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Of fowl-even every beak and wing
Which cheer the winter, hail the spring,

That live in peace or prey;
They that make music, or that mock,
The quail, the brave domestic cock.

The raven, swan, and jay.
Of fishes every size and shape,
Which nature frames of light escape,

Devouring man to shun:
The shells are in the wealthy deep,
The shoals upon the surface leap,

And love the glancing sun.

Of beasts—the beaver plods his task;
While the sleek tigers roll and bask,

Nor yet the shades arouse;
Her cave the mining coney scoops;
Where o'er the mead the mountain stoops,

The kids exult and browse.

Of gems—their virtue and their price,
Which, hid in earth from man's device,

Their darts of lustre sheath;
The jasper of the master's stamp,
The topaz blazing like a lamp,

Among the mines beneath.

Blest was the tenderness he felt,
When to his graceful harp he knelt,

And did for audience call;
When Satan with his hand he quelled,
And in serene suspense he held

The frantic throes of Saul.

His furious foes no more maligned
As he such melody divined,

And sense and soul detained;
Now striking strong, now soothing soft,
He sent the godly sounds aloft,

Or in delight refrained.

When up to heaven his thoughts he piled,
From fervent lips fair Michal smiled,

As blush to blush she stood;
And chose herself the queen, and gave
Her utmost from her heart—' so brave,

And plays his hymns so good.'

The pillars of the Lord are seven,
Which stand from earth to topmost heaven;

His Wisdom drew the plan;
His Word accomplished the design,
From brightest gem to deepest mine,

From CHRIST enthroned to Man.

Alpha, the cause of causes, first
In station, fountain, whence the burst

Of light and blaze of day;
Whence bold attempt, and brave advance.
Have motion, life, and ordinance,

And heaven itself its stay.

Gamma supports the glorious arch
On which angelic legions march,

And is with sapphires paved;
Thence the fleet clouds are sent adrift,
And thence the painted folds that lift

The crimson veil, are waved.

Eta with living sculpture breathes,
With verdant carvings, flowery wreathes,

Of never-wasting bloom;
In strong relief his goodly base
All instruments of labour grace,

The trowel, spade, and loom.

Next Theta stands to the supreme-
Who formed in number, sign, and scheme,

The illustrious lights that are;
And one addressed his saffron robe,
And one, clad in a silver globe,

Held rule with every star.

Iota's tuned to choral hymns
Of those that fly, while he that swims

In thankful safety lurks ;
And foot, and chapiter, and niche,
The various histories enrich

Of God's recorded works.

Sigma presents the social droves
With him that solitary roves,

And man of all the chief;
Fair on whose face, and stately frame,
Did God impress His hallowed name,

For ocular belief.

Omega! greatest and the best,
Stands sacred to the day of rest,

For gratitude and thought;
Which blessed the world upon his pole,
And gave the universe his goal,

And closed the infernal draught.

O David, scholar of the Lord !
Such is thy science, whence reward,

And infinite degree;
O strength, O sweetness, lasting ripe!
God's harp thy symbol, and thy type

The lion and the bee !

There is but One who ne'er rebelled, But One by passion unimpelled,

By pleasures unenticed; He from himself hath semblance sent, Grand object of his own content,

And saw the God in Christ.

Tell them, I AM, Jehovah said
To Moses; while earth heard in dread,

And, smitten to the heart,
At once above, beneath, around,
All Nature, without voice or sound,

Replied, O Lord, THOU ART.

Thou art-to give and to confirm,
For each his talent and his term;

All flesh thy bounties share:
Thou shalt not call thy brother fool:
The porches of the Christian school

Are meekness, peace, and prayer.
Open and naked of offence,
Man's made of mercy, soul, and sense:

God armed the snail and wilk;
Be good to him that pulls thy plough;
Due food and care, due rest allow

For her that yields thee milk.

Rise up before the hoary head,
And God's benign commandment dread,


thou shalt not die: 'Not as I will, but as Thou wilt,' Prayed He, whose conscience knew no guilt;

With Whose blessed pattern vie.
Use all thy passions ! love is thine,
And joy and jealousy divine;

Thine hope's eternal fort,
And care thy leisure to disturb,
With fear concupiscence to curb,

And rapture to transport.

Act simply, as occasion asks;
Put mellow wine in seasoned casks;

Till not with ass and bull:
Remember thy baptismal bond;
Keep thy commixtures foul and fond,

Nor work thy flax with wool.

Distribute; pay the Lord His tithe,
And make the widow's heart-strings blithe;

Resort with those that weep:
As you from all and each expect,
For all and each thy love direct,

And render as you reap.

The slander and its bearer spurn,
And propagating praise sojourn

To make thy welcome last;
Turn from old Adam to the New:
By hope futurity pursue:

Look upwards to the past. Control thine eye, salute success, Honour the wiser, happier bless,

And for their neighbour feel; Grutch not of mammon and his leaven, Work emulation up to heaven

· By knowledge and by zeal.
O David, highest in the list
Of worthies, on God's ways insist,

The genuine word repeat !
Vain are the documents of men,
And vain the flourish of the pen

That keeps the fool's conceit.

Praise above all—for praise prevails;
Heap up the measure, load the scales,

And good to goodness add:
The generous soul her Saviour aids,
But peevish obloquy degrades;

The Lord is great and glad.

For Adoration all the ranks
Of Angels yield eternal thanks,

And David in the midst:
With God's good poor, which, last and least
In man's esteem, Thou to Thy feast,

O Blessed Bridegroom, bidst.

For Adoration seasons change,
And order, truth, and beauty range,

Adjust, attract, and fill:
The grass the polyanthus checks;
And polished porphyry reflects,

By the descending rill.

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