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paid therefor. Bath tickets shall be redeemable for the same proportionate price for which they were sold when presented by the original purchasers together with satisfactory evidence of being able to use them. Application for a change of rates may be made through the superintendent to take effect at the beginning of the next quarter. A neatly printed copy of the rates for baths and attendant's fees shall be conspicuously posted in the office of each bath house.

RULE 5. Bath-house attendants shall be allowed to charge pot exceeding 15 cents for a single bath, 75 cents per week, or $2.25 per course of 21 baths, payable weekly in advance. It shall be optional with the bathers whether they employ attendants or not. Bath-house attendants may be required to make good any breakage or damage caused by his or her negligence or dereliction of duty, but shall not be required to pay any part of the operating expenses of the bath house.

RULE 6. The payment of any sum of money, or anything of value, directly or indirectly, by any bath-house owner, manager, clerk, or attendant, as a compensation for drumming customers to said bath house, or allowing any hotel or doctor drummer to show persons through or to loiter in or about any bath house, is positively prohibited by the Department, and upon satisfactory proof of the violation of this rule, the superintendent may shut off the water from any bath house and report the case to the Department for action upon the facts.

RULE 7. The superintendent may cause the discharge of any bath-house manager, clerk, or attendant for drumming or for making false statements about any other bath house; and when said persons are so discharged, they shall not be employed by the same or any other bath house without the consent of the superintendent.

RULE &. The payment of any sum of money or anything of value for drumming, the giving away of single bath complimentary tickets, the frequent visits of hotel or doctor drummers, whether licensed or not, or those known to work with them as inside men, or hotel or boarding-house proprietors or those employed by them, or by any doctor employing drummers, or the sale of bath tickets through brokers or otherwise than at the office of the bath house, is positively prohibited.

RULE 9. All bath houses shall be kept in a neat, cleanly, and good sanitary condition, and all sewerage and waste water properly conducted away, and all under drainage kept in perfect order. The water-closets shall have sufficient and free connection with the public sewers, and be kept in the best order and with the best plumbing, furnishings, and appliances. Each bath-house lessee on the permanent reservation shall, under the direction of the superintendent, cultivate and maintain a part of the bath-house park in front of their respective bath houses, the space for each to cultivate to be allotted by the superintendent.

WM. J. LITTLE, Superintendent of the Hot Springs Reservation.


October 15, 1897.


CORNELIUS N. Bliss, Secretary.

The prices which the different bath houses may charge for baths are subject to approval and revision by the Secretary of the Interior, and are in all cases regulated by the class of bathing accommodations each house is in position to furnish, the newer and better equipped houses of course being allowed to charge higher prices than those of less modern build and inferior equipment. The scale of prices in force at present are fixed prices, and may not be deviated from by any bath house. The price per course of 21 baths and for single bath is set forth in the following table:

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ELECTRIC BATHS. Electric baths and massage treatment may now be had at several of the bath houses, for which they are allowed by the Department to charge as follows: 1 electric bath

$1.00 7 electric baths

5.00 The prices are to include the regular hot bath and the services of an attendant.

MASSAGE TREATMENT. One-fourth to one-half hour.

$0.75 One-half to one hour....

1.00 7 treatments, one-fourth to one-half hour.

5, 00 7 treatments, one-half to one hour..

6.00 These prices to include alcohol and cocoa oil rubbing.

The services of bath-house attendants are intended to cover all the necessities of the bath, except laundrying bath robes, rubbing mercury, and handling helpless invalids. They are allowed by the Department to charge for their services, as follows: For a single bath, 15 cents; one week's attendance, 75 cents, and for a course of 21 baths, $2.25. Extraordinary service may be had by agreement with the attendants themselves or the managers of the bath house.

Of the whole number of leases for hot water in force at this time only eighteen bath houses have been operated continuously from June 30, 1898, to June 30, 1899. From the operations of these I submit a table showing the cost of each, the number of tubs, the rate per course charged for baths, the number of baths sold, and the amount received therefor; also the percentage of gross earnings, the income per tub, the number of attendants employed and the average amount earned by each.

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Great Northern
Horse Shoe
Hot Springs

40 $10.00 $54, 000.00 30, 884 $14, 707.00

5. 00 50,000.00 16 798 4,000.00
20 6.00 20,000.00 9, 468 2. 705, 00
19 7.00 15,000.00 20, 290 6, 762.00
26 7.00 30, 500.00 20. 495 6,832.00
30 5.00 17,000.00 11. 109 2. 644.00
16 7.00 38,000.00 5, 715 1911.00
25 8.00 40,000.00 21,000 8.000.00
10 7.00 28,000.00 25. 108 8. 369.00

5. 00 17,000.00 17, 787 4 233 00 21 7.00 30, 000.00 48, 423 16, 142.00 22 4.00 24, 000.00 27,090 5 160.00 23 7.00 16,000.00 10, 209 3, 402.00 18 3. 00 22.000.00 27, 386 4,012.00 12 7.00 15,000.00 15, 200 5, 068.00 20 4. 00 20.000.00 5, 065 1. 222. 50 20 6. 14,000.00 15, 534 4.440 00 16

6. 00 25 000.00 13, 292 3.798.00

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Park (open 45

months). Eastman (open

27 months). St. Joseph's

Infirmary. Ozark Sanita

rium (3mos.) Hot Springs

Medical Co.. John J. Sump



3. 539


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[graphic][merged small]

From the foregoing table it will be seen that the bath houses have made considerable gains over the business of last year, the gain in the number of baths given being 37,925 and in the receipts for baths $10,495,50, while the average gross earnings have been increased from 204 to 23 per cent. The gross amount paid for baths and attendants' fees has increased $13,066.40. The total number of baths given in Hot Springs during the past year, including 147,713 given at the free bath house, has been 509,945. The estimated number of baths given during the year would have been 556,265 had the free bath house remained open the entire time. These results show conclusively that Hot Springs is rapidly gaining confidence and favor with the public. The number of visitors who come for pleasure and for the use of the hot waters is rapidly increasing from year to year, not alone in numbers, but in the wealth and intelligence of a very large portion of those who have been coming for the past several years. There can be no doubt but that these desirable results have been brought about largely by the reservation improvements and the prudent Government control of the bath houses.


The free bath house is operated under the provisions of the act of Congress approved December 16, 1878, which provides that the superintendent shall supply a sufficient number of free baths for the indigent poor. The hard usages to which this house has been put for the past several

years has necessitated extensive repairs, which have been made during the past year under plans and specifications approved by the Department June 29, 1898. After advertising for bids in Hot Springs and St. Louis, contracts for the work were let and approved by the Department July 28, 1898. From September 25, 1898, until the repairs were completed, December 20, 1898, the house was closed and no baths given. Since it was reopened until now it has been in constant use, and the demand for free baths has been almost equal to the capacity of the house. I am now able to offer much better bathing facilities than heretofore. The addition of two new bathing pools and much needed floor space enable us now to have four separate bathing departments, each consisting of a bathing pool and cooling or dressing rooms attached, all of which are reached through the main office. Being thus able to furnish separate accommodations to colored and white people, great satisfaction has been given to those of both races who use the baths and to the public generally, and has allowed the business of the house to be carried on in a much more quiet and satisfactory manner.

The character of the persons furnished baths since my last report has been much the same as that previously described, being as a rule the paupers and very poor people from all over the United States, in many cases sent here by the charity of the communities in which they lived. They come suffering from all manner of diseases and without the means of procuring medical advice or medicines or even shelter after they arrive; but they continue to come and bathe in the bot waters, and a large majority of them get well. I have stated in my annual reports for the past several years that we either cure or greatly benefit 75 per cent of all the persons to whom we furnish baths at the free bath house. see no reason to change this estimate now unless it would be to increase it.

The free dispensary, for some time operated under the patronage of Maj. H.O.Perley, surgeon in charge of the Army and Navy General Hos.

INT 99—MIS, PT 14-30

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