An Essay on National Pride: Whether Arising from Excellencies Real Or Imaginary ; with an Examination of Its Advantages and Disadvantages and Observations on Religious, Republican and Monarchical Pride

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James Cundee, 1805 - 193 страница

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Страница 87 - Though thy clime Be fickle, and thy year most part deform'd With dripping rains, or wither'd by a frost, I would not yet exchange thy sullen skies, And fields withqut a flower, for warmer France With all her vines ; nor for Ausonia's groves Of golden fruitage, and her myrtle bowers.
Страница 87 - England, with all thy faults, I love thee still — My country ! and while yet a nook is left, Where English minds and manners may be found, Shall be constrained to love thee.
Страница 88 - Wi' the burn stealing under the lang yellow broom ; Far dearer to me are yon humble broom bowers, Where the blue-bell and gowan lurk lowly unseen ; For there, lightly tripping amang the wild flowers, A listening the linnet, aft wanders my Jean. Tho...
Страница 87 - Their groves o' sweet myrtle let foreign lands reckon, Where bright beaming summers exalt the perfume; Far dearer to me yon lone glen o' green breckan, Wi' the burn stealing under the lang yellow broom: Far dearer to me are yon humble broom bowers, Where the blue-bell and gowan lurk lowly unseen ; For there, lightly tripping amang the wild-flowers, A-listening the linnet, aft wanders my Jean.
Страница 115 - ... enemies, and died in battle, or of violent deaths upon bold adventures or resolutions, went immediately to the vast hall or palace of Odin, their god of war, who eternally kept open house for all such guests, where they were entertained at infinite tables, in perpetual feasts and mirth, carousing...
Страница 116 - ... past all military action, and fearing to die meanly and basely (as they esteemed it) in their beds, they usually caused themselves to be brought to the nearest part of these rocks, and from thence threw themselves down into the sea, hoping, by the boldness of such a violent death, to renew the pretence of admission in the Hall of Odin, which they had lost by failing to die in combat and by arms.
Страница 116 - Populos quos despicit Arctos Felices errore suo, quos ille timorum Maximus hand urget lethi metus, inde ruendi In ferrum mens prona viris, aniroique capaces Mortis, et ignavuni rediturae parcere vita.
Страница 115 - ... opinion and imputation of all sorts of charms, enchantments, or witchcrafts, to the use and force of those strange characters ; that he instituted many excellent orders and laws, made the distinction of seasons, the divisions of time, was an invincible warrior, a wise lawgiver, loved and obeyed during life by his subjects, and after his death adored as one of their three chief gods...
Страница 20 - Choissi, a fiacre, or hackney-coach, stopped, and out came five or six men, armed with muskets, who took post, each behind a separate tree. I asked our servant who they were, imagining they might be archers, or footpads of justice, in pursuit of some malefactor. But guess my surprise, when the fellow told me, they were gentlemen a la chasse.
Страница 51 - ... By these means the number of disputants is augmented, errors are multiplied, and persecution is encouraged. All religious parties and sects are convinced of their own infallibility. Each cherishes the unhappy opinion, that, among the many religious professions, there is only one which possesses the theological truths in all their purity ; each despises and abhors the rest, and accuses them of obstinacy, blindness, obduracy and deceit. Each sect imagines itself to be in the right way and all the...

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