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thereof as may be necessary, be allotted and set aside for mending the walk and for resetting one of the small exedra fountains, the water connection of which requires some repairs.

I have heretofore called the attention of the Department to the exposed condition of the residence building to fire; it is located back of the Arlington Hotel on the south side of Fountain street, some 350 feet from Central avenue and the nearest fire hydrant, and in case of fire could only be reached by a line of hose running up Fountain street. The dangerous exposure is a large four-story frame building, which was formerly a part of the old Arlington Hotel, but is now moved to the north side of Fountain street diagonally across from the residence building, and is at present occupied as a colored hotel. In case of the burning of this building, fire protection could only be afforded the residence building by running a line of hose from Central avenue up Fountain street, which the heat would soon cut off, and it is very prohable that without some assistance from the fire department, wbich can not be reckoned upon, that the residence building would be sacri. ficed. If such an emergency should arise the efforts of the fire department would no doubt be directed toward saving the Arlington Hotel, the Hot Springs bath house, and other buildings which could be reached by the fire department from Central avenue, while the residence building would be cut off.

I have had some conference with the Hot Springs Water Company upon this subject, and am informed by them that they will lay a 4 inch main a sufficient distance up Fountain street to pass the residence building, and will at the instance of the city government put in one fire hydrant provided the Government will put in one, which might properly be located somewhat back of the residence, which with a small supply of hose to be kept on the premises would afford ample protection from fire and afford very inuch better water facilities for the building than are had at present. The water connection is at present through an inch iron pipe, laid from the mains on Central avenue, some 350 feet away, and which reaches the house under a very weak pressure. The water company proposes that the Government buy and own the hydrant to be placed on the premises, and to pay a yearly water rent therefor. I respectfully recommend that I be authorized to enter into negotiations on this subject with the city government and the water company, and to submit to the Department the best proposition I can obtain for its consideration, with a view of providing such fire protection to this building as the circumstances would seem to warrant. The building is in need of some repairs to the outside wood work, which is rotting away, and should be replaced; repairs to the roof, the plumbing and furnace, and painting, the estimated cost of which will be as follows: Repairs to woodwork, $27; roof, $23; plumbing and furnace, $35; painting outside and inside and roof, $138.

I also respectfully recoinmend that the sum of $150, or so much thereof as may be required, be allotted and set aside for the purchase of tools and implements for use during the current year.

I further respectfully request that I be authorized to employ a suitable person as park keeper, whose duties shall be to bave charge of that portion of reserve park which fronts on Central avenue, and particularly to sweep and keep clean the concrete walk which traverses this part of the park, and look after the drinking fountains, and perform such other duties as are incident to keeping the walk cleanly swept, gathering paper and trash from this part of the park, etc.; salary to be $30 per month, payable from the regular reservation fund.

I further respectfully recommend that I be authorized to use so much of the funds now standing to the credit of the Whittington avenue improvement as will be necessary for removing the sediment from and cleaning the bottoms of the two lakes. Some complaints have been made by the citizens living near the lakes, under the impression that the settlings in the bottoms make them unhealthy in summer. I can not at this time furnish a good estimate of the cost of this work, for reason of not knowing the amount of sediment necessary to be removed, but do not expect that it would exceed $150 for each lake. I think it desirable that this should be done on the approach of cold weather, for reasons set forth elsewhere in this report.

I respectfully recommend that a sale of the Government lots be ordered to take place in Hot Springs, Ark., during the month of March, 1900.

I further respectfully recommend that such additional funds as may become available for improvements during the current year be allotted and set aside for the improvement and extension of reserve pa which seems the most desirable improvement to be next undertaken.


The revenue which the Government receives from Hot Springs is from water and ground rents, and is collected quarterly in advance and deposited in the subtreasury at St. Louis, Mo., to the credit of the fund for the protection and improvement of the Hot Springs Reservation, Ark., being appropriated for this purpose by the act of Congress approved June 16, 1880; the water rent being at the rate of $30 per year for each bath tub under lease, and the ground rent $2,500 per year being for the ground occupied by the Arlington Hotel. The total amount collected during the fiscal year amounts to $18,580, as shown by the following table:


The receipts of this office for water and ground rents for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1899, have been as follows:

Name of bath house.

Tubs. Amount.

Name of bath house.

Tubs. Amount.

Great Northern..
Horse Shoe
Hot Springs.
Ozark Sanitarium (Cheshire)


1, 203

1, 200

570 780 900 480

1, 200


St. Joseph's Infirmary.
Hot Springs Medical Company.
Eastman (extra water)..
Arlington (ground rent)


4 16

4 20

$690 1, 200

450 360 600 120 480 120 600 120

30 2, 500


-18, 580

NOTE.- Rammelsberg bath house was closed for repairs for sixty days, during which time water rent was remitted by authority of Department.

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The disbursements made from the fund for the protection and improvement of Hot Springs Reservation, Ark., from this office have been for salaries, fixed expenses, and such other items of expense and improvement as I have been from time to time authorized to pay from this office, and other items of improvement for which payment has been made from the Department, all of which are shown by the following table:

Salaries per annum:

$2,500.00 Clerk to the superintendent..

769. 91 Messenger at superintendent's office.


$3, 449.91 Manager of free bath house..

1,020.00 Male attendant at free bath house.

660.00 Female attendant at free bath house.

360.00 Scavenger at free bath house


2,160.00 Reservation waterman (also acts as foreman of reservation foresters and gar. deners)

600.00 Night policeman on the reservation.

600.00 Day policeman on the reservation...


1, 680.00 Salary of 2 foresters and gardeners, at $40 per month, earned.

947.42 Salary of 6 foresters and gardeners, at $1.50 per day, earned..

2, 777.24

3,724. 66 Disbursed on account of: Fuel and lights at superintendent's office..

391. 15 Fuel and lights at free bath house...

264.40 Horse feed, shoeing, and bedding

251. 16 4 gas street lamps on reservation.

171.00 2 incandescent lights on Hoke Smith fountain

54.00 City water for buildings, sprinkling, and irrigating, and ice.

646.58 Repairs to creek arch

22. 00 Purchase of horse and trap

200.00 Incidental expenses, including repairs to buildings springs, fountains, tools, and implements...

433. 69

2, 433. 98 Total amount disbursed from this office...

13, 448.55


There are in all 18 persons regularly employed on the Hot Springs Reservation, whose duties and pay range from superintendent to laborer. I have at all tiines been very careful in the selection of persons to be given employment on the reservation, and the utmost harmony and fellowship has prevailed among those who work together. It often becomes necessary to require extra work from the foresters and gardeners, such as sprinkling the grounds in summer, repairing the roads after heavy rain storms, and other emergencies as they may occur after working hours; but settlements are made on a basis of eight hours' work per day, and they are paid for whatever extra time that may be required of them.

There is no person employed on the reservation in whom the utmost confidence can not be placed, and I am greatly indebted to each and every one for the faithful and efficient manner in which their duties have been performed.

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