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• The glowworm o'er grave and stone

Shall light thee steady;
The owl from the steeple sing,

Welcome, proud lady.'



He is gone on the mountain,

He is lost to the forest,
Like a summer-dried fountain,

When our need was the sorest.
The font reappearing

From the raindrops shall borrow,
But to us comes no cheering,

To Duncan no morrow !

The hand of the reaper

Takes the ears that are hoary,
But the voice of the weeper

Wails manhood in glory.
The autumn winds rushing

Waft the leaves that are serest,
But our flower was in flushing

When blighting was nearest.
Fleet foot on the correi,

Sage counsel in cumber,
Red hand in the foray,

How sound is thy slumber!
Like the dew on the mountain,

Like the foam on the river
Like the bubble on the fountain,

Thou art gone, and for ever.



LOOK not thou on beauty's charming;
Sit thou still when kings are arming;
Taste not when the wine-cup glistens;
Speak not when the people listens;


Stop thine ear against the singer;
From the red gold keep thy finger;
Vacant heart and hand and eye,
Easy live and quiet die.



SOUND, sound the clarion, fill the fife!

To all the sensual world proclaim,
One crowded hour of glorious life

Is worth an age without a name.



O LISTEN, listen, ladies gay!

No haughty feat of arms I tell;
Soft is the note, and sad the lay

That mourns the lovely Rosabelle.

• Moor, moor the barge, ye gallant crew!

And, gentle lady, deign to stay!
Rest thee in Castle Ravensheuch,

Nor tempt the stormy firth to-day.

• The blackening wave is edged with white;

To inch and rock the sea-mews fly;
The fishers have heard the Water-Sprite,

Whose screams forebode that wreck is nigh.

'Last night the gifted Seer did view

A wet shroud swathed round ladye gay;
Then stay thee, Fair, in Ravensheuch;

Why cross the gloomy firth to-day?'

' 'Tis not because Lord Lindesay's heir

Tonight at Roslin leads the ball,
But that my lady-mother there

Sits lonely in her castle-hall.

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