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Georgia (17).
Washington (30).
Alaska (31).
Wisconsin (37)
Dakota (34).
Iowa (44).
Alaska (31).
Alaska (31).
Rochester (8).
Washington (30).
Connecticut (6).
Washington (30).
Massachusetts (4).
Vermont (2).
Florida (18).
Dakota (34).
St. Louis (45).
St. Louis (45).
Minnesota (35).
Connecticut (6).
Wisconsin (37).
Washington (30).
Duluth and Superior (36).

Savannah, Ga...
Seattle, Wash.
Seward, Alaska
Sheboygan, Wis.
Sherwood, N. Dak.
Sioux City, Iowa..
Sitka, Alaska.
Skagway, Alaska.
Sodus Point, N. Y.
South Bend, Wash..
South Manchester, Conn.
Spokane, Wash..
Springfield, Mass..
St. Albans, Vt-
St. Augustine, Fla.
St. John, N. Dak...
St. Joseph, Mo.---
St. Louis, Mo...
St. Paul, Minn.
Stamford, Conn.
Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
Sumas, Wash
Superior, Wis. (Duluth and Su-

Sweetgrass, Mont..
Syracuse, N. Y...-
Tacoma, Wash
Tampa, Fla.
Tecate, Calif.
Toledo, Ohio.
Tulsa, Okla.
Unalaska, Alaska.-
Utica, N.Y.
Van Buren, Me..
Vanceboro, Me..
Vineyard Haven, Mass-
Waddington, N. Y..
Walhalla, N. Dak..
Warroad, Minn...
Washington, D. C..
Westhope, Ń. Dak.
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Wichita, Kans.---
Wilmington, Del.
Wilmington, N. C.-
Winston-Salem, N. C.
Worcester, Mass...
Wrangell, 'Alaska.

Montana and Idaho (33).
Rochester (8).
Washington (30).
Florida (18).
San Diego (25).
Ohio (41).
St. Louis (45).
Alaska (31).
Rochester (8).
Maine and New Hampshire (1).
Maine and New Hampshire (1).
Massachusetts (4).
St. Lawrence (7).
Dakota (34).
Duluth and Superior (36).
Maryland (13)
Dakota (34).
Florida (18).
St. Louis (45).
Philadelphia (11).
North Carolina (15).
North Carolina (15).
Massachusetts (4).
Alaska (31).


T. D. 37278.

Art. 6. Merchandise not to be entered or delivered, Articles except at ports of entry, unless at the expense of the T. D. 37128. parties in interest.-Merchandise shall not be entered or delivered from customs custody elsewhere than at a port of entry, except at the expense of the parties in interest, upon authority from the Secretary of the Treasury and under conditions to be prescribed by him. When it shall be made to appear to the Secretary of the Treasury that the interests of commerce or the protection of the

0 1930.

revenue so require, he may cause to be stationed at places in the various collection districts, though not named as ports of entry, officers or employees of the customs with authority to enter and clear vessels, to accept entries of merchandise, to collect duties, and to enforce the various

provisions of the customs and navigation laws. T. D. 32861, Art. 7. Regulation of naval-base harbors.—The harbors

of Tortugas, Fla.; Great Harbor, Culebra; Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, Cuba; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Guam; Subig Bay, Philippine Islands; and Kiska, Aleutian Islands, shall not be made ports of entry for foreign vessels of commerce, and said harbors shall not be visited by any commercial or privately owned vessel of foreign registry; nor by any foreign national vessel, except by special authority of the United States Navy Department in each case.

Art. 8. Assignment of districts to comptrollers of customs.

Comptroller of customs, Boston, Mass.-
T. D. 39363. No. 1. Maine and New Hamp- No. 4. Massachusetts.
Sec. 523, tariff act

No. 5. Rhode Island.
No. 2. Vermont.

Comptroller of customs, New York, N. Y.-
No. 6. Connecticut.

No. 9. Buffalo.
No. 7. St. Lawrence.

No. 10. New York.
No. 8. Rochester.

No. 49. Porto Rico, Virgin

Comptroller of customs, Philadelphia, Pa.-
No. 11. Philadelphia.

No. 41. Ohio.
No. 12. Pittsburgh.

No. 42. Kentucky.
No. 38. Michigan.

No. 43. Tennessee.
No. 40. Indiana.

Comptroller of customs, Baltimore, Md.-
No. 13. Maryland.

No. 16. South Carolina.
No. 14. Virginia.

No. 17. Georgia.
No. 15. North Carolina.

No. 18. Florida.
Comptroller of customs, New Orleans, La.-
No. 19. Mobile.

No. 23. San Antonio.
No. 20. New Orleans.

No. 24. El Paso.
No. 21. Sabine.

No. 26. Arizona.
No. 22. Galveston.

Comptroller of customs, San Francisco, Calif.-
No. 25. San Diego.

No. 30. Washington.
No. 27. Los Angeles.

No. 31. Alaska.
No. 28. San Francisco.

No. 32. Hawaii.
No. 29. Oregon.

No. 48. Utah and Nevada.
Comptroller of customs, Chicago, Ill.
No. 33. Montana and Idaho. No. 39. Chicago.
No. 34. Dakota.

No. 44. Iowa.
No. 35. Minnesota.

No. 45. St. Louis.
No. 36. Duluth and Superior. No. 46. Omaha.
No. 37. Wisconsin.

No. 47. Colorado.






38. Master's oath on licensing vessel. Art.

39. Change of master. 9. General definitions.

40. Repairs. 10. Vessels entitled to documents.

41. Issue and record of marine docu11. Provisional registers.

ments. 12. Yachts entitled to documents.

42. Permanent enrollment or license 13. Vessels exempt from documenta

or renewal thereof to a vessel tion.

absent from home port. 14. Vessels required to have identifica- 43. Renewal of license. tion numbers.

44. Surrender of permanent docu15. Marine documents, sea letters, and

ments. passports.

45. Indorsements on surrendered docu16. Form of marine documents.

ments. 17. Marine documents to be signed 46. Surrender of temporary documents. and sealed.

47. Notice of the issue and surrender 18. Marine documents to be numbered. of documents. 19. New marine documents.

48. Cancellation of marine documents. 20. Dimensions and tonnage of vessels 49. Revision of tonnage. to be expressed in marine docu

50. Rebuilt vessels. ments.

51. Change of build or rig. 21. Fractions of net tons not to be 52. Change of trade. reported.

53. Lost vessel. 22. Registers.

54. Report of casualty to vessel. 23. Enrollment and license-Coasting 55. Loss of marine document. trade and fisheries.

56. Failure to obtain a new document 24. Builder's certificate.

when required. 25. Measurement of vessels.

57. Sale of vessel. 26. Official number and signal letters. 58. Sale outside of home port. 27. Marking of official number and 59. Sale abroad. net tonnage.

60. Sale or charter to an alien. 28. Evidence as to marking official 61. Record of title-Essentials of bills number, etc.

of sale-Mortgages. 29. Marking of draft of registered 62. Preferred mortgages-Recording vessels.

and indorsing. 30. Marking load lines on certain regis- 63. Certificate and fees. tered vessels.

64. Collector's liability under the ship 31. Name and home port on document- mortgage act, 1920. ed vessel.

65. Vessels on Great Lakes. 32. Home port-Definition-Change 66. Transfer from lakes to seaboard. of.

67. Registry of foreign-built vessels 33. Citizen ownership of corporation, under Revised Statute 4132, as partnership or association.

amended. 34. Evidence of citizenship of owners 68. Foreign-built yachts. and officers.

69. Certificate of protection. 35. Forms of oath.

70. Recorded vessels. 36. Owner's oath before collector. 71. Record of American-built vessels 37. Owner's oath before State officer. owned by aliens.



Art. 72. Certificates of record.

90. Regulation of motor boats. 73. Prizes and forfeited vessels.

91. Numbering and recording undocu74. Misuse of document.

mented vessels. 75. Penalty for trading, etc., without 92. Enforcement of navigation laws.

license. 76. Malfeasance respecting marine



PROTECTION documents.

93. Applications. 77. Inspection of marine documents.

94. Evidence that applicant is 78. Abstracts of marine documents and

American seaman. accounts of tonnage.

95. Evidence of American citizenship. 79. Accounts of marine documents.

96. Seaman's protection certificates. 80. Quarterly returns of tonnage. 81. Annual list of merchant vessels and



AND PROTECTION 82. Change of name of documented

97. Applications. vessel.

98. Evidence of service on American 83. Fee for change of vessel's name.

vessels. 84. Yacht privileges and obligations.

99. Seaman's certificates of service 85. Vessels required to be inspected.

and protection. 86. Vessels not required to be inspected

100. Duplicate certificates. 87. License to carry gunpowder.

101. Records and files. 88. Officers' licenses.

102. General instructions. 89. Citizenship of crew of vessel in

ocean mail service.


Tariff act 1930, sec. 401.

sec. 3.

sec. 177.

Art. 9. General definitions.-(a) The word "vessel," within the meaning of the tariff act of 1930, includes every description of water craft or other contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transporta

tion in water, but does not include aircraft. R. S. 3.

(6) The word "vessel,” within the meaning of the U.S. O., title 1,

navigation laws, includes every description of water U.S. C., title 49,

craft or other artificial contrivance used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water, but

does not include seaplanes or other aircraft. Merchant marine (c) The term "marine document” includes registry act, 1920, sec. 30.

and enrollment and license.

(d) The term "documented” means registered or enrolled or licensed under the laws of the United States, whether permanently or temporarily.

(e) The term “port of documentation" means the home Act Feb. 16, 1925, sec. 4, and mer: port of a vessel. It does not include a port in which a chant marine act, 1920, sec. 30. temporary document is issued. U.S.C., title 46,

(f) The term "vessel of the United States” means any vessel documented under the laws of the United States.

(g) The term “load line” means a line or mark to (U.S.C., title 46, sec. 85). indicate the maximum depth to which a vessel may

be loaded safely.

U.S. C., title 46, sec. 911.

R. S. 4141.

sec. 911.

Act Mar. 2, 1929.

How. 443

R. S. 4318.

sec. 258.

R. S. 4132, as

(h) The term "mortgagee,” in the case of a mortgage sec. 1:

U.S, C., title 46,

101. involving a trust deed and a bond issue thereunder, Daniel Ball, 18 means the trustee designated in such deed.

Wall, 357. (i) The term "marine waters of the United States" Genesee Chief o.

Fitzhugh, 12 embraces all waters navigable to or from the ocean.

Art. 10. Vessels entitled to documents.-(a) Vessels R. S. 4311, 4331. of 20 net tons and upward may be registered or secs, 251, 273. enrolled and licensed. Vessels of 5 net tons and less than 20 net tons may be licensed (except on the Great Lakes) or registered.

(6) Any vessel of the United States navigating the U.S.C., title 46, waters of the northern, northeastern, and northwestern frontiers, otherwise than by sea, shall be enrolled and licensed. (Commerce Form 1273.) (See art. 65.)

(c) The following classes of vessels are entitled to receive documents under existing laws: Class 1.-Those built in the United States, wholly amended.

U.S.C., title 46, owned by citizens or by an incorporated company of sec. 11. the United States.

An American-owned and American-built vessel, which by sale has become the property of a foreigner, will be entitled to a new marine document upon afterwards becoming American property.

Shipping act, Class 2.-Those purchased from the Shipping Board 1916, sec. 9.

U.S.C., titlo 46, by persons who are citizens of the United States. (See sec. 808 art. 67.)

R. S. 4180, 4184. Class 3.–Those built in the United States, in whole u.s. c., title 46,

secs, 54, 57. or in part under foreign ownership and recorded, on becoming wholly owned by a citizen or citizens of the United States, and never before documented. (See art. 71.) Class 4.—Those captured in a war to which the United amended.

U.S.O., title 46, States is a party, by a citizen or citizens thereof, lawfully sec. 11. condemned as prizes, and wholly owned by a citizen or citizens of the United States. Class 5.-Those which have been adjudged to be for- amended.

U.S.C., title 46, feited for a breach of the laws of the United States, sec. 11. when wholly owned by citizens thereof. This does not include vessels, not otherwise entitled to documents, sold under a decree of admiralty for debt or seamen's wages.

T. D. 19859. Class 6.Those sold by the United States Government to citizens, if built in the United States. Foreign-built vessels bought or chartered by the Government are entitled to documents on sale to a citizen or citizens on compliance with the requirements for class 9.

R.S. 4132, as

R. S. 4132, as

T. D. 4886.

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