August, 1895. 321 p. O.

A good short-title dictionary catalog, with Dewey class and Cutter author numbers, evidently modelled upon the catalog of the Jersey City P. L. A supplementary list of 16 pages gives later additions. The 5-p. list of pseudonyms appended includes a large proportion of writers who are nowhere else entered in the

catalog; which is, to say the least, confusing. Heavy-face type is used for catch-words and authors' names, and the volume is neatly and clearly printed on white paper. Prefaced by extracts from the rules and regulations, an historical sketch of the library, and brief explanations and directions for use.

The Library Newsletter (Osterhout F. L.) for August devotes four pages to an article citing interesting books on "Nature study." N. Y. STATE L. BULLETIN. Additions No. 2, November, 1894: subject index of law additions from 1 January, 1883, to 31 December, 1893. Albany, 1894. 509 p. O. 35c.

the state law library, compiled by S. B. Griswold A supplement to the valuable subject index to in 1882. The supplement, also prepared by Mr. Griswold, follows the form of the original index without modification. Subjects are arranged and besides law-books proper many important alphabetically, with abundant cross-references, published trials are included, as well as references to leading articles in 477 v. of American, English, Irish, Scotch, and Canadian law periodicals.

NOTTINGHAM (Eng.) CENTRAL F. P. Lending L. Class-list of science; with an index of subjects and author; comp. by J. Potter Briscoe, public librarian, and Thomas Dent, sub-librarian. Nottingham, August, 1895. 28 p. O. 2d.

volumes of magazines, periodicals, composite A detailed list, giving full contents of bound books, etc. Title-a-line entries; dates are gen

erally noted, and authors' initials only are given. The author and subject index covers five pages.

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The PORTLAND (Ore.) L. A., publishes in the August issue of Our Library the first of four Oregon check lists," containing about 200 titles and including, as far as possible, "everything on the subject published down to the end of 1850." Publications that the library does not possess are marked "wanted." An appeal is also made for contributions of local matters.

The SALEM (Mass.) P. L. BULLETIN devotes its August "Special reading lists" to "Early New England life" and "Useful books for women" subjects that are well and interestingly covered.

The SPRINGFIELD (Mass.) L. BULLETIN for July has a short " Suggestive reading list for freshman class," citing some of the best literature in poetry, fiction, and essays.

U. S. Gov. PRINTING OFFICE. Division of documents. Monthly catalogue of publications issued by the Government of the U. S. nos. 1-3. Jan.- March, 1895. D.

The first numbers of the monthly catalog provided for by the new public documents law. (See p. 301).


"ABNORMAL Woman," Arthur MacDonald's latest contribution to the literature of criminology and sociologic investigation, contains a 4-p. bibliography of the subject. (Washington, A. MacDonald, 1895. $1.25.)

BERALDI, H. La reliure du xixe siècle 2e partie. Paris, Conquet, 1895. 239 p. il. 4°. BIBLIOTHECA Philologica classica. Verzeichniss der auf dem gebiete der classischen. Alterthumwissenschaft erschienenen bucher zeitschriften, dissertationen, program-Abhandlungen, aufsatze in zeitschriften und recensionen. Beiblatt zum jahresbericht über die fortschritte der classischen alterthumswissenschaft. Jahrgang 22, 1895. (4. hefte.) Berlin, S. Calvary & Co., 8°. 6 m.

BJORNSON, Bjornstjerne, is the subject of a bibliography, compiled by W: C. Carpenter, in the Bookman for August-September (p. 62-68); it gives biographical particulars as well as a chronological record of his writings, and is illustrated by a portrait.

BREUL, K. Bibliographical guide to the study of the German language and literature. Paris, Hachette, 1895.

HOEPLI, Ulr. Bibliotheca historica italica: centesimo catalogo della libreria antiquaria di U. Hoepli; opere antiche e moderne sulla storia civile, militare, religiosa, artistica e letteraria d'Italia. Parte 1, Storia generale; parte 2, Storia regionale e municipale; appendice 1a, Statuti; appendice 2a, Bibliotheca Sabauda. Milan, U. Hoepli, 1895. 496+56 p. O.

HYPNOTISM is the subject of a brief bibliography covering p. 265-270 of R. H. Vincent's "Elements of hypnotism." (N. Y., Scribner, 1895, D. $1.75.)

JACOB, A. Notes sur les manuscrits grecs palimpsestes de la Bibl. Nationale. Paris, E. Leroux, 1895. 14 p. 8°.


JADART, H. Les débuts de l'imprimerie à Reims et les marques des premiers imprimeurs (1550-1560). Paris, A. Claudin, 1895. 10 fr. LOMBROSO, A. Saggio di una bibliografia ragionata per servire alla storia dell'epoca napoleonica. Fasc. 4. Rome, Modes & Mendel, 1895. 148 p. 8°.

Part 4 covers authors in Be- Ben; among the most important notices are those devoted to Beauchamp, Beauharnais, Benedetti, etc.; errata and additions for parts 3 and 4 are included. LUNDSTEDT, B. Sveriges periodiska litteratur: bibliografi. v. I, 1645-1812. Stockholm, 1895. 8°, 178 p. 6 m.

A careful chronological list; part 2, covering the literature from 1812, is in preparation.

SOCIALISM. An excellent bibliography of socialism is contained in W. Dwight Porter Bliss's "Handbook of Socialism," recently imported by Scribners. (N. Y., Scribner, 1895. $1.25.) VICAIRE, G. Manuel de l'amateur de livres du xixe siècle, 1801-1893: éditions originales; ouvrages ou périodiques illustrés; romantiques; réimpressions critique de textes anciens on classiques; bibliothèques et collections diverse; publications des Sociétés de Bibliophiles de Paris et des départements; curiosités bibliographique. Tome 2, fasc. I. Paris, A. Rouquette, 1895. 192 p. 8°. 2.50 fr.

"Since the issue of Brunet's invaluable ' Manuel du libraire et de l'amateur de livres' in six volumes (1860-65), and its supplement in two volumes (1870-80), no more valuable guide to French literature has been published. It includes a record of original editions, illustrated works, works issued in parts and serially, fiction, new issue of old or classic texts, libraries and collections of a miscellaneous character, publications of the societies of bibliophiles in Paris and the departments of France, bibliographical curiosities, etc. The work is as exhaustive as it has been possible to make it, and includes every imaginable bibliographical detail, even to the description of the color of the original wrappers in which a work may have been published. The first volume covers the letters A-B. The concluding volume will contain a comprehensive author and subject index to the whole work."Pub. Weekly.

WEGWEISER für die elektrotechnische fachliteratur. Schlagwortkatalog der bucher und lehrschriften für elektrotechnik und verwandte gebiete. Leipzig, Hachmeister & Thal, 1895. 52 p. 8°. 50 m.


D. Van Nostrand Co., N. Y. Library Journal, August, 1891.



sistant capable of taking charge of the deliverydesk, and willing to perform such other duties as may be required from time to time. Salary $1000. Must have a executive capacity. State age, where educated, previknowledge of literature, training in library work, and ous experience, reference, and special qualifications of any kind, and enclose copy of testimonials. Address LIBRARIAN, Office of the LIBRARY JOURNAL.

SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED.-A position as librarian, by a woman having four years' practical experience in library work. Competent to take charge. Address D., care of LIBRARY JOURNAL.

CATALOGUING: private or public libraries, publishers' or sale lists, by a graduate of Pratt Institute having library acquaintance with French, German, Italian, and Latin. CATALOGER, care LIBRARY JOURNAL.


London Agency for American Libraries,




EDW. G. ALLEN devotes himself entirely to library business. His long experience enables him to execute the orders of correspondents promptly, cheaply, and with thorough efficiency. His connection with all the Book Dealers in the United Kingdom gives him the command of the British Book Market, and qualifies him to serve his customers with special advantage, and to bring promptly under their notice all the stores of Literature, old and new, on sale in Great Britain.

Books Supplied at a Small Commission on the Cost Price, with the usual Trade deductions, and forwarded by the quickest and cheapest routes. Second-hand Catalogues by early Mails, and no Commission charged on Orders from them. Periodicals and Newspapers Posted Promptly.

No expensive sub-agencies at home or abroad. Foreign books on easy terms

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Cheap and Durable for Circulating Libraries. Specially Strong for Books of Reference. Superlor
Style for Works of Art. Imitation Antique for Rare Old Books. Calf Extra in Every Variety.
Best Half-Binding for General Library Use. Pamphlets Bound at Cheap Rates.
Books In Law Calf. Cheap Binding In Cloth. Hard-Grained Roan, etc. Dilapl-
dated Binding_Neatly_Repaired. Deficiencies of Rare Books Supplied In
Exact Fac-8imile. Library Stamps to Order.

We have been, for the last twenty years, personally cognizant of Mr. Allen's faitnfulness to the interests of his American customers. When a resident in Washington, ten years ago, we found that the immense Congressional Library largely supplied its shelves through Mr. Allen's London Agency. Many of the extensive libraries belonging to the Universities and Colleges in the East have also secured their Foreign Books from the same source, and we have heard from the officers of these Institutions frequent testimony to the scrupulous exactness with which their orders were always filled.

"We cannot, therefore, do a greater service to the Colleges and Universities of the West, to which these presents shall come, than to advise that they employ this inexpensive agency for replenishing their Libraries with English Books."-President WELCH, Iowa State Agricultural College.

"No better indorsement of Mr. Allen's Agency is possible than the list of leading libraries that continue to use it. For 30 years, strict integrity and unexcelled facilities have held the oid and made new patrons. The very large business built up demands only a small commission instead of the customary 10 per cent. A library can safely entrust all its London orders to Mr. Allen without getting other estimates and feel sure that it is not making a mistake."-MELVIL DEWEY, State Library, New York.

Edw. G. Allen's American Library Agency,



SPECIAL terms for large orders.

Without question the most perfect trade bibliography with which we are acquainted."-London Bookseller.


The American Catalogue


The new volume of THE AMERICAN CAtalogue covers the period July 1, 1890, to June 30, 1895. It will be in two divisions, of which the first contains the author-and-title alphabet, and the second the subject alphabet, lists of government and state publications, publications of societies, books in series, etc. It will be delivered, if desired, in parts as ready.

Price, $12.50 in sheets; and $15 in half morocco binding. ($10 in sheets; $12.50 in half morocco, to subscribers paying in advance of publication.) The edition is 1250 copies only, and there will be no reissue.

8 8

"There is scarcely a bookseller in the coun

try who would hesitate a moment to expend twenty-
five dollars in advertising his stock; ought he hesi-
tate a moment about an expenditure that would
enable him to sell hundreds of dollars' worth of
books in a year? Such an investment would also
purchase for him a reputation among his customers
for intelligence and trade knowledge that would pay
him five times over."-A. D. F. RANDOLPH.

This work is indispensable to the bookstore or library.

59 DUANE STREET (P. O Box 943), N. Y.

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Are the Standard Liquid Drawing Inks of the World.

They are used and endorsed by the leading Schools, Colleges and InstiThree-fourths of the professional draughtsmen of this country use no other drawing ink.

Jo. Pennell says of the Black Ink: "There is no ink equal to it for half a dozen reasons. From the time you open the bottle until you have put all its contents on paper you have no reason to find fault with it.'

A. B. Frost says: "I use a great deal of it, and it is certainly the best." BLACKS.-Two kinds : Waterproof, white label (insoluble when dry); and General, red label (soluble).

Green, Orange, Brown, Indigo, Violet.

COLORS.-Carmine, Scarlet, Vermilion, Brick Red, Blue, Yellow,

(Bottles by mail, prepaid, thirty-five cents each. Color Card showing actual inks free.) HICCINS' PHOTO MOUNTER.

The new adhesive for mounting photographs, etc., tissue and scrapbook work, and general use as a substitute for mucilage, over which it has many advantages due to its superiority and economy in use. Not a starch or flour paste, but a Vegetable Glue, semi-fluid, of soft and unctuous consistency, pure white color, and free from lumps. Perfectly homogeneous, and hence the water never separates from the pulp, leaving the latter to shrivel up, as occurs in all common pastes. Spreads smoothly and uniformly, adheres at once and dries quickly. Will not warp, cockle nor strike through, nor change the tone nor injure mounts. Requires no preparation-always ready for use.



(3 oz. jar, prepaid by mail, for thirty cents.)

CHAS. M. HIGGINS & CO., Mfrs., 170 Eighth St., Brooklyn, N. Y., U.S.A.


JOHN MURPHY & CO.'S New Books.

AGNOSTICISM AND RELIGION. By Rev. GEORGE J. LUCAS, of the Catholic University of America. An examination of Spencer's "Religion of the Unknowable." Preceded by an exhaustive History of Agnosticism from Xenophanes to Spencer. One volume, octavo, cloth, $1.25.

"The author appeals for a union of Catholic and Protestant teachers, especially in our colleges, against erroneous scientific doctrines directed against the common citadel of all religion."-Baltimore Sun. BIBLE, SCIENCE, AND FAITH.

By Rev. J. A. ZAHM, C.S.C., Professor of Physics in the University of Notre Dame, Ind. The book includes his famous lectures delivered at the Catholic Summer School on the Antiquity of Man, Religion and Science, The Biblical Deluge, etc., and his papers on the "Mosaic Hexaemeron and the "Mosaic Account of the Creation," treated in the light of modern science. One vol., 12mo, cloth, $1.25, net.

"Professor J. A. Zahm, C.S.C., of the University of Notre Dame, who is probably the foremost authority on science in the American Catholic Church, has been honored by the Pope with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy."-New York Tribune.


A Study of the Cause of Variation, and the Origin of Living Organisms. By W. K. BROOKS. One vol., 12mo, cloth, $2.00.


or, The Spirit and Beauty of the Christian Religion. By VISCOUNT DE CHATAUBRIAND. With a biography of the author by Rev. Chas. I. White, D.D. One vol. 12mo, cloth, 763 pp., $2.50.

Bishop Spalding's Works.

A series of lectures exhibiting in a plain, straightfor
ward manner the principal evidences of the church.
One vol., royal octavo, extra cloth, $3.00.


Reviewing D'Aubigné. Menzel, Hallam, Prescott,
Ranke, etc. One vol., royal octavo, extra cloth, $3.50.

Comprising Reviews, Lectures, and Essays on Historical, Theological, and Miscellaneous Subjects. One vol., royal octavo, extra cloth, $3.50.

Cardinal Gibbons' Works.

A Plain Exposition and Vindication of the Church
Founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ. 16mo, cloth, $1.00;
paper, 50 cents.

A book for to-day and for all time. 1amo, cloth, $1.00;
cloth gilt, $1.50; morocco gilt, padded, $3.50, net.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United
States. By SAMUEL TYLER, LL.D. One vol., octavo,
sheep, $5.00.


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