The Seven Weeks' War

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Страница 178 - We shall not be alone in the struggle which is about to take place. The Princes and Peoples of Germany know that their Liberty and Independence are menaced by a Power which listens but to the dictates of egotism and is under the influence of an ungovernable craving after aggrandizement ; and they also know that in Austria they have an upholder of the Freedom, Power, and Integrity of the whole of the German Fatherland. We and our German brethren have taken up Arms in defence of the most precious Rights...
Страница 390 - TAYLOR— WORDS AND PLACES; or, Etymological Illustrations of History, Ethnology, and Geography. By the Rev. ISAAC TAYLOR, MA Third and cheaper Edition, revised and compressed. With Maps. Globe 8vo. 6s.
Страница 390 - THE ROMAN AND THE TEUTON. A Series of Lectures delivered before the University of Cambridge.
Страница 318 - Mokrowens and Dohilnitz both caught fire, and the shells fell quickly and with fearful effect among the defenders of the flaming hamlets ; the Austrian guns also played upon the attacking infantry, but at this time these were sheltered from their fire by the houses and trees between. ' In and around the villages the fighting continued for nearly an hour ; then the Austrian infantry who had been there, driven out by a rush of the Prussians, retired, but only a little way up the slope into a line with...
Страница 322 - Herwarth, too, seemed checked upon the right. The smoke of his musketry and artillery, which had hitherto been pushing forward steadily, stood still for a time. Fransky's men, cut to pieces, could not be sent forward to attack the Sadowa wood, for they would have exposed themselves to be taken in rear by the artillery on the right of the Austrian line formed in front of Lipa. All the artillery was engaged except eight batteries, and these had to be retained in case of a reverse, for at one time the...
Страница 178 - ... an ungovernable craving after aggrandizement ; and they also know that in Austria they have an upholder of the freedom, power, and integrity of the whole of the German Fatherland. "We and our German brethren have taken up arms in defence of the most precious rights of nations. We have been forced so to do, and we neither can nor will disarm until the internal development of my Empire and of the German States which are allied with it has been secured, and also their power and influence in Europe....
Страница 390 - RECENT BRITISH PHILOSOPHY : A Review with Criticisms ; including some Comments on Mr. Mill's Answer to Sir William Hamilton. By DAVID MASSON, MA, Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature in the University of Edinburgh.
Страница 358 - His Majesty the King of Denmark renounces all his rights to the Duchies of Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg, in favour of their Majesties the King of Prussia and the Emperor of Austria, engaging to recognize the arrangements their said Majesties shall make in respect of those Duchies.
Страница 318 - Fransky let them go, and they dashed in with the bayonet. The Austrians would not retire, but waited for the struggle ; and in the wood above Benatek was fought out one of the fiercest combats which the war has seen. The...
Страница 61 - tis given thee to destroy The lofty towers of wide-extended Troy. For now no more the gods with fate contend, At Juno's suit the heavenly factions end. Destruction hangs o'er yon devoted wall, And nodding Ilion waits th

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