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The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows
Vermont L. Assoc., organization
meeting, 23.

Vermont State L. Commission, organi-
zation of, 55.

Versailles (Ky.) P.L. A. lib. destroyed
by fire, reorganized upon larger
scale, 253.
Vicaire, G, manuel de l'amateur de
livres du xix. siècle, 328.
Vinci, Leonardo da, Čodex Atlanti-
cus, 106.

Virginia, hist. bibl. (Latané), 224.

Underhill, Caroline M., app. libn. of
Utica (N. Y.) P. L., 326.
Unitarian Ass'n, offer of free books
(Mass. L. C.), 282.
U. S. Congressional L., Washington,
D. C., 33; suggested storage of pub-
lic documents in, 43, 197; investiga-
tion of A. R. Spofford's accounts,
265, 288, 301; A. R. Spofford offers
$22.000 to make good deficit, 325;
underground railroad between L.
and Capitol, 360; moving of books
to, 495.

U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, lib. bul-
letins, 36, 105, 223, 364.
U. S. Dept. of Interior, rpt. regarding
public documents (Ames), 56-57..
U. S. War Department, index catalog
of Lib. of Surgeon-Gen. Office, 16
volumes, 394; (review by G: E.

U. S. Weather Bureau, bibl. of mete-
orology (Hellmann), 36.
University Club L., N. Y., 136.
University of California, 137-138.
University of Chicago, Department

Ls. (Dixson), 375.
University of City of N. Y., 31; gift
to, 197, 205; new lib. bldg., 402.
University of Colorado L., extr. fr.
rpt., 58.
University of Illinois L., new build-
ing for, 220; plans accepted, 360.
University of Leyden, proposed bibl.
of, 68; international conference of
zoologists, 391.
University of Michigan L., 189; Sia-
mese books given to. 174.
University of Nebraska, new lib.
building, 138.
University of Pennsylvania L., gift
to, 65; Siamese books given to, 174;
purchase of library of Prof. Beck-
stein (philology), 15,000 V, 324.
University of State of New York, lib.
work of (Eastman), 21, 267; Regents'
examination papers, 1894, 91; hand-
book, no. 7, 176; handbook, no. 6,
223; travelling lib. lists, 223; State
lib. bulletin, legislation, no. 5, 223
lib. for teachers to be established
in the Department of Public Works,
253; furthering library development
(Eastman), 265; investigation of
Regents' office, 302; Regents' bulle-
tin, no. 32, annual convocation, 407.
University of Virginia, Charlottes-
ville, 404.
University of Wisconsin, summer lib.
school, 208; literary debates, 234-
Upham, Warren, libn. Western Re-
serve Hist. Soc., 186; app. sec. and
libn. of Minn. State Hist. Soc., 363.
Upsala (Sweden) Univ. Lib., hist. of,
(Annerstedt), 361.
Utica (N. Y.) P. L., resolutions passed
on death of libn., Louisa S. Cutler,
326; Caroline M. Underhill app.
libn., 326.

Utley, H: M., pres. Mich. L. A., 355;
pres. executive bd. A. L. A., 389;
opening address, C3.
Utley, Mrs. H: M., C102.

Van, Lila E., C102.

Van Hoevenberg, Alma Rogers, or-
ganizing libn. Nahant (Mass.) P. L.,
104; classification and recataloging
of Nahant (Mass.) P. L., 251; app.
asst. libn. of Washington Heights
(N. Y. City) F. L., 363; vice-pres.
N J. L. A., 390.

Van Valkenburgh, Agnes, Cr02.
Value of local history in P. L. (San-
ders), C40.

Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Schuyler, Bos-
ton P. L., 215.

Vedic India. See India.
Vermont, lib. legislation in, 90.

Wade, Emily Israel, C102; cataloging
in the future, C21, 71.
Wagner, reference list on (Providence
P. L. bulletin), 140; reference lib.
(Phila. P. L.), 291; catalog of Wag-
ner Museum, Vienna, v. 4 (Oester-
lein), 292.
Wales, Eliz. B., asst. libn. Carnegie
P. L., Braddock, Pa., 186.
Walker, C. H., Bost. P. L., 184.
Wallace, Hon. Rodney, gift of Ingalls
Memorial L. to Rindge, N. H.,


Waltham (Mass.) P. L., bequest for
lib. to, 65; bulletin pub. by, 138;
bulletins, Mar., Apr., May, June,
256; special bulletin, 291; October,
list of books on electricity, nursing,


Walton, G, M., vice-pres. Mich. L. A.,


Ware, Prof., rpt. on plans for new

bldg. of Providence (R. I.) P. L.,253.
Warner, Amos G., bibl. of economics
and philanthropy, 106.
Warren, H. L. J., arrangements

post-conference excursion, C91, C102.
Warwick (Mass.) P. L., new building

for, 102.
Washburn, Rev. Philip, C102.
Washington, G:, list of books on (In-
dianapolis P. L.), 105.
Washington (D. C.) L. Assoc., 3d
meeting, 26; 5th meeting, 129-130;
7th meeting, 177-178; 8th meeting,
247; union list of periodicals, 247;
9th meeting, 391.
Washington, D. C., proposed free lib.
for, 178; $10,500 subscribed, 247; in-
corporated July 5, 288; Gen. Greely's
account of what has been accom-
plished, 391.
Washington State L. (Bowker), 78.
Washington Heights (N. Y. City) F.
L., 27th rpt., additions, 360.
Watertown (Ct.) L. A., 220.
Watertown (Mass.) F. P. L., 138; two-
book system adopted, 63, 171; 13th
supp. to catalog, 141.
Watkins, J. Elfrith, railroad libs.,

[blocks in formation]


waukee P. L., 114; vice-pres. A. L.
A., 389, C84; improper books, C32.
Westerly (R. I.) P., L. rpt. of first
year's work, 325.
Westford, Mass., contract for Fletch-
er L. awarded, 289.
Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland,
O., gift of lib. building to, 103; lay-
ing of corner-stone of Hatch lib.
bldg., 249.

Westervelt, Walter T., C102.
Westfield, Mass., lib. opened at, 220.
Westford, Mass., gift for lib. to, 185.
Westling, Jonas, Cro2.
Wharton, H. W., bibl. of Sapphic
literature in "Sappho," 408.
What can be done to help a boy to
like good books? (Coe), 118-119.
Whist books on (Pole), 224.
Whistler, Ja. Abbott McNeill, biog.,
list of works (Forsyth, Harrison),


Whitaker, Alfred E., C102; libn. Univ.
of Colorado, Boulder, 35; treas. Col.
L. Assoc., 211.

White Mountains, books relating to
Prov. (R. I.) P. L. bulletin, 363.
Whittier, J: G., bibl. of (Pickard), 36;
(Bierstadt). 188.

Whittier, J. H., exec. comm. N. H. L.

Assoc., 55; A. L. A comm. on state
aid to libs., 89.
Wick, Alice B., C102.
Wickersham, W: B., sketch of some
Chicago libraries, 274.

Wilde, Oscar, removal of his books
from libs., 162; (Crunden), 198.
Wilkin, Arthur M., C102.
Willey, Arthur, bibl. of amphioxus, 68.
William of Orange, bibl. in "William
the Silent," 264.
Williams, L. A., vice-pres. Mass. C.
L., 352.
Williams, Norman, trustee of Endow-
ment F., C67.
Wilmington (Del.) Institute F. L,
102: two-book system at, 171; find-
ing-list circulating dept. rpts., 291.
Wilson, F: Allan, Nahant P. L., 254.
Wilson, J: M., Framingham, Mass..
gift of F. P. L. bldg. to St. Augus-
tine. Fla., 289.
Winchester, G: F., 66.
Winchester (Mass.) P. L., memorial
window given to. 65.

Winchester, Va., bequest for lib. to,


Windsor (Ont., Can.) P. L., opening,


Wing, J. N., C102.

Winser, Beatrice, sec. N. J. L. Ass'n,
390; glimpses of Salt Lake City,
C97-98, Cro2.
Winsor, T:, C102.
Winterhalter (Lieut.), ordered to
Honolulu, C75

Wire, Dr. G: E., C102; how libns.
should read, 56; 2d vice-pres. Chica-
go L. Club, 131; took degree LL. B.
from Kent Coll. of Law, Chic.,
Ill., elected libn. Amer. Med. Assn.,
255; list of subject-headings for dic-
tionary catalog, 399; how should a
librarian read?, C16; medical books
for small P. Ls., C37; comm. to con-
sider (Crunden, West, Wade), C73.
Wisconsin, proposed state lib., com-
mission for, 63; lib. legislation in,
91; organization of libs in (Hutch-
ins), 93; bill providing lib, commis-
sion for (Hutchins), 243; why com-
mission was created (Hutchins), 393.
Wisconsin L. Assoc., 4th ann. meet-
ing, 93-94.
Wisconsin L. Commission, 405.
Wisconsin State Hist. Soc. L., 63-64,
204-205; new building for, 184; plans
submitted, 401

Withers P. L., Bloomington, Ill.,
Evva L. Moore elected libn., 290.

Wixson, Mrs. Helen M., C102; state
libn., Colorado, 66.
Woburn (Mass.) P. L., 64; bulletin of
accessions, 291.
Woman, reading-list on (Salem, Mass.,
P. L. bull.), 363.
Woman's Education Association, Bos-
ton, Mass. (Chandler), 305-306;
Mary Morrison (sec.), travelling lib.
list of books, 310.
Woman's L., Columb. Expos., list of
books in (Clarke), 4.

Wood, Butler, bibl. of Brontë family,


Wood, Mildred C., asst. sec. A. L. A.,

Wood and wood-carving, ref. list on
(Providence P. L.), 223.
Woodbury (N. J.) L. Co. See Dept-
ford Institute F. L.

Woodruff, E. H., fiction in libs., 211–
212; 342-345-

Woodruff, T: T., C102.


Barrett, Mary-M.. Olivia Nutting,


Brainerd, T: H.-Mrs. J: R. Jarboe,

The index to Pseudonyms and Anonyms follows this.
Wood's L., Bradford, Vt., new bldg.
dedicated, 284.

Woodward, Rob. C., 2d vice-pres.
Ohio L. Assoc., 82, 390; chairman
comm, on statistics, Ohio L. Assoc.,

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Keith, Alyn Yates-Mrs.

Kelford, Francke
Shackelford, 408.
Kincaid, Jean-Mrs. Estelle M. H.
Merrill, 68.
Lesueur, Daniel-Mme. Jeanne Loi-
seau, 292.
Luca, Prior Stanislao Bianciardi,



Worcester (Mass.) F. P. L., 220-221.
Worman, Ernest, index to catalog of
books relating to Cambridge, 35.
Wyss, G. v., Geschichte der Historio-
graphie in der Schweiz, 106.




Yachts and yachting, bibl. Provi-
dence (R. I.) P. L. bulletin, 363.
Yale Univ. L., funds needed for, 102;
extr. fr. rpt., 184.
Young, reading for the (N. Y. L.
Assoc. discussion), 22; (Peck), 47;
list of books for the (Hartford P.
L.), 105; guiding reading of, 114;
(Cole), 114-118; (Coe), 118-119;
(Merington), 119-121; reference work
among children (Sargent), 121-122;










256 Heysinger, I: Winter.
Hicks, Gilbert H:
Hodge, F: Webb.
Hogan, W: Elijah.
Holden, Ward Andrews.
Hopkins, Rufus Clement.


67 Hopkins, W: J:



291 Jaynes, Mrs. Helen Neil.

- Morris,
Fannie Harris

M., Mr.-C. W. Mason, 224.
Maclaren, Ian - Rev. J: Maclaren
Watson, 68.


Marzac-Raymond d'Abzac, 292.
Matgioi-Albert de Pouvoirville, 292.
Merriman, Henry Seton-Hugh Scott,
Mises, Dr.-Gustav Theodor Fech-

ner, 292.

Monk, Thymol-Mary Belcher, 142.
Smiley, Jane-Miss O'Reilly, 68.
Smith, Mr.-Horace Hutchinson, 224.

291 Jenney, C: Albert.

256 Johnson, Homer Uri.
Judd, Jonathan R:



Houston, Edwin James.
Howe, S: H:

Keeler, C: A:
256 Kelley, James Prentice.
Kennelly, Arthur Edwin.
Kynett, Alpha Jefferson.



Lloyd, Curtis Gates.

Loree, Leonor Fresnel (Track).


Morris, G: Perry.
187 Morrison, W: Albert.

Morton, C: Gould.


291 Nichols, E: West.

Mielziner, Moses.

Miller, E: Fowler.

Montrésor, Frances Frederica.

list of books for the (Brooklyn P.
L.), 222; reading-lists wanted for
children (Adams), 338; developing
children's interest in good reading
(Mass. C. L.) 351, 375.

Young, E.. A., treas. Chicago L.
Club, 55.



Y. M. C. A. L., N. Y., art exhibit at,
100-101; plans for new building.
101, 136; railroad branch, list of se-
lect reading, 105, 407.

Y. M. C. A. L., Troy, N. Y., 184; de-
scription of memorial window (Mrs.
Hart), 25.

Y. M. L., Atlanta, Ga., invitation to
visitors, 386.




Zoologists, Leyden International con-
ference of, 391.
Zoology. See bibliography.
Zwittau (Austria) F. P. L. See Ot-
tendorfer F. L.





[blocks in formation]


105 Osborn, Frank Chittenden,
187 Owen, Orville Ward.







256 Pammel, L: Herman.
Peabody, Cecil Hobart.
105 Penniman, James Hosmer.
67 Perrine, C: Dillon.
Phelps, James Turner.
Pickard, S: T:

Plummer, Mary Wright.
Porter, Robert Percival.
Porter, T: Conrad.
Prosser, C: Smith.
Purdy, Corydon Tyler.

Chaperoned-Albert Ulmann, 68.
Some good intentions and a blunder,
not written by John Oliver Hobbes
(Mrs. Craigie), 408.
Sunless heart-Edith Johnstone, 68.
Transition-Emma Brooke, 224.
Ueber spaltungen und unabhängig-
keit in der Kirche Christi - Har-
baugh, H: (S: H. Ranck.), 256.

McElroy, Karl (Thayer) Pomeroy. 67 Southerland, W: H: Hudson.
141 McGuire, Joseph Deakins.


McMurrich, James Playfair.
Mally, F: W:

Stanley, Hiram Miner.
Stewart, Fred Carlton.


187 Mathews, Ferdinand Schuyler.

Thurston, C: Orion.

67 Merrill, Earle Abbott.


67 Weaver, W: Dixon.
Wedderburn, Alexander J:
Wellman, T: Bartholomew.
Weston, James A:


Wickes, T: H:

Willard, Joseph Arthur,
Williams, H: Eugene.

67 Wyman, Ferdinand Adolphus.

Rand, Addison Crittenden.
Rankin, Francis Huntington.
Rosenthal, R: Sigismund.

Saffell, W: T: Roberts.
Salt, H: Stephens.
187 Schroeder, Seaton.
Searles, W: H:
Sheffield, C: Arthur.


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