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Bibliographical Publications.


AMERICAN CATALOGUE, 1890-1895. Sheets, $12.50; half morocco, $15.00. ($10 in sheets, and $12.50 in half morocco to subscribers paying in advance of publication.) In preparation.

PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY. Established in 1872, with which was incorporated the American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular (established in 1852), by purchase from Mr. George W. Childs. Recognized as the representative of the publishing and bookselling interests in the United States. Contains full weekly record of American publications, with monthly indexes, etc. Subscription, $3.00 per annum, postpaid; single nos., to cts., postpaid.

THE LITERARY NEWS. An Eclectic Review of Current Literature. Published monthly, and containing the freshest news concerning books and authors; lists of new publications; reviews and critical comments; characteristic extracts; sketches and anecdotes of authors; courses of reading; bibliographical references; prominent topics of the magazines; portraits of authors, and illustrations from the newest books, etc., etc. Subscription, $1.00 per annum, postpaid; single nos., 10 cts.

THE AMERICAN CATALOGUE of books in print and for sale (including reprints and importations) July 1, 1876. Compiled (under the direction of F. LEYPOLDT) by LYNDS E. JONES. Subject-volume, 4to, half morocco, $15.00. [Author-and-title volume is out of print.]

THE AMERICAN CATALOGUE, 18761884. Books recorded (including reprints and importations) July 1, 1876-June 30, 1884. Compiled, under the editorial direction of R. R. BOWKER, by Miss A. I. APPLETON. 4to, half morocco. [Out of print.]

AMERICAN CATALOGUE, 1884-90. Compiled, under the editorial direction of R. R. BOWKER, by Miss A. I. APPLETON and others. 4to, half leather, $15.00.

THE ANNUAL AMERICAN CATALOGUE. Being the full titles, with descriptive notes, of all books recorded in THE PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY during the calendar year, with author, and subject index, publishers' annual lists and directory of publishers. Published annually since 1886. 8vo, net, sheets, $3.00; half morocco, $3.50.

P. O. Box 943.


ing Periodicals, American and English Essays, BookChapters, etc., Special Bibliographies and Necrology of Authors. Edited by W. 1. FLETCHER and R. R. Bow. KER, with the co-operation of members of the American Library Association and of the Library Journal staff. 8°, cloth, $3.50.

THE PUBLISHERS' TRADE LIST ANNUAL. Large 8vo, with "Duplex Index," met. $2.00. Contains: The latest CATALOGUES OF AMERICAN PUBLISHERS, Contributed by themselves and arranged alphabetically by the firm-names and smaller lists at the end of the volume. These Lists, all bound in one volume, present in their combination so convenient and time-saving a working-tool as to make it indispensable to every one who has any interest in the purchase or sale of books.

THE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE includes a price-list of all the text books in use in the United States, arranged alphabeticaly by author's or editor's name, and a detailed subjectindex, referring from each specific subject to authors of books on that subject. 8vo, leatherette, 50 cts.

THE ENGLISH CATALOGUE [Annual] containing a complete list of all the books published in Great Britain and Ireland in the calendar year, with index to subjects. A continuation of the London and British Catalogues. [London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co.] 8vo, paper, net, $1.50. THE ENGLISH CATA LOGUE and THE ANNUAL AMERICAN CATALOGUE bound in one volume, half leather, $5.00.


a handbook of practical hints for the apprentice and bookseller. By A. GROWOLL, managing editor of THE PUBLISHERS' WEEKLY and author of "A Bookseller's Library." Pt. 1, 80, bds., $2.00. Pt. 2, 8°, bds., $2.00. (Concluding part in preparation.)


59 Duane Street, New York.




Having extensive experience in supplying PUBLIC LIBRARIES, MUSEUMS, GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS, etc., at Home and Abroad, with Miscellaneous Requisites, Books (New and Second-hand), or Periodicals in all Languages, offer their Services to LIBRARIANS, SECRETARIES, AND OTHERS. Careful attention given to every detail. Exceptional Facilities for obtaining Foreign and Scarce Books. BINDING of Every Description UnderTAKEN. Periodicals and Newspapers Promptly Supplied as issued. Books Shipped to all parts of the World at Lowest Rates.


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5 and 7 East Sixteenth Street, New York,

MAKE a specialty of supplying public, private, and school LIBRARIES, for which

they have exceptional facilities through their connection with many of the largest houses as special agents, and by carrying the stock of all American Publishers.

Telegraphie Address H. SOTHERAN & CO.,


They are pleased to give estimates at lowest rates on lists of proposed purchases, and solicit correspondence with Librarians and other bookbuyers.

This house is characterized by its Promptness, Carefulness, and Low Prices.

There will be sent to any address on application a topically arranged General Library List selected from the books of all publishers.

Code in Use:


Booksellers, Bookbinders, and Publishers, and General Agents in Europe for Private Bookbuyers and Public Institutions in America.

With exceptionally long experience in Library Agency, they can promise the best care, diligence, and discretion in everything relating to it, and in small matters as well as great. Established 1816.

A Monthly Catalogue of Second-Hand Books. Specimen Number post free. 140 Strand, W. C., and 37 Piccadilly, W.: London.






GUSTAV E. STECHERT Purchasing Agent for Colleges & Libraries



begs to call attention to his facilities for obtaining FOREIGN BOOKS and PERIODICALS at more economical rates THAN ANY OTHER HOUSE IN AMERICA OR EUROPE can offer, because:

He employs no Commission Agents, but has his own offices and
clerks at London, Paris and Leipzig. He has open accounts
with all the leading publishing houses in the world.

His experience enables him to give information at once about
rare and scarce books.

He receives weekly shipments from England, France and Germany, and
can thereby fill orders in quicker time.



"Mr. Stechert has for years furnished this Library with most of its periodicals and European books, and has bought for many thousand volumes. Mr. Stechert's success is due to his constant personal attention to the business, and the reasonable terms he is able to offer. I consider a New York agent far preferable to reliance on foreign agents alone.”

GEO. H. BAKER, Librarian of Columbia College, New York

"Seven years ago, in reorganizing the Columbia College library, I spent much time in trying to discover how to get our foreign books and periodicals with the least delay, trouble and expense. The result of the comparison of three methods, viz: ordering direct from foreign dealers, ordering through one agent in London, or ordering through one agent in New York showed us that it was to our advantage to give Mr. Stechert all our foreign orders, as he delivered in the library in a single package and with a single bill at as low cost as we were able with vastly greater trouble, to get a half dozen different packages in different bills from different places. In reorganizing the New York State Library, I opened the whole question anew, and the result of the comparison was the same as before, and we find that the library gets most for the time and money expended by taking advantage of Mr. Stechert's long experience, and the careful personal attention which he gives to our orders.'

MELVIL Dewey, Director of N. Y. State Library, Albany, N. Y.

"Mr. G. E. Stechert of New York has served us with fidelity in procuring English, French and German books, both new and second hand and also periodicals. His terins are more reasonable than any others that have come to our notice, while he has always guarded our interests very carefully. We find it a great convenience to have one agency in New York, represented by branches in different European countries."

Prof. ARTHUR H. PALMER, Librarian of Adelbert College, Cleveland, O.

"Your methods and facilities for doing business, as I have examined them here as well as at the Leipzig and London ends, seem to me admirably progressive and thoroughly live. I deal with you because I judge it for the advantage of this library to do so. If I did not, I should not. Up to date I am unable to find a method which is, all things included, so economical of time and money as dealing through you.' ERNEST C. RICHARDSON, Librarian of College of New Jersey, Princeton, N. J.

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"Our library committee speaks in the highest terms of your services. You have not only saved us many dollars, but have mown an intelligent appreciation of our wants for which we thank you.

A. 8. COLLINS, Act. Librarian of Reynolds Library, Rochester, N. P.



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LIBRARY JOURNAL, v. 20. JAN.-DEC., 1895.

The colon after an initial of a given name means that it is the most common name beginning with that initial,
e.g., A: means Augustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; D: David; E: Edward; F: Frederick; G: George; H: Henry;
I: Isaac; J: John; K: Karl; L: Louis; M: Mark; N: Nicholas; O: Otto; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T:
Thomas; V: Victor; W: William; C.. Charlotte; E.. Elizabeth; F.. Fanny; G.. Grace; H.. Helen; J.. Jane; K..
Katharine, Kate; L.. Louisa; M.. Mary; S.. Sarah; V.. Victoria.

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.

Abbott, S: A. B., retirement from
Bost. P. L., 197–198, 221.
Abbott Memorial L., Dexter, Me.,
presentation of, 59; dedicated July
2, description of bldg., 285.
Abell, Mrs. M. E., C100.
Aberdeen (Scotl.) P. L., 102.
Aberdeen (Scotl.) Univ. L., scheme
of subject cataloging, 140.
Abnormal man, bibl. of (McDonald),


Abnormal woman, bibl. of (Mc-
Donald), 328.

Access to shelves (Brown), 9-12; in
Clerkenwell (Eng.) P. L. (Brown),
51-54, 138-139; results of, in Minne-
apolis P. L., 60-61, 218; in Newark
P. L., 61; in Bournemouth (Eng)
P. L., 103; dicussion on (Central
Cal. L. A.), 177; in Millicent L., Fair-
haven, Mass., 216; in Boston P. L.,
249; in Manchester (N. H.) City L.,
250; Springfield (O.) P. L., 253; in
Long Island Hist. L. (Tuttle), 392.
Adams, Amos F., gift of lib. to
Chelmsford, Mass, 216.
Adams, Emma Louise. Work ac-
complished by State L. organiza-
tions, 380-381; Treas. N. J. L.
Assoc., 390.
Adams (Mass.) P. L., new building
for, 57:
Adaptation of libraries to local needs
(Peck), 21, 45-48.
Adler, Dr. Cyrus, vice-pres. Wash.
L. Assoc., 26.

Advertising a library (Dana), 88.
Aeronautics, bibl. of (Means), 105;
(Kühl), 256.

Agriculture, list of books on (Lan-
caster Town L.), 35.

Aguilar F. L., N. Y. City, 100; fiction
list, 104; list of biography, 186; re-
moval of branch, 219.

Ahern, M.. E., removal, 3, 66; Pres.
Indiana L. Assoc., 25, C100.
Alameda (Cal.) P. L., access to shelves
at, 177:

Albion (N. Y.) P. L., 28.
Albright Memorial L., see Scranton
(Pa.) P. L.

Allan, Blanche A., resigned from
Omaha P. L., 406.

Allan, Jessie, 34; 1st vice-pres. Ne-
braska L. Assoc., 211; death of, 338;
obituary, 361.
Allen, C: Dexter, American book-
plates, 36.
Allen, Letitia S., Croo.
Alsace, manuscrits allemands de la
Bibl. Nationale relatifs à l'histoire
de l'Alsace (Pfister), 106.
Amer. L. Assoc., Denver conference,
30, 89, 206-207, 211, 234; final an-

nouncement, 245; international con-
ference of A. L. A. and L. A. U. K.,
175; badge, 207; 17th conference,
transactions of executive board
(Elmendorf), 311-320: 18th confer-
ence, Cleveland (O.), 387-389; officers
and organization for 1895, 96, 373,
387, 389; European post-conference
trip, circular of, 389; executive
board, 389; conference at Cleve-
land, 1896, 387; Denver confer-
ence, Pres. Utley's address, Cr;
Sec. annual rpt., not prepared,
owing to illness of Frank P. Hill,
C47; Treas. rpt., C48-49; necrology,
49-51; rpt. trustees of Endowment
fund, C51; rpt. of Finance comm.,
C52, 83; rpt. of Public documents
comm., C53; memorial of W. F.
Poole, comm. app., C54; withdrawal
of Dr. Reuben A. Guild, C55; rpt. of
comm. on Foreign docs (Thwaites),
C55-57; invitation to Atlanta, C55;
rpt. of Co-operation comm., 58;
rpt. of comm. on Library schools
and training classes, C61; rpt. of
comm. on Index to subject-head-
ings (193 p.), C63; postponement of
Thursday morning session, C73;
roll call at 3d session, C66; letter
from Dr. Ames on Public Docu-
ments, 78-79; greetings to Amer.
Pharmaceutical Assoc., C79; bal-
loting for officers, C79; rpt. of
comm. on place of next meeting,
C80-83; question box, C83, 84; elec-
tion of officers, 83; amendment of
constitution relating to elections,
C84; substitutes for Section 9 (elec.
tion), Section 10 (executive board),
C84; discussion, 84, 85-87; endorses
recommendation of Royal Society
for indexing, C87; Brett's scheme
presented, C87; motion to adopt
amendment to constitution, C88;
discussion, C88-90; comm. on Dr.
Poole memorial, C91; rpt. special
comm. Atlanta Exposition, C91;
comm. on resolutions, vote of
thanks, C91; social and travel feat-
ures, C92; post conference trips,
C95-100; attendance register and
summaries, C100-103.
Amer. L. Assoc. bibliography (Silli-
man), 124.
Amer. L. Assoc. catalog, supplement
to, 176; post-conference excursion
(Hazeltine, Oakley, Winser), C97-98.
Amer. Lib. Assoc. Publishing Sec-
tion, list of books for girls and
women (Leypoldt, Iles), 282, 327,
363; prompt publication of A. L. A.
Manual, papers of Chicago confer-
ence, 288; list of subject-headings

for dict. catalog, C63; (Jones, Cut-
ter), 374; rpt. on suppl. to A. L. A.
cat, not presented, will lie over, C67;
verbal presentation of matter of
General cat. of Amer. lit. periodi-
cals (Nelson), C67; letter from G:
Iles contributing $250 for adv. list
of books for girls and women, 77;
rpt., C91.

Am. L. Assoc. State L. Section, cir-
cular issued by, 89-91.
Amer. Med. Assoc., Dr. G: E. Wire
elected libr., 255.

Ames, J: G., 43; index of government
publications, 1889-93, 3, 26; special
rpt. on government documents, 26-
27; rpt. regarding public documents,
56-57; removal, 113-114, 197; letter
from, C78.
Amherst summer school, 175, 320.
Amphioxus, bibl. of (Willey), 68.
Amsterdam (N. Y.) L. made free to
public Sept. 1, 321.
Amsterdam (N. Y.) L. A. (4th rpt.)
How shall funds be increased? 399.
Anatomy, Bibliographie anatomique,

Anderson, Mrs., gift of lot to Green-
wich, Ct., 103; foundations laid, de-
scription of, 289.
Anderson, Edwin Hatfield, Croo;
libn. Carnegie L., Pittsburgh, 139,
385; acting treas. A. L. A., 389.
Anderson, Mrs. Frances P., C100.
Andrews, Clement W., technical col-
lections in libs., 6-9, 24; libn. Crerar
L., Chicago, 139, 185; gen. libn.
Mass. Institute of Technology, ad-
vice on collection of trade catalogs
in Providence (R. I.) P. L., 252;
international bibl. of scientific lit.,

Annual American Catalogue, 1894,

Annual literary index, 1894 (Fletcher,
Bowker) 106, (Cole) 198, (Fletcher)
198; titles wanted for (Fletcher),


Anonymous assistant (One who
isn't), 241-242; Why anonymous
(One who has been there), 266.
Anonyms and pseudonyms (dep.), 68,
142, 224, 256, 292, 408.
Ansonia, Ct., closing of memorial
lib. given by Miss Stokes, 44, 57-58.
Apprentices' L., Phila., 75th anniver-

sary, 219.

Arbor-day, reading-list on (Newark
P. L.), 187.
Architecture, catalogs of books on
(Bost. P. L.), 35; catalog of Avery
collection in printer's hands, 393.
Arctic regions, reading-list (Salem
P. L.), 291

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
nett Square, Pa., incorporation, 6o;
corner stone laid, 401.
Bayonne (N. J.) F. P. L., two-book
system at, 169; finding-list, 222.
Bazeley, Rev. W., bibl. of Gloucester-
shire, 67.

Beardsley, Dr. A. S., vice-pres. Ct.
L. Assoc., 92.

Beatty, Ja. A., 2d vice-pres. Nebraska
L. Ássoc., 211.
Beckstein, Prof., University of Ros-
tock. Library of 15,000 v. purchased
by University of Pa. L., 324.
Beer, W:, comm. on co-op. Á. L. A.,

Belfast (Irel.) F. P. L., 33.
Belfast (Me.) F. L., 178.
Belgium, bibl. of, 224.
Beloit (Wis.) P. L., 28.
Benedict, Laura E. W., Croo.
Beraldi, H., Reliure du 19 siècle, pt.
1, 36.

Berry, S. H., asst. sec. A. L. A., 389.
Bevan, Wilson Lloyd, bibl. of Sir W:
Petty, 67.

Armenia, reading-list on (Providence
P. L. bulletin), 187; bibl. of (Greene),

Armour Institute L., Chicago home
libs., 180; (Wickersham), 276; rpt. of
training class, A. L. A. comm., C62.
Arnold, Edwin C., libn. Taunton
(Mass.) P. L., resigned, 326.
Art, reading-list (Waltham, Mass.,
P. L.), 256; literature of fine art
(Sturgis), 408.

Art decoration in P. Ls, (H. Carring-
ton Bolton), 386.

Art education, aid of libs. in (Carter),


Asheville (N. C.) L. A., 58.
Asia. See Chinese Central Asia.
Astor L., N. Y., 31, 135-136; proposed
consolidation with Lenox L. and
Tilden Trust, 75, 84-85, 114, 125-126;
(N. Y. L. Club discussion), 129, 204;
history of (Saunders), in prepara-
tion, 326.
Atkinson, G: Francis, bibl. of biology
of ferns, 67.
Atkinson, J; D., libn. Seattle (Wash.)
P. L., resigned, 326.
Atlanta, Ga., Library exhibit, 265, 301,
338; Congress of libns., 348, 373, 386;
program of congress, 386.
Auburn (Me.) P. L., 28.
Austin, Daisy, asst. libn. Los Angeles
(Cal.) P. L., 186.

Austin, Willard H:, combination order
and shelf-list slip, 49-50.
Authors' rights, Autor- und Verlags-
recht im Alterthum (Dziatzko), 36.
Autotype reproduction of Greek,
Latín, and other manuscripts, 87, 88,

[blocks in formation]

servitude in Va., 364.
Ballingall, P: G., bequests to Ottum-
wa (la.) L. Assoc., 65.

Ballou, Maturin M., list of books on
Waltham (Mass.) P. L., 256.
Bancroft L., San Francisco (Peat-
field), 137.
Banking, Canadian, bibl. of (Brecken-
ridge), 188.

Banks, Mrs. Martha H. G. (N. Y. S.
L. S.), engaged to classify Spring-
field (Mass.) City L., 326.
Barbou, Les (printers, 1524-1566), bibl.
of, Ducourtieux, 408.
Bardwell, Willis A., vice-pres. N. Y.
L. Club, 213.

Barger, Thomas, superannuation al-
lowance, 362.

Barnett, Claribel R., head cataloger
lib. of Dept. of Agriculture, Wash-
ington, 221; pasting book-plates,
(practical notes), 361.
Barrett, J. A., sec. Nebraska L.
Assoc., 211.

Barrows, B: H., elected libn. Omaha
(Neb.) C. L., 362.

Bartlett, L.. L., vice-pres. Vt. L.
Assoc, 23; on Vt. State L. Commis-
sion, 55.
Batchellor, Hon. A. S., corres. sec.
N. H. L. Assoc., 55.
Bates, Dr. Mary Parker, C100.
Battersea (Eng.) P. Ls. 8th rpt., 325.
Battle Creek (Mich.) P. S. L., ad-
ditions, 356.
Bayard Taylor Memorial Assoc., Ken-

Bibles, Gutenberg (Delisle), 36.
Bibliografy (dept.), 36, 67, 106, 141, 188,
223, 256, 292, 328, 364, 407. Local
bibl. (Mich. P. L.) (Finney), 354.
Bibliographers, Conference of, in Lon-
don, 1896, C66.
Bibliographia Zoologica (Field), C29.
Bibliographical Conference at Brus-
sels, 337, 346.
Bibliography, International, of scien-
tific lit. (Andrews), C25.
Bibliothèque de la Compagnie de
Jésus, bibl. et histoire (de Bocker
etc.), 292.

Bibliothèque de la Sociéte des Ingé-
nieurs civils de France. Catalogue,
V. 2, 292.
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, manu-
scrits allemands de la Bibl. Nation-
ale relatifs à l'histoire de l'Alsace
(Pfister), 106; notes sur les manu-
scrits grecs palimpsestes (Jacob),
328; manuscrits arabes, 364.
Bicknell, P. F., college lib, and col-
lege paper, 387.
Bierstadt, E: H., bibl. of J: G. Whit-
tier, 188.

Bierstadt, O. A., catalog of lib. of
Robert Hoe, 36, 283.
Bigelow, F. B., acting libn. N. Y.
Soc. L., 185, Croo.

Bill, Hon. F., gift to Bill L., Groton,
Ct., 104.
Bill L., Groton, Ct., gift to, 104.
Billings, John S., M.D., Index catalog
of Library of Surgeon-Gen. Office
(review by G: E. Wire), 394-395.
Binding. Reliure du 19 siècle (Be-
raldi), 36, 328; descriptive pamphlet
on (Slater Memorial Museum), 106;
Rose d'or, auberge d'ouvriers re-
lieurs (Gruel), 188; Rudolph book-
binding, 221; notes on (Nation), 280.
Birds. See Ornithology.
Birmingham (Eng.) F. Ls., 184.
Birmingham (Eng.), L. rpt., Electric
lighting, 254.

Bisbee, Marvin D., bibl. of Dartmouth
College and Hanover, N. H., 106.
Bishop, Frances A., Croo.
Bishop, Fannie, asst. libn. Kansas
City (Mo.) P. L., 104.
Bismarck, Prince, ref, list on (Provi-
dence P. L.), 223; bibl. of German
books on (Schulze-Koller), 292.
Björnstjerne, Björnson, bibl. (Carpen-
ter) in Bookman Aug.-Sept., 328.
Blackstone Memorial L., Branford,
Ct., Arthur W. Tyler appointed
libn., 255.

Blakely, Bertha E., asst. lib. of Mt.
Holyoke College, S. Hadley, Mass.,


Blind, books for the, at Liverpool F.
P. L., 185; N. Y. F. C. L. for, 251.

Boardman, Alice, sec. Ohio L. Assoc.,

92. 390.

Bodleian L., 184-185.

Bolton, C: R., lib. examinations in
schools, 122-123; catalog of posters,
186; genealogical research in lib.,
249; President Mass. C. L., 352.
Bolton, H. Carrington, art decora
tions in P. Ls., 386; bibl. of scientific
publications, new ed., C66; list of
books on chemistry, 408.
Bookmaking and distribution, Salem
(Mass.) P. L., 256.

Bookman, lib. notes in, 178.
Book-plates, American (Allen), 36;
pasting book-plates (practical
notes), 361.

Book-publishing and bookselling in
Cal., 391 (topic for Nov. meeting,
Central Cal. L. Assoc.).

Books, list of, for women's and girls'
clubs, 20, 282; (review), 399; collat-
ing of (Fletcher), 80-81; (Nutting),
114: best 25, of 1894, 124, 187; fatal
to their authors (Ditchfield), 188;
selection of (Cutler), 208, 339: of
1893 and 1894 (Bowdoin Coll. L.,
222; (Salem, P. L.), 223; English
catalogue of, 222; special lists for
young people (Scoville Institute
L.), 252; selection of books for
public library (Larned), 270; list of
350, for young people (Prender-
gast L.), 285; summer books (Des
Moines, la., P. L.), 290; (Davies), 290;
class-guide to fiction and juven
iles (Clerkenwell P. L.), 200; for
reading aloud (Osterhout F. L.),
291; Reader's guide to contempo-
rary literature (Sonnenschein), 320-
321; French bibliographical curios
Ities (Vicaire), 328; Principles of
selection of, 339; list of books on
French literature (Lemcke), 363;
list for high-school classical study
(Mich. Schoolmaster's Club), 364;
Catalog of Library of Surgeon-
Gen.'s Office, 394, 395: improper
(West), C32; list of medical (Wire),
Boone (Ia.) F. P. L. additions, 320.
Boston P. L., 3, 133, 178-179;(Walker),
184, 215; removal, 28; catalog of
books on architecture, 35: opening
of new building, 54, 133; bulletin,
Jan., 66; two-book system at, 169;
use of linotype at, 174-175; bulletin,
April, 222; free access to reference
books, 249; story of (Carpenter),
285; handbook of, 340, 373: rpt. in
"open letter" of Mr. Putnam, 339-
Bostwick, Arthur E., libn. N. V. F.
C. L., succeeding Miss E. M. Coe
(now Mrs. Rylance), 254.
Botany, reading-list on (Waltham,
Mass., P. L.), 256.

Bourinot, J. G., bibl. of Canadian
hist., 408.

Bournemouth (Eng.) P. L., opening,
102-103; free access at, 103.
Bowditch, H: P., proposed cataloging
of scientific literature, Sz.
Bowdoin Coll. L., bibl. contributions,
no. 4, 222, 284; rpt., 284.
Bowerman, G: F. (class '95), N. Y. S.
L. S., appointed reference libn.
Reynolds L., Rochester, N. Y.,
254; bibl, of reference books, 308.
Bowker, R: R., libs. of the North-
west, 77-80; Annual literary index,
1894, 106; comm. on Public docu-
ments, A. L. A., 387; review of
Leypoldt and Iles' list of books for
girls and women, 399.

Boys, how to guide them to good
books (Coe), 118-119.
Bradford (Eng.) P. F. Ls., 33–34..
Bradford, T: L., bibl. of Hahne-

mann, 141.

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