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The index to Pseudonyms and. Anonyms follows this.
Loop-Trip, description of (Oakley),

Los Angeles (Cal.) P. L., 134; changes
in administration, 161-162; use of
periodicals at, 174.
Louisberg, capture of, Salem P. L.,
Lounsbury, T: R., Cror.
Low, Seth, gift to Columbia Coll. L.,
161, 173-174, 197, 213.
Wash. L. Assoc., 26.
Lowdermilk, Col. W. H., vice-pres.
Lyly, J:, bibl. of (Baker), 68.
Lynn (Mass.) P. L., extr. fr. rpt., 60.

Library advertising (Dana), 88;
(Stearns), 198; (Denver P. L.), 203;
in street cars (McGuffey), 266; an-
swer to McGuffey (Van Hoeven-
berg), 302.
Library assistants unfairly treated,


L. A. U. K., proposed international
conference with A. L. A., 175, 373.
389, C80; 18th annual conference,
348-350; next meeting at Leeds,
Eng., 350.
Library books, Collating of (Fletcher),

Library Bureau, G: G. Champlin has
accepted position, 290.

Library clubs (dep.), 25, 55, 95, 129,
177, 212, 246, 391.

Library consolidation in N. Y. City,
84-85, 114, 125-126; (N. Y. L.
Club discussion), 129, 197, 204-
Library economy, Handbook of (Hop
kins), C41.
Library economy and history (dep.),
28, 57, 96, 133, 178, 215, 249, 284, 321,
356, 399.

Library employees, training of (Has-
se), 202-203, 233-234, 239-241, 272-
273, 303-305, 387.
Library examinations in schools, Bol-
ton, 122, 123.

Library exhibit at Atlanta, 265, 301.
Library legislation (Ranck), 24, 133;
progress of, 76; circular of A. L. A.
State L. Section regarding, 89-91;
bill for lib. commission for Wiscon-
sin, 243; Indiana S. L. under new
legislation, 243.
Library-moving, a practical method
of (Gillett), 48-49.

Library of Surgeon-Gen. Office, Index
Catalog of, 16 v., 394.
Library School. See N. Y. State L.

McClintock, C: W., comm, on endow-
ment, A. L. A., 387; changing sub-
scription to F. P. L., C46.
McCosh, Rev. Ja., bibl. of (Dulles),


McCreary, Nellie, Cro1.

lersville (Pa.) Normal School, 362.
McCrory, Harriette, app. libn. Mil-
188; abnormal woman, 328.
MacDonald, Arthur, abnormal man,
McDonnell, Anna, vice-pres. Wis.
L. Assoc., 94.
McGuffey, Margaret D., asst. Bost.
P. L., 222.
McIntyre, Isabelle, Cro1.
McLeod, H., bibl. of spectroscopy,


McLoney, Ella M., sec. Iowa L. Soc.,


Library schools and training classes,
207-208, 247, 320: Amherst, Mass.,
175: summer school, list of class, 320;
outline of methods for (Hasse), 202-
203; Pratt Institute, graduating ex-
ercises, 247; Drexel Institute, gradu-
ating exercises, 247; N. Y. F. C. L.,
visit of catalog class to Library
School, 247; (Pratt Institute F. L.),
A., C61.
322; rpt. of comm. A.
Library tracts, 203.
Library training, plan of Iowa L. Soc.
for, 161; of lib. employees (Hasse),
202-203, 233-234, 239-241, 272-273,
303-305, 387.
Library work (University of State of
N. Y.), Eastman, 267.
Lichtenstein, Joy, asst. libn. San
Francisco P. L., 34.
Lincoln (Neb.) P. L. additions, 357.
Lindsey, M.. B., 2d vice-pres. Chicago
L. Club, 55.
Linotype at Bost. P. L., 174-175.
Literature, reading-lists on, 105; read-
ing-list on French (Newark P. L.),
187; bibl. of Swedish (chronological),
Lundstedt, 328.

Means, Ja. H., Aëronautical annual,
1895, 106.
rpt., 57.
Mechanics' L., Altoona, Pa., extr. fr.
Medford (Mass.) P. L., 182; Abby L.
Moore, app. assistant, 290.
Medical books for small
(Wire), C37.

P. Ls.



bliografia medica Italiana (Giacosa),
Medicine, dict. of (Gould),
Megrue, Mrs. S. F., Crox.
Meleney, G: B., asst. sec. A. L. A.,
389, Crot.

Memorial Day, reading-list for (Mil-
waukee P. L.), 273; (Salem P. L),

McMurray, Hon. T. S., Cror.
McMurrich, J. P.,bibl. of invertebrate
morphology, 36.

McNeil, Mrs. J. L., Cro1.
Macomber, M. E., in charge of Kel-
logg-Hubbard L., 401.

Macon (Ga.) P. L., 6o; now self-sup-
porting, 323.

Madan, F., early Oxford press, 188.
Magee, W. H., bibl. of cerium and
lanthanum, 188.

Little, G: T., comm. on co-op. A. L.
A., 387; Helping inquirers, C19.
Liverpool (Eng.) F. P. L., 185.
Local bibliography and indexing of
newspapers, Michigan L. Assoc.,

Mercantile L., N. Y., 100; bulletin
no. 15, 35.

Mercantile L., Phila., Pa., 136; presi-
dent's proposition to make F. L..
Mercantile L., St. Louis, Mo., rer.
Mercantile L., San Francisco, Cal,

Local collections (Jones), 215.
Local hist. in P. Ls. (Sanders), C40.
Lombroso, A., Bibliografia ragionata
alla storia dell 'epoca Napoleonica,
London, Eng., Association for Assist-
ant Libns., 325.
Long, Hyla F., Cror.
Long Island F. L., Brooklyn, N. Y.,
incorporation with Pratt Institute
F. L., 28-29.
Loomis, Mrs. Mary W., app. asst.
libn. of Univ. of Mich., 406.


Meriden, Ct., proposed lib. for, 218.
Merimée, Prosper, bibl. of (Filon), 67,
Merington, M.. E., the guiding of

children's reading a part of the
teachers' work, 119-121.

Magnetism and occult sciences, bibl.
of (Durville), 408.
Maimonides F. L., N. Y., 182.
Maine, lib. legislation in, 89.
Maine State L., 135.

Making the most of periodicals (Los
Angeles P. L.), 174.
Malaya, bibl. of (Sherborn), 106.
Malden (Mass.) P. L., 217-218.
Manchester (Eng.) Museum, Owens
Coll. L., catalog, 223
Manchester (Eng.) P. F. Ls., 34.
Manchester (N. H.) City L., 30; cata-
log of fiction, review (Kephart), 27;
41st rpt., proposed to extend lib. to
local schools, 250; free access to
shelves, 250; lib. reclassified under
Miss Sanborn, 250.
Mankato (Minn) P. L.. opening, 98.
Manning, Mrs. Mary D., Cro1.
Manuscripts, autotype reproduction
of rare (Du Rieu), 87-88, 205; de-
scriptive catalog of mss. in Sidney
Sussex Coll. L. (James), 364: Arab
manuscripts (Slane), 364; catalogue
général des manuscrits des biblio-
thèques publiques de France, 406.
Maps, care of (Parsons), 199-201.
Marathon, N. Y., Peck Memorial L.
dedicated, 217.
Marston, Dr. E. Q., vice-pres. N. H.
L. Assoc., 55.
Maryland, hist, bibl. of (Latané), 224;
public libs. in, 346.
Mass. F. P. L. Commission, 217.
Massachusetts, lib. legislation in, go.
Mass. Inst. of Technol. L., 135.
Mass. L. Club, 18th meeting, 23: 19th
meeting, 127-128; monthly lists of
fiction for adults, 246, 363; 20th
meeting, 281-282; annual meeting
Oct. 2, at Malden, 351-352; election
of officers, 352.
Mass. State L., 3. 217; description of
new rooms, 85-86.

Chicago L. Club, 56, 131.
Merrill, W: Stetson, Cror; treas.
Methodist literature, Jackson collec-
Meteorology, bibl. of (Hellman), 35.
tion in Northwestern Univ., 401.
S. S. Libraries, Ohio L. Assoc., 391.
Michel, Robert, chairman comm. on
Michigan, travelling libs. in, 124:
(Spencer), 161.

Michigan L. Assoc., 5th annual con-
ference, 353-355-
Michigan State L., 135, 357-
Milford, Ct., dedication of Taylor L.,


Military hist., bibl. of, Pohler, J., 364-
Millicent L., Fairhaven, Mass., 216;
circulation of lib., 250.
Milner, Angie V., Cro2.
Milwaukee (Wis.) P. L., 30, 99; two-
book system adopted, 30, 169; ac
count of building complications, 87:
fire at (West), 114, 135; work with
schools at, 123-124; reading-lists,
223: Miss Lutie E. Stearns, elected
to Cleveland (0.) P. L., declined,
326, 357, 401.
Mineralogy, 1600 specimens given to
Silas Bronson L., Waterbury, Ct.,

Mining and metallurgy, Annotated
guide to literature of (Douglas), 408.
Minneapolis (Minn.) P. L., 218: books
missing from, 60; suit begun by, 61;
1700 Scandinavian books, 323; $500
appropriated for English fict., 323.
Minnesota Hist. Soc. L., St. Paul, $18.
Minnesota, travelling libs. for, 124.
Mitchell L., Glasgow, Scotland, 19th
rpt., 1892-94, 15th to 17th years since
opening, changes in character of
reading, increase in fiction, addition
to scientific resources of lib., 254.
Montana libs., list of, 286.
Montana, travelling libs. for, 124.
Montclair (N. J.) F. P. L., 61; fiction
finding-list, 66; 2d rpt., 357.
Montgomery, T: L., asst. sec. A. L.
A., 389.

Moore, Anna, libn. Millbury (Mass.)
F. P. L., resigned, 362.
Moore, Evva L., elected libn. Withers
P. L., Bloomington, Ill., 90, Cros,
Moore, Mrs. J. C., Cros.
Moos, Bernard, director Chicago P.
L., died June 11; obituary (E. F. L.
G.), 255.

Morison, Hew, present at dedication
of Carnegie L., 406.
Morphology, bibl. of invertebrate
(McMurrich), 36.

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The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.

New Jersey State L., 219.
New Jersey L. Assoc., annual meet-
ing, Oct. 13, rpt. (Winser), 390;
comm, appointed to collect and
print laws relating to libraries, 390.
New London (Ct.) P. L., 219.
New Orleans (La.) City L., proposal to
establish free lib. at, 99; plans sub
mitted, to include Fisk collection,

Morrill, Mr. and Mrs. G. H., gift of
lib. to Norwood, Mass., 289.
Morrison-Reeves L., Richmond, Ind.,
memorial window, 359.
Morse, Mrs. Stella B., vice-pres.
Iowa L. Soc., 95.
Mounting portraits, pictures, etc.
(Watson), 64-65.

Muhlbrecht, O., Allgemeine bibli-
ographie der staats- u. rechtswissen-
schaften, 187.

Municipal government, useful books
on (N. Y. L. Club discussion), 95;
bibliography of (Providence P. L.
bulletin), 105; reading-list on (Sa-
lem P. L.), 105.
Municipal literature, classification of
(Wells), 279.

Music, reading-list on (Drexel Insti-
tute L.), 66; catalog of (Providence
P. L. bulletin), 187; reading-list on
(Springfield L.), 223; books relating
to (Springfield L.), 256, 291; catalog
of (Osterhout F. L.), 291; dept.
Brookline (Mass.) P. L., 356; bibl. of
books on (1894), 361; list of musical
works (Krehbiel), 408.
Musikbibliothek, Peters, 361; letters
of Franz Schubert, 361.
Musset, A. de, bibl. of (Kuhns), 188.

Nahant (Mass.) P. L. rpt., description
of new bldg., 251; classified and re-
cataloged by Alma R. Van Hoe-
venburg, 251; pamphlet on, with
sketch of P. L. movement (F: A.
Wilson), 254.
Napoleon Bonaparte, reading-lists on
(Providence P. L. bulletin), 187;
(Springfield L.), 187; bibl. (Lom-
broso), 328.
Napoleoniana, fine collection of, W.
J. Latta, Wissahickon Heights, N. J.
Nashua, N. H., suit against, 218-219.
Nationalist Circulating L., Austin,
Texas, catalog, 363.

Nature study, reading-list on (Os-
terhout F. L.), 327.
Nebraska Lib. Assoc., organization
meeting, 211.

Nebraska State Institute, summer
lib. course, 208.
Nebraska State L., 219.
Needlework, books on (Drexel Inst.
ref. lists), 35..
Nelson, C: Alex., Oliver Wendell
Holmes (poem), 5; recorder A. L.
A., 389; echoes from Denver Con-
ference, 392; gen. cat. lit. periodi-
cals, C67, C102.

Nelson, Martha Furber, libn. Union
lib., Trenton, N. J., app. libn. State
Normal, Training and Model
Schools, 290; vice-pres. N. J. L. A.,

Nelson, S.. C., cataloger Stoneham
(Mass.) P. L., 222; app. asst. libn.
of Blackstone Memorial L., Bran-
ford, Ct.

New Bedford (Mass.) P. L., teachers'
privileges at, 61; 43d rpt., 251; plea
for new bldg., 251.

New Brunswick (N. J.) P. L., 5th rpt.,
F. C. L., 12th rpt., age limit re-
duced from 12 to 10 yrs., 251.
New England, early life, reading-list,
Salem (Mass.) P. L., 327.
New Hampshire F. P. L. Commission,


New Hampshire L. Assoc., 5th ann.
meeting, 55.

New Hampshire State L. dedication,
30; act as to purchase of books, 182.
New Hampshire, libs. in, 61; lib. leg-
islation in, 89-90; compulsory lib.,
233; text of lib. law, 242-243.
New Haven (Ct.) F. P. L., bulletin,
Oct., '94, 35; bulletin, Dec., '94, 105;
two-book system at, 169; bulletin,
Jan.-Feb., '95, 255, 357.

New Utrecht, L. I., organization of
lib. assoc., 61.

New York City, school libs. in, 31;
great public library for, 84, 125-126.
New York City L., administration of,
44; proposed reorganization of, 219.
New York F. C. L., 100; Sunday
opening at, 61; two-book system at,
169; visit of catalog class to Albany
Library School, 247; Arthur E.
Bostwick appointed libn., 254; cata-
log of George Bruce branch, 299;
library class work, 401.
N. Y. F. C. L. for the Blind, incor-
porated in June, 251.

New York L. Club, joint meeting
with N. Y. State L. Assoc., 21-23;
Feb. meeting, 95; March meeting,
129; annual meeting, 212-214; first
meeting of season, 1895-96, 392.
New York Ls., statistics of 475 libs.
(N. Y. State L. bulletin Public li-
braries, no. 3), 324.
New York P. L.-Astor, Lenox, and
Tilden Foundations, proposed or
ganization of, 75, 84-85, 114, 125-126;
(N. Y. L. Club discussion), 129, 197,
204; Securities, etc. ($2,000,000),
turned over to Edward King, 324;
question of site and bldg., 402.
New York State, lib. legislation in, 90.
New York State L., 136; travelling
libs., 3; proper standard for public
libs., 54; circulation of books from,
76; selection of books for P. L.
(Larned), 270; bulletin Public Li-
braries, no. 3, statistics of N. Y.
libs., 324; Abell investigating comm.,
324; Bulletin no. 2, law additions,
327; Library school rpt. A. L. A.
comm., C61.

New York State L. Assoc., 124, 128,
187; scheme of lists of additions to
small libs., C67; joint meeting with
N. Y. L. Club, 21-23; Buffalo meet-
ing, 208-210.

New York State L. School, St. Val-
entine's day at, 91; examination
papers, 91; correspondence course,
161; summer course, 161; handbook,
176; New York visit, 207-208; clos-
ing exercises, '94-95, diplomas dis-
tributed, 281; list of students, fall
term, 1893-'96, 355.

N. Y. State Museum, v. 3, no. 13 (San
José scale-insects), bibl. of, 256.
Newark (N. J.) P. L., 6r; sub-stations
re-established, 31: Library News,
140, 187; two-book system at, 182;
list of German books, French books,

291, 357.

Newberry L., Chicago (Fuller), 29;
Rudolph indexer at, 4; (Wicker-
sham), 276; removal of lib. to new
building, 356.
Newburgh (N. Y.) F. L., 182.
Newton, Nana A., 3d vice-pres. Ohio
L. Assoc., 92, 390.
Newton (Mass.) F. L., two-book sys-
tem at, 169-170; proved satisfactory,
251, rpt., 2-1.
Newton Theological Institution, New-
ton Centre, Mass., Hills L. dedi-
cated, 358.

Niagara Falls (N. Y.) P. L., organi-
zation, 62.

Nicaragua and the Monroe doctrine,
Foster's ref. lists, 14, 255.
Norfolk L., Ct., H: H. Eddy, ap-
pointed libn., 255.

Norrenberg, Constantin, Die volksbi-
bliothek (review), 284; work of A.L.
A., 284.
North Adams (Mass.) P. L., 2d supp.
to catalog, 35; 11th rpt., French
books added, 251.

North Carolina, bibl. of (Weeks),


Northboro' (Mass.) P. L., new bldg.
dedicated and presented June 12,

[blocks in formation]

Ohio State L., 62.

Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Delaware, new
lib. building, 403.

Omaha (Neb.) P. L., death of Jessie
Allan, 338; B: H. Barrows elected
libn., 362; children's dept. estab-
lished, 358; resignation of Blanche
A. Allan, libn., 406.

Open libraries from a British stand-
point (Brown), 9-12.
Order-slip and shelf-list slip com-
bined (Austin), 49-50.
Oregon, books on (Portland, Ore.,
L. A.), 327; check-list, no. 2 (Port-
land, Ore.), P. L., 407.
Oregon State L. (Bowker), 78.
Orientalische bibliographie, 141.
Ornithology, bibl. of (Foster), 141.
Orr, C, treas. Ohio L. Assoc., 92,
390; asst. sec. A. L. A., 389; chair-
man comm. on state documents,
(Ohio L. Assoc.), 391; paper on print-
ing and distribution of public doc-
uments in Ohio, 391.
Orrington Lunt L. See Northwestern

Oshkosh, Wis., $50,000 bequest for
lib. (how not to do it), 266, 289.
Osterhout F. L., Wilkesbarré, Pa.,
102, 220; list of books on China,
Japan, and Korea, 35; reading-list on
Holmes, 35; list of works on Egypt,
105; exclusion of children from
ref.-room, 184; six periodicals to be
circulated for home use, non-fiction
cards issued, 253; list of books on
fishing (Library News Letter,
May), 255; catalog of music, 291;
books for reading aloud, 291; read-
ing-list on nature study, 327.

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.

periodicals, transactions, mono-
graphs (Utley, Fassig, Nelson,
Crunden, Wire), C63-66; bibl. of
Swedish periodicals (Lundstedt),
Perkins, Norman Carolan, death of,


Perry, Mrs. H. T., C102.
Peters, C. F., musíc publishers, Leip-
zig, Germ., 361.
Peterson, H, Library co-operation
and specialization, 391.

Petit, L: D., bibl, of Univ. of Leyden,


Otis L., Norwich, Ct., two-book sys-
tem at, 170; duplicates for sale, 255;
bulletin continued, age restriction
removed, 286; bulletin for Sept. list
Amer. hist. novels, 363, 407; rpt.,
403; Nov. bulletin, list of books on
Burgoyne, 407.
Ottendorfer F., L. Zwittau, Austria,


Ottino, G., Bibliotheca bibliogra-
fica italica, 142; bibliografia (Tag-
gart), 162.

Otis L., Norwich, Ct., discontinuance
of lib. bulletin, 62.
Ottumwa (Ia.) L. Assoc., bequests to,

Outdoor life (chiefly N. E.), reading-
lists (Foster ref. list), 290.
Oxford, Eng., bibl. of printing at
(Madan), 188.

Palæontology. See Geology.
Paper and ink (Swan), 127, 163-167;
(Mass. L. Club discussion), 127.
Paracelsus, bibl. of (Sudhoff), 68.
Paris, popular reading in, 20, 21.
Paris Exposition, 1900, date of gath-
ering for librarians of the world,

Parlin L., Canton, Ill., opening, 29.
Parlin L., Everett, Mass., dedicated,

Parsons, Mrs. A. F., sec. Mich. L.
A., 355, Cro2.

Parsons, Frances H., care of maps,

Parsons, John, C102.
Parsons, Mrs. John, C102.
Partridge, W: Ordway, technique of
sculpture, 224.

Paterson (N. J.) P. L., 1oth rpt., col-
lection of photographs recommend-
ed (Winchester), professional books
and journals of Passaic Co., Med.
Soc., 286-287.
Patten, Frank C., Cro2.
Patterson, Z. Richie, C102.
Pauken, F., bibl. of German univs.,


Pawtucket (R. I.) F. P. L., 182-183.
Peabody Institute Lib., Danvers,
Mass., 28th rpt., 249; illustrated
books removed from reading-room,
249; issue of extra non-fiction cards,


Pearce, Julia R., Cro2.
Peatfield, J. J., Bancroft Lib., 137.
Peavey, Mrs. A. J., C102; vice-pres.
Col. L. Assoc., 211.

Peck, A. L., adaptation of libs. to
local needs, 21, 45-48; help given
directors of Schenectady P. L., 253.
Peck Memorial L., Marathon, N. Y.,
dedication, 217.
Pennock, B. W., asst. libn. New Bed-
ford (Mass.) F. L., 186.
Pennsylvania L. Club, 12th meeting,
24; 13th meeting, 55; 14th meeting,
92; 15th meeting, 128; occasional
papers, no. 1, 2d ed., 284; no. 2, 133;
no. 3, 284; 16th meeting, 176; 17th
meeting, 246; visit to Bryn Mawr,
246; excursion, Sept. 5, 353.
Pennsylvania State L., new building,


Pensions, superannuation allowance
(Barger), 362.
Peoples, W: T., C102.
Peoria (Ill.) P. L., list of additions,
223; 38th rpt., additions, hist, of li-
brary, description (Wilson), 324;
corner-stone of new lib. bldg. laid,
Periodicals, making the most of (Los
Angeles P. L.), 174; proposed union
list of (Wash. L. Club), 177-178, 247;
(N. Y. L. Club), 213-214; use of
(Brett), C12; gen. cat. of literary
(Nelson), C30; scheme of interna-
tional co-op. in indexing scientific

Petty, Sir W., bibl. of (Bevan), 67.
Petzholdt's Katechismus des biblio-
thekswesens (Dr. Graesel's ed.),
translation by F: J. Teggart, 256.
Pequoit L., Southport, Ct., additions,
Pfister, Ch., Manuscrits allemands de
la Bibl. Nationale relatifs à l'his-
toire de l'Alsace, 106.
Phila., Pa., Growth of Library Co.,

Philadelphia F. L., made a municipal
organization, 31; exhibit of bindings
at, 62; opening in new rooms, 101;
two-book system at, 170; consolida-
tion under control and direction of,
337.347, 404.
Philadelphia P. L.,contents of, Month-
ly Notes, June-Dec., 291.
Philadelphia P. Ls., 32, 136; two-book
system at, 170; opening of branch
no. 5, 219; new branch, Oct. 1, 287;
branch no. 6, 404.
Philanthropy, bibl. of (Warner), 106.
Philo Judæus, bibliog, of, 256.
Philology, classical, Bibliotheca phi-
lologica, 224, 328; Prof. Beckstein's
lib. of 15,000 v. purchased by Univ.
of Pa. L., 324.
Pickard, S: T:, bibl. of Whittier, 36.
Piermont (N. Y.) P. L., new lib. bldg.
opened, 359.

Pittsfield (Mass.) Athenæum, gift to,


Plainfield (N. J.) P. L., ror; Male col-
lection of cloisonné assigned to, 62-
63; rpt., 1894-5, cards granted to pri-
vate schools and R. C. parochial
schools, adoption of two-book".
system, 252 select list of travel
(Emma L. Adams), 255; Mary K.
Jobs, app. libn., 406.
Platt, W. A., Cro2.
Plummer, M..W., 34-35; Italian libns.,


Pohler, J., Bibliotheca historico mili-
taris, 364.

Pole, W:, Evolution of whist, 224.
Poole, Reuben B., personality of a
libn.. 21; death of, 140; resolutions
on (N. Y. L. A.), 210; (N. Y. L.
Club), 212-213; memorial comm.,
C50, C77.
Port Jervis (N. Y.) F. L., rpt., 287.
Portland (Ct.) T. L., $2000 if name is
changed to giver's, Horace R.
Buck L., 325.
Portland (Me.) P. L., 183.
Portland (Ore.) Assoc. (Bowker),
77-78, 136-137: Oregon check-lists,
no. 1, 327; no. 2, 407.
Portraits, method of mounting (Wat-
son), 64-65; and portraiture, ref. list
on (Providence P. L. bulletin), 187.
Posters, exhibition of, at Brookline
(Mass.) P. L., 96; catalog of (Bol-
ton), 186; exhibition of, at Bridge-
port (Ct.) P. L., 340.
Potter, Hon. W:, gift to Pa. Univ. L.,
Pottery, reading-list on (Salem P. L.),


Poultney (Vt.) P. L., formally opened
June 1, 252.
Practical notes, 64, 221, 306, 361, 405.
Pratt Institute F. L., Brooklyn, N.Y.,

incorporation of Long Island F. L.
with, 28-29; bulletin no. 10, 67; new
building for, 96; exhibit of lib. work,
215-216; first annual bulletin of ad-
ditions, Jan.-Dec., '94, classed au-
thor-list (linotype method), 255; New
England Magazine (Sept.), 322;
graduating of training class, rpt.
A. L. A. comm., C61.
Pratt Institute Library Class, gradu-
ating exercises, 247; list of gradu-

ates, 247.

Prendergast (James) L., Jamestown,
N. Y., rpt., 285; 10,000 v. reached,
list of books for young, 285.
Primitive man, book-list on (Clodd),
Princeton (N. J.) Coll. L., gift of mss.
to, 65; Siamese books given to, 174.
Printing, leading of catalog type
(Stetson), 30a; at Reims, 1550-1560
(Jadart), 328; Les Barbou (Du Cour-
tieux), 408.

Proctor, R., Jan van Doesborgh,
printer, Antwerp, bibl., 292.
Providence (R. I.) Athenæum, Grace
F. Leonard appointed classifier, 255.
Providence (R. I.) P. L., plans for
new building, 32, 63; monthly bul-
letins, 67, 104-105, 140, 187, 223, 255,
290, 327, 363, 406; 17th rpt., catalog
made of publications of industrial
and manufacturing firms, suggested
by C. W. Andrews, libn. Mass. In-
stitute of Technology, 252; appendix
no. 11, rpt. of Prof. Ware on plans
for new bldg., 253.
Public documents, index to (Ames),
3, 26; special rpt. on (Ames), 26-27;
storage of, 43; rpt.regarding (Ames),
56-57 distribution of, 75; new
methods of administration of, 197:
Edith E. Clarke, cataloger in office
of superintendent of, 254; classify-
ing and numbering (Gilmore) (Mich.
P. L.), 354; comm. on, 387; catalog
of, July, Aug., 407, C78-79.
Public documents bill, 3, 13-20; first
fruits new monthly catalog (Cran-
dall), Jan.-March, 301, 327, C78-79.
Public library function wholly educa-
tional (Utley), A. L. A. opening ad-
dress, C1-4.

Public Ls., systems of control, sup-
port, administration, C91; proper
standard for, 54.

Public library movement (Fletcher),


Public schools and public libraries
(Steiner), 346.

Putnam, Herbert, libn. Bost. P. L.,
43, 66; proposed cataloging of scien-
tific literature, 81; great libs. of the
U. S., 215.

Putnam, Israel, books for first lib. of
Northwest (Thwaites), 382.
Putnam, Ruth, bibl. of William the
Silent, 364.

Putnam (Ct.) P. L., catalog completed,


Quincy (III.) P. L., two-book system
adopted, 63, 170; lib. bulletin to be
pub, by, 137; issue of teachers' cards,


Rafinesque, bibl. of (Call), 141.
Ragozin, Z. A., Vedic India, list of
authorities, 224.

Railroad, reading-list on (Y. M. C. A.
L., N. Y.), 105, 407; libs. (Watkins),
129-130; railroad strike, 1894, bibl. of
(Lee), 292; catalog of books on light
railways, 364.

Raines, C. W., bibl. of Texas, 364.
Ranck, S: H., lib. legislation, 24, 133;
public use of college libs., 235-239:
need of additional copyright de-
positories, C43; referred to comm.
on Public documents, C78.

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
Rome, reading-list on (Salem P. L.),

Rand, B: (comp.), Economic hist.
since the seven years' war, 3d ed.,
bibl. of economics, 256.
Randolph, Mrs. G: L., C102.
Rathbone, Josephine A., Croa; sec.
N. Y. L. Club, 213.
Reading (Pa.) L. Co., 404.
Reading, for the young (N. Y. L.
Assoc. discussion), 22, 209; (Peck),
47, 114: (Cole), 115-118; (Coe), 118-
119: (Merington), 119-121; list on
reading and choice of books (Salem,
Mass, P. L. bulletin), 363; reading-
list of biographies of Eng. authors
(Enoch Pratt F. L.), 406; how
should a librarian read? (Wire),
C16; for libns. (Wire), 56; lists of
select (Y. M. C. A. L., N. Y.), 105,


Redwood L. and Athenæum, New-
port, R. I., 61.

Reeves, J. S., bibl. of Congo Free
State, 142.
Reference-books, Bibliography of (G:
F: Bowerman), 308.
Reference work among school-chil-
dren (Sargent), 121-122; in training
library employees (Hasse), 303-304.
Reichhart, G., Beiträge zur incuna-
belnkunde, 224.
Reims, Printing at, 1550-1560 (Jadart),

Religion, reading-list on (Y. M. C. A.
L., N. Y.), 105; lib. of a priest (Am.
Ecclesiastical Rev.), 223.
Repplier, Agnes, list. of books on
(Springfield, Mass., L.), 407.

Resag, Mrs. Ma. A., treas. Pa. L.
Club, 176.

Resor, Mrs. J. H., Cro2.
Reuben Hoar L., Littleton, Mass.,
181; two-book system at, 170.
Reviews (dep.), 26, 57, 131, 214, 248,
282, 320, 394-
Reynolds L., Rochester, N. Y., alter-
ations of new building, 183; G: F.
Bowerman, appointed reference
libn., 254; lib. closed two months,
287; development of reference dept.,
bibl. of reference books (Bower-
man), 308; removing lib. to new
bldg., 324; new lib. opened, 359, 404.
Rhode Island, lib. legislation in, 90;
bibl. of education in (Tolman), 224;
colonial laws, bibl. of (Rider), 256.
Rice, Mrs. David Hall. C102.
Rich, J. W., pres. Iowa L. Society, 95.
Richards Memorial L., North Attle-
boro, Mass., dedicated, 358.
Richards, Col. S. M., vice-pres. N.
H. L. Assoc., 55.
Richardson, Mary A., Cro2; sec. Ct.
L. Assoc., 92.
Richie, Herbert E., C102.
Richmond (Ky.) P. L., 404.
Rider, Sidney S., bibl. of Rhode Isl-
and colonial laws, 1719, 256.
Rigling, Alfred, sec. and treas. Pa.
L. Club, 55, 92.

Roads, reading-list on (Bost. P. L.),
166; Foster's ref. list, 290.
Robbins, Mary E., C102.
Roberts, I. C., vice-pres. Mich. L. A.,


Roberts, Mrs. J. F., Memorial L.,
Whippany, N. J., 360.
Robins, Harry D., C102.
Robins, Rev. J. E., vice-pres. N. H.
L. Club, 55.
Robinson, Mrs. F. W., treas. Ct. L.
A., 212.
Rochester (Minn) P. L., gift of $5000
from Col. G: Healy.
Rochester Hist. Soc., third floor of
Reynolds lib., 324.
Rockland (Me.) P. L., opening, 63.
Rogers, W. T., Manual of bibliogra-
phy (Teggart), 162.
Rogers Memorial L., Southampton,
L. I., opened, 360.


Rosewater, Victor, Cro2.

Root, Azariah S., chairman comm. on
extension Ohio L. Assoc., 390.
Rowell, J. C., pres. Central Cal. L.
Assoc., 128; classification (Cutter),
214-215; subject-index to science,

Royal Library, Berlin, catalog of,
300,000 marks appropriated by gov-
ernment, 279.
Royal Society, London, proposition
for indexing of scientific literature,
75, 81; letter regarding, 82; rpt. of
Harvard Univ. on, 83-84; rpt. of
Franklin Institute on, 172-173.
Rudolph, Alex. J., asst. libn. San
Francisco P. L., 35.
Rudolph bookbinding, 221.
Rudolph indexer at Newberry L., 4;
at Richards Memorial L., Attleboro,
Mass., 358; at Carnegie L., Pitts-
burgh, Pa., 385.
Rupp, G: P., superintendent Phila.
P. LS., 104.
Ruprecht, G., Bibliotheca theologica,


Russia, reading-list on (Salem P. L.),


Rusteat, H: E., on Vt. State L. Com-
mission, 55.

Rutland (Vt.) F. L. A., 183; list of
books for schools, 105.
Rylance, Rev. Jos. H., married to
Miss Ellen M. Coe, 186.

Sacconi-Ricci, Mme. G. (Plummer), 5.
St. Augustin (Fla.) F. P. L. Assoc.,
gift of bldg. by J. M. Wilson, Fra
mingham, Mass., 289.
St. Johns (New Brunswick) P. L.,
13th rpt., 289.

St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Athenæum, bul-
letin, 223.

St. Joseph (Mo.) P. L., 5th rpt., list
of 100 novels, 359.

St. Louis (Mo.) F. P. L., 63, 183; most
popular books at, 137; travelling
libs. at, 220.
St. Paul (Minn.) P. L., 183.
Salem (Mass.) P. L., 183-184; bulle-
tins, 35, 67, 105, 140-141, 187, 223,
256, 291, 327, 363, 407; 6th supp. to
finding-list, 35; special reading-list
(early N. E. life), 327; reading-list
on woman, 363; reading-list on
reading, 363; class-list, no. 1 (fiction),
407; business man's list, 407; list on
history and criticism of fiction, 407.
Salt Lake City (Winser), C97.
Salvioli, G. and C., bibl. del teatro
drammatico Italiano, 224.

San Diego (Cal.) P. L., rpt., 404; find-
ing-list, 407.

San Francisco (Cal.) P. L., 220; chil-
dren's departments, 359.
Sanborn, Kate E., executive comm.
N. H. L. A., 55; reclassification of
Manchester (N. H.) C. L., 251; al-
phabetical order-table for conso-
nants (Cutter), 363.
Sanders, Minerva A., C102; value of
local hist., C40.
Sappho, bibliog. of (Wharton), 408.
Sargent, Abby L., reference work
among school-children, 121-122; ac-
cepted position assistant in Medford
P. L., ireas. Mass. C. L., 352.
Sargent's reading for the young, pre-
sented by Board of Ed. to grammar
schools of Manchester, N. H., call-
number affixed, 251.
Saturday half-holiday (Hill), 234.
Saunders, F: (Astor L.), celebrated
88th birthday, Aug. 14, 326; prepar-
ing history of Astor L., 326.
Saunders, J: M., libn. Woodbury
(N. J.) L. Co., died Sept. 6, 362.

Sauppe philological lib., at Bryn
Mawr Coll. L., 29.

Sawin, James M., developing chil
dren's interest in good reading
(Mass. C. L.), 351, 377-379.
Sayre, W. L., Cro2.

Scale insects, bibl. of (N. Y. State
Museum bull.), 256.

Scandinavian books, catalogs of, 187.
Schenectady (N. Y.) P. L., new lib.
progressing, Mr. Peck, of Glovers-
ville L., assisting, Henry Glen,
libn., 253.

Schermerhorn, F. A:,'gift to Colum-
bia Coll. L., 173-174
School libs. in N. Y. City, 31.
Schulze, P., and Koller, O., Bismarck
literature, complete bibl. of German
books on, 1895, 292.
Schools, libraries and, 58, 59, 113,
114; (Cole), 115-118; (Merington),
119-121; (Sargent), 121-122 (Mil-
waukee P. L.), 123-124; (Mass. L.
Club discussion), 127-128; (N. Y. L.
A. meeting), 209; list of books for
teachers and pupils (Rutland F. L.),
105; lib. examinations in (Bolton),


Schubert, Franz. See Peters Musik-
bibliothek, 361.

Science, reading-list on (Denver P.
L.), 66; subject-index to (Rowell),

Scientific indexing, C63.
Scientific literature, proposed index-
ing of, 75, 81; letter of Royal Socie-
ty regarding, 82; rpt. of Harvard
Univ. on, 83-84; rpt. of Franklin
Institute on, 172-173; international
bibl. of (Andrews), 25.
Scott, Angeline, asst. sec. Ct. L.
Assoc., 92.

Scott, Dr. J. L., state libn. Wisconsin,

Scott, Mrs. Lucy E. R., C102.
Scoville Institute L., Oak Park, Ill.,
rpt., age limit changed, special lists
of books for young people and liter-
ary clubs, 252.
Scoville L., Šalisbury, Ct., opening
of, 287.
Scranton (Pa.) P. L., 1st supp. to find-
ing-list, 35; extr. fr. rpt., 63; bul-
letin no. 1, 141; bulletin no. 2, 256.
Sculpture, books on (Partridge), 224.
Sea Cliff (L. I.) P. L., 63.
Seattle (Wash.) P. L., 63; (Bowker),
79--80, 137; payment of indebted-
ness, 33; resignation of J: D. Atkin-
son, libn., 326.

See, Cornelia A., pres. N. J. L. A., 390.
Selby, Emily H., C102.
Sexton, Pliny T., comm. on endow-
ment A. L. A., 387.
Seymour, Paul H., bibl. of aceto acetic
ester, 36.
Shakespeare-Bacon, pamphlet of Geo.
James, 234.

Shakespearian collection of Halliwell-
Phillipps (Smyth), 55, 133.
Sharp, Katherine L., Cro2; sec. Chi-
cago L. Club, 55; 1st vice-pres.
Chicago L. Club, 130; comm. on
co-op. A. L. A., 387; libraries in
secondary schools (Sharp), C5.
Shaw, W: B., Carnegie L., 359.
Sheffield (Eng.) F. Ls., establish-
ment of delivery stations, 139.
Sheldon, Helen G., Cro2.
Shelf-list slip and order-slip com-
bined (Austin), 49-50
Shelving for Mass. State L., 85-86.
Sherborn, C. Davis, bibl. of Malaya,

Ships libraries, topic postponed, C75.
Shrum, Mabel, Cro2.

Siamese books given to Amer. libs.,


Sidney Sussex Coll. L., Cambridge,
manuscripts in, 364.

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
State library associations (dep.), 21,
55, 91, 127, 177, 208, 246, 281, 351.
State library organizations, work ac-
complished by (Adams), 380-381.
'State Normal, Training and Model
Schools, Martha Fowler Nelson
app. libn., 290.
Stearns, Lutie E., sec. and treas. Wis.
L. Assoc., 94; lib. advertising, 198;
reading-list for Memorial day, 223;
elected assistant to Cleveland (O.)
P. L., declined, 326.
Stechert, G. E., C102.

Steele Memorial L., Elmira, N. Y.,
laying of corner-stone, 250; endow-
ment of lib., 249.
Steiner, Bernard C., 140; public
schools and public libs., 346.
Stephen, Sir James Fitzjames, bibl.
in "Life of James Fitzjames Ste-
phen," 364.
Stetson, Willis K., pres. Ct. L. Assoc.,

Silas Bronson L., Waterbury (Ct.), gift
of collection of mineralogical speci-
mens, 323.
Sillman, H.. C., A. L. A. bibliogra-
phy, 124.

Simmons, Eva L., C102.
Semitic lib. of Prof. Dillman goes to
Johns Hopkins Univ. L., 357-
Sioux City (Ia.) P. L., Esther Craw
ford, libn., declines re-election,


Skandinavisk Antiquariat, catalogs,

Slane, Baron de, catalog des manu-
scrits arabes de la Bibliothèque
Nationale, 364.
Slavery, bibl. of white servitude in
Va. (Ballagh), 364.
Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich,

Ct., descriptive pamphlet on bind-
ings, 105.

Smelter (The), visit to, C94.
Smith, C: W., elected libn. Seattle
(Wash.) C. L., 363.

Smith, Clara M., C102.

Smith, Florence S., C102.

Smith, Irene, C102,

Smith, J. J., C102.

Smith, Lucy Toulmin, libn. Manches-
ter College, Oxford, 35.
Smithsonian Institution L., Washing
ton, D. C., extr. fr. rpt., 138; list of
publications for sale or exchange,

Smoking-rooms in Edinburgh P. Ls.,


Stevenson, Rob. L., reading-list on
(Springfield L. bulletin), 67; bibli-
ography of (Providence P. L. bulle-
tin), ro4-Io5.
Stewart Library building, Corinna,
Me., gift of Hon. D. D. Stewart of
St. Albans, Levi M. Stewart, of Min-
nesota, and Mrs. J. H. Winchester,
as memorial to their father, 289.
Stockbridge, Rev. J. C., catalog of
Harris collection, ro5.
Stockholm, K. Biblioteket accession
catalog, 292.

Sociology, pol. economy, etc., Hart-
ford (Ct.) P. L., 407.
Somerville (Mass.) P. L., 220, 359.
Soule, C: C., referendum circular re-
garding post-conference trip to
Europe, 1897, 388.
Sonnenschein, W: Swan, readers'
guide to contemporary literature
(first suppl. to "The best books,"
review), 320.
South Norwalk (Ct.) P. L., 359.
South Orange (N. J.) F. L., gift of
building site to, 33; 9th rpt., addi-
tions, $7000 for bldg, fund raised,
325; plans adopted, 360.
Southampton (L. I.) P. L., subscrip-
tions to building fund, 33.
Southbridge (Mass.) P. L., 220.
Southgate, Rev. Horatio, bibl. of Sunday opening, in Jersey City P. L.,
60; in N. Y. F. C. L., 61.
Superior (Wis.) P. L., reduction of
expenses, 33.
Surgeon-General's Office, Lib. of,
index cat. of, 394.
Sutermeister L.. M., Cro2; libn. Eau
Claire (Wis.) P. L., 35.
Swan, E.. D., vice-pres. Indiana L.
Assoc., 25.
Swan, Rob. T., paper and ink, 127,
Swedenborgian Pub. Soc., free offer
of books (Mass. L. C.), 282.
Swedish periodical lib., bibl., v I
(Lundstedt), 328.

Stockton (Cal.) P. L, completion of
new building, 101; opening, 137.
Stokes, Caroline Phelps, closing of
lib. given to Ansonia, Et., 44, 57-58.
Sturgis, Russell, literature of fine art,
Styles, C: Wendell, account of Ley-
den international conference of zo-
ologists, 391.
Stourm, R., Bibliographie historique
des finances de la France au 19ème
siècle, 408.
Subject-index to science (Rowell),
Subscription libraries changed to F.
P. Ls. (McClintock), C46.
Sudhoff, K., bibl. Paracelsica, 68.
Sugden, R:, bequest for lib. to Spen-
cer, Mass., 104.

(Bowdoin Coll. L.), 222.
Southworth, Celia May, Cro2.
Speck, Mrs. Laura, Cro2.
Spectroscopy, bibl. of (McLeod), 188.
Spencer, Ma. C., travelling libs. in
Mich., 162.

Spencer, Mass., bequest for lib. to,


Smyth, Prof. Albert H., the Halli-
well-Phillipps Shakesperean lib.,

55, 133.

Socialism, bibl. of, Bliss's" Handbook
of," 328.


Sperry, H.., libn. Carnegie F. L.,
Braddock, Pa., 140.
Spofford, Ainsworth R., pres. Wash.
L. Assoc., 26; investigation of
affairs of Lib. of Congress, 265, 301-


Stevens, R:, gift to Hoboken P. L.,

Stevens, W: F., pres. N. Y. L. Club,




Spooner L. See Kansas State Univ.
Springfield (Mass.) City L. Assoc.,
special lists, 36, 67, 141, 187, 223, 291,
327, 364, 407; list of "Catholic lit-
erature in, 105; 34th rpt, 287; re-
classification by Mrs. Martha H.
G. Banks according to Cutter sys-
tem, 326; list of books by Agnes
Repplier, 407.

Springfield (O.) P. L., 23d rpt., Ger.
man books, free access, 253; bulletin
for May (music), 256.

Stanley, Harriet H., libn. Southbridge
(Mass.) P. L., 186.
State librarians, better organization
among, 265, 380-381.

Swift, Lindsay, Boston P. L., 215.
Switzerland, Geschichte der Historio-
graphie in der Schweiz (Wyss), 106.
Syracuse (N. Y.) Central L., гpt., 404.

Tacoma (Wash.) City L. (Bowker),
78-79; lectures at, 33; reopening,


Talbott, D. H., gift to Iowa State
Univ. L., 65.
Tandy, Frank D., C102.
Tatham, W. P., Chairman comm. on
indexing scientific literature
Franklin Institute, 172–173.


Taunton (Mass.) P. L., resignation of
Edwin C. Arnold, libn., 326; Joshua
E. Crane app. libn., 326.
Taylor, W: Curtis (Bowker), 79, 104.
Taylor L., Milford, Ct., dedication,


Teachers, issue of lib. cards to, at
New Bedford P. L., 61; co-operation
of, with libns. (Cole), 115-118; bow
to guide children's reading (Mer-
ington), 119-121.
Teachers' College, N. Y., 244.
Teachers' library. See University of
State of N, Y.

Technical collections in libs. (An-
drews), 6-9, 24; (Green), 24-
Teggart, F: J., Ottino's Bibliografia
and Rogers's Bibliography, 162;
translation of Petzholdt's Kate-
chismus des bibliothekswesens, 256.
Tewksbury (Mass.) P. L., reopening,



Texas, bibl. of (Raines), 364.
Theology, Bibliotheca
(Ruprecht), 141.
Thompson, Carrie L., Light railways,
catalog of books, 364.
Thomson, J:, pres. Pa. L. Club, 92.
Thwaites, Reuben G., directories in
public reference libs., 341, 374; first
library in the Northwest, 382.
Tilden trust fund, proposed consolida-
tion with Astor L. and Lenox L.,
75, 84-85, 114, 125–126; (N. Y. L. Club
discussion), 129.
Tillinghast, W: H., proposed catalog.
ing of scientific literature, 81; sec.
Mass. C. L., 352; comm. on co-op.
A. L. A., 387.
Titcomb, M.. L., sec. Vt. L. Assoc.,
23; on Vt. State L. Commission, 55-
Tolman, W: Howe, bibl. of education
in Rhode Island, 224.
Topeka (Kan.) P. L., 102; catalog no.
7 (review), 27.
Top-shelf problem (Practical notes),


Toronto (Ont., Can.) P. L., 64.
Toronto (Ont., Can.) Educ. Dept.
L, 185.
Townsend collection of war records
given to Columbia Coll. L., 173-174.
Toynbee, Paget, index to Dante, 36.
Tracy, F., Psychology of childhood,


Training class desideratum in libs.
(Hasse), 233-234, 303-305.
Travel, reading-list on (Y. M. C. A.
L., N. Y.), 105.

Travelling libraries, N. Y. State L.,
3; (Eastman), 28, 133; in other states,
124; (Spencer), 161; list for (Univ. N.
Y.), 223; Woman's Education Ass'n,
Boston, offers to supply want, 305:
list of books, 310.
Trilby, reference list on (Providence
P. L. bulletin), 140.

Tripitaka, Buddhistic writings, given
to Am. libs., 174.
Trumbull, Jonathan, vice-pres. Ct. L.
Assoc.. 92
Tufts L., Weymouth, Mass., 184; two-
book system at, 170.

Tuttle, E., treas. N. Y. L. Club, 213.
Two book system, at Milwaukee P.
L.,30; charging methods for (Jones),
44, 168-172, 210; at Hartford P. L.,
60; in Newark P. L, 61; in Quincy
P. L., 63; in Watertown (Mass.) F.
P. L., 63; in Dover (N. H.) P L.,
180-181; in Bridgeport (Ct) P. L
249; in Gloversville, N. Y., 250; in
Helena, Mont.,285; in Pratt Institute
F. L. (Plummer), 338; in Denver
(Col.) C. L., 356; in Aguilar L. (N.
Y. City), 392.

Tyler, Arthur W., resigned from Wil-
mington (Del.) Institute F. L. to
become libn Blackstone Memorial
L., Branford, Ct., 255.

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