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Washington, D. C., July 15, 1899. SIR: Complying with the request contained in your letter of June 15, 1899, I beg to submit herewith the following report of the business of the United States Patent Office for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1899:

Applications and caveats received. Applications for letters patent

35, 352 Applications for design patents

2, 292 Applications for reissue patents

91 Applications for registration of trade marks. Applications for registration of labels..

612 Applications for registration of prints..

112 Caveats .

1, 610 Total .......

41, 930 Patents granted and trade-marks, labels, and prints registered. Letters patent granted (including reissues and designs)

23, 550 Trade-marks registered Labels registered

372 Prints registered


1, 861


25, 404


Patents withheld and patents expired.
Letters patent withheld for nonpayment of final fees
Letters patent expired.
Applications allowed awaiting payment of final fees


4, 021 16, 670 8,055




$405. 03

103. 10

Scientific library.
Transportation of publications to foreign countries.
Postage on foreign matter.
Washing towels.
Official Gazette, illustrations, paid contractor.
Photolithographing paid contractor
Blue print work, paid contractor....
Printing and binding:

Paid Public Printer for producing the Official Gazette

and indexes out of the appropriation for 1899..
Printing specifications...
Miscellaneous printing and binding.
Miscellaneous work at branch office

$753, 142. 85
1, 594. 97

15. 65
2, 025. 00
10, 303. 92
2, 352. 22
1. 644.00

7.95 7.821. 57 46, 065. 60 68, 524. 84 3, 216.45

$753, 142.85 2, 000.00

15. 65 2, 025.00 10, 407.02 2, 352. 22 1, 644.00 554.54 50.00

87. 95 7, 821.57 46, 065. 60 72, 783. 40 3, 216. 45

4, 258. 56

55, 926. 61
155, 676 11

7, 038 35
7, 699. 19

16,612. 35
3, 544.62

55, 926. 61 172, 288. 46 10, 582.97 7,699. 19


1, 123, 739. 82

24, 923. 66

1, 148, 663. 48

I Not available.

[blocks in formation]

Number of applications awaiting action on the part of the office on July 1, 1899. 2,989

[blocks in formation]

Applications for patents, including reissues, designs, trade-marks, labels, and prints.

[blocks in formation]

Summarizing these tables there were received in the last fiscal year 35,352 applications for mechanical patents, 2,292 applications for designs, 91 applications for reissues, 1,610 caveats, 1,861 applications for trade marks, 612 applications for labels, and 112 applications for prints. There were 23,550 patents granted, including reissues and designs; 1,406 trade-marks, 372 labels, and 76 prints were registered. The number of patents that expired was 16,670. The number of allowed applications which were by operation of law forfeited for nonpayment of the final fees was 4,021. The total receipts of the office were $1,209,554.88; the total expenditures were $1,148,663.48, and the surplus of receipts over expenditures, being the amount turned into the Treasury, was $60,891.40.


On the 27th of June, 1899, every Examiner had his new work within one month from date of filing, and his amended work within fifteen days of date. This is the first time since December, 1889, when the present form of weekly reports was adopted, that such a report has or could have been made.


The most notable advance of the year in the work of the office has been the establishment of a classification division and its entry upon a thorough revision and extension of the classification of patents and printed publications, the examination of which lies at the foundation of our patent system. The necessity for this work, after being repeatedly called to the attention of Congress, was finally recognized, and an act entitled "An act for revising and perfecting the classification of letters patent and printed publications in the Patent Office was passed by Congress and received the approval of the President on June 10, 1898, and went into force at the commencement of the fiscal year. Before beginning the work of classification the Principal Examiners and other members of the examining corps were invited to give their views upon the subject, and after giving careful consideration to the same an order establishing a classification division was made on November 17, 1898, and the division placed in charge of a Principal Examiner with the title of “Chief of the Classification Division."

As a preliminary step it was considered desirable to ascertain how much of the material was available, and to that end it was decided to rearrange the original drawings of all patents in numerical order and to prepare a list on which they could be checked.

These drawings were heretofore arranged by subclasses, and it was necessary to know the classification of a patent before it could be found, which often necessitated a long search. By the numerical arrangement it is possible to find it at once, and at the same time much storage space is saved. The arrangement of these drawings numerically was at once commenced, and as the first 10,000 patents had no numbers and were only identified by name and date, considerable additional labor was involved to find and properly arrange such earlier patents. The entire work of arranging the drawings of nearly 800,000 patents and trade marks has been substantially completed.

While the arranging of the drawings was proceeding the work of classification has also been going on. This involves the careful consideration of each patent, in order to place it in its proper class and subclass. Many of these patents have to be read to be fully understood, and much care must be taken to select titles which will clearly indicate the contents of each subclass and to preserve clear lines between them. Cross references are also necessary between subclasses of the same class by reason of the presence of mixed matter in the same patent. A system of card index of subclasses and other details have been perfected which will make it possible to detect and remedy any losses. Arrangements have also been made for the preservation of the classification and for the prevention of unauthorized changes by retaining under the supervision of the classification division all patents hereafter granted.

Owing to the lack of space it has been deemed advisable to detail only a small force up to the present time, but while awaiting the addi. tional space that will be available when the General Land Office

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