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Never, O never!

Eleu loro
Never, O never!

Where shall the traitor rest,

He, the deceiver,
Who could win maiden's breast,

Ruin, and leave her?
In the lost battle,

Borne down by the flying,
Where mingles war's rattle
With groans of the dying;

Eleu loro
There shall he be lying.

Her wing shall the eagle flap

O'er the falsehearted;
His warm blood the wolf shall lap

Ere life be parted:
Shame and dishonour sit

By his grave ever ;
Blessing shall hallow it
Never, O never !

Eleu loro
Never, O never!



Ah! County Guy, the hour is nigh

The sun has left the lea,
The orange-flower perfumes the bower,

The breeze is on the sea.
The lark, his lay who trill'd all day,

Sits hush'd his partner nigh;
Breeze, bird, and flower confess the hour,

But where is County Guy ?

The village maid steals through the shade

Her shepherd's suit to hear;

To Beauty shy, by lattice high,

Sings high-born Cavalier.
The star of Love, all stars above,

Now reigns o’er earth and sky,
And high and low the influence known

But where is County Guy?

[blocks in formation]

Though now she sits on Neidpath's tower

To watch her Love's returning.

All sunk and dim her eyes so bright,

Her form decay'd by pining,
Till through her wasted hand, at night,

You saw the taper shining.
By fits a sultry hectic hue

Across her cheek was flying;
By fits so ashy pale she grew

Her maidens thought her dying.

Yet keenest powers to see and hear

Seem'd in her frame residing;
Before the watch-dog prick'd his ear

She heard her lover's riding;
Ere scarce a distant form was kenn'd

She knew and waved to greet him,
And o'er the battlement did bend

As on the wing to meet him.
He came he pass'd-an heedless gaze

As o'er some stranger glancing :
Her welcome, spoke in faltering phrase,

Lost in his courser's prancing-
The castle-arch, whose hollow tone

Returns each whisper spoken,
Could scarcely catch the feeble moan

Which told her heart was broken.



Pibroch of Donuil Dhu

Pibroch of Donuil
Wake thy wild voice anew,

Summon Clan Conuil.
Come away, come away,

Hark to the summons !
Come in your war-array,

Gentles and commons.

Come from deep glen, and

From mountain so rocky;
The war-pipe and pennon

Are at Inverlocky.
Come every hill-plaid, and

True heart that wears one,
Come every steel blade, and

Strong hand that bears one.

Leave untended the herd,

The flock without shelter;
Leave the corpse uninterr'd,

The bride at the altar;
Leave the deer, leave the steer,

Leave nets and barges :
Come with your fighting gear,

Broadswords and targes.

Come as the winds come, when

Forests are rended,
Come as the waves come, when

Navies are stranded:
Faster come, faster come,

Faster and faster,
Chief, vassal, page and groom,

Tenant and master.

Fast they come, fast they come;

See how they gather!
Wide waves the eagle plume

Blended with heather.
Cast your plaids, draw your blades,

Forward each man set!
Pibroch of Donuil Dhu

Knell for the onset !


MARCH, march, Ettrick and Teviotdale,

Why the deil dinna ye march forward in order ?
March, march, Eskdale and Liddesdale,
All the Blue Bonnets are bound for the Borde

Many a banner spread,

Flutters above your head,
Many a crest that is famous in story.

Mount and make ready then,

Sons of the mountain glen,
Fight for the Queen and our old Scottish glory.
Come from the hills where your hirsels are grazing,

Come from the glen of the buck and the roe;
Come to the crag where the beacon is blazing,
Come with the buckler, the lance, and the bow.

Trumpets are sounding,

War-steeds are bounding,
Stand to your arms and march in good order;

England shall many a day

Tell of the bloody fray,
When the Blue Bonnets came over the Border.



PROUD Maisie is in the wood,

Walking so early;
Sweet Robin sits on the bush

Singing so rarely.

'Tell me, thou bonny bird,

When shall I marry me?' - When six braw gentlemen

Kirkward shall carry ye.'
'Who makes the bridal bed,

Birdie, say truly?'
- The gray-headed sexton

That delves the grave duly.

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